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Greg M.
need acoustic guitar work
need better acoustic guitars
Jahleek S.
Need 3 songs mixed
I have 3 songs that I need to mix down and wants to hire an engineer so I can have the great sound. I'm mostly rap and also r&b!
Charles J.
Charles J.
Stem Master
I have a 128 BPM house song that needs a stem master. I have it in 7 stems (one stem is simply the kick drum though)
John M.
Need 4 songs mixed
Hi, I am a beat maker from queens, doing a 4 song ep with a well known rapper/singer from Canada, shopping for reasonable rates and looking to...
1 song
Hi, I wrote my own lyrics for Pop, Hip-Hop song. I will need beat and melody. Let me know what your availability is to discuss this. Than...
i need to record a track
Hi, i just finished writing my first track and i ´m looking forward to record and master it, it´s a rap song and i already know the beat for i...
Crank C.
Crank C.
i need 5 song mixed
I need 4 songs mixed. i finished recording all the parts and am happy with the recorded tracks. I'm now looking to hire a mixing engineer chec...
Roma N.
need two songs instrumental music
i have two songs which i want its music to be re- recorded using same instruments. i don't want the voice/playback. just the music
Lionel G.
Lionel G.
Need a producer and mixing engineer to realize my project
I want to make a record, a project with an aesthetic and a well defined sound. In the immediate future, I would like to produce 3 titles for ...
Nicki S.
Nicki S.
Need 13 songs mixed
I need 13 songs mixed, of which 2 are instrumental/intro tracks. All parts have been recorded in a studio through pro tools and I have all com...
Kevin Y.
Kevin Y.
need 3 song mix
hello my name is kevin from indonesia. i already record my album in indonesia studio, and i need to mix it. my music is basically like swing ...
Big vocals on a track in progress.
Hoping to use little to no drums. Track is at a stand still and need vocals. Pricing for two verses, hook, and bridge, or hook alone pricing...
Hi I need 3 hiphop tracks Mixed
I have 3 hiphop/rap song I need mixed! See what your rates are and if you have any hiphop samples
Lahkina G.
Need one song mastered
I have an R&B single that is mixed and I'd like to have it mastered.
Christi C.
Christi C.
1 song recorded and mixed
I'm trying to find a place where i can sing and record a remake of an old song then have it reworked and mixed into a trance song. Its on my b...
Adam R.
1 song mixed and it's attached
I just finish 1 song and need it mixed . i am now looking to hire a mixing engineer. check out the rough mix for my song. the genre is afrobea...
Butch m.
14 mixed songs..need mastering and song order
I have 10 songs completed, 4 more to record. The 10 songs are mixed already, & i like the mixes.
Javel M.
Javel M.
New York
Need Songwriter for Hip Hop Song for Female Rapper
I am looking to complete this song. I am looking for a songwriter. The song would be Hip Hop from a female rapper. I would like to release thi...
Sanjeev S.
Sanjeev S.
Need vocals for 2 songs
I need a female vocalist to sing two songs. Mostly pop rock. Thanks Sanjeev
Joe B.
Hey there! I have a batch of 8 hiphop beats for mixing/mastering
All beats are sampled off vinyl with chopped breaks and bass tracks.. All are less than 10 tracks in total.. no vocals.. All are in similar...
Dan R.
Need a vocalist for a electronic dance music
We require a vocalist for a song. Chord progression is written an in need of a female vocalist.
its a punjabi folk track indian music. and my condition is ill pay him for sure after my work is done and if i like it. i can pay 200$.
Tilen R.
I need a track mastered
Hello! I have a record that is finished but really needs a finishing touch. I was wondering if we could make a deal about that. I am also will...
James U.
James U.
I need two songs written with lyrics
Hi Ian, I am looking for two songs in a rock - indie/rock style that are atmospheric and dark with light and shade. I am looking for a basi...
Electric Guitar - 9 songs
I need a guitar player for my full album. 9 songs (style: Meshuggah, WhiteChapel, Carnifex) Drop E tune (you need to have at least a 7 strin...
