Top Sound Editors for hire

Professional audio editors curate, crossfade, and cut all your recorded takes, providing you with one perfect track

Rock-pop drummer, producer - Marco Moriello

Born in 1998, based in Italy. He started to play drums at 8 and started to play vibraphone, marimba, timpani at 13. He graduated in conservatory in Classic-Orchestral Percussion (2021). He took part in numerous masterclasses with D. Friedman, T. Miceli, C.Santangelo, M.Pastore You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Fiverr.

Remote mixing, mastering,mixer - Granastudio

Passionate about audio, passionate about results.

Music Producer - Kwalidi

Tiffany Augustin aka Kwalidi is a Slovakian-Laotian American who was raised in Virginia Beach and is best known as a Music Producer, Engineer and Songwriter specializing in mainstream, pop and hip-hop music. Kwalidi is eccentric, imaginative, and adept in production. Connect with her on Instagram @Kwalidi

produce music - J1 Ultra

I like to make ethereal/dark/pop type sounds

Remote rock, jazz, orch. mixer - Gert

Choose me if you want to get the sound you want.

Editing and Mixing Engineer - Sutton Gaddis

15 years of multi-faceted audio experience: producing, tracking, editing, mixing, songwriting, and multi-instrumental performance (Voice, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Trumpet, Percussion, various others). I combine my experience and skills with attention to detail and attentive customer service to bring you the highest quality product.

Writing Platform - Edubirdie

Looking for the most reliable writing service? No need, top writers from Edubirdie are already here and ready to complete all of your papers according to the requirements.

Wikipedia Writer - Wiki Page Maker

It is a Wikipedia page composing and altering administration based that offers its customers exhaustive administrations

Best outfits out there! - Celebrityjacket

Revamping your fashion sense with top-quality jackets

Music Producer - Anthony Puglisi

Producer / Mixing Engineer from Buffalo NY.

Mixer Engineer - Flavio Almeida

Punkrock/ Hardcore/ Metal/ Alternative Rock Mixer Engineer

Editing - Amelie Taylor

Content Editing

Singer, Dancer, Entertainer - Jasmine

Hello my names Jasmine, t I want to widen my singing career but I've ran into a bit of writers block. So I'm looking for a song writer that would be interested in working with me, I'm not picky on a genera because my voice works with a few, however I am really into alt music.

Music Producer - Toon Janssens

Hello, my name is Toon (34). I have been producing music for the last 15 years. I can help out with music production, mixing, mastering and live performance. My productions were used for video games, commercials, television and I produced music for singer-songwriters, rappers and other projects.

Graphic Designer - Elina Aiyana

I am a professional Graphic Designer at Clipping Path Service Inc. I am an expert in Clipping Path Service, Background Removing, Image masking and everything related to photos. I love making new friends and camping in the woods.

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Ivancomar

Top Singer and Songwriter

academic writer - MichaelFinn

Michael assist your writing need

Mixing&Mastering,Tuning&Fixing - Volodymyr Punko HeART records

I'll help make your dreams come true. Music dreams ;)

Mixing Engineer - Kool Vic

My accomplishment is to make your project come to life.

Cover Art designer - hamza kasbaoui

A cover art/Flyers designer that works with photoshop software and creates digital art for your music.

Artist, Vocal Mixing Engineer - BRANDEUS

With 5 years experience as a singer, songwriter, rapper and sound engineer for vocal mixing and mastering.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Cloudy

Audio engineer and recording artist with over a decade's worth of experience

Mixing, Mastering & Producing - Javier Vergara (Chile)

Hi! I'm a Civil Industrial Engineer who likes music a lot. I'm really into mixing Indie-Pop-Rock music. I've been taking online courses and i have learned tons, so i wanna try these new skills. I have only mixed & mastered demos for my band (, but i want to do more. I will give my best if you choose to work with me!

Mixing, Editing, Composing - Rushikesh Badbade

Sound Engineering Valedictorian at SAE Institute Nashville, TN. Love the sounds of 60s & 70s.

mixing, editing, production - Evan Crosby

I've been recording myself and my friends for over a decade and am interested in exploring other people's music. Since I'm just starting out on this site, I'll work for cheap.

Musician,Promoter,Producer - Edgard Collins

I have been in the music business for a while, connecting and promoting show in both sides of the border, alsoplay in a successful psychedelic rock band.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Delicious Food

Music is Delicious Food for the mind. Always new recipes to learn and savour. Been cooking for a while. Now time to set the table!

Compose, Produce - TempoClick

Been working with music since 2003

'Content Writer', 'Songwriter' - avipratap

I'm a published writer and artist. I have written some wonderful poems and if you feel that they can be converted into songs please ping me. Checkout my blog or if you want to contact me please email.

Tonmeister - Chris Opelt

Bringing a production to its highest potential.

Producing, Arranging,......... - Pete

Songwriter, Arranger, Bassplayer, Studiowork, Producer, Recordings - Mixes - Mastering,(pref. Rock to Melodic-Hardrock, AOR, but open for everything ), free for any Jobs, Studio equipment,pictures etc. on request. Get in contact if you have any questions.THX


Looking for new inspiring projects. Will work with all budgets.

