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Tom L.
Tom L.

I need help mixing 4 or 5 songs in Logic and being shown how to do it

I'm very new to music production and need help mixing a few tunes I've made and want to be shown what I'm doing wrong and how to improve. Im i...

Alex H.
Alex H.

songs mastered

I produce dubstep/EDM and I'm not getting the power and clarity that I'm looking for. I need my songs mastered by someone else. I love the s...

Daniel C.

Need live drums on my track

I've recorded this song and want a professional drum on it. It's a lively kind of song and so loops on the keyboard don't sound great on this ...

Jenna C.

Need 3 to 4 songs mixed

My best friend is getting married. She has three or four songs she loves that I want to see if I could get mashed up for her to walk down the ...

Andy O.

I need to record live drums on one song .

I have a drummer and the rest of the tracks ready

Sneha K.

need Production on a song idea.Can explain the specific brief

Can explain the specific brief if you contact me

Tosta N.
Tosta N.

hello im looking for vocals

i have this rough song idea i think you can write and sing to and make it a hit..its a summer vibe. Theres still some work needed on the prod...

Jon Q.
Jon Q.

Mixing and mastering RNB audio

My voice is terrible and i need someone to make it sound dreamy like its for an RNB hip hop feel song please let me know if you can help

Gonzalo A.
Gonzalo A.

I want 1 Trap Song written in spanish

I want it ghostwritten in spanish. My biggest influences are AnuelAA & Ozuna. Songs like no forcen & 69 are more my style.

Bilal H.
Bilal H.

I have a hit song in my mind that i would like to have produced.

I have a new project of a song in my mind and want a complete production from start to end. I have the melody in mind and the lyrics. The type...

Danny B.

Need someone to take my lyrics, compose the music and record for me.

Need someone to take my lyrics, compose the music and record for me.

ChristLike J.
ChristLike J.

Need two songs mixed and mastered

It’s already recorded , hip hop with pop infusion

Ivory M.
Ivory M.

Producer and Mix/Mastering

Hi! I need a producer that can make a beat and mix/mastering. The genre is am looking for is reggae soul. if time I would like for you to ...

Jivitesh S.
Jivitesh S.

Need one song to be mix and mastered

I have just made a song and I’m looking for someone to mix and master. How do you guys work and what will be the cost? I want to release my t...

Dezmond C.
Dezmond C.

1 song mixed

I'm currently working on my mixtape. and also working on my album at the same time.

Recent Successes
  • Awesome work.

    Job Completed by: Denis Emery @ Mastering.LT
  • Music has to be mixed and mastered by a professional engineer. Sefi Carmel should be your engineer of choice, no mat...

    Job Completed by: Sefi Carmel
  • Alex Mixed & Mastered my debut E.P throughout the month of June. He was a pleasure to work with. Even when explaining...

    Job Completed by: KotteTall
  • fast & TOP Quality ...great intuition.!!!

    Job Completed by: drumasonic Daniel
  • It was a pleasure to work with Maor, we got a good sound as a result of. I can say it was clearly, just in time,res...

    Job Completed by: Maor Sound
  • Excellent studio for mixing and master, very personal follow-up with nice ideas and taste. By far my best sounding t...

    Job Completed by: Fuseroom Studio
  • Had Graham master the tracks for my album. He was super professional, had great communication and was prompt on deliv...

    Job Completed by: Atreus Audio
  • Good team, good job.

    Job Completed by: X Mind Corporation
  • I have no complaints with what I received from Diamond Groove Services.

    Job Completed by: Diamond Groove Services
  • Excellent - did as asked. Recommended

    Job Completed by: Jamie Muscat
  • After Eric I won't look for another engineer. His mixes are beautiful and flawless. Not only are his skills excepti...

    Job Completed by: Eric Greedy
  • The care and thoughtfulness of Blush's work is evidenced by the passion in her performance. Her melodic choices, harm...

    Job Completed by: Blush