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Music Producer / Rec. Studio - Simone Del Freo

I'm an Italian Producer, I have over 8 years of experience.

N/A - Sean


Mixing, Mastering, Editing - Ash Wade

I specialize in drum editing and time alignment, vocal tuning, tracking, mixing, and mastering all at a reasonable price.

Audio Engineer&Music Producer - Chris Ray

Equipped w/15+ years recording & producing experience. Full Sail Graduate w/Degree in music production. Skilled in Pro Tools 10,11,12. Ableton, Logic, Reason, Mpc, Sampling, Drum Programming, Waves Bundle, Sound Toys, Melodyne, Autotune Etc.

Production Sound Design Mixing - Daniele Mana

I can make your productions sound in the third dimension. I'm a composer and electronic music producer who spend half of his life making any kind of beats and experimenting in a melting pot of every music genre. I make your songs the most original and unexpected tune.

Mix & Master - Hayley Flames

Hip-Hop/R&B engineer with a passion for making artists ideas come to life

Producer/Guitarist/Composer   - SHINJI OHMURA

Hello.I'm son of Kenji Ohmura (guitarist of YMO Yellow Magic Orchestra), musician from Tokyo JP. My recent work are Namie Amuro (guitar recording, tour guitarist) / One OK Rock (sound produce) / Oldcodex (song arrange & guitar recoding / tour guitarist)

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Victor Acosta

Hello my name is Victor Acosta. My love and passion for music has carried me to the technical side of things. So I understand how important it is to find someone right to carry your vision. I have 3 years of Audio Engineering Experience and 10 Years of instrument experience. Lets work together and create an ultimate experience worldwide.

Sound Design, Mix & Mastering - Burç Tuncer

I'm an experienced sound designer and musician with multiple games and records released (digital & hardcopy). I'm also an indie games developer. I'm not genre-bound and I can deliver polished results super quick for all kinds of music, games and videos. I also do audio editing/restoration, sound design, remote mix & mastering.

Producer, Mixer, Songwriter - Freddy Tyler Paul

Between 2014 and 2018, Freddy obtained an Associate of Arts degree in Music Theory and a Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Engineering. Currently, Freddy finds himself deep within the Chicago music scene, recruiting promising artists who could use an experienced producer and audio engineer’s keen attention to detail.

Music producer / Mix / Master - Pedro de Prada

Welcome to my profile! I'm a music producer. What I offer: -Composition -Arrangement -Audio editing, mixing and mastering -Sound design -Remix -Singing And many other combined services

Lyrics writer, music producer, - Sydiom

I produce epic music soundscapes for soundtracks. I achieved a certain fame as a music producer in South Africa with top DJs asking to be able to perform alongside me. (Now based in the UK). I have a great knack for prose and have written lyrics for songwriters and pros for advertising companies for over two decades.

mix engineer/producer - Daryl Harkin Sound

hard working, dedicated, mix engineer. passionate about what I do.

Mixing & Mastering - Glenn Chan

Hello, I am mixing & mastering engineer. I will make your music sound better.

Produce, Compose, Record - Ju Riquelme

Do you need an soundtrack to be composed, produced and/or recorded in a professional studio at an affordable price? Or some sections only? I own a recording studio and have produced music for 30year+ Rock, Pop, Funk, Blues, Metal

Vocal Producer, Vocal Editor - Joe Henderson

Great vocals make or break your record. Great vocal editing and vocal production makes vocals great. I do great vocal editing and vocal production.

Producer / Mixing Engineer - Kevin Domosbian

I'm a music producer and an audio engineer who works on recordings, mixing, editing and mastering audio projects. I've worked with local artists to make their songs sound incredible, I've been producing urban music for almost 10 years and I feel confident on what I can do with music

Music Producer, Musician - Guto Souza

Brazilian multidisciplinary artist, music producer and sound designer

Engineering Mixing, Mastering - Wil Anspach

I do shit with good people. Call me. Or don't. Soundbetter is forcing this page to the top of my search results so you should know I disagree with this tactic and its shady as fuck.

