Top Orchestral Composers for hire

A great orchestral composer will write, arrange, and record an epic orchestral track for your soundtrack, game, or album

Composer | Orchestrator | Keys - Ruben




Composer | Orchestrator | Keys

Composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, (digital) orchestrator, producer.

Orchestral Composer & Arranger - Paul




Orchestral Composer & Arranger

Award-winning composer specializing in Orchestral Arrangement. Scored over 2000 projects including feature films, advertisements, theatrical productions, and dozens of internationally recognized artists

Composer | Producer | Arranger - MusicbyNowhere


Composer | Producer | Arranger

Started on a guitar and ended up diving deep into studying orchestral composition, making it my daily bread. I made Black yet Full of Stars, ADE, Nightland, Oil and many more! I wrote and arranged for many genres, short movies and games, and I wanna keep working on new things and bring your vision to life! Let's make some noise \m/

Arranger / Mock-up Artist - Amit



Tel Aviv

Arranger / Mock-up Artist

Hi, My name is Amit Poznansky. I am an award-winning composer / arranger of film and television scores, concert, choral and jazz music. I'm also an experienced orchestrator & mock-up artist in a variety of music genres. My works have been performed worldwide, including at Carnegie Hall (NYC) and Disney Hall (LA).

Music Producer - Alireza


Music Producer

Composer / Orchestrator / Producer

Songwriter, Composer, Singer - Valerio




Songwriter, Composer, Singer

Valerio Lysander is a chamber pop singer/songwriter, composer and pianist. His tracks have been broadcasted on major nation radios in the UK, Italy and the Netherlands and he has performed on stages all over Europe. Specialised in chamber pop, orchestral arrangements and folk, but also quite eclectic and adaptable to multiple genres.

Music Composer - Jeff




Music Composer

You need that big orchestra sound. I make it. Let's jam.

Composer & Producer - Hagai




Composer & Producer

Award winning Composer for Film, Theater & Games and a Virtual Orchestrator. Home Composer major sample developers: Best Service, Orange Tree Samples, Fluffy Audio, Sonokinetic, Wave Factory, Bela D Media etc. Offers composition, Virtual Orchestration, Sound Design &Production services for all major media types: Game Audio, Theater, Films & TV.


Composer, Orchestrator - Marcos



Buenos Aires

Composer, Orchestrator

A highly professional and imaginative composer and orchestrator. I worked for The Walt Disney Co. on a project of mine called 'Mickey Mousing' in which I composed and conducted original scores for some early Mickey Mouse shorts from the 20's and 30's. As an orchestrator I worked for the San Francisco Symphony writing arrangements.

Game Audio and Film Music - Josh


Game Audio and Film Music

Orchestral, ambient, and epic music. FMOD game audio implementation.


I Make Trailer Songs - Roy



Tel Aviv

I Make Trailer Songs

You can hear my stuff at Turn your song into a trailer song - make it epic, huge haunting, creepy or euphoric and empowering. This is what I love doing and have been doing since 2011.

Composer / Session Guitarist - Carsten




Composer / Session Guitarist

Studied Guitar at the HKA in Arnhem/NL from 1998 to 2003. Since then working as Composer for all kinds of clients, ranging from small local businesses, agencies, internet podcasts and websites to industry leading companies such as VW, TUI, JAMBA! and many more. Well versed in a wide array of musical styles.


Orchestral Composer - Murray


Orchestral Composer

Orchestral composer with over 10,000 game audio packs sold on Steam alone, I will digitally orchestrate full production symphonic music for your project

 Video Game & Film Composer - Belzifer




Video Game & Film Composer

I'm an artist who creates beautiful emotional music for your project. I have worked with Emi Evans from the famous video game NieR.


Orchestral Arranger & Engraver - Diego

Buenos Aires

Orchestral Arranger & Engraver

Hello! My name is Diego, and I'm a Music Professor who graduated from the Conservatory of Music of Buenos Aires "Astor Piazzolla". I compose/arrange orchestral music and engrave sheet music. You will not only get realistic sounds from my projects, but also print-ready professional sheet music for other musicians to record or perform live.

Producer, Composer, Beatmaker - Manuel



90030 Altofonte

Producer, Composer, Beatmaker

50% Discount for Orchestral Elements in your Hip Hop or Metal Song!! Worked with major feature films, MTV and accolades from experts in the industry! I will improve your Celtic, Pop, Hip Hop and Heavy Metal song with my Orchestra!

Composer, Producer, Arranger - Tuomas



Los Angeles

Composer, Producer, Arranger

Tuomas has a lifetime of musical immersion, which he draws from to create impactful music for media. He delivers a high volume of work quickly for all of his clients and provides friendly, responsive service. From mockups to live musicians, he brings together the best resources to make every project prosper.

Film Composer  - Akira



Toluca Lake

Film Composer

Akira Komatsu has scored a wide range of projects, including TV and radio commercials, and many independent films. His music is unique, highly emotive, and sometimes very quirky. He specializes in horror films to compose but still accepting other genre offers like drama, comedy, suspense, too.


Classical Composer, Producer - Pedram


Classical Composer, Producer

Composed over 6hrs of written chamber/orchestral music, performed by musicians from all around the globe. Produced over 60hrs of music, including some of my own compositions. Contemporary classical/ Electronic music Production and Mastering specialist Founder of Bivác Records and Bivác Ensemble -string quartet- / Co-Founder of Rooberoo Mansion.

Emotions Operator - Tom


Emotions Operator

Tom Sucheta a Trance DJ and Trance / EDM / Electronica / Techno producer & multi-genre composer/arranger. Formal classical music education (Major: composition, classic guitar & grand piano.) Favourite styles (besides Trance & Techno): Classical (Haydn, Bach), Jazz (F. Gambale, J. Scofield, A. Holdsworth), Black Metal.



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