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Joyria F.

I need a single produced

I need someone who can produce something similar to Doja Cat and/or the girl group XG. I want to become a singer that taps into POP/POP HIP-HO...

Samantha P.

Need one wedding dance song mixed with one or two others

Wondering if you'd be able to mix in some upbeat music into our first dance wedding song so that it's more of a mashup style song. We've chose...

Ignas N.
Ignas N.

One song mixed

Hello I'm working on a new song autotune style need help with final mix only have the basic, I want it to sound better than mine more work put...

Talia A.

Need 1 song produced in Latin Pop style

I am looking for someone to produce a full backing track in a Latin pop style for my original song called "Palabras." After the track is finis...


Custom Theme Song for Dark and Villainous Transformation

Project Description: Provide a detailed description of your project, including the theme, mood, and atmosphere you want to convey. Mention the...

clement r.
clement r.

Need vocal for a song

I am a french producer, and I've made a sound and I really need vocals but I am kind of lost for this music. I am searching for a talented sin...

Guido P.
Guido P.

Need a singer for my song

I need a singer for my song, I've already worked on it with my songwriter and now it just needs to be sung. I would therefore only need the vo...

Devin M.

need a song written

Im looking for a writer to write a full country song for me. Almost like a bailey zimmerman/morgan wallen style, Im not too experienced with m...

Jason G.
Jason G.

Solo String Samples — Extended Technique

I'm developing a sample pack for Ableton Live containing viola recordings focussing on texture and avant-garde techniques. I need the recordin...

Angela J.
Angela J.

need 1 song mixed

hi I have a kawaii bass type music need to do the mixing, its around 50 tracks. and my references is magenta potion from emocosine. do u have...

Darren W.

Need help producing a 12-13 song record

I am going for a heavier grunge type of sound. I recorded all the guitars as DI tracks that need to be re-amped. I would like the sound to be ...



Looking for a producer that is well versed in sound design (Kaytranada, Mura Masa) type stuff and has won the loudness wars, to answer questio...

Joshua F.
Joshua F.

Choir Singer Needed

I'm in need of a soprano type singer who has Choir experience for a Christmas song. Please get in touch if you're interested. Something simil...

Ben V.
Ben V.

I need 4 songs mixed

Hello. I am an independent musician and I’ve finished recording 4 songs. I am looking for a professional mixer to complete these songs. These ...


I'm looking for an r&b singer

I'm looking for a r&b singer to sing a song. I have the beat, I have the concept & the lyrics.. My deadline is August 2023. I can give you all...

Recent Successes
  • Emily gave us a Cello part of the highest quality and totally in sync with our song!

    Job Completed by: Emily Nelson Rodgers
  • Dakari was great! He is very patient, very professional, and super dope! He has a good ear when making beats. I love ...

    Job Completed by: Dakari
  • Jeff is a master. Do yourself a favor and hire the man!

    Job Completed by: Jeff Sojka
  • This is my second time working with Josh, and definitely not the last. I'm thrilled at everything he's done to elevat...

    Job Completed by: Josh Frigo
  • Undy is always a pleasure to work with. She’s professional and has some great ideas. I’d absolutely work with her aga...

    Job Completed by: undy
  • Josh has been wonderful to work with. He is organized, communicates clearly & honestly: a consummate professional. J...

    Job Completed by: Josh Frigo
  • Can't wait to work again! Goes above and beyond!!

    Job Completed by: Juan De Sedas
  • Listen, this guy is off the radar. There is a reason why I keep using him. I have a select few I mess with on her...

    Job Completed by: Rioux V
  • Pleasure to work with Jinty as always. 10/10 violin performance and recording. Thank you!

    Job Completed by: Jinty McTavish
  • Andres is super quick, professional, and great at what he does.

    Job Completed by: Andres Mayo
  • Second time working with! Always delivers and has a great attitude!

    Job Completed by: Dibs
  • Thank you for the very detailed feedback.

    Job Completed by: Neel Erickson