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Iyagbmi R.

I need 3 songs to be produced

I am looking for a producer to produce, mix and master 5 tracks for me . I have the demo with me but I want a more professional work. The styl...

Keaun k.

I need you to write me a rap song with cuss words in it

I need you to write me a hard rap song with Cuss words, Metaphors punchlines. Can you write it to the beat of rodeo by lil nasx plz? I like ...

Andre W.

I EDM song mixed and mastered

Need 1 song at 128 bpm, 15 tracks, 3 min. long mix and mastered. Would like someone with experience as I have the ability to mix and master th...

King M.


I am working on my album and I need a professional songwriter to write 3 tracks for me.

Brandon T.

Need a song mixed and vocal tuned.

Looking for someone to mix a song in the emo rap, alternative hiphop genre. Able to create a wide range of effects like stutter, distortion an...

Emmet G.
Emmet G.

Ghost Producer

I am looking for a ghost producer to work alongside on several tracks.

Miles S.

Sax solo on recording

I’ve recently got a band together and we are hoping to record in the autumn. Looking for a sax player who can provide additional soul and swin...

Stephen Suluma
Stephen Suluma

Need producer to finish worship song: add guitar, mix, master.

I have an almost completed song that has a kick track, a midi drum track, 12 instrument tracks, 14 backing vocal tracks, and one lead vocal. I...

Stevie T.

Looking for a vocalist for radiojingles

We are in the middle of casting the right vocal for the new jingles we are producing for our client. Interrested in doing a short casting s...

Miguel B.

Mixing and mastering

My name is Miguel and I'm looking to get my music professionally mixed and mastered. I have a lot of songs that needs work done. I have the ...

Michael T.

Need female vocals for 1 song

I need vocals for a chorus for one of my tracks that will be in an Album I’m working on. The title of the song will be Forgive. It’s a hip ho...

Seth F.
Seth F.

I need one song mixed

Hey! I recently recorded a song that requires mixing. It is a very simple arrangement. I don't know what kinda genre it is. Soft, Countryish, ...

Gary R.
Gary R.

male vocal for song

Would like to record this again with a different vocal,think it could be up with some traditional xmas songs

Cole K.
Cole K.

Song/Beat Mixed

Hi, I am Cole and I just recently graduated high school. I have been making beats for about a year. I have a beat and song that I would like...

Seth F.
Seth F.

I need one song mixed

I recently recorded a song that requires mixing. It is a very simple arrangement. Soft, Countryish, Popish feel. A haunting vibe is something ...

Recent Successes
  • Killian is extremely professional and easy to communicate. He was clear in his communication style. He has a way of b...

    Job Completed by: Killian Cruiser
  • Sometimes the stars descend to Earth and cross with you! Katty is a pop rock star with many legendary songs and a ...

    Job Completed by: Katy Rose
  • An amazing talent who goes above and beyond to ensure you get exactly what you want. Don't look anywhere else!

    Job Completed by: Idan Altman
  • This was the first time we've used Soundbetter. Once you accept an offer, the process is extremely simple. Matt has b...

    Job Completed by: Matt Foster
  • Easy to work with. Fast and good quality

    Job Completed by: Skam R'Tist
  • It was a very great experience to work with Christian. He's working fast and delivers way above your expectations in ...

    Job Completed by: Christian Enjel
  • This project was slightly tricky but Dylan delivered and then some! Thank you so much :)

    Job Completed by: Dylan Wissing
  • I'm very satisfied!

    Job Completed by: Arthur Indrikovs
  • Brad was awesome. He took my songs to a new level with his mix and master. He listens and also does a nice job of i...

    Job Completed by: Bradly Miranda
  • Man what a pleasure to work with Michael! I asked for a very specific sound and vibe and he killed it and id it FAST ...

    Job Completed by: FUNK STUDIO
  • Jenny is an absolute dream. She is a first-class vocalist who can sing any genre with personality, warmth, charisma, ...

    Job Completed by: Jenny G
  • Matt is extremely professional and I love the mix! His style is very effective and encourages feedback along the way....

    Job Completed by: Matt Dougherty