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I need 3 songs arrangement prod and mix
I need arranger producer for good female Spanish singer. Need people who work happy with acoustic and programming. Need good ambients / film...
Matt S.
Matt S.
Country Song Required
I require a Country song to be written, fresh, new and modern style. I will require the music to be written and then lyrics will be added ...
Need previously recorded songs mixed
I'm looking to have mix & mastering that will be placed for film / T.V and will also be distributed digitally on itunes and Spotify to name a ...
Lazarus K.
I need a bet for my music
I got songs which i wrote myself but I didn't put instruments how will you help me or how will i do . I done with the recording but I need in...
Aravind K.
Aravind K.
Looking for Sfx and mastering for short film
Looking for Sfx and mastering for short film . It's a 15 mins length Project.
Omar S.
Saxophone Instrumentation Recording
Hello. My name is Omar and I am currently seeking for Saxophonists who can provide instrumentation recording(s). For more information please c...
Bevon B.
Bevon B.
I need Beats made for written songs
So currently i got a couple songs i have written, but i need beats made for them.I need someone who can hear my recorded voice and see if they...
Need a singer/songwriter for RNB/POP/ANTHEM
I need a singer/songwriter. I want if possible to have the artist featured on the song*. If it's good, it's good! Most of the vocal ...
Lyrics + singer + melody 120BPM
Hey how are? I'd like to have topline + singer on this track House tune Just demo, final on table Thnx&grtz
Kamil D.
Kamil D.
Need a female top line for an EDM song
Hello , need a female top line for an EDM song. Attached a part of the track where i need the vocals. Regards
Jimel B.
I am jimel i live in sanjuan
I want to record a gospel reggae song I am trying to find a beat for it but how much to record the song first
Carl D.
Need vocals for 1 song
I am looking for male vocals on a chorus for a hip hop/RnB song. I am looking for a style similar to a Chris Brown/DJ Khaled (take it to the h...
Courtney M.
One or more songs produced. I already have the lyrics.
I need one or more songs produced in pop/hip hop/rap style. I already have the lyrics but I'm looking for a great production beats and melody ...
Nathaniel Paul Guitarist
Nathaniel Paul Guitarist
New York
Drums for a Production
I have a piano duet I am working on - its in a pop/indie/minimal vibe and it seems right down your alley. What would it cost to get drums on...
Donovan B.
Donovan B.
Daly City
Need 4 songs to produced or arrange.
I need to add excitement or hook to my songs, I wrote, performed and mixed my songs but it seems like its lacking of right arrangement or what...
Joseph B.
Joseph B.
I need a song mastered. the original version sounds light. the style is reggae.
Gianna F.
Gianna F.
Need a recording home in Bayarea
Hi. I am professional rap/hip hop artist. I need a studio home with a talented and open-minded engineer.
Simone S.
Simone S.
Need mix and master. Also would like for you to make a beat.
I'm looking for someone to create a beat for my song, mix, and master my vocals. I have a recording of the song already to a beat, but I would...
Krishna S.
Krishna S.
Female Singer needed - demo.
When I think of a song, I think of the impact that it has on it's listeners. It's the expression that captivates the audience, the way in whic...
Levi B.
Levi B.
Las Vegas
1 Song Mixed and Mastered
I need 1 song mixed and mastered. The vocals have a (light) mix on them, can use adjustments. The style is Club/Hip Hop. I have the vocals sep...
Daniel B.
Daniel B.
Need to mix a 4-song EP in March
Electronic, Disco, Soul, House. All Vocal. Looking for someone that can offer the functional duties of a mixing as well as the artistic/crea...
Kristoffer H.
Kristoffer H.
Vocal for 1 track
Hi! We need a singer/songwriter for this project. We want to have the artist as featured on the record. Let me know if interested and we...
Jared A.
Need female singer fluent in Arabic to record two songs
I'm looking for a female singer to record two songs in Arabic for a short film project. Ideally you're familiar with Arabic pop and can sing i...
Arwin W.
Hi, I'm looking for somebody who can whistle in an Ennio Morricone style. Anyone?
I'm recording an album with 70's Elvis Presley songs in a Morricone/Tarantino style
Estar M.
I need just one song produced that will help me come out and be heard.
I am set to create an original sound. A blend of contemporary gospel and afro Jazz. Something new, fresh and unique.
Jay M.
Jay M.
I need a song mixed and mastered
I need my new song mixed and mastered price doesnt matter i just need great work
Need 1 Vocal Big Room Track To Add New Elements, Mixed & Mastered.
I have made a new track with a female vocalist but i couldn't complete the track coz of lack of elements and good structure! I want a good pro...
