• What is SoundBetter?

    SoundBetter is the leading destination site connecting service seekers and service providers in the music production industry.

    Musicians can find the right fit from top of the industry, hire, pay and manage professionals directly on SoundBetter.

  • Who is SoundBetter for?

    SoundBetter is designed for musicians who are looking for professional studios, audio engineers, producers or session musicians to help them finish their song and sound better.

    If you are an Audio Engineer, Recording Studio, Music Producer or Session Musician and want to make your services available and get more work, you can sign up and to list your services for free.

  • What kind of Audio Engineers and Recording Studios can I find on SoundBetter?

    You can find nearly any kind of sound engineer and music production professional on SoundBetter, including Mixing Engineers, Mastering Engineers, Recording Engineers, Recording Studios, Music Producers, Programmers, Remixers, Sound Designers, Boom Operators, Post Production Mixers, Live Sound Engineers and more.

    Our providers specialize in a variety of genres, have a spectrum of prices ranges, with information about each, pictures, location, credits, and more, all available for direct hire.

  • Can I find an engineer or music producer by credits?

    Yes you can. You can find engineers and music producers by artist credits using SoundBetter's smart search bar.

  • Can I get listed as a provider on SoundBetter?

    If you are a professional engineer, producer, studio or session musician for hire you can get listed on SoundBetter.

    It is free to have a listing on SoundBetter.

    We market on your behalf and bring musicians who are looking to hire professionals to the site.

    You can also pay a monthly fee to upgrade your listing for increased visibility. This is optional.

  • What's the best way to promote my SoundBetter listing and get more views?

    Creating a listing on SoundBetter is a great start, and we market the site to those seeking engineers on your behalf. However to stand out there are several things you can do:

    1. Make your listing compelling, interesting, detailed, specific and honest.
    Use a good photo if you have one, people look before reading.
    Include prices in your specialties to be appear in more search results.
    Don't list yourself in too many specialties or genres. It doesn't look professional. Don't forget to publish your listing.

    2. Invite current and past clients to review you using the 'share' button on your listing.
    Positive reviews increase your chances of getting business and allow you to charge a premium for your services. Statistics show people overwhelmingly trust peer reviews when choosing a service provider.

    3. Contribute to the Knowledge section
    The Knowledge section is a pool of tutorial video and articles about music production by SoundBetter members.  It's a great way to showcase your knowledge and engage users looking for audio engineers.

    5. Share your listing via email, social media and forums using the 'Share' button on your listing. It's a great way to remind people about what you do. Also, if you share your listing, others may share and re-post your links, drawing attention and exposing others to your services. Increasing traffic to your listing also help it rank higher in search results and increases the likelihood of your listing being found by those searching for production services on search engines.

    6. Upgrade your listing (for a fee) to show up above free listings and get more views.

  • What are others saying about Soundbetter?

    Here's a small sampling of what others say about SoundBetter.

    "We've been missing something like this." - Multiple Grammy Award Winning Mix Engineer Manny Marroquin (Bruno Mars, Linkin Park, Alicia Keys, Rihanna)

    "This is how engineers are found now." - Grammy and TEC Award Winning Engineer Ed Cherney (Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan)

    "SoundBetter works! I just got another project from the site" - Producer, Engineer Yoad Nevo (Duran Duran, Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Pet Shop Boys)

    " - You should really check this out. His vision is a place where musicians, and managers can go "shop" for audio talent." -Multiple Award winning FOH Engineer Ken 'Pooch' Van Druten

    "Your site helped make my online business a very real reality " - Grammy/Emmy Nominated Producer Robert L. Smith (Lady Gaga, U2)

    "Good resource." - Brad Madix, FOH Live Sound Engineer (Rush, Van Halen, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine)

    "Great concept, and most welcomed by this member of the audio fraternity." - Nigel Paul, FOH Live Sound Engineer (Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold, Megadeath, Steve Vai)

    "A client got to me through my listing on your website, so I guess something is working right there! :)" - Ariel Shafir

    "Got 2 tracks to master from your site !! The site is sick!!" - Moshon Shabah

    "If I didn't tell my fellow engineers about @SoundBetter, that'd be sorta a dick move. #thankmelater" - Jeff Hylton Simmons

    "Better sign up to SoundBetter" - Erica Basnicky, PSN Europe

    "SoundBetter spreads the word" - Steve Harvey, Pro Sound News

    "..a cool new site that aims to help find engineers and studios work. We think the site is great looking and has cool features for searching." -

  • What is SoundBetter's 'Knowledge' section?

