Top Sound Editors for hire

Professional audio editors curate, crossfade, and cut all your recorded takes, providing you with one perfect track

Music Producer, Composer - Abtein Jaeger

Attention grabbing Composition and Sound Design. Exquisite Audio Production.

Songwriter/Rapper/Producer - ZenMekel

Let's create something the world won't forget!

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Ali Cook


Expert Vocalist, Songwriter, Arranger, & Instrumentalist: over a decade of international orchestral performing giving me a depth of experience with nearly every musical style we have yet to dream up. I have performed on bass with Herbie Hancock, Common, Snarky Puppy, Lang Lang, Ben Folds and many more and in 2010 recorded on a John Zorn album.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Mario Avila G.

Music Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer

recording, music producer,  - Godfatha Productions Inc.

Godfatha Productions Inc. is a rap music producing team with more then 20 years of experiences and collaborations with the greatest artists in Montreal. Try our mixing, mastering and beatmaking services to get the best quality at the lowest prices.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Sound Of Confusion

I'm japanese sound engineer based in Tokyo and Kanagawa. I have many working experience with great artists in Japan. My purpose is to build up your music better and get your trust and satisfaction. I'm using Protools in mixing, but you can send Logic,Studio One session files. If you want the Japanese sense into your songs, please contact me.

All Genre Mixing & Mastering - Jacob Apsley


Versitile engineer who has mixed and mastered Billboard charting songs.

Music Producer / Score Compose - Frische Luft Musik

Werbe- und Filmmusik, Musikproduktion und Co-Writing. Frische Luft ist immer gut.

Mixing & Mastering - Bobby White

Audio Engineer out of the twin cities with a good set of ears!

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Rondell “Mr. Beatz” Cobbs

Platinum / Gold Record Producer and Engineer. I am located Virginia, USA. Currently, affiliated with Universal Music Publishing Group and credits with Cash Money Records: notably Lil Wayne, Birdman, Paris Hilton, Niki Minaj. FULL PRODUCTION with any vocal, beat, and idea you may have.

Production/Songwriting/Mixing - Andreas Häuserer


Gold awarded producer, musician, audio engineer and songwriter for acts such as AVEC, Simon Lewis, Mathea with several years of international experience both live and in studio work and over 20 million streams in 2022. I produced and mixed songs that stayed on the top of the airplay charts for several weeks.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Eric Martinson

Eric Martinson is ready to work with clients ready for success. With over four years of mixing, mastering, and post-production work he is positive he can fulfill your project needs.

Fire Beat Maker, Mix & Master - Alpine Studios KE

We got that exotic African touch in our music. We do not just play instruments, we create rhythm!

Try to enhance artist's soul. - AD Recording Studio

When I mix or master or produce music, i try to pull out the true soul and sound of the artist. I love music and i think that music always saves us.

Producer , drummer , composer  - Edson X

Eletrobossa , Chill out Rapadura , África the new beats , Electric Sitar (produced by Edson X for Azul music label ) , Gueto , drummer and composer ( wea) , Ginga the soul of Brazilian football ( produced by Edson X for Nike/ O2 filmes ).

productor musical, beatmaker, mezcla - trohyk beat

productor musical del tema natural del artista ryan haze el cual ha adquirido 116.000 visitas en youtube organocas por su conviccion en sonidos frescos y actuales con su toque especial

Rock and Roll Fairy Godmother - Lilian Blair

Hi! My name is Lilian Blair and I am a producer and engineer in the Seattle area, specializing in the rocks and/or rolls of all shades of heaviness. My approach to production is very much focused on providing a supportive environment to allow the artist's creativity to shine.

Recording studio  - The Connet Recording Studio

A recording studio that won't let you down! We actually listen to the artist/creator and help them create the song or project of their dreams. We got special 5-hour sessions with engineer included for 150.00

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Alex

Hi, I'm an experienced music producer and would be keen to help you with your mixing, mastering vocal comping etc tor a low fee.

