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Jarrod B.

I have some songs recorded and some work done to thr tracks but am not 100% happy with the sound i.e it doesn't sound as professional and clear as I'd like.

Ive finished recording 3 songs and had some work done to them to fit them to the tracks but not 100% happy with the sound, want a cleaner more...


Need 1 song mixed and mastered

I’ve finished recording a song with a wav file as the instrumental and about four vocal stems. It’s a rnb rap mix. The song closely resembles ...

Chris B.

Single mix & mastered to start out.

So the project is southern rap about life's everyday challenges in the street. The tracks are somewhat musical and need that professional touch.


Film score

Hi all, how are you? We are in post production (indie feature film-psychological thriller) about a sex-trafficking victim. Please send proposa...

Trevon j.

Need 1 song written

I need a professional songwriter because I can flow on a good beat and make the song sound great but I just can’t write a good song that’ll ge...

Lance R.
Lance R.

Need 3 songs produced

I’m looking for backing catchy pop beats to write my own lyerics to and create a 3 track demo. I’m looking to make them like an Lfo or otown f...

christian b.
christian b.

I need master for this song

We need to master this song. Is inspired by the brit rock. We need to clean drums (a great balance on the snare and the kick) bass controlled....

Tomek L.
Tomek L.

Need female vocals for 1 track

Would like to ask someone for a vocals to my deep house track, could you tell me more about services - what are the conditions? Best, Tom


male rap verse

im a music producer over the pond in the Uk. im known for producing in the underground house scene but have started some pop/commerical dance...

Noah G.

I need a song produced

I have a song written but I need a proposal that will help me find someone who can record the song I need recorded. The song is Inspired by Tw...

Michele D.

Need 3 tracks mix and mastering

I've almost finished these 3 tracks, all of them have between 15 and 30 tracks each. I've recorded mainly with vst and lot of drums are done w...

Muhammad A.

I need a single mixed and mastered as soon as possible.

Hello, I've finished recording a single in the Arabic language that I need mixed and mastered as soon as possible. The song has ~35 tracks, al...

Niels P.

Need EP mixed and mastered

We've planned to record our first EP coming December. The recorded material will be available start January. The EP will be 4 songs consisting...

Renzo V.
Renzo V.

1 Song Single, electric guitar needed

I have my song ready to record vocals, I just need a guitarist who can record the rest of the sound for the song with an electric guitar, Is a...

Collin J.
Collin J.

Need a Mix Done

This is going to be my first song and I want it to be a really interesting and different project. Looking for some help/advice and also a mix ...

Recent Successes
  • Austin was a total legend. Had a great mix, listened to all my changes and was really easy to work with. It was suc...

    Job Completed by: Austin Deptula
  • WOW. If you see Ziv amongst your proposals, just tell him: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. I mean I worked with variou...

    Job Completed by: Ziv Shalev
  • A great and dedicated professional, Tony is a natural. It still is a pleasure to work with him, the only problem you ...

    Job Completed by: TONYB.
  • Amazing work by Krysta once again! Highly recommend!

    Job Completed by: KrystaYoungs
  • Great working with Austin. Awesome results as always!

    Job Completed by: Austin Leeds
  • Gabe is BRILLIANT!! I spent a long time looking for someone to create the magic that I needed for the song we worked ...

    Job Completed by: Gabe Lehner (9 Theory)
  • Did a great job and didnt mind a few extra takes :)

    Job Completed by: Audrey Karrasch
  • Fantastic work right out of the gate. It's one thing to be a great singer—which Chris is—but it's even more impressiv...

    Job Completed by: Chris Hodges
  • Hipolito is an amazing musician, and is super easy to work with. He's 100% willing to go the extra step and make sure...

    Job Completed by: Hipolito Chino Courvoisier
  • Longest project we worked on till now! Mixed and mastered a 5 track EP to stunning quality. Humble, efficient guy and...

    Job Completed by: JARO SOUND
  • Anna is incredible - I’ve been blown away listening to her music and then what she did for the song I wrote was just ...

    Job Completed by: Anna Yarbrough
  • always the BEST!!!

    Job Completed by: Deem Jaye