    The 'Knowledge' section is a place for SoundBetter visitors to read articles and watch video tutorials about music production and audio engineering. All the articles and videos in the Knowledge section are submitted by SoundBetter members.

    If you have a listing on SoundBetter you can contribute knowledge by uploading a tutorial article or video which will appear in the main 'Knowledge' section. This will help draw attention to your listing and showcase your know-how. Only original and informative tutorials are allowed.

  • Who can review a listing on SoundBetter?

    Verified reviews are submitted by clients who have worked with and paid a music production professional through SoundBetter.

    Providers can also submit verified reviews of their experience with clients who hired and paid them through SoundBetter.

    Unverified reviews are those submitted by former clients of providers who did not pay through SoundBetter.

  • I'm a session musician, should I sign up for SoundBetter?

    Yes! Session and touring musicians who wish to promote their services and get more work, locally or remotely can sign up to SoundBetter to get leads for work.

  • How can I change the photo on my listing?

    You can change your photo on SoundBetter by clicking the little white x on the top right corner of the thumbnail in your 'edit listing' page.

  • Who's behind SoundBetter?

    SoundBetter was founded by Shachar Gilad, an audio engineer and musician himself who previously worked at Waves Audio and Apple Inc. You may have seen his mixing video tutorials on Youtube or used pro audio software he helped conceive, design and build.

    Shachar built SoundBetter with a vision to help musicians find and hire the right engineers easily and with increased trust, and to help engineers get more work.

    Advisory Board members include Grammy Award Winning Engineers Manny Marroquin (Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, Kanye West) and Ed Cherney (Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt) and veteran Music Manager and Pro Audio specialist Asher Bitansky and 500 startups.

    Itamar Yunger is SoundBetter's CTO.

  • How does SoundBetter work?

    If you are a musician who is looking for a recording studio, audio engineer or session musician to bring your project to the next level, you're in the right place.

    You can post the details of your project for the thousands of music production pros to see and send you a proposal if they are interested, or you can keep your project private and invite specific providers to send you proposals.

    Once you get a proposal you can discuss details with the provider, and choose who you want to work with.

    When you accept the proposal you pre-fund the job to SoundBetter, manage it via your workroom, and release the funds to the provider when you are satisfied.

  • I have a question or problem, where can I get help?

    You can contact us at

  • I'm a provider - why should I make sure clients pay me through SoundBetter?

    1. We get you work
    We work hard marketing on your behalf, drawing in thousands of musicians who are looking to hire music production professionals every month.
    Who loves you?
    For SoundBetter to continue to thrive we need jobs found on SoundBetter to be hired and paid for through SoundBetter. That is only fair, and you want us to get you more jobs right?

    2. Terms of use
    Not only is it not cool, it is against our terms to pull jobs 'off platform', or send SoundBetter clients contact info before the job is funded.
    If you pull a job from SoundBetter 'off platform', you will be banned.
    Since SoundBetter is quickly becoming the main place musicians come to find music production professionals, it's just not worth it.
    The commission SoundBetter keeps is in line or lower than most freelancer marketplaces. You set your own proposal price to what you choose and always see exactly what you will be paid for every proposal before you send it.
    We also build relationships with providers who are loyal to the platform and have good reviews, and help drive additional business their way when asked for recommendations.

    3. Verified reviews will get you the next job.
    The only way to get a verified review is from a client who hired and paid you through SoundBetter.
    Positive verified reviews are what will get you the next job.
    Building a reputation is important.

    4. Trust and Support
    We are here to help you with any question or issue you have in an interaction with a client. We provide an added layer of trust for you and for clients and if you run into any problems, we will do our best to help.

    5. Pre-funding
    With SoundBetter