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DeJuan G.

Im looking for new production

Im looking for production like metro boomin and sonny digital for my next project i have 5 songs written and plan on doing big numbers in 2020

Troy T.
Troy T.

Adding vocals

I’m working with a lot of instrumentals created by me. The project is a spacial sound mixed with hip hop, Dance, soul, and rhythmic sounds. I’...


Need 10 songs mixed/masters

I’m recording an album and I need it to turn up and sound more professional on speakers and headphones

Yul N.

I have some songs with finished beats but need advice in mixing and mastering

I am right now recording a 5 song ep. I need some help to mix my vocals and master the songs. My beats are mostly finished by now. I want to r...

John H.

Need 4 tracks mixed/mastered to start

Standard starting rapper shit, 1-2 tracks of vocals on pre-made instrumentals. Closest genre would be like sad boy stuff but not so whiney an...

Sophie H.

Help with backing music

I have written about 5 songs (planning to write more) but I don't play any instruments to finish the songs completely I just want to be able t...

William M.

Want to record an artist on a beat

I have many beats that I would like to have artists recorded on for hooks and verses. I have lyrics and know how I would like it to sound. I w...

Iker A.
Iker A.

Need help finishing production on 4 tracks

Hey, I have 4 tracks with vocals but the instrumental part of the tracks are at 50%, i would like for you to help me finish them : )

Yash K.
Yash K.

need 1 song mixed

i did some mixing of this song, but i need to be sure that it sound good more then this with every devises. i need something quality.

Lucien B.

Need a beat for my song

I need i beat that is catchy and rnb, the beat can be 3 minutes long hope I can get help. I already have the song lyrics done. And my inspirat...

Sei S.

Need my production to be mixed

I want my production be mixed and master to its potential

Randy G.

Need one song produced, song writer, singer, about fatherhood, using keywords and the French musical cryptogram cipher.

I've built an app which uses at least the French musical cryptogram cipher. I'd like to use some of my lyrics and melody which was created in ...

Yung E.
Yung E.

Mixed and Mastered or just Mastered I’m some songs

I need to get that SOUND you know, every artist wants to be know by there own unique sound on songs they create, so for me mixes has to be bet...

Mac B.

Master y Mezcla

this is my proposal i wish i could finish these songs with professional hands i recorded it in my homestudio but i don't mix or master nothing...

Justin d.

Pricing per professional mix for each song?

Im an upcoming artist whose art if at industry level and i’m searching for a steady engineer to work with to to give my tracks that industry q...

Recent Successes
  • So happy with the work! fast turn around.

    Job Completed by: Brent Kolatalo
  • Absolutely superb mastering work. Brought two recent mixes to a whole new level of definition, depth, energy and over...

    Job Completed by: Mark Wingfield - Heron Island
  • What a wonderful voice and singing. Thanks so much!! Great job!

    Job Completed by: gavinviano
  • Fantastic! Delivered on the first take and we couldn't be happier!

    Job Completed by: The Crushboys
  • very patient and great quality !

    Job Completed by: Bedroom Master
  • In addition to being a outstanding songwriter /producer, Josiah is an phenomenal vocalist. I've worked with him over ...

    Job Completed by: Josiah Ruff
  • Matt delivered everything I expected and more. A crisp, clear mix and master. We had time to do several revisions bef...

    Job Completed by: Matt Dougherty
  • Cleo did her very best to get the best for this project. I really love her work. I will recommend her and will come b...

    Job Completed by: Cléo D.
  • Rosanna was very accommodating and extremely creative when it came to the vocal design process. Couldn't recommend he...

    Job Completed by: Rosanna Ener
  • Awesome! Great job on my A7X cover... nice one!

    Job Completed by: Michael Gildner
  • Zach is current yet has a strong sense of melody. He can make your track better. John

    Job Completed by: Zach Sorgen
  • Fabian was a pleasure to work with! He is a excellent producer and mixing engineer :)

    Job Completed by: Fabian Brendel