Top Sound Editors for hire

Professional audio editors curate, crossfade, and cut all your recorded takes, providing you with one perfect track

LocationRecording,Mix &Mstrng  -

Classical trained Tonmeister offers multitrack Location Recordings; Editing, Mixing + Mastering.

Freelance Audio Producer - Mihail Sustov

Up and coming audio producer with a First Class Bachelors Degree in Audio Production from the University of Lincoln. Keen interest in audio for visual productions including SFX Design and Audio Post but my passion lies within original music production, more specifically Hip-Hop and Boom-Bap Beats.

Producer/Sound Designer - Ilirjan Guri

Downtempo Chill-out Lounge Enigmatic music style

deviant hip hop beats - limbø

alternative hip hop


--- 𝗟𝗘𝗧’𝗦 𝗠𝗔𝗞𝗘 𝗠𝗨𝗦𝗜𝗖 𝗧𝗢𝗚𝗘𝗧𝗛𝗘𝗥 --- HIT-9-PROJECT : My project is to find musician / writer / singer / beatmaker from all over the world to complete those tracks or create something new so don’t be shy and contact me ! I produce any kind of music !

music Producer,Mixing - James Hot Production

I am producer and audio engineer Aleksandr T. I working in my recording studio in the capital of Ukraine. Extensive in creating instrumentals hip-hop\rap\trap unstrumentals. I make quality mastering your tracks in a short lime with the best quality.

Music Producer & Violin Player - Sadrumet

Award winning Music Composer for Movies and Electric Violin virtuoso

Songwriter, Vocalist & Rapper - Kayo Man

Hip Hop, R&B and Popular music are my specialties. I take pride in telling fans a story, spitting truth and positive vibes, something they can relate to and something they can Bop to! Vocally, my range is very broad, so if you need variety with high and lows, I’m your man!

Artist Producer  - SUMKIND

From building dinos to slingin' drinks LETS DO THIS.

writing, editing - Doris Hall

Students today have a variety of means available for getting an education. From tablets to laptops to eBooks, going digital could help facilitate learning in ways many could have never imagined.

producing   different   musics - phoenix

I product nice bass and mixed trap ı dont have official success

Editing Service - Joslyn Fresay

Music isn't just about the sounds it produces. Many people look to it as a general learning and study aid. In fact, counting beats in music can help you do more than learn to sing or play an instrument. In this article, you'll learn how music education can be useful on a daily basis.

vocalist , songwriter - Shane Lint

Metal Vocalist for various bands such as Her So Called Vanity and Embers Rising , Wrath Of Indra . Currently working on solo project called DARK PROPHET and for hire for vocals and mixing .

Academic Writer - Terry Expert

We are the best UK assignment experts and a well-qualified squad to counsel you every single one the way!

Music and Audio Services - Vishvesh Parmar

if you have any work related to music or audio feel free to contact me .

Makes your atoms dance. - Hadron Sounds


Dance-Pop Vocal producer

Canvas & Content Designer - Wilder Visuals

Visual Artist excelling in various mediums // digital design, video editing, motion graphics, and 3D design. Making work for a range of artists from Katy Perry to local indie artists from Berklee College of Music.

Music Producer & Composer - Anass Belkhayat

Always find something different to make your song special.

Singer  - LibrarianCat

I've always been interested in the creation of art, especially in music and cinema. I've travelled around the world and I've seen the power of music bringing everybody together despite language. I love to be inspired by so many cultures :)

Mixing Engineer/Vocal Producer - Matthew Langbecker

I would love to produce your vocal track (tune-produce) mix your song, or produce anything you need! I have a degree in audio engineering and recording arts. I work at a local label and I am constantly producing.

Remote production. - Emmett Redding Production

I will work with you to add a personal touch to your music. I have a diverse musical background and a passion for great sound. Lets make some hits!

Stop Motion Art. 2D Animatior - Maria Garcia

I am a film student specializing in stop motion and 2D animation of characters and scenarios.

Music Producer - Autumn Works

I've worked with artists from the Tampa/San Diego/Nashville areas, and I love being able to help creators find their sound. Whether it's creating catchy guitar/synth lines, making beats, or coming up with cool vocal layers - I'm open to trying out new and creative techniques when it comes time to record a song.

Producing, Session Guitar - Samm Mayrseidl

20-year-old multi-faceted music industry professional, with a history as both a musician and a manager. Able to complete most roles within a musical context.

Music Producer  - Kajal patel

Hi I am Music Producer , i haveexprience

Voice over artist - Paul Berry

If you need a voice over or narration for your music, audio or video project, I can help.

Music Production & Mastering  - Infinite Being

Infinite Being is here today to open the world's eye's. He will bring the state of deep meditation to your ears & brains! Mainly he is A producer, producing deep melodic, spiritual & powerful tranceline's in the genre's ! The magnificent & cosmic story, more awakening of his life is the fundament of his music!

