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Satwik Y.

Song production!

Hello, this is Satwik, an upcoming artist. I write and sing English songs and I have recently recorded two of my songs professionally in the...

Flip V.

Need 1 song produced

Hi, we're looking for a producer for one of our songs. Genre is indie, in between rock, electronic and pop. I've uploaded the song, and I hope...

Bella H.
Bella H.

Looking for a producer to build up my sound

Looking for a producer/composer/songwriter to build up, guide and strengthen the sound i'm currently working on. If interested please cont...

Gregory Fluty
Gregory Fluty


I need an instrumental of this song 2 whole steps up from the original. I will be using this to re...

Isaac G.

Rap Songwriters

We are a rap group that consists of three members. We currently have about two beats selected, and need help writing lyrics for us to rap. Our...

Jay M.

1 song remixes

I’ve got a song of a friend and I’d like to give it a remix and combine edm and hip pop and make the song take the crowd away


i need latin song writer, producer & beats

my best friend and i want to record a reggaton song (ex jbalvin, maluma, bad bunny, ozuna) he have no experience but we do love the music. I'm...

Killah s.

I Need 10 songs mastered

I've finished recording 10 song and I need them mixed and mastered for a album. The genera is alternative rap and the deadline would be middl...

david o.

need 1 song arranged with vocals

I've written a song (ballad) that I have a lead and lyric sheet for. I want to have a basic arrangement with vocals. Basically looking for an ...

Baruch S.
Baruch S.

assembling quality drum samples

i am working on a ableton livr looping template, and am in the need of putting together high quality drum samples that would work for the diff...

William B.

I need a song recorded

I have a song that I am currently writing and need to be recorded. It’s hiphop with an r&b flair to it. I’m currently visiting the Los Angeles...


I need 5.1 mixing for my movie

It's a small project movie made it with shoestring budget now we need to make 5.1


I need a lyrics and edit melodies for my music

Hi! I'm Albert. I need lyrics for my song and a melody of vocals. As well as a demo record that I would know how to sing. I attached a demo in...


I need some songs re worked and finished i only might have you work on one just for now but i have alot more

My name is ever i have a some songs that need to be re worked and finished my music is mainly hip hopish. please message me asap

Raymond K.
Raymond K.

Need an engineer I can work with on a fairly regular basis

I'm a rapper working on perfecting my sound right now and I'm looking for an engineer I can work with to get my records sounding industry ready.

Recent Successes
  • As for me Mike is a genius, once he caught your vibes, he will just enter your soul and make you vibrate with the way...

    Job Completed by: Mike Makowski
  • Leo works hard and he's patient. He never leaves you wondering what's going on with your project. He did a great jo...

    Job Completed by: Leo Fernandes Handcraft Audio
  • This is the great job made by Sefi on my new song WALKING DEAD: You k...

    Job Completed by: Sefi Carmel
  • I literally could not recommend Fuseroom more, I had such an amazing experience working with Alberto and Valeria! Th...

    Job Completed by: Fuseroom Studio
  • Many thanks to Eric! It was very easy to communicate, despite my terrible english. I got exactly what I wanted. Very ...

    Job Completed by: Eric Greedy
  • Easy to work with, polite, and caught the vision of my record. This is the second engineer that I could say, knows w...

    Job Completed by: Kenechi Se Ville
  • Music has to be mixed and mastered by a professional engineer. Sefi Carmel should be your engineer of choice, no mat...

    Job Completed by: Sefi Carmel
  • Robert L. Smith is a true professional! Very helpful and got my tracks sounding their absolute best! Highly recommend...

    Job Completed by: Robert L. Smith
  • Roneet is a warm person, very talented artist and a reliable professional. I feel lucky working with her on the trans...

    Job Completed by: Ronya Man
  • Great Artist!

    Job Completed by: Raffaella Piccirillo
  • Reliable and "all in time making" person. Strongly recommend - Mix Master Mike.

    Job Completed by: Mike Makowski
  • If you really want a professional please work with François or at least take the time to talk to him to know what kin...

    Job Completed by: Wild Horse Studio / François Michaud