I need 3 songs arrangement prod and mix
I need arranger producer for good female Spanish singer. Need people who work happy with acoustic and programming. Need good ambients / film...
Matt S.
Matt S.
Country Song Required
I require a Country song to be written, fresh, new and modern style. I will require the music to be written and then lyrics will be added ...
Need previously recorded songs mixed
I'm looking to have mix & mastering that will be placed for film / T.V and will also be distributed digitally on itunes and Spotify to name a ...
Lazarus K.
I need a bet for my music
I got songs which i wrote myself but I didn't put instruments how will you help me or how will i do . I done with the recording but I need in...
Aravind K.
Aravind K.
Looking for Sfx and mastering for short film
Looking for Sfx and mastering for short film . It's a 15 mins length Project.
Omar S.
Saxophone Instrumentation Recording
Hello. My name is Omar and I am currently seeking for Saxophonists who can provide instrumentation recording(s). For more information please c...
Bevon B.
Bevon B.
I need Beats made for written songs
So currently i got a couple songs i have written, but i need beats made for them.I need someone who can hear my recorded voice and see if they...
Lyrics + singer + melody 120BPM
Hey how are? I'd like to have topline + singer on this track House tune Just demo, final on table Thnx&grtz
Kamil D.
Kamil D.
Need a female top line for an EDM song
Hello , need a female top line for an EDM song. Attached a part of the track where i need the vocals. Regards
Jimel B.
I am jimel i live in sanjuan
I want to record a gospel reggae song I am trying to find a beat for it but how much to record the song first
Carl D.
Need vocals for 1 song
I am looking for male vocals on a chorus for a hip hop/RnB song. I am looking for a style similar to a Chris Brown/DJ Khaled (take it to the h...
Courtney M.
One or more songs produced. I already have the lyrics.
I need one or more songs produced in pop/hip hop/rap style. I already have the lyrics but I'm looking for a great production beats and melody ...
Nathaniel Paul Guitarist
Nathaniel Paul Guitarist
New York
Drums for a Production
I have a piano duet I am working on - its in a pop/indie/minimal vibe and it seems right down your alley. What would it cost to get drums on...
Donovan B.
Donovan B.
Daly City
Need 4 songs to produced or arrange.
I need to add excitement or hook to my songs, I wrote, performed and mixed my songs but it seems like its lacking of right arrangement or what...
Joseph B.
Joseph B.
I need a song mastered. the original version sounds light. the style is reggae.
Gianna F.
Gianna F.
Need a recording home in Bayarea
Hi. I am professional rap/hip hop artist. I need a studio home with a talented and open-minded engineer.
Simone S.
Simone S.
Need mix and master. Also would like for you to make a beat.
I'm looking for someone to create a beat for my song, mix, and master my vocals. I have a recording of the song already to a beat, but I would...
Krishna S.
Krishna S.
Female Singer needed - demo.
When I think of a song, I think of the impact that it has on it's listeners. It's the expression that captivates the audience, the way in whic...
Levi B.
Levi B.
Las Vegas
1 Song Mixed and Mastered
I need 1 song mixed and mastered. The vocals have a (light) mix on them, can use adjustments. The style is Club/Hip Hop. I have the vocals sep...
Daniel B.
Daniel B.
Need to mix a 4-song EP in March
Electronic, Disco, Soul, House. All Vocal. Looking for someone that can offer the functional duties of a mixing as well as the artistic/crea...
Kristoffer H.
Kristoffer H.
Vocal for 1 track
Hi! We need a singer/songwriter for this project. We want to have the artist as featured on the record. Let me know if interested and we...
Jared A.
Need female singer fluent in Arabic to record two songs
I'm looking for a female singer to record two songs in Arabic for a short film project. Ideally you're familiar with Arabic pop and can sing i...
Arwin W.
Hi, I'm looking for somebody who can whistle in an Ennio Morricone style. Anyone?
I'm recording an album with 70's Elvis Presley songs in a Morricone/Tarantino style
Estar M.
I need just one song produced that will help me come out and be heard.
I am set to create an original sound. A blend of contemporary gospel and afro Jazz. Something new, fresh and unique.

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