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Angus M.
Angus M.

Song mix and mastered !

Hey, I have an acoustic track which is has some vocals and piano. Guitar and piano sound great but would love your notes. Just need to blend t...

Joshua M.

I need a mastering engineer for my new song

I need my new song mastered and mixed, I have my song pre-mixed and has the feeling I want but i need the next level for the streaming platfor...

Emmet G.
Emmet G.

Backing Choir Vocals for a Indie/Rock song

Looking for backing choir vocals for an indie rock song. No hard deadline on delivery. The song currently has a male vocalist. Choir vocals w...


Need 4 Reason electro songs mixed+mastered

Hi, I have some 20 year old Reason projects that I would like to release... electronic music from the early 2000s. I wouldn't like to handl...

Exclusive JB
Exclusive JB

Song lyrics edited

I'm currently finishing a song that I'd like lyric edits on. I wanted to know what you would quote to edit the whole song as well as know what...

Javier F.

Need vocals for an electronic music

I'm working on a melodic house song and I need vocals for it. I extracted the lyrics from a blues song as a place holder. It's out of key and ...

Ethan D.

I’m a country singer that could use a new backing track and some polished vocals

I’m looking around for someone who can make me a new backing track and mix and master my vocals for my new country song, I’m not sure if it wo...

Charlene B.

Needing beats produced for lyrics

I live in South Africa and I have written lyrics that I am need to add a beat to. At the moment I dont really have a exact style in mind but ...


Need one song remixed to have a drop / intrigue

Nice to meet you! I have a one minute song that works as an intro to my new album. My genre is classical electronica fusion, where I blend fi...

Alex M.
Alex M.

BBC Radio 2 Single Remix - ALex McEwan

Nice to meet you. My name is Alex Myself and my production partner are remixing the attached song for Radio 2, where we are getting posit...

Fred G.
Fred G.

Drums for song

Hello folks need drums for the following track. It's a rough production as I'm waiting on the drums to finish the mix. I have an example dru...

Travis H.
Travis H.

Seeking a Female Vocalist for Backing Harmonies in Chorus

I am currently recording a song and I'm seeking a female vocalist for light backing harmonies for the chorus of my song. I'm flexible for the ...

Eric C.
Eric C.

Need Prince "Kiss" like vocal

Looking for male or female singer for an energetic vocal that sounds similar to "Kiss" by Prince. Needs a LOT of "Style." If a guy it woul...

brad h.
brad h.

Need 1 song mixed and mastered

Need 1 song mixed and mastered. Need quality to match with a few other records that were previously mixed and mastered elsewhere.I will provid...

Lucio A.

One Song (Mastering)

I need to do a mastering for my new single of about 4 minutes. The musical genre is Synth/Pop style. I would like to publish on the main onl...

Recent Successes
  • Abbey is a fantastic lyricists and vocalist. She's easy to work with, clear, and creative - I'll be collaborating wit...

    Job Completed by: Abbey Loren
  • Great service, fast turnaround, really good business over here 🔥

    Job Completed by: Direckt of Fast Life Beats
  • Absolutely phenomenal producer, and wouldn't have had work on this song done any other way. Really keeps his ear towa...

    Job Completed by: Cory "Soundmason" Doan
  • Gosteffects is an incredible sound engineer delivering top quality work and also super easy to work & communicate wit...

    Job Completed by: Gosteffects
  • Great to work with!

    Job Completed by: Alexander Wakim
  • This is now a long term commitment , I will be continuing to work with Thomas for a long time He gave me a chance...

    Job Completed by: Thomas Hesry
  • An amazing story in the making……something very special about instrumentals Truly magnificent

    Job Completed by: Ziv Shalev
  • Cool guys, nice to work with, everything up to my expectations.

    Job Completed by: BerlinSoundDepartment
  • I have worked with Kelly a few times and she always delivers quality work. Her trumpet on the latest song she worked ...

    Job Completed by: Kelly O'Donohue
  • Another amazing experience with Nate. Worked on two very different songs at once, was patient, attentive, added a lot...

    Job Completed by: Nate Kohrs
  • Soleil is a great singer; she has a great voice, and her voice fits my track very well. She has done more than what ...

    Job Completed by: soleil
  • Julian's professionalism is only overshadowed by his outstanding aptitude for the craft of music mastering. Expect gr...

    Job Completed by: Julian Lowe @ JML Mastering