Mixing Live - maki.kom

Mixing and arranging music for 3 years now. Studying audio engineering at UNITEDpop university. Full dedication to your project. I have very good music theory knowledge and i can assure you your song is sound awsome.

Composer, Producer and Writer - Serlöf

Inspired by 90’s videogames soundtracks, science fiction movies and Internet culture among other things, the Mexican-born composer Iván Flores clashes every musical idea stuck in his head and creates colorful, genre-bending electronic music that also brings some orchestral colors to the table.

mixing,mastering,musicproducer - Studioroom88

good engineers aren't cheap!! cheap engineers aren't good.! certifed SAE audio engineer. working with serveral dutch and international artist

Producer, Songwriter, Pianist - Daniel McIntyre

I have experience producing and songwriting and I have my master's in piano performance. I've performed at venues like Carnegie Hall as well.

Live and Studio Engineering - Daniel Quick

Are you looking for clean, no nonsense audio production powered by the latest technology that you can afford? You can find that here. Contact me today for reasonable rates, quick turnarounds, and reliable work.

Online Mixing Engineer - Mixtheus

Mixtheus is a São Paulo based mixing engineer, who's been mixing and mastering for over 5 years now!

Producer, remixer, creator. - João Miguel - The Twelves

João Miguel from "The Twelves", Plucking Wings. Also a partner from Sonido, an audio production company based in Brazil, Portugal, Buenos Aires and USA. More than 20 years of experience producing music. I also do sound design/SFX, audio treatment for films/ads.

audio and film producer - JLP

DJ ARIGOLD2020 JLP LTD. has been around since 2002 We have been producing engineering mixing mastering arranging music in hip hop R&B, reggae, salsa, Israeli music, Middle eastern music and all European music. We also take upon young and talented artist to train their vocals and record them in our studio facilities.

Sound engineer - Silvia Padron

Hola! I am Silvia, I have been in the audio industry for more than 5 years, this is my passion! I am a Sound Designer and Editor, Full Sail University graduate, working with audio for media, music, video games and films. [Spanish-English-French]. I am always open to new projects and look forward to hearing from you about working together!!

Vocal Tuner, Music Producer - FREE6855


The Art of Tuning The Best Tuner of Asia

Mixing Engineer & Production - Raymond Jeffrey

Credits include Hanson, Taking Back Sunday, Carrolhood, Wheat, and Dropkick Murphys.

Remote mixing, Music Producer - Dennis Sjölin

I work hard on you’re mix and will make sure you are satisfied at every turn. I edit everything in great detail until it’s right for the mix, I even do voice correction. Hiring me is a great deal for me and for you.

write an essay - evelyn hermann

Audio Engineer | Producer - Selina-Marisa Schmalisch

I'm from Munich, Germany, and I recently finished my master in Music Production, Technology & Innovation at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain. I did my undergrad in Audio Production in Italy at SAE Institute Milan. I specialise in recording, mixing and electronic music production.

Film Composer + Female Singer - Kirsten Evans

Additional string arrangements - I Am Greta Additional Synth Programming - Horizon Line Composer - Partridge in a Bear Tree Composer - See Me Live (BBC Short Film) Composer - Time and Again Composer and vocalist - Migratory Motor Complex Venice Biennale

mix and master songs  - J Engeneer

I studied at Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan(IT) and i have te logic certificationd due to the course

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Alex Gispert

I'm a mixing and mastering engineer with a broad knowledge in music technology and music theory. I'm also a guitarist and producer that can guide and advise you to get to the top of the charts.

Music Producer, Mixer - Drew Wilken

I'm Drew Wilken, a multi-million streamed electronic music producer with features on some of the biggest tastemakers in electronic music and their labels, for example Trap Nation and Proximity. EDM is my specialty, and I am great at getting things loud, punchy, and sparkly.

Recording Studio - Fifth Chord Studios

Quality Sound. Professional Service. We were made for this. Literally.