Producer, Recording, Mixing - Jolouis9

I'll give you your own distintive commercial sound! And help you make money from your music. Book a free 15 mins consultation.

Producer + Musician + Editor - Justin Klump

I am a producer, songwriter, artist, session musician, husband, and father. My music has been featured by Rolling Stone Country, CMT, NBC Sports, Sirius XM’s The Pulse and The Coffee House, FOX Sports, Apple Music, American Songwriter, BBC One’s “Don’t Tell the Bride”, and on screen throughout the world.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Steven Ribeiro

I'm your sound engineer/music producer.

Producing, Songwriting, Beats - flow.fx

I am a producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter and versatile in many different styles of music. Hit me up for Beats, Production, Songwriting or Tracking, I'm happy to work with y'all.

Music Artist/Producer - We Are Verified

“We Are Verified” have a wide range of services to bring your idea to life. A team of collectives consisting of music artists, producers, songwriters, graphic designers, videographers, advertising strategists, web designers and more. With music at the forefront, "We Are Verified" believe that artists should have a say on their creative freedom.

Music Producer - Alex Iovita

I am doing this for the love of music. I would always experiment the beyond.

Producer, Mixing & Drummer - Juan Carlos Samaniego

I am a studio owner with 14 years of experience producing, recording and mixing national and international artists.

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Jero Cilveti

4 time Latin Grammy Awards Nominations,

Music Producer/Mix & Master - Janelle Costa

Hi! I'm a record/mix engineer and music producer focused on Chillhop and Electronic music. As a recording engineer, I have worked in binaural recordings for Chesky Records with artists like Macy Gray, Cassey Abrams, John McEuen, and others. Need music mixed, audio, editing or sound design on your next project?

Music Producer - Blue Shade Nepal

Get your songs produced , mixed and mastered by the finest enthusiastic and producers i.e with us.

Mixing, Mastering - Jacob Stewart

The sickest rap, pop, and metal mixer you know. Assisted mixing EST Gee #1 Album "Bigger Than Life Or Death" feat. Young Thug, Future, Lil Baby, etc. Professional song finisher.

Producer, Mixer, Recording, DJ - Thomas NED

Thomas NED is the artist name, of the Danish DJ and producer Thomas Jensen. He is 21 years old. Thomas NED has been in the game for 10 years and he started up with his own little rolling disco. He started producing music at an age of 15 and he grows step by step. Graduated from LIMPI Music 20/21! - Your very own smiling producer and DJ ;-D

Alternative  - Dylan Peace

Grimy, Groovy jams to be depressed/study to

Audio Engineer - Nero Lee

Had been an assistant engineer in one of the Taiwan's greatest studios, Platinum Studio. Now, I want to start my own business with the skill and experience of audio engineering I've cultivated over the years by providing satisfying service for customers. Specializing in Audio Mixing, Editing and Noise Reduction.

Songwriter/Producer/Guitarist - Chad Hsu

Acoustic, Folk, Indie, Rock, full production backing tracks, co-writing & complete

Sound Engineer / Mix / Produce - Nicholas O'Brien

Award-winning sound engineer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. I've recorded everywhere from world-class studios to the Himalayas. Have worked with Liz Fraser, Bernard Butler, Eliza Shaddad, Fémina, Fishbach, Juliette Armanet, Sam Lee, TEN FÉ, Afghan Women’s Orchestra, Alabaster dePlume, London Contemporary Voices, Jungle By Night.

Music producer, Sound Engineer - Dmakerz

Music Producer , Sound Engineer based in Montreal

Remote mixing and mastering - Ground Zero Studios

I don't have many credits yet, but I'm looking to expand that!

Music Producer, Mixing Master - Gato Mendez

Skilled Certified Audio Professional turning your ideas into a final product.

