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Luanamaddi S.

producer, songwriting

Hello :) I am looking for a very good producer who will finish a complete song for me. It should be a hit and also an earworm. Sex sells of...


Need one song produced and mixed

I’m looking for someone to finish a song that I have already recorded the vocals and guitar. Just looking for a beat type like chainsmokers or...

Matt C.

Need a vocal track tuning

Require vocal tuning on dance music vocal track. There are 4 vocal stems and one combined so either require 4 to be done separately or as one ...

Valerio Montelatici
Valerio Montelatici

Need a drummer for my songs

I got some new songs in which I need drum to be played

Krun Q.

I need song mixing-mastering (hip hop rap sound)

11 instrumental tracks + 1 or 2 / still not recorded / voice tracks in filtered and very compressed hip hop rap sound.


Looking for a latin male vocal + lyrics (Bazzi style singing)

I have an instrumental that needs vocals and lyrics.

Benz P.
Benz P.

Need a Beat for 1 song

My name is Benz I'm a singer/songwriter and I wrote and recorded a demo/song using GarageBand that I want a professional quality beat for.

Juwan L.
Juwan L.

Need 2 songs mixed

Finished recording 2 songs For my upcoming mixtape, need them mixed by someone who is familiar with working on rap vocals.

Hampus S.

I need to replicate my drums for 1 track.

I need to replicate my drums for 1 track. I used logics virtual drummer and I really like the groove but I forgot to bounce and save individua...

Vanessa I.

Need someone who can produce my original song

I’m looking for a producer who can create a full backing track for one of my original songs (that is already written). Ideally the style that ...

Mike N.

I need song lyric

I'm at the moment working on my first song. The music/beat is ready, I just need the lyric and line melody. Would you be able? and how much...

Kawand M.

Remix of my current instrumental

I want to have my theme song remixed I just want it to sound like a rock version of the song and I can send the mp3 over to you to listen to ...

Mario A.
Mario A.

Full Production, Top 40 Pop Song With Female Vocal

Hi, I'm looking to produce a pop song, basically a top 40 R&B sound with female vocals. I've got the music and melody and will need a "one st...

Tosh B.

I would like one “chill hip hop” song mixed and mastered

It is a song featuring two people on the vocals and the project consists of the stems for the instrumental and our vocals. I would like it to ...

Sean Holloran
Sean Holloran

Mixing 6-12 songs

I have about 6-12 songs read for mixing and in need of some extra mixing assurance. I’ve tried to do a bit in my end but need a more seasoned ...

Recent Successes
  • Super professional and she always goes the extra mile to make sure I'm satisfied. It's always a pleasure working with...

    Job Completed by: Mariami
  • This guy is amazing! I came to Mikhail with an R&B beat to be mixed and he really delivered with this one. I recommen...

    Job Completed by: Mikhail Kusch
  • Amazin service

    Job Completed by: Esof Records
  • It was great working together with Catherine, she is very friendly and open minded. It was easy to talk with her abou...

    Job Completed by: Catherine Rose Smith
  • Undiscovered talent. Unique poetry and striking voice. A true artist.

    Job Completed by: TEGA
  • Dimitri has a rare gift for crafting melodies that both capture the energy of the production, while still allowing ro...

    Job Completed by: Dimitri McDowell
  • This was my second time working with him, and this time around I had 3 songs and their instrumentals. He mastered the...

    Job Completed by: Mount Olympia Mastering
  • Perfect! Super talented and professional, She have special voice specially for hots 😉

    Job Completed by: Ella
  • Bruce did a fantastic job at mastering a metal track for me, he's a very patient guy and get's to work quickly to hel...

    Job Completed by: Bruce Balensiefer
  • Really great working with killian. He is so talented !

    Job Completed by: Killian Cruiser
  • Thank you for this nice job Krysta. As always very inspiring work!

    Job Completed by: KrystaYoungs
  • Always a pleasure working with Austin! Never disappoints!

    Job Completed by: Austin Leeds