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These pros flutists and woodwind players are ready to write, record, and perform on your track no matter what style you need

Session Flutist, Improviser  - Rowan




Session Flutist, Improviser

Fluent in many different styles, recently recorded Jazz flute tracks on "Parcels" debut EP on song including "Lighten Up"


Folk-Ethnic-Traditional flutes - Marcelo



São Paulo

Folk-Ethnic-Traditional flutes

Marcelo Politano (1989) is a specialist in folk flutes and has been the folk flutist of Chasky since 2007. The group Chasky was created in 1960 when musicians from different countries of South America migrated to Brazil. With almost 60 years of existence, Chasky is one of the most important groups of South American folk music still active.


Session Flutist - Gina



Los Angeles

Session Flutist

I am a session flutist in Los Angeles and have played with artists such as Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Billy Idol and recorded on soundtracks including The Simpsons, The Nun and Planet Earth II. I have a wide variety of flutes including flute, piccolo, alto, bass, Recorder, Irish Whistle, Chinese flute, Bansuri, Native American Flute and more.

Flutist, Session musician - Heline




Flutist, Session musician

Finnish classically trained flute player who works as a freelance session musician online and as an independent musician. Experience in both classical and contemporary music.


Heart touching Armenian Duduk  - Ilia




Heart touching Armenian Duduk

Professional duduk player experienced in different styles of music. Touch the hearts of your audience with authentic sound of Armenian duduk.

Flute, Clarinet, Recorder, Sax - Sophie




Flute, Clarinet, Recorder, Sax

London session woodwind player | Experienced West End musician and recording artist on all flutes, clarinets, recorders and saxes

World wind instruments pro - Andres



Buenos Aires

World wind instruments pro

Pro musician, composer and producer specialized in wind intruments: Flute/ bass flute, alto/ tenor/ bari saxs, quena, tarka, bawu, pan flute, clarinet, bandoneon, melodica and more.

saxophone, flute and clarinet - Evan



New York

saxophone, flute and clarinet

Versatile and thorough- I write, arrange, play. I've played extensively in various latin, jazz and pop scenes on both coasts. Featured flute soloist on a Grammy-winning latin album (Pacific Mambo Orchestra), named "Rising Star" 6 years in a row in Downbeat Magazine Critics Poll.


Recording flute beautifully - Ilja




Recording flute beautifully

I'm a professional flutist. Founder of Marimba Plus band. Worked as a soloist in Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra. Director of the Moscow Flute Center. Can play beautifully classical, contemporary world music also with jazz flavour. Will record the flute into your track with pleasure.

saxophonist, flutist, composer - Donata




saxophonist, flutist, composer

Playing and creating with enthusiasm and simplicity. Always!

Ethnic Woodwind - Carlos



São Paulo

Ethnic Woodwind

Hi, my name is Carlos Carty, peruvian composer and studio musician for ethnic wind Instruments. When I started my musical career focusing on Andean music. I has performed and worked with some of the most highly regarded performers in the World music including Adriana Mezzadri, Roberto Leal, Toquinho, Blair Brothers, and many others.

Remote Duduk Recording - Armenian



United States

Remote Duduk Recording

Hello, I am Sean Pádraig. I have played Armenian duduk for many years and have the finest instruments and recording equipment. I am talented at creating an atmosphere or an emotion to enhance your song or your soundtrack. Hire me to play and record your written part, or send me the music and what you are looking for and I will write one for you.


Flute- EDM and hiphop - Lostbeat




Flute- EDM and hiphop

Session flutist. Pro musician for 10+ years. Specialisation in trap, EDM and electronic music with winds. Studied jazz and classical but produce more in hiphop, trap and electronic EDM styles.

songwriter,co-writer,artist - Shanea



solo singer songwriter, experience in recording/producing in home studio, co-writer and producer, artist/performer, topliner/lyric writer! Let's create something:)

Session saxophone player - Pierre

Hong Kong

Session saxophone player

Seasoned musician with huge studio experience. At ease with many styles: Jazz, R&B, Classical, Pop, Latin Also a creative arranger for brass section.


Flutes and ethnic woodwinds - Burak



Los Angeles

Flutes and ethnic woodwinds

I am classically trained, award winning flutist, ethnic woodwind instrumentalist, recording artist and composer based in Los Angeles. I have 100+ flutes and ethnic woodwinds that I use in my soundtracks and recordings (Flute, alto/bass flutes,piccolo, duduk,ney, zurna, indian bansoori , penny whistles, chinese dizi, recorders,quenas, ocarinas...

Versatile & unique slide flute - Flute



Cape Town

Versatile & unique slide flute

Internationally renowned and award-winning flautist whose unique contemporary improvisation ability is supported by a solid Classical training. One of only a handful slide flutists in the world, Carina produces a sound that is truly unique; in fact her flute can cry, growl, laugh, float, fly, and yes, she can totally sound like Ian Anderson!

French lyrics, flutes & saxes - Ariel

Byron Bay NSW 2481

French lyrics, flutes & saxes

Over 3 decades, Ariel Kalma published vinyl LP's, cassettes, and CD's. His compositions have been used for modern dance-theatre, films, musical poetry, guided meditations, transformational groups. Ariel Kalma has also played on many albums in France - even throughout Europe, the US and recently Australia.

Saxophonist & Flutist - Gaston



Buenos Aires

Saxophonist & Flutist

welcome at my profile! I´m Saxophonist, flutist and Music Producer. I have been in professional music for more than 20 years. I like jazz, Latin jazz, Salsa (Cuban timba) Funk, Pop, Country, Argentine Folklore and more ... I can help you in what you need God bless you.

wind instrument artist  - Jonathan



Tel Aviv

wind instrument artist

Hello and welcome. I'm a professional Flute and Saxophone player which dedicated his life on learning wind instruments and styles from all around the world .I perform and record on flutes and reed instruments such as :Duduk ,Nay, Bansuri ,whistle ,Clarinet ,Zurna ,Fujara, and more. I'm also an experienced Didgeridoo and Shofar player.


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