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Andrea B.
I Need One Song Fully Writen
I need one song written for me with An A boogie wit da hood x Speaker Knocker R&B HIP HOP FLOW
Maffiose P.
Maffiose P.
I need the vocal tuned and edited.
Hi I have this song that I add as attachment. the recording needs the necessary work. This has to be a Club banger. So the hook must be ...
Demetri T.
1 songs mixed
got vocals guitar bass now need real drums and not programmed drums or a drum track off youtube tracked into the mix and then final mix
William F.
Need writing and recorded vocals for one song
I need a female singer and writer on a pop/house song. The vocal needs to be in the style like Dua Lipa in "Scared To Be Lonely - Martin Garri...
Tommy J.
Tommy J.
I need 1 song mastered
The song in reference is one of my early mixes. So there aren't many mastering services that will even try. I'm looking for that one engineer...
Antonia K.
Antonia K.
1 song Lead and back-up vocals, write a short rap in the same song.
I'm an independent songwriter, and would love vocals on a song i'm writing. 128 BPM Genre - Pop, melodic uplifting house, disco. Can you p...
Antoni B.
I need a male or female singer for my tropical house music
Hello ! I have finished my music and now I'm looking for an english singer (male or female). Music is tropical house style. You'll have to ...
Braelin K.
Braelin K.
Vocalist for one track!
Chainsmokers style drops, super fresh! I have lyric ideas ..
James O.
James O.
1 song produced
I would like 1 song produced in electro style. I have a basic sample that I've done myself for just part of the song
Yves R.
Singer -songwriter needed for EP
I need a talented singer-song to work on a song for me. I provide the vocal melody and you will write and sing the lyrics to flow with the ha...
Yoshi G.
1 song mixed
i have an instrumental song that i am going to be using along with multiple tracks of me singing in spanish those 2 tracks are just an example
Glenn L.
Need levels checked in Logic with recommendations on levels and bounce a Master
Have a couple files I need advice on the levels to achieve a rich balanced sound. I would like to work with someone who knows House music and ...
Brett D.
Mix Mastering
I need 6 songs mixed and Mastered. We are a satirical band and we are living in both the world of music and comedy. I need the tracks to sound...
Kristian R.
Kristian R.
Need vocals for a progressive/melodic house song.
I need vocals (melody, lyrics and singing) for a progressive dance track. Preferably someone female, but I am open to anything. We are going f...
Cem S.
Cem S.
New Creative Remix...
To define and to be able to choose the remix style; 3 small outline demo is required(the start,middle and the ending)about 30seconds to deci...

Recent Successes

I worked with Leo once. I admit the first task I gave him wasn't a small one. Especially with my budget. He did th...Completed by: Leo Fernandes Handcraft Audio

Jack Cole did a test master for me and it sounded beautiful, definetly and new client now and it the future. He does ...Completed by: Jack Cole

As for me Mike is a genius, once he caught your vibes, he will just enter your soul and make you vibrate with the way...Completed by: Mike Makowski

Good job.Lukas always present for any question or doubt. It was my first experience and I'm happy to work with himCompleted by: LR Audio

Great job. Ricardo went all the way to make sure we were 100% satisfied. The end results is great!Completed by: Ricardo Wheelock

Andrew works quickly and communicates well to finish your job. He sent over test masters quickly and even gave me a ...

Very impressed with the level of professionalism and the priority on turning out great results that guarantee client ...Completed by: Alex Morelli Music

highly recommended. very skilled, creative, and good attention to detail. quick turnaround. professional. Completed by: Direckt of Fast Life Beats

Natalie was a pleasure to work with! Very professional and did a great job delivering excellent, clean vocals!Completed by: Natalie Major-Female Vocalist

The experience of working with François Michaud at Wild Horse studio has proven to be professional and highly skilled...Completed by: Wild Horse Studio / François Michaud

Very Professional had no problems making adjustments to the mix. Mike delivered me a high quality mix that sounds bi...Completed by: Mike Makowski

very hard working team, attention to detail, skills and passion, I ended up with a very nice song unique production a...Completed by: RC RECORDS MUSIC PRODUCTION