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George S.
George S.

Two songs produced

I am a songwriter from Bermuda.. Every year of June 16-19 Bermuda has its Bermuda heroes weekend Carnival. I want to do two songs for the fir...

Angie J.

Need to add vocals to a track and get it mastered.

Need to add vocals to a track and also need track mastered. I'm looking for a finished copy by sometime in october or November. The track is e...

Steve M.
Steve M.

1 song mixed and possibly additional production and guidance.

Hey i would like one song mixed, and possibly some additional producing but i think i like where it is.. i have a few versions of the same son...

Alija S.


i need best sound of this song its Rap and i need power bass where i can hear it at phone music boxes or loudspeakers and everywhere

Fernando N.

need one song mixed & mastered

One of my old songs have recently grown popular & is in high demand. The quality of the record is not its best. I purchased the beat from the ...

isaiah M.

need a song writer to help me finish a song idea

I recorded a song Idea a few days ago, but keep getting writers' block. Would love if a professional songwriter can assist me with some ideas ...

Oweleo L.
Oweleo L.

Hello I need a song written to a track I love but can't write to

Hello, I'm looking for someone to write to a track that I'm having writers block on plus I need a different writers style than mine.

Di D.
Di D.

Looking for producer/composer interested in co writing with me

I am a full time top line song writer, i write typically 3-5+ songs week (lyrics and melody).I'm looking to possibly co write some songs, I wr...

Chris T.
Chris T.

I need a hook for a song

I'm looking for a Caribbean sound for a hook close to song needed me by Rihanna around that feel let me know what u have thanks

Bobby C.
Bobby C.

Need a punjabi producer

Need a punjabi producer to mix my tracks

Jeffrey N.
Jeffrey N.

3 saxophone parts recorded

I need alto, tenor, and baritone sax parts recorded. Style is modern jazz, and timeframe is flexible. There are quite a few tricky runs. I'll ...

Nitin N.
Nitin N.

Need a studio to record a song in Amsterdam area

Hi guys, I'm looking for a studio where we can record a song. The beat is produced and everything is there its just needs to be recorded. ...

Tereza R.

Music arrangements from original version for different instruments

Hi, I am looking for someone to work with continuously. I need sound arrangements for songs from its original recording to fit to music arrang...

Josia W.
Josia W.

I need a couple of beats where I can sing on.

Hi. I need a couple of beats where I can sing on...those beats should be in pop genre(theweeknd style)... I very good at singing but not at p...

Eddy B.

i need an instrumental i made redone for better quality.

i need a producer with better sound quality to redo a beat for me and possibly help with vocal/track mixing and mastering once i'm done record...

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  • Candela was great to work with...professional and very talented. I'm looking forward to doing more vocals with her an...

    Job Completed by: Candela Cibrian [Della]
  • This is my pride to work with this man and I will always recommend him to people who wanna make their sound better an...

    Job Completed by: Mr. David Verity
  • Firstly I have to say this " He is really loves his job and he really insightful to person who working together" Th...

  • It was a pleasure to work with Maor, we got a good sound as a result of. I can say it was clearly, just in time,res...

    Job Completed by: Maor Sound
  • Dan did a stellar job. actually did more than i had expected him to. awesome.

    Job Completed by: Dan Rose Project Studios
  • Kain was an absolute delight to work with. He was professional, and was able to get the masters back to me very quic...

    Job Completed by: Kain Hatton
  • Online Guitar Tracks, i.e. Lars, is a great guy to work with. Fast turnaround, dedicated, involved, very flexible, un...

    Job Completed by: Online Guitar Tracks
  • Francois is a great musician, guitarist and bass performer, very creative who put his soul, his top notch technique a...

    Job Completed by: Wild Horse Studio / François Michaud
  • Roneet is a warm person, very talented artist and a reliable professional. I feel lucky working with her on the trans...

    Job Completed by: Ronya Man
  • Andrew did an amazing job with my tracks. He helped me through the entire process, arranging, recording, mixing, mas...

    Job Completed by: Andrew K Spence Music Producer & Mixer
  • Great experience. Mike took a complex song I gave him with some limited vocal performances on my part and made the s...

    Job Completed by: Mike San Music