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Viju s.


I have done 5 dub step but want lyrics to increase the exposure I make songs on the genre-EDM,Electronic music I need someone more presisly...


Mix 6 songs

I need u to Mix w songs not too many vocal tracks on each about 8 to ten on each


I need help making a K-pop song and with sounding like one, and sound better.

I need help writing a K-pop song, sounding better, and sound like one. So basically, I need someone or something to write me a K-pop song. My...

Leander S.
Leander S.

I am interested in working with you

Hi, I need a vocalist for many of my EDM projects, but also am interested in doing something completely new from scratch :)

Mauricio F.

Need One song Mixed

I want to mix the first single of my soloist project. I'm an independent artist. The song has around 30 recorded tracks. The drums are program...

Alex C.
Alex C.

Need male vocalist for a rock ballad song in Spanish

Hi I've finish a song but I really don´t like my voice to sing it, so I'm looking for a singer that can really help me on that, the song is in...

Rhona D.
Rhona D.

Need 6 songs recorded/produced.

Deadline within the month for an album project, folk/acoustic singer songwriter genre, 6 songs composed but lack the means to create high qual...

Destiny M.

I need 5 songs produced.

Hello, I am in need of a Producer who is as passionate for music as I am that will help me to produce five songs. I write my own lyrics and do...

Merten S.

Need a professional mastering

After half a year we are now finished with this track and need a professional mastering. It is a musical journey to the Orient, which can lead...

Eugene B.
Eugene B.

Beat making

Hello, I'm working on a 14 track mixtape and I'm looking for someone to make the beats for the project. I want to get started with my new sing...

Dominic T.

Need 2 songs to be mixed and master

I need some one to mix and master 2 tracks at an affordable price

Diego H.

Need 1 song produced

Hi im looking to produce 1 track full backing in the style of selena gomez's "Lose you to love me" Song is fully written. By the en of t...

Kristen M.

need to find a producer to work with

I have 12 songs that I need to record and I'm hoping to work with a producer. The genre will be Contemporary folk I believe though I am flexib...


Looking for remixes on two finished songs

Looking for a professional mixer to remix two already finished and released tracks. Someone who can take my songs and mix them in a fun, new a...

Rome W.

Need 2 songs mixed

I need 2 songs mixed it’s about 25 tracks mainly VST instruments.

Recent Successes
  • Alex is a great mixing and mastering engineer with great attention to detail,he made my song a hit track with his imp...

    Job Completed by: Alex @ A Cut Above London
  • It's very easy to work with her, I loved the results. 100% recommended

    Job Completed by: Mariami
  • AyEL is an amazing talent as a songwriter and singer. I would highly recommend. Five star musically and professional...

    Job Completed by: AyEl
  • very good cooperation, top quality and a great result!:)) .... again, very talented!

    Job Completed by: Zachary Staines
  • Kate is the best! I would always recommend her to help you with your project.

    Job Completed by: Kate Krienis
  • Like many people I was apprehensive about using and engineer in another country ..... if you are thinking this don't ...

    Job Completed by: Dennis Koehne
  • Amazing skills across multiple genres. Justin excels as a producer, as a guitarist and has create full backing tracks...

    Job Completed by: Justin Ginn
  • The best of the market.

    Job Completed by: Mastering The Mix
  • Mikhel did an exceptional job recording a vocal to track for me. Amazing vocal ability, he was able to perform the so...

    Job Completed by: Mikhel
  • Benny was quick, professional and skilled with my masters. Would certainly work with him again.

    Job Completed by: Benny Steele
  • Working with Jazelle was awesome! She is kind and professional. She was very patient and took the time to understand ...

    Job Completed by: Jazelle Paris
  • To be honest, this is about my 3rd review for Mikhail haha. Everytime I come back to this guy he delivers greatness. ...

    Job Completed by: Mikhail Kusch