Top Sound Editors for hire

Professional audio editors curate, crossfade, and cut all your recorded takes, providing you with one perfect track

Producer & Songwriter-EDM - Jpetersmann

I’m a EDM - Alt Pop Producer & Songwriter based in London, UK. If you need chords and catchy hook lines for your next song I’m the one who is able to help you. I can provide over 10 years experience working for Bands and Advertising.

audio engineer, edit, tune - Talya Zaidenstadt

Looking for someone to tune your vocals? I work with Melodyne and Autotune to help you get the sound you need, as fast as you need it.

Cover song playbacks - JUSTIN PELOVELLO

This is Rap.

Music Producer & Composer - Anass Belkhayat

Always find something different to make your song special.

Engineer, Producer, Bassist - George Radai

Transplanted from Los Angeles where I worked as an audio and audio-post engineer, taught at a big recording school, worked tech for Magix and M-Audio, played bass in a lot of live bands, made about a dozen records, got Pro Tools certified, mixed a song for Robbie Krieger (the Doors) for his 2nd solo album (nominated for a Grammy in 2011) and more.

Productor musical, Compositor. - RanatroniC

Soy músico hace 40 años y 20 como productor. Toco bajo, guitarras y teclados. Trabajé para la emisora de radio FM Metro y actualmente creando artística sonora en FM Urbana Play. Realice la banda sonora de 12 obras de teatro y la música de publicidades e institucionales para marcas como Budweiser, La Rural, National Geographic y Disney.

Graphic designer - Zabed Khan

I am a proficient Graphic Designer. I am Working energetically around Expressions, Plan, and Photography. I work with a photo altering company within Italy. Visit:

editing - Avya Technology Pvt Ltd

Avya Technology Private Limited is one of the top-rated Web Development Companies.

Canvas Designer / VFX Artist - Sim Volont

Here to help creators expand their music through videos. I offer Canvas videos, along with music video edits, visuals, trailers and more.

Writer - Isobel Martin

An expert CV Writer / Career Coach

programador web - SAmuelMiMobiliario

Soy programador web junior y consultor SEO


Intellectuals Den team is always willing to serve our customers; we ensure your satisfaction through professional work.

Editing Service for Students - Students Alley

Students Alley never fails to deliver quality work; we deliver perfectly edited and proofread work before the deadline

Song writing and demos - Bilal Alji

Song writing in French, English, and Arabic! I m a singer and you can check my music everywhere by typing Araen

Recording | Mix | Master - LIZI STUDIO

LIZI STUDIO – Your partner in music- and mediaproduction The top modern studio with two reception rooms and a director has been true for professional productions for bands and industry partners. Send us a message with your request!

 - Daniel Myer

My Name is Daniel Myer. I am working in the Electronic Music Field for over 20 Years. I started as a DJ and moved very quickly to the Production Work. I have been releasing Music under different Aliases since 1992.

Mixing/Editing/Producing - JWU Productions

Mix Engineer / Producer based in Toronto, Canada. I strive not only for sonic quality but also to deliver the vibe that "sounds right" to the music. I focus in the production of a range of music including / but not limited to modern rock, classic rock, pop, funk, mo-town.

Music producer, Mixer - MrWhiteBeats

Music producer from Warsaw in Poland.

 - Dimitris Triantafyllou

Hello My name is Dimitris. I have a home studio and i love my job.

Sound designer, recordist, - Kostas Loukovikas

I'm an electronic music producer, recordist and sound effects designer at Sound Ex Machina, an independent studio producing sound effects & Foley libraries for motion picture, games, mobile, desktop & web applications, audio books & theater plays. Whether it is mixing, editing, sound effects design or recording you’ve come to the right place.

Guitar, Producer, Editor, Mix - Kadu Abecassis

The guitarist behind most of tracks from Mallu Magalhães ('Highly Sensitive', Sony Music, 2013), co-producer from her first recording sessions. Also spent years and years doing audio for TV and radio advertising both creating music and as a sound engineer. O guitarrista por trás da sonoridade dos primeiros álbuns de Mallu Magalhães.

Music Producer, Mix&Master, - David Yefimov

A very passionate music producer, providing only the best of the!

Record/Edit/Vocals/Mix/Master - Adam W. Thomas

Professional audio engineer with experience and troubleshooting skills resulting from both home and pro studio recordings.

Composing, Editing, Producing - Gabriel Sanderson

Genre bending tracks and songs, custom music for any project or artist

Producing, Arranging,......... - Pete

Songwriter, Arranger, Bassplayer, Studiowork, Producer, Recordings - Mixes - Mastering,(pref. Rock to Melodic-Hardrock, AOR, but open for everything ), free for any Jobs, Studio equipment,pictures etc. on request. Get in contact if you have any questions.THX

Editing, Mixing, Mastering  - Luke Moss

Every mix or master is to make sure that the best sound and qualities.

producer, mixing, synth girl - Gala

Im into synths. I edit, mix, & arrange music,

Premiere Audio Post Production - Outloud Audio

Highest quality audio post production. Exceptional service. All in a comfortable state-of-the-art environment.

