About SoundBetter

SoundBetter is the world's leading marketplace for musicians to find and hire Recording Studios, Mixing Engineers, Mastering Engineers and professional Session Musicians.

SoundBetter has the most comprehensive database of active and available music production professionals for direct hire, including dozens of Grammy Award winners from our member community spanning over 2,000 cities worldwide.

Musicians can find and securely hire the right pro based on specialty, budget, genre, credits, reviews and sound samples.

Music production professionals can join thousands of others around the world getting work from SoundBetter.

Our mission is to democratize the music production world, to help pros get work remotely, to increase transparency via verified reviews and help the huge market of self producing musicians securely connect with the right partners from anywhere in the world.

SoundBetter is a 500 Startups company

Founding team

Shachar Gilad


Shachar is a tech and marketing professional with a background as a musician, music producer and audio engineer. Before founding SoundBetter Shachar was Director of Product Marketing at Grammy Award winning Waves Audio where he helped conceive, develop and market software tools for hundreds of thousands of musicians and audio engineers worldwide. He worked with the Product Marketing team at Apple in Cupertino on their creative apps suite including Logic and Soundtrack Pro. His mixing tutorial videos have over 1M views on YouTube.

Itamar Yunger


Itamar is SoundBetter CTO and lead developer. He's an experienced full stack Ruby programmer, having led development at several startups. He's a self taught SEO consultant and course instructor, Joomla Israel core team member.

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Contact info

The best way to contact us is by email:

You can also reach us by phone during business hours: +1-888-734-4358

If you want to send us a gift by snail mail, our address is: SoundBetter, Inc. 214 Bonad Rd. Brookline, MA 02467