EDM producer(Trap,DnB,Dubstep) - Ottie Coll

I love to make EDM, especially Trap, DnB, and Dubstep

All genres Mix/Producers - MonaLisa Records

We are a full music team pros, at your disposal, all you need we cand find here

Music Production/Mix/Master - Mike Tompa

Mike has worked in and for various recording studios across North America and the UK for the past 10 years. He is a mix/mastering engineer, producer, and session musician based out of Toronto Canada.

Spotify Engineer/Voc. Producer - Alissa Faratro


Want the experience of working with a Spotify Engineer?

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Feddy Lavrov

Music is my life. Recording, Mixing and Producing is the joy of my life. I play and record music since 1982. My type of production has rather artistic approach.

Recording studio  - Soundflower Studios

Senior producer at Soundflower Marcin Bobkowski, has had over 17 years experience in the music industry as a performer, producer, sound engineer and tour manager. Marcin's passion for music is evident in the quality of his work and his exacting professionalism in the studio.

Producer/Engineer - Conor Cosimini

Conor Cosimini is a freelance producer/engineer based in London, UK. Over the past 5 years Conor has built a reputation for himself as a talented and successful young engineer both live and in the studio.

Music Producer - Zero Crossing Records

Zero Crossing Records is a philosophy. Our label covers different kind of good music, helps artists to produce their songs professionally and gives them the oportunity to make it digitally distribuited and placed all over the world.

 - Simone Greco, sound engineer

Simone Greco runs pro audio webservice, offering professional results at reasonable prices. He brought operating costs down by counting on the best plug-ins on the market (UAD-2) and by organizing a service free from daily fees and scheduled studio sessions, without any compromise over quality.

 - André Melges

André Melges is a brazilian mixing recording engineer that works understanding the artist intention and translate it to a final song that other people fell and share with others.

 - re:live recordings

We specialise in the multitrack recording of live gigs and concerts with professional editing, mixing and mastering services too.

 - Paul Grady - Shadow Sound

Owner & Engineer at Shadow Sound. Having 9 years so far working in audio and over 15 a musician I am equally at home in the studio and working a live show. Since opening in 2010, Shadow Sound has seen hundreds of artists through the doors and boasts a well maintained stock of equipment for rehearsal, recording, live and hire needs.

 - Tool Shed Studios

Tool Shed Studio is a full-service digital audio recording facility located on a quiet ranch at the foothills of the serene Gabilan Mountains in Gilroy California. Just 20 minutes south of Silicon Valley, the Tool Shed is a studio for musicians by musicians. With over thirty years of production experience, we offer versatile pre and post services.

 - BraideO!'s sound lab.

Owned by Opubo Braide ( Pianist, Sound Engineer, and Producer ).

 - Just BeGun music

always i do good music


im a record producer, mixer with over ten years experience

 - Eric Levine

Percussionist, Audiophile and Sound Scientist

 - Arteche

Record and mixing engineer, producer, studio musician. If you want to sharpen your sound and get pro, let's talk!

Auditory Stimulator - Caffeinated Sound

Patrick Dowling has recorded hundreds of musicians from all over the country, utilizing a broad spectrum of production techniques in order to help his clients achieve their artistic visions. His recordings, which range from chamber pieces to pop ballads, are a testament to his versatility in the field.

Music Production, Recording - FUGGA STUDIOS

I'm a recording, mixing and mastering engineer and also a music producer, composer and arranger with up to 12 years of experience doing my job. I have some mayor credits on well known Latin record labels, and a lot of credits on independent music. Now I' trying to expand my services to all the world trough sites like this. hope it can be with you.

Produce, Edit, Mix tracks - Tiwaan

Music producer & Sound Engineering ' Work For Art ' co founder .

Recording, Mixing/Mastering - Crooked Frame Productions

Hey my name is Ace M. Metric ( I'm a member and founder of a growing international group of rappers, producers, designers, and other artists of all kinds. Our name is The Legendary Dart Family. I've been creating music for 15+ years, and now have a nice little set-up for audio work. I also do logos and business cards.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - 432 estudio nómade

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 432 estudio is a Recording, Mixing & Mastering studio.

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