Walter B.
Walter B.
3 songs mastered
I am looking for a engineer well emersed in hip hop that can master three album songs that will be my singles
devante l.
devante l.
20 Rap Songs Mastered
I need 20 Rap songs mastered loud like rapper 2 Chainz's records.
Deangelo w.
Need 5 songs mixed
I have recorded1p tracks but i need 5 mix and mastered for 📻 play.
Tyler F.
Professional Mix / Mastering Required.
Hey guys, This is a track I`ve been working on for a while and Now is the time for a professional Mixing and Mastering to make it really st...
Phromphaat Y.
Phromphaat Y.
i need one song mixed
im looking now to hiring a mixing engineer. it has about 75 tracks persong .This genre is Dance-Pop+Bubblegum teen pop How long to mixed fo...
Bryce L.
Bryce L.
I need someone to compose me a song
I need someone who can compose a song about two people who are far from each other and proving his love to her
Pablo L.
Pablo L.
1 song recorded
Hi I want to record a hip hop song, I already have the beat, and I will just have to record vocals, I will like to know estimated how much wil...
Srini v.
Lyrics and composition
My daughter Is a versatile singer she has won many awards and I am looking for lyrics and composition for a album
Jetty S.
Mastering on a Rap song.
I need a song mastered soon. Looking for high quality and a good price. Very important song to my project so I NEED THE BEST MASTERING.
I Need Vocals Edited & Added to Track
I created a short backing track using a new loops, samples and effects. I'm not a singer, so that leaves me with a lot of work for adding audi...
Cameron S.
I need 12 songs mixed and mastered with the idea of continuity throughout and album
I'm working on a house/deep/tech album and I would need records mixed and mastered as I finish them. I have about 5 records finished with 30+ ...
i need 3 songs produced with unique talent
I am new at this I am still Learning as I go I really like Kevin gates style the deep story telling I have Lived it my self I am wondering how...
Dasha B.
I'm having a hard time thinking words for a country love song I need a songwriter
My project is going to be a country song, so maybe write lyrics for a love song and just make it country this would mean a lot to me thank u s...
Need a quality version of an existing topline
We have an existing topline that we need performed professionally. What is your rate for this type of service? The song is around 3mins long...
Quelo W.
I have a song that needs some vocals on it. The lyrics for the song are pretty much completed. I do not send music for a number of reasons. Th...
Laura W.
Laura W.
vocal comping and tuning
I would like to inquire about vocal comping and tuning. I work in Logic and wanted to start with comping a scratch vocal for an in-progress so...
Sakhile M.
Need 3 songs mastered for itunes
Need 3 songs mastered for itunes so I can send it to itunes. I have done normal mastering but I could take a second opinion. My contact det...
Travis G.
5 song Extended Play album
We want 5 songs recorded, mixed and mastered for an EP. There are four in the band. All original songs. Will be for commercial use as well as ...
Davide C.
Davide C.
Epic classical chorus Dance
Hi! I'm a singer I want to create a project in epic classical chorus Dance style songs ... we can work together?
Le N.
Mixing -Mastering
I working on an LP so I need to remix and master about 10songs, I want a quote Ryan
Kieth Q.
I need vocals for two songs
Im a pure songwriter who's in need of someone to sing r&b, pop and hip hop vocals
Larry S.
I need mastering
I am a working singer that sings Sinatra tunes. I have album that was mastered that came out pretty good. I have a new album I need mastered....
Daniel T.
Daniel T.
New Jersey
Need acoustic guitar on a pop song.
Hey there, I would like to know your rates for laying down some acoustic guitar on this pop song that I have. Also, do you have any samples...

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Paul is very professional, prompt, and is very easy to work with. He took the time to ask specific questions about w...Completed by: Paul Kinman

great professional, great person, a pleasant surprise! He brought out the best from my music and did it in a short ti...Completed by: Lorenzo Briguori

I tried Leo on one song and he definitely came thru. I came back to him for the next song and once again he performe...Completed by: Leo Fernandes Handcraft Audio

Great experience. Mike took a complex song I gave him with some limited vocal performances on my part and made the s...Completed by: Mike San Music

I enjoyed working with FraMusic. He takes the project very seriously as if it was his own song. Nothing better than w...Completed by: FraMusic Productions

highly recommended. very skilled, creative, and good attention to detail. quick turnaround. professional. Completed by: Direckt of Fast Life Beats