"Remote Mixing and Mastering" - Matías Rosenwasser

The mix & mastering in the box is our terrain. Our passion is audio, and our goal is to offer our customers the best quality / price ratio, putting at your disposal years of experience in music and audio, as well as the latest and most revolutionary technologies available in the market. Everything to take your productions to the highest possible.

I am cool man  - Ronnie Deboer

I really like music

Education Consultancy - DissertationHelpDeal

Finest Choice For Academic Help


--- 𝗟𝗘𝗧’𝗦 𝗠𝗔𝗞𝗘 𝗠𝗨𝗦𝗜𝗖 𝗧𝗢𝗚𝗘𝗧𝗛𝗘𝗥 --- HIT-9-PROJECT : My project is to find musician / writer / singer / beatmaker from all over the world to complete those tracks or create something new so don’t be shy and contact me ! I produce any kind of music !

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - MidlandUnionBeats

-We Work Fast and in High Quality - We Producing Beats and Mix your Vocals for the Dream for the Artist - 5 Men Team for all Genres and Styles - 100% Love for the Music

Engineer (Mixing/Mastering) - Audio Mom

Audio Mom is an audio engineer based in Chicago, Illinois. Her mission is to provide artists with audio that is honest, accurate, and meaningful through sound design, post-production, and music for a wide variety of platforms. Her work in audio arts tell honest stories that relate to the human experience.

Produce , Mixing & Mastering - Soundspace Studio

"Mixing & Mastering is important step for music" #waiting for your track

writing, editing - Doris Hall

Students today have a variety of means available for getting an education. From tablets to laptops to eBooks, going digital could help facilitate learning in ways many could have never imagined.

Creative Writer - Cristine Klein

Hi, My name is Cristine Klein I am a creative content writer in the UK.

Music Producer - Kwalidi

Tiffany Augustin aka Kwalidi is a Slovakian-Laotian American who was raised in Virginia Beach and is best known as a Music Producer, Engineer and Songwriter specializing in mainstream, pop and hip-hop music. Kwalidi is eccentric, imaginative, and adept in production. Connect with her on Instagram @Kwalidi

drummer, songwriter  - Mara Graziano

drummer, songwriter

Session guitarist & producer - Ty Plante

Home-based studio, recording for years now wanting to collaborate with others in a virtual, socially distance world!

I'm A Craetive - obeitle164

Organizer, and Professionnal Audio Mixer !

Remote mix and pre-masterig  - INKUB

Hello colleagues, my name is Alexander Kopylov, I have been recording, mixing and pre-mastering since 2014. I live in the Moscow region, I have a home recording studio “GRIME XATA” [hʌtʌ]. I am studying at the OMDA Academy of Music with a degree in Mixing and Mastering. I work in musical genres Hip-hop | Rap, Memphis Rap, PHONK, Cloud, GRIME and...

Music Producer - Autumn Works

I've worked with artists from the Tampa/San Diego/Nashville areas, and I love being able to help creators find their sound. Whether it's creating catchy guitar/synth lines, making beats, or coming up with cool vocal layers - I'm open to trying out new and creative techniques when it comes time to record a song.

Developer - radhe xyz

Hire skilled app developers from App Development Company to overcome the void. We unite with you to boost your productivity in the global industry.

Mixing Engineer - Kevin Speyer

Mixing your music, Editing your films, I can do it!

writer - cv dubai

Land your dream job 3X faster with CV Dubai

Vaporwave, Mallsoft composer - Youth trauma

Just making some fun stuffs. Like vaporcore(vaporwave+breakcore), or anything else.

Sound Design, Mixing & Master - Shernoville

Hi, thanks for reviewing my profile, hope I can help you in anything you need!

Compose, Produce - TempoClick

Been working with music since 2003

'Content Writer', 'Songwriter' - avipratap

I'm a published writer and artist. I have written some wonderful poems and if you feel that they can be converted into songs please ping me. Checkout my blog or if you want to contact me please email.

Vocal Editing/Pitch Correction - Brickfield Audio

Amazing sounding vocal tracks for your record.

Audio Editor/Session Player - Dan Ashcom

My name's Dan and I'm a session guitarist, bassist and producer. I'd be happy to help with your next track or album, whether it be recording, mixing or doing those mundane tasks in sound editing that need to get done.

Audio Editor & Engineer  - Martin Uriel Garcia

Music is the shorthand of emotion

deviant hip hop beats - limbø

alternative hip hop

Session Musician and Engineer - Jessica Mieritz

Hello! I'm a Berklee College of Music graduate with a degree in Professional Music and a minor in Instrument Repair. I use Pro Tools and Studio One to edit, mix, quantize, tune, and master music ranging from pop to metal.

MUSIC OR PODCAST EDITING  - Waters Edge Recording

Your one stop shop for all your editing needs. Instruments, vocals, podcasts, etc.

Beatmaker/Productor Musical/ - Angel Cubias

Rapero/Beatmaker/Productor Musical/ Creador de ritmos Boom Bap análogo, Elaborador de ritmos para cortometrajes, documentales y álbumes musicales dentro y fuera de EL SALVADOR. Con un álbum reciente titulado FRAGMENTO disponible en todas las plataformas digitales.

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