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Endless 5-star reviews

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"This is how engineers are found now"

Ed Cherney - Grammy winning producer and mixer of The Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton

Twitter testimonial

"@SoundBetterNow has really been a come up for me."

Brian McKnight Jr

"I was able to hand over a song and get back magic. That's unbelievable in my book"


"I almost fell out of my chair as I listened to the remix I got. So good!"

Morsy — SoundBetter Provider

"Years ago I would’ve had to go through many gatekeepers just to get to Mark's management. Thanks to you, I can hear from him in just a few hours. This is just so great."

Jeff I.

"I received a mix from Helik and it is crazyyyyyyy good. As an independent artist from Tanzania to have my song mixed by such a master and a Grammy winner is just incredible"


"I am an extreme perfectionist/control-freak and get nervous handing anything off to another musician. But Brandon is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. He’s professional, approachable, and exceeds expectations (and trust me, my expectations are high). Work with him."

Brandon Bagby - SoundBetter Provider

"When I discovered SoundBetter I found everything a producer needs. Thank you."

Ettore B.

"This was my first time hiring a music professional. Was my music good enough? Is it possible to make a great song collaborating online only? Turns out, yes. I am so happy with my choice of producer and with how my song turned out."

Alexandra N.

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