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Darrell M.
Darrell M.

Need remix of song

I am looking for a remix of the attached track. In style of Dance Producers Blonde or Meduza Featuring Goodboys etc. Need a pretty quick tur...


Need Topliner/Songwriter for Trance Song

I've finish one trance song. Need a Topliner/Songwriter to bring bright vocals into my melody. Already got ideas to sing about. Need a drea...

Corbin C.

8 songs needing an engineer

I have an album, I need an engineer to fix my vocals and make them more clear and sound better, hip hop, maybe a month or two, planning on jus...

Joan S.
Joan S.

Re-recording a piano composition.

Hi there, Can you re-record the attached piano piece with your Steinway piano? If so, please let me know and I will place an order. Thanks.

Vianett M.

Need some songs produced

I am looking for a producer to make some tracks

Carlos O.
Carlos O.

Producer to my songs

Need a producer to complete songs I have created. I am a guitarist, bassist and dummer with 15+ years of experience. like metal, rock, jazz,...

Eli C.

Need to produce 1 song

I’m looking for a Producer to create 1 track for me. I wrote the song, and I need someone who can produce a full backing track on the style of...

Sundeep R.
Sundeep R.

Need a rap vocal

I have a song track finished and i need a slight aggressive rap vocals to fill as a bridge between verse 1 and 2


Male Vocal

Hi, we are producers from Poland. We want to record our next single. please write a price of 2 minutes of vocals with your lyrics. we'll make ...

Greg D.

1 song with Full horn section

I am reproducing a track and would like to add a horn section. It’s a gospel upbeat track. What would something like that cost?

Paul C.
Paul C.

Need a song produced!

I’d like to work on a new track. My idea is a bit unique. I want to blend hip-hop and a film score type beat, and then write it as a hip-hop s...

Sergio G.
Sergio G.

Compose and record the whole instrumental part (drums, bass, guitar...) of a piano+voice song

I've composed the voice and piano of a song, and have an initial idea of the rest of instruments (drums, guitar, bass...) but now, I need to f...

Lucious D.
Lucious D.

need a beat made for a song i have

i produce myself n have a small label and can do it all but make beats. thats what i need. rap/ R&b beat. planing to push this as my coming ou...

Lalayah C.
Lalayah C.

Mixing my songs

I have many songs completed & most not recorded but I can write to any beat and adopt to vibes and dialogues easily to perfection I write Raps...


I need 1 song semi mixed

Ok, I'm trying to mix this one freestyle song I have. I dont want really any FX on the vocals. In all honesty, I just want my vocals to be hea...

Recent Successes
  • Absolutely amazing. Beautiful sounds, quick and kind person.

    Job Completed by: Shrai Pradhan
  • Very fast, modern and forward thinking

    Job Completed by: Guy Gabriel
  • Guy is an epic producer and artist! He's got a fantastic feel for the soundscape of a song, and knows just where to t...

    Job Completed by: Guy Furious
  • Amazing service. SUPER professional !!

    Job Completed by: Jazelle Paris
  • Taylor sings and creates melodies like it's chewing gum. Automatic. Easy. Effortless. Alas, it isn't. But for Tayl...

    Job Completed by: Taylor Manns
  • Best writer on here.

    Job Completed by: NAOMI WILD
  • He did a fantastic Job again. Giving my piano a foll waltz feeling so everybody can dance on it.

    Job Completed by: theviolinist
  • Amazing experience working with Guy. Thank you for the awesome track.

    Job Completed by: Guy Gabriel
  • Milana was superb to work with. Her songwriting ability it amazing & she is extremely easy to work with. Would highly...

    Job Completed by: Milana Zilnik
  • Really fun and easy to work with. Exceeded expectations

    Job Completed by: Grant Harris
  • Dan’s unique and flawless voice is the one to go to. The quality of his voice and the production that came out is jus...

    Job Completed by: Dan Berk
  • Chandler is a truly tremendous talent. He brings a world class voice and emotion to every song. I am thrilled to ha...

    Job Completed by: CHANDLER MOGEL