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Professional audio editors curate, crossfade, and cut all your recorded takes, providing you with one perfect track

Sound Engineer - Ryo Homma

Audio Engineer for both Music and Post Production based on Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from Musicians Institute Hollywood with Associate of Arts Degree and Certificate in Guitar Performance and Audio Engineer/Post Production. I'm also a Pro Tools Certified and multilingual of Indonesian, Japanese, English and Malay.

Recording, Editing, Mixing - Faizad Adnan

I do Record, Edit & Mixing :)

Produtor Musical - Dj Jeffinho Thug

Produtor Musical

Writer - Ann Gray

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audio engineer, producer, - mcnz

Just here to help and give back to independent musicians taking the first steps to better establishing themselves. I would love to help mix and master as well as give production and arrangement feedback to any and all tracks.

Recording & Editing Engineer - Alfonso Baella Matto

"I'm very meticulous with the things that I do because my name is on it and it has to be perfectly done. I just finished working on "Raices Jazz Orchestra" a Jazz Big Band album project were I had the amazing opportunity to work on as Recording and Editing Engineer"

Editing - Mixing - Mastering  - Brent Quinton (HitRecord)

I have 20 years experience in the professional audio industry. As a multi-instrumentalist, composer and engineer, I have an acute understanding of music as a sum of disciplines, allowing me to make excellent musical choices across the entire spectrum of creative phases.

Everything - Zebedora

I met with Ralph Renna a while back and sent in a demo and got featured on his website. I play everything in a general band. I also mix down and record songs with better audio output.

Singer/Songwriter/Producer - MarkEdwardSmith

There are no shortcuts, there is only hard work. And the journey truely is the gift.

Productor musical, Compositor. - RanatroniC

Soy músico hace 40 años y 20 como productor. Toco bajo, guitarras y teclados. Trabajé para la emisora de radio FM Metro y actualmente creando artística sonora en FM Urbana Play. Realice la banda sonora de 12 obras de teatro y la música de publicidades e institucionales para marcas como Budweiser, La Rural, National Geographic y Disney.

writer - Assignement Maker UAE

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Mixing Engineer, Noise Cancel - Nywesh

Professional Audio Engineer with experience in Game Audio with Wwise Middleware.

studio mixing engineer - Michal Černý Studio

Professional mixing engineer for studio sessions and live events. Also session musician and composer.

Mixing/Mastering/Guitarist - reject

Mixing/Mastering Credits: Lil Morty, 044 ROSE, Thrill Pill, вышел покурить, D.MASTA, i61, blago white, 20TOKENS, Ошибся Номером

A singer and mixing engineer - Tal Tadmor

I'm a musician and music producer. Singer with more than 20 years of experience on stages and recording studios. Music Production graduate from the "MUZIK" college in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Currently residing in Italy.

Pop Songwriter for Hire - Ethan Fox

Hello my name is Ethan Fox. I write proficient lyrics, compositions and melodies. I am an intermediate keyboardist. I also have done a good amount of work, while not professional, in producing my own music. Simply just very interested helping you to make your tracks sound better, or adding what it may be lacking. As of now, my services are free.

composing, mixing, mastering - Effie Tseliki

I produce electronic music, mostly ambient, experimental, techno, idm.

Mixing engineer - Jori Saloranta / V.R. Studio

I'm a partner in a finnish recording studio called V.R. Studio. I've done recording and mixing professionally since 2019 and have since gained partnership in our studio and a collection of clients, including Michael Monroe and Douglas Blair of W.A.S.P.

EDM Music Producer - JRC

JRC is a talented Filipino musician and producer who became a global sensation with his unique blend of electronic dance music and pop. His music was known for its catchy beats, uplifting melodies, and heartfelt lyrics that spoke to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Music Editor - Madeline Currie

The best music editors can make even the most heavily-edited tracks sound as if not a single splice was made, which is my guarantee to you. With 5 years experience working 30+ hours a week as a music editor, I can help you with your editing, from comping your best vocal takes together, to fixing a shaky drum performance.

"Urban-Music Multi-Talent" - lildeadpool

-Llamandome -PAMARTE

music producer - kelvin king

my name is kelvin i am a music producer /beat maker /audio mixing /mastering i also score movies i do jingles etc

mixing and master engineer - Qsa

Hi, I´m a Mixing engineer who has worked with local mexican regional artist from my comunity. some of them are well known in the media such as Marca Registrada which I worked with them in their new album ¨The GOAT¨. I´m also have some experience in rock music and indie.

 - Audio Wrangler

I am a professional audio engineer, podcast producer & musician. I produce all forms of audio, spoken word, audio books, educational & marketing material, documentaries, live recordings, Voice Over work, musical scores, idents, stings & audio beds. I specialise in high quality & popular podcasts. I am the Audio Wrangler.

Sound Designer - Francis Locadia

I am a freelance audio professional specialized in post-production audio. From editting, sound-design to final mixing, I can do it all. For my portfolio, go to (mostly Dutch).

Mixing, Mastering & Producing - Javier Vergara (Chile)

Hi! I'm a Civil Industrial Engineer who likes music a lot. I'm really into mixing Indie-Pop-Rock music. I've been taking online courses and i have learned tons, so i wanna try these new skills. I have only mixed & mastered demos for my band (, but i want to do more. I will give my best if you choose to work with me!

