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Alex A.
Alex A.

Need vocals for a cover song.

I would be interested in getting a vocal cut for a cover song that i am trying to produce in a more chill tropical manner, with a singing vibe...

Ralph S.

Need lyrics for track

I’m looking for a songwriter to help get me back in the game, I’ve been fighting writers block for a year and can’t get out. I have a 2 and a ...


Looking to have a song produced

I hope you are doing well. I have a few songs but would like help with this one to start. I wrote the Lyrics and am singing on this rough trac...

Paul I.
Paul I.

Need vocals for 1 song

I need a female singer / songwriter to write and sing on a House track that iv attached, I aiming for vocals in the style of Becky Hill in...

King K.

Need more information.

I’m just curious how much are your best prices? I plan purchasing some custom exclusive beats down the road, but I’m trying to find the best b...


Need someone to write an idea of mine into a song, and sing it.

Hey, I need someone to turn an idea of mine into a song and sing it. Genre is Pop, and the idea of mine is romance type of song. I’d ...

Billy C.
Billy C.

A song produce

My name is Billy. I’m a singer and lyricist. I really enjoy and love the work you make . I have some idea of my new songs in my mind. I would ...

Poetic Q.
Poetic Q.

Looking for an Atmos mix for this song

I'm looking for Dolby Atmos mixing and mastering of this instrumental song. The aim here is acoustic and slightly soft piano. I would like to ...

Jonathan R.

I need 6 songs to be mixed for an EP.

I have an artist that I am managing he is working on an EP and is looking for someone to help with mixing and mastering.

samir s.
samir s.

need one song produced

i need a full backing track in a slow sad pop kind of like ghostin by ariana grande i’m currently working on a song about being broken up with...

chris b.

Looking for male singer for blues/rock project

Looking for a male singer to replace the vocals in this song. Looking for a stronger performance overall. If you want to take some creative fr...

Jamie R.
Jamie R.

I need 1 track mixed

I need one song mixed and it will be mastered separately. This is a pop dance record that will be pushed to radio (Specifically Australia). Th...

Hope T.

Need help with revision of song lyrics to fit the beat.

I have a song I wrote many years ago, and my lyrics need some revision. In other words, I need better fillers that will fit in the beat of ea...

Freya B.

I need around 5-8 songs mixed.

Hello, I am dance captain of a university cheer group and I am in need of some music being mixed for out competition season next year. Idea...

Sydney W.
Sydney W.

I need one song mixed

Hi, I have one song that needs to me mixed to the highest quality, I want this song ready to be played in the club & festivals!

Recent Successes
  • If you decide to work with Sara, you can't go wrong. Incredibly professional, talented and friendly. Sara is very ...

    Job Completed by: Sara Sangfelt
  • Yaevin is the best! Girl can blow

    Job Completed by: YAEVIN
  • Saniyah X worked super hard and delivered some outstanding vocals for my project. She paid special attention to the r...

    Job Completed by: Saniyah X
  • Dan took the job of singing the male part in our country duet, where the female part was complete and he did a fantas...

    Job Completed by: Dan Harrison
  • He done awesome job on my project

    Job Completed by: Brandon Chase
  • Chuck always makes me want to get up and dance with his rhythm tracks! Always inspiring and fun.

    Job Completed by: Chuck Sabo
  • Amazing voice - love working with Chase!

    Job Completed by: Chase Ellestad
  • Jonas was a pleasure to work with, he took feedback and allowed for a remix without hesitation. Definitely would work...

    Job Completed by: Jonas W. K.
  • Always the best. Thanks Glenn!

    Job Completed by: Glenn Welman
  • Marcello is amazing once again! Can't go wrong with him, every time he knocks it out of the park!

    Job Completed by: Marcello
  • After working with Dylan, it's very easy to see why he works at the upper echelons of the music industry. Phenomenal ...

    Job Completed by: Dylan Wissing
  • Alanna sounds unique and always delivers. 5 stars.

    Job Completed by: Alanna Clarke