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Need 1 song mixed

Hello I have 1 song to be mixed it is only a 2 track beat and a few vocal tracks. What would be your price on that. The deadline would be by t...


I'm looking for a mastering engineer

I'm for a go to mastering engineer to master my tracks that i'm going to be releasing independently. I make moombahton, jungle terror, trap. I...

Funkatron D.
Funkatron D.

Vocal melody and harmonies needed for festival type track (songwriting not performance)

I need to come up with a kick ass vocal melody for a Festival EDM track INTRO I'm a rock/rnb vocalist that needs help writing a very good ...

Frances M.
Frances M.

5 songs produced

My name is Frances I’m 18 years old and aspiring to get a record label and become a successful recording artist as well as songstress and a su...

Raymond van der Vechte
Raymond van der Vechte

Need a recording-studio in Hamburg, Germany for the recording of 4 songs (vocals only)

For an upcoming mix job for a female vocalist from Germany I'm looking for a suitable recording studio in Hamburg. The vocalist wants to reco...

Paul M.
Paul M.

Record a few heavy rock songs

2 Canadians who used to play in a band togeather are looking to record a few non commercial song while on a trip to Amsterdam this project sh...

Louis M.
Louis M.

Piano Converted to Midi

Hi! I'm looking for someone to play this piano part and transform it into MIDI for me. Shouldn't take long at all for a decent piano player to...

Charlie G.
Charlie G.

Need vocals for one whole electronic track

I need up beat vocals for an electronic track I have an outline for. Looking for a style of maybe more choppy singing to help match the style ...

Devon W.
Devon W.

I need one sing mixed, and mastered as well if you do both.

I've finished recording the song about a few days ago. It's a r&b record and it's my first one that I've done in the studio. It's strictly me ...

Joe C.

I need saxo interpretation of soft Latin music. Recorded clean in a studio. I have a YouTube channel so I need the music to be licensed to me.

My YouTube channel is an instrumental music channel and I need saxophone interpretation of popular songs. With correct licensing etc..we are t...

Douglas Romanow
Douglas Romanow

Topline writers to collaborate with experienced Toronto pop and country producer.

Currently looking for topliner writers for a male pop project from Winnipeg. I Project Ref: Elijah Woods, Lauv, Marshmello, Nick Jonas


Creating music for my lyrics

I have written the lyrics for my song but I can't find the right beat. I have attached the first verse of the song for your review.

Cody J.
Cody J.


Hello, I am currently working on a short comedy film and need original music. I would like to have the entire piece composed which is about 9 ...

Stephanie R.

Need songs produced

I have all the lyrics written but I don’t have the actual music yet to go along with them I kind of have an idea of what I would like them to ...

Daina D.
Daina D.

Need vocal stems to be edited (pitch and timing) for 1 song

Hi, I need a producer (preferably with a passion for electronic and trip hop) to please help me edit some vocal stems regarding pitch and timi...

Recent Successes
  • Awesome! Connor managed to capture the sound & vibe I knew would suit the lyric perfectly. Great communications, alwa...

    Job Completed by: Connor Hormell
  • Amazingly talented and professional. Would go to Austin 100 times over.

    Job Completed by: Austin Moorhead
  • Mystic Production Is a professional studio run by a very dynamic and talented duo of composers, Mr. Arjun and Shashan...

    Job Completed by: Mystic Alankar
  • Mark is my go-to Mixing engineer, his knowledge and understanding of music is second to non, helpful and keen to get ...

    Job Completed by: Mark Wingfield - Heron Island
  • Shelley is great! Professional and communicative. I would recommend her to other artists

    Job Completed by: Shelley Harland
  • Amazing producer and all about making the best work possible..

    Job Completed by: Yonni
  • Austin is a super nice guy .. very easy to work with .. I got my mix do e very quick in about a few days and another ...

    Job Completed by: Austin Leeds
  • This is better than I imagined. Phrasing is great. Notes are perfect. Inflection great. The rock n roll "growl" was t...

    Job Completed by: Rudiger Vocals
  • Like always on point :)

    Job Completed by: JT Roach
  • Another fine project completed by Jonah. He is very creative and I am very happy with the results. I look forward to ...

    Job Completed by: Jonah Wei-Haas
  • Jhevere is a very professional vocalist with unique voice and very positive attitude. He can arrange superb vocal sta...

    Job Completed by: Jhevere
  • Darken is cool, nice vibe, he really enhanced the composition and sound from technical perspective. Liked working wit...

    Job Completed by: Darken