Production, mixing, mastering - Dan Ferguson Productions

You deserve to be excited when you turn it up and hit play, regardless of your situation. Want your music to sound the way YOU want it to sound? I will get it there! I have experience in delivering this with professional studio AND home recording productions. If this sounds like you, hit me up! Let’s work together.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Nathan

Experienced German Mixing & Mastering engineer.

Remote mixing and mastering  - Elijah Gaynor

Looking for a top quality mix or master? I can help you achieve your goals and then some! I’ve also specialized in production and session drumming for many artists. Feel free to contact me with any need or advice.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Eric Wisgikl

My goal is to bring out every emotional aspect of a song, accentuating punch and clarity, and getting rid of every unmusical artifacts.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Eric Martinson

Whether you need mixing, mastering, or a quick musical suggestion send me your tracks and I'll get started today! Contact me for flexible rates!

Mixing & Mastering, Beatmaker - Eugene

it should be done perfectly and it is only possible with the right knowledge and skill

Arte con el sonido del sexo - Dj MeGusta

Soy un artista inovador que crea experiencias auditivas mediante los sonidos del sexo, el porno y el amor. Una vez escuches de lo que soy capaz es muy probable que quedes atrapado y no puedas dejar de escuchar a DjMeGusta y la musica que crea a partir de videos porno y clips sexuales totalmente gratuitos!

Mixer, keyboards, arranger - Alex Watson

I have worked in audio production in top London studio for over 15 years, with experience in recording, mixing, producing and arranging. I compose music for production libraries that have been used in BBC documentaries, online commercials.

 - Studio Ten23

Boutique Recording Studio specializing in album projects.Recording, Mixing,Editing,and Mastering. Audio solutions for anything music Services we offer: Full length album recording projects Mixing & Sound Design Voice Overs

 - Mike Isaacs

I'm a freelance audio engineer looking to work with people in Cardiff, Bristol and Gloucestershire. I have a fully portable set up for recording in convenient locations or I can provide recording space in the Cardiff area.

 - Lucky Dog Studios

Lucky Dog is designed for artists who are well beyond Garageband but not quite ready for Abbey Road. We offer state-of-the-art studio equipment and affordable hourly, daily, and package rates for recording your next project.

 - DokTon

Recording, Editing, Sounddesign and Re-Recording / Mixing for Documentary Film.

 - Beano Kinneas - Dodgy Nova Studios

I've been mixing tracks for around 5 years now, mainly with my own band but I now want to expand and take on projects further afield. I have recently produced the first EP from singer/songwriter Kayleigh Gallagher and have worked with Irish Stoner Rock band Astralnaut on their first two EPs.

Recording & Mixing - Jon Altschuler

Recording, mixing, and editing all around New York; remote mixing from anywhere.

 - London Studio Engineers

Booking Agent for London Based Sound Engineers London Studio Engineers supply highly experienced, capable, studio engineers, mix engineers and assistants to the recording industry.

 - BAAD Sessions

If you/your band is interested in performing on BAAD sessions, please message me via this Facebook group, or email me at for more information

 - Erien Eady-Ward

Erien Eady-Ward Music Industry Arts: Diploma Audio Post Production: Post Diploma Certificate Fanshawe College • Nominated for Music Nova Scotia’s “Engineer of the Year” 2012 award. • Nominated for ECMA’s “Engineer of the Year” 2013 award.

 - A Vapor Estúdio

Audio recording and music production

 - Tommy

Afshin (Tommy) Tahmasebi is an experienced Producer//Engineer//Musician. He provides a vast array in a multitude of musical genres.

 - Murathanaksoz

Hello everyone. I can make unique sound designs and mixes for you.This is my web site you can listen some samples... Regards

 - Audio Addiction Studios

We are a small, unique and passionate outfit with oodles of experience and even more dedication to the absolute finest in audio post-production, mixing and mastering. We also employ professional musicians who can help give some pro-advice and finishing touches to your production. Have a snoop around our site and book your mix or master now.

 - Tigral The Wicked Samouraï

F.O.H Sound Engineer for 5 years now, and music producer for 4 years.

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