Top Audio Post Editors for hire

These veteran audio post production editors will curate, cut, and crossfade your production's recorded tracks into one clean take




_ Milan based post-production audio editor, designer and mixer for dialogue, FXs and music. Need to clean up the mess you made during recording or you need sound for a video, documentary, or a sound trademark? I'm the (not so expensive) guy for you _


Voice Over / Audio Engineer - Dominick


Voice Over / Audio Engineer

I love my craft, and my work reflects it. No matter the project or situation, I look to make each VO Project and song enjoyable and satisfactory. It is my complete Obsession to achieve the best sounds possible, and taking them form ideas to complete bodies of work.

Remote Mixing (Music/Post) - Nick

New York

Remote Mixing (Music/Post)

An up and coming engineer working on both music and post-production mixing.

Post Production  & SongWritter - Thompson




Post Production & SongWritter

Hello! I can work on your audios with different tools with the Rx. I care about the details and try very hard to do my best. i can speak spanish and english


Session Countryinstrumentalist - Yaşar


Session Countryinstrumentalist

Anatolia Music and Anatolia Instrumentalist -instrument Name: Baglama


I make things sound better. - Mix

São Paulo

I make things sound better.

Let me make your creativity meet the sound it deserves.


Audio Engineer, Musician - Peter


Audio Engineer, Musician

I've got good ear for mixing and I can learn songs by ear rather quickly, I also do vocals and I have a Leggiero Tenor vocal range which means I can do heavy lows and almost falsetto-like highs though they are still chest voices.


Music Producer, Sound Designer - Lucía



Buenos Aires

Music Producer, Sound Designer

South American Musician,Music Producer and Sound Designer, originally from Uruguay, based in Buenos Aires Argentina


Music Producer - Straed


Music Producer

Music Producer


Ecommerce Website Company - FODUU-Ecommerce


Ecommerce Website Company

FODUU is a custom website design and eCommerce development company that specializes in the content management system(CMS). We accredit excellence in client-based service and standard work. 10+ Years Exp. eCommerce design company to ensure your business grows online fast. Our aim is to impact the customers with a magnificent user experience.


null - Tad


Professional Experience and History Tad Doyle has been making music all of his life and recording music professionally for over 35 years. He has been on both sides of the recording process, as a multi-instrumentalist, who studied classical music and jazz at Boise State University to recording many diverse projects as engineer, mixer and producer.

Remote mixing & mastering - Shawn


Remote mixing & mastering

I am Dorset UK based and work from my home studio providing mastering and mixing services remotely and locally. I have worked with the likes of KKlass, Mr C of the Shamen and Andrew Weatherall.

Creative editing, Mix & Master - James

Mountain City

Creative editing, Mix & Master

Building on more than 20 years of experience, 550 live music videos, 400 pre-produced videos, thousands of live broadcasts, 100 albums, 50 EPs and 25 singles. I have the experience to creatively edit, mix, and master to produce high quality digital content that connects your content to your digital audience.


Music Producer, Vocalist - Sheldon


Music Producer, Vocalist

I produce, mix and master all genres of music.

Producer, Arranger, Mixing - jukkab


Producer, Arranger, Mixing

I will fix whatever needs to be fixed in your song to make it qualify for commercial radios and playlists and have it stand out from the mass of music released every day out there. I have written, arranged, produced, and mixed award-winning, multi-platinum-selling records.


Mix, Mastering, Music Producer - Aleix


Mix, Mastering, Music Producer

I have a wide music industry experience offering exclusive customer service and accumulating more than 15 years of experience.


Graphic designer - Zubida


Graphic designer

I am a professional graphic designer. I am tremendously passionate about Arts, Design, and Photography. I work with a photo editing company in the UK. Visit:


Writer - Myrtle



Author of Essay Writing Secrets and Copywriters, Myrtle Williams is a essay writer and marketing coach/consultant. She also publishes the marketing and business, a e-zine on education, marketing and business tips.


Sound engineer - Silvia


Sound engineer

Hola! I am Silvia, I have been in the audio industry for more than 5 years, this is my passion! I am a Sound Designer and Editor, Full Sail University graduate, working with audio for media, music, video games and films. [Spanish-English-French]. I am always open to new projects and look forward to hearing from you about working together!!


Visual equalizers - Nedodnb


Visual equalizers

Frequency dependent audio visualization (2D graphics) for your music.



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