Music Producer - Lishon

I create instrumental tracks and I am also a mixing engineer.

I produce music from scratch. - Audio Engineer / Producer

Hi there- I am an audio engineer based out of Fort Lee new Jersey.

Mixing, Editing, Composing - Rushikesh Badbade

Sound Engineering Valedictorian at SAE Institute Nashville, TN. Love the sounds of 60s & 70s.

Mixing & Editing, Songwriting  - Alicja Golianek

I help artists and music producers sell the emotions that are hidden in their songs and make sure that the final mixes are as interesting and engaging for the listener as possible.

Mixing & Mastering, Writer  - MorpheinD (HillzHigh ENT)

I have been making music going on 10 years. I taught myself everything that I know. I can mix, edit, Master & produce any project you need to be professional quality.

mixing, mastering, editing - HGS audio

I've worked with many rock/metal band over the last several years and I've learned what it takes to turn a recording session into a solid sounding song. Whether it be 'polished' sounding productions with in-your-face sampled drums or obscure underground productions. I've done my share of both leaving my customers happy.

Pro Audio Production and More - Belt Fed Studios

If your looking for a cookie cutter engineer, you might want to look else where. If your looking for a innovative top notch creative engineer that will intently focus on encompassing your artistic vision - then lets chat!

Music Producer - Taylor J. Crawford

I want to work with all types of musicians who are aimlessly searching for the type of music they want to create or anyone who already has a vision of what they are looking to make. A word, a note, even an idea of a song you have is more than enough to work with. I would love to help you write songs, record, and produce them.

Recording,mixing and mastering - RSL Production

Studio with Soul

Education Consultancy - DissertationHelpDeal

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Vocal Tuning/ Editing - Gaya

Hello! I'm a Vocal and Music Producer alongside also being a Song-Writer. I specialise in Vocal Tuning, Editing, Comping and time alignment. Let's take your songs to the next level.

Session Musician and Engineer - Jessica Mieritz

Hello! I'm a Berklee College of Music graduate with a degree in Professional Music and a minor in Instrument Repair. I use Pro Tools and Studio One to edit, mix, quantize, tune, and master music ranging from pop to metal.

Composer - alanmartinpmp

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Beatmaker/Productor Musical/ - Angel Cubias

Rapero/Beatmaker/Productor Musical/ Creador de ritmos Boom Bap análogo, Elaborador de ritmos para cortometrajes, documentales y álbumes musicales dentro y fuera de EL SALVADOR. Con un álbum reciente titulado FRAGMENTO disponible en todas las plataformas digitales.

Music Producer, Songwriter,  - Khanindra Das

I do music every single, do reach out to me for any help

Educational Academic writer - Doris Sanders

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Music Producer, Artist - sergio

I'm a professionally trained musician. I have been working in a recording studio for 7 years now, where I had a chance to work with various bands and musicians, so I have a real world experience in this field. I have also been playing and touring live for 18 years, as a bass guitarist and a sound engineer.

I do hip hop and house music - Lucian

Need A beat of Genres: Hip Hop, Pop\|Dance, Deep House,Club

Vocalist, Singer Songwriter  - PAMÉ

I’m the Dominiqueen with the melodies and remixes. I can demo/ remix your songs or write a great record that will bring your ideas into reality. I bring different elements whether it’s Latin, R&B, Pop or Hip Hop; I take the time to cater to each one of my clients needs with a quick turn around.

Voice, Podcast, Audiobook - Stephane Lambert

Audiobook, Podcast and Voice over in French, Italian, English Now available.

Music Producer - Kwalidi

Tiffany Augustin aka Kwalidi is a Slovakian-Laotian American who was raised in Virginia Beach and is best known as a Music Producer, Engineer and Songwriter specializing in mainstream, pop and hip-hop music. Kwalidi is eccentric, imaginative, and adept in production. Connect with her on Instagram @Kwalidi

Editing and Mixing Engineer - Sutton Gaddis

15 years of multi-faceted audio experience: producing, tracking, editing, mixing, songwriting, and multi-instrumental performance (Voice, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Trumpet, Percussion, various others). I combine my experience and skills with attention to detail and attentive customer service to bring you the highest quality product.

Canvas & Content Designer - Wilder Visuals

Visual Artist excelling in various mediums // digital design, video editing, motion graphics, and 3D design. Making work for a range of artists from Katy Perry to local indie artists from Berklee College of Music.

Seemless Spotify Canvas - aiaesthetics

Notice when the canvas ends and get it for free!

Vocalist, Songwriter, Engineer - Rose Starring

Singer, songwriter, pianist and mixing engineer!

Audio Programming, Songwriting - Diésdo

Creative director, recording artist, music producer and others catalogues for a lot of cool people.

PureTrash® - INVI

narrate and video production, art major disciplined putting laughter to the absurdly random and the morbidly crude, internet/artistic video productions

Podcaster FR - Philip Rochefort

Faut qu'on en parle !® Le Talk-show interactif sur des sujets de société qui vous concernent sur plusieurs radios.

Developer - radhe xyz

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Podcast, Dialogue Editor - Elvira Pena Pena

Experienced audio editor and audio production specialist for your Shortfilm, Podcast or AudioBook! Great proficiency in Audio Cleaning and Restoration with the iZotope RX Audio Editor and ProTools software.

editing - Avya Technology Pvt Ltd

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