Academic Writer - Martin Stone

I am a qualified writer.

Editor - Eddie Hartley

Writing is recommended for you, why? This is a question that I am launching to every one who has hobby of writing song.Change your hobby of writing become writing as a media to earn money so that you get two benefits of writing. Are you in free time? Do you want to make your time more useful by doing particular activity for earning rewarding?

Music Videos, Film Production - Kings Habit Films

King's habit films have been producing films, music videos and assisting in the editing process for over 5 years. With a wealth of knowledge within the industry and run exclusively by actors, King's Habit Films do things the old way!

Assignment Writer - LennonJohn

Students Assignments is the topmost academic service in the current education domain, and we aim to provide updated and technically superior material to our students.

deviant hip hop beats - limbø

alternative hip hop

Music Producer, various styles - BRWMedia

I'm 20 years old, I have composed and produced more than 30 songs including genres like Hip-Hop, House, Minimal, Techno, Classical, Ambient, Drone, Vapor, Drum & Bass, Hardcore, and Soundtrack. I have experience in mixing and mastering too. Feel free to contact me.

Remix, Music Production, Mix - Shutdown

Hi there, do you need to produce or to remix a track? Write me for a free feedback!

horns, electronic landscapes - The Saxophone Warrior

25 year music industry experience along with project manager experience in web, I bring perspective from both fields to help streamline and simply work flows. let's get your project done, quickly and efficiently, so you can move on to getting it out there faster.

Lofi/Hiphop producer. - Edward Garcia

This guy is a bedroom (broke, somehow) producer based on Isabela Philippines. Since I have no equipment or musical instruments, I make my own beats from sample packs and loops. I'll do my job here to earn money to support myself and my family. You can hire me anytime and prices all up to you.

Session Bassist, MusicProducer - Gottafunker

Over 25 years playing bass in a variety of styles. Producing music for commercials, brands, etc

Recording & Editing Engineer - Alfonso Baella Matto

"I'm very meticulous with the things that I do because my name is on it and it has to be perfectly done. I just finished working on "Raices Jazz Orchestra" a Jazz Big Band album project were I had the amazing opportunity to work on as Recording and Editing Engineer"

Grossiste  - Auguste Duffet

Ou trouver des grossistes

Audio/Music Mixing and Editing - Allister Kellaway Audio Pro

Want audio thats clear, neat and exciting? I will give your Song or Podcast the professional treatment it deserves!

Content Writer - Isabella Fraser

Content Writing Services

SEO Services in Karachi - Matt Pablo

Monarch SEO Agency is not just a digital marketing and website development company but also a leading platform in Pakistan for WordPress Customization and custom Page designing which is now most demanding service in the world of internet, Monarch is pioneer in developing, Designing and Marketing your Company/Brand identity professionally

Session Guitarist - Phoebe Curry

I have been involved in the music industry for nearly 10 years, with a BA Hons degree in Songwriting and Professional Musicianship. I have performed in many venues across the UK and am in a band working towards our debut album. I love collaboration and will be driven by any project I am involved with!!

Multi-instrumentalist Producer - VictorProducer

By the grace of God every thing is goin to be new again!

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - SoundTeam Mixing/Mastering

SoundTeam's mix engineers are capable of organizing, leading, and completing timely sessions. Experienced in recording, mixing, and mastering services as multi-faceted operators and facilitators. They are passionately focused, creative minded engineers who can provide a work friendly, easily collaborative experience.

Mentor and Production (Remote) - Ubiniqu

Mentor to artists and musicians for many years, personable and willing to encourage inquiring minds on the aspects of music and sound work. Beginners and curious souls welcome. Help with acoustic set-ups for better sounding home studios or even how to build one in an affordable way. Techniques of thinking out of the box or looking for inspiration.

HipHop-RnB Mixing / Mastering - Bruno Portela

Hardworking and authentic selftaught mixing engineer, singer-songwriter, and producer from Brazil. I don't have much renown, but spent the last 7 years studying producing, mixing and mastering, and working so I can move abroad to study. My love for music started at 6 years old playing the drums, and is still my passion to this day, 20 years later.

Beat maker, Music producer, - wandy carriere

Hi I am wandy. I am a song producer and I make beats maker. I makes beats for sell just contact me well talk about it. You can find my beats on Spotify and apple music and YouTube more. you can ask for change in the beat as long you are buying it. I am also looking for singer to join me team.

Audio producer & Musician  - Chris D'Alessandro

In my five-plus years of experience as a freelance audio engineer and recording musician, I've put my extensive set of audio skills to good use. I've recorded, mixed, and produced records for bands and artists in many genres, and proudly completed the entire production process in two full-length records with my own band, Afectos.

Music producer, Mix engineer - Mauro Gomez en el Beat

I am musician and composer with more than 7 years experience in music production, mixing and mastering for international artists (Ñejo, Brasa, Lalo Ebratt)

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