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These session conversion pros will help you share your project between different DAWs like Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, or video software like Final Cut Pro and Premiere

Pro Ghost Songwriter, Lyricist - Lucky



New York

Pro Ghost Songwriter, Lyricist

Pro Songwriter and vocalist. Lyrics, melodies that make you dance, cry or cry dance at the same time ! Major label credits too. All you have to do is book me for your next session!

 Bouzouki-oud-louth musician - Constantine


Bouzouki-oud-louth musician

My name is Constantine Velliadis, i live and work in Greece. I´m an session musician. I have over 20 years of live gigs experience with the greatest greek artists. My main instrument is the greek bouzouki, but also i play the oud, the louth, mandolin , saz, guitar.

null - Jordan


We are a studio focused on bringing the greatest possible value to every artist. We are musicians as well as engineers and we understand the challenge of wanting to balance quality and affordability. We are willing to work with any budget to give you the best possible recording. We have the facilities and know how to bring your project to life!

Vocalist, Concept Songwriter - AKR


Vocalist, Concept Songwriter

Hi there! I am a singer and lyricist located in Miami. I am originally from New York City. Music that I am currently listening to right now: Snoh Aalegra, Sabrina Claudio, Black Coffee, and Sevdaliza Instagram: ms_akr for all connections


null - Chouhans


Aditya Chouhan is a Sound Designer, Mixing Engineer and Sound Editor living in Savannah, Georgia.


songwriter and composer :)  - Sofia


songwriter and composer :)

Hey! I'm Sofia, i'm a high school student who's been writing and composing music for about 4 years now. I'm looking to get further into the industry by writing for others :)


null - Maztermind

Spokane Valley

I am a small home studio for mixing and post-production.


Oud player, composer, arranger - Saied


Oud player, composer, arranger

International virtuoso Oud player and composer. Masters Degree in music from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. bring together new musical colors by fusing elements from different musical styles combined with rhythms from distinct regions of the world.


Recording Engineer - Session40


Recording Engineer

I am a recording engineer and owner of session40 recording studio I have more than twenty years of experience in the recording industry with thousands of hours working with Steinberg Nuendo and Pro Tools and other DAW systems.


Songwriter,Producer  - Bruce



Session songwriter and music producer building my catalogue.Feel free to send me a message for your songwriting or production requests

null - Adam




Freelance Studio Engineer based in Manchester, England. Specializing in Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering. Certified Pro Tools Operator 210M v10 In-House Engineer @ Castle Rock Studios, Alderley Edge, Cheshire

null - Maurizio

Reggio Calabria

Sound and mixing engineer, teaches music technology and works as a live engineer!


Music Composer & Studio Engine - Juju


Music Composer & Studio Engine

Joel Juju Lindsay is a young Jamaican Entrepreneur ,record producer, music composer, studio engineer, Web Developer,Online Marketer and also a Graphic artist etc... He owns and operates Juju Music Production and Publishing.........I take great pride in my work with music, It's my passion, job, hobby and life. If you want your mixes to sound as good

Songwriter, Keyboard Player - Colin


Songwriter, Keyboard Player

If you need help with lyrics or musical accompaniments than I could be the person you need. I have written, played, recorded and produced all my own albums and now I'm ready to help other songwriters.


Remote Mixing & Editing - Alp


Remote Mixing & Editing

More than 25 years of experience on studio recording, mixing and live gigs as FOH and Monitor engineer.

Singer/Songwriter/ Lyric Bendr - C1.DUH




Singer/Songwriter/ Lyric Bendr

If you want a song executed lyrically, written with the Confidence of Frank Sinatra and sang with Vocal control of Dean Martin!! Toss me the details of the project. I will flip it for you however we agree on beforehand. Ill definently have what you wanted, but 10 out 10 times I’m (STOMP•CITY) So youll have whats needed, everytime's somethin better!


Music Producer, Song Writer - Jason(J.Barz)Gilyard


Music Producer, Song Writer

If your looking for that sound or just would like to create your own sound, then I'm the guy your looking for. I'm the best man for the job. From mixtapes to scores I can give more.


Remote Session Drummer - Mikiya

New York

Remote Session Drummer

I'm a drummer and educator in NYC. Specialized in live performances also providing custom drum loops. Available for remote work but if you're in NYC hit me up.


Song Writer/Vocalist/Performer - Q



Grand Rapids

Song Writer/Vocalist/Performer

Hey I'm Q a lyrical songwriter with strengths in flow and melody, catchy hooks, and dope verses. If your down to work with vibe artist email at



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