Beat Maker, Music Producer - Ander - MPC Estudio BCN

I came from the electronic music to bring new vibes to now day's music. Ander B is a DJ / producer and live performance artist based in Barcelona, Catalonia.

 - Coefficient Audio Mastering

Providing carefully balanced, sonically sweetened and optimized audio masters for all commercial music formats.

 - Raul A. Pizarro

I am Pinnacle College student in the Rancho Cordova area and will be graduating in October of 2014 with an Associates Degree in Audio Engineering and recording arts. I have developing skills in audio engineering, editing and mixing within protools and Logic. Post - production, field recording and composition for film or video.

Music Producer/ Engineer - Fisher Fifteen

Our mission is to bring creative, relevant, quality, content to the marketplace. To give our clientele the very best experience in there quest for artistry, creativity and excellence.

Producer and DJ - EVK

My name is Evan, i make beats and DJ

Mixing Engineer - Arjun Goutham

Hey my name is Arjun and I mix and edit audio for a living. I used to be in engineering college but ended up following my passion for music and so I've been working with audio for the last 2 years and am now enrolled in college for the Audio Arts. I love all kinds of music, getting them to sound their best, and put a lot of effort into my work.

Audio Engineer  - Justin Goss

If anyone is interested in working with me, for engineering, or producing a beat for you, please message me on here or email me :) Thanks .

vocal processing and mixing  - JoGandhi

Hi my name is JoGandhi I mix and process vocals mostly. I'm from Orlando fl I work with Kick push ent. and BacktoBack Movement group as well as a number of other artist. Though I like mixing and processing vocals I can mix beats or full songs also for free I just want the extra practice and the chance to work with new artist and make a great sound.

Sessions, Mixing, Mastering - Louis Esterhuizen

Loopaxe Records offer's an impressive array of music production services at affordable rates in a creative space.

mixing, mastering, editing - HGS audio

I've worked with many rock/metal band over the last several years and I've learned what it takes to turn a recording session into a solid sounding song. Whether it be 'polished' sounding productions with in-your-face sampled drums or obscure underground productions. I've done my share of both leaving my customers happy.

Audio Technician - Nicolás de Dios G.

Técnico Superior en Sonido orient. Grabación y Producción Musical (GPM) - CEARTEC - Buenos Aires

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Luis Fernando Lopez

Trap,hip hop and rap mixing and mastering

Engineer | Sonic Explorer - RR Coupland

Hi, I'm Ross. Musician | Engineer | Producer | Sonic Explorer

Vocal Specialist and PT Wizard - Pierre

Send me your vocal tracks and I'll Comp, Edit, Tune them, and I'll get your session ready for mixing. Artists and major labels have trusted me to handle their vocals, why wouldn't you?!

Music Editing, Sound Design, - Verdiana Saint Amour

Music Editor, Sound Designer, Mixing for Picture engineer, Dialog Editor, Sound Supervisor. I have always been attracted by the chance of handle sounds and make art by physical and mathematical considerations. I found it also very intriguing to work closely with those fascinating and complex artistic characters.

Education Consultancy - DissertationHelpDeal

Finest Choice For Academic Help

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - MidlandUnionBeats

-We Work Fast and in High Quality - We Producing Beats and Mix your Vocals for the Dream for the Artist - 5 Men Team for all Genres and Styles - 100% Love for the Music

Music Production and Mixing - Deeno

Are you a budding musician? Let's work together.

horns, electronic landscapes - The Saxophone Warrior

25 year music industry experience, having worked with artists from genre's such as jazz, metal, funk, fusion, pop, electronic and rock artists, Chris Ward brings experience mixed with a modern take on horn integration into musical landscapes.

Recording and Mixing Engineer. - Sajan Ks

A well experienced Studio Recording,Mixing,Mastering engineer. A live mixing engineer as well.

Composer & Producer - B R V N O

Composer & Producer of singles, EPs, Albums, film scoring and jingles, guitar player and guitar teacher.

proofreading and editing Servi - FinestEditing

First check whether you have fulfilled the intention of the assignment.

Photography - Mandakini

Always style yourself what you want to be.

Music producer - valky

I'm a tireless music producer who wants to expand borders of music. My weapons are vibes you never experienced before. My power is the lust of creating. Let me give you thrills.

Editing, Mixing & Mastering - Luke Mitchell

I am an Audio Engineer with over five years practical and professional experience encompassing most areas of audio production. Whatever you want your project to be, I can deliver it.

Audio Engineer/Producer - Blake Richards

I specialize in unique EDM Pop combined with 80's synth wave. I have worked with various top 40 artists across the US, releases on Spinnin, Sony and Armada. Looking to work as a ghost producer and audio engineer.

Editing king, Music shinning - Jeeffo (Lindbergh Studio)

Looking to edit your live tracks? Well, look no further, I'm the guy you need. You also need to make your creation sounds heavy AF? Let me prove you that I'm the guy you need.

Vocalist, Songwriter, Engineer - Rose Starring

Singer, songwriter, pianist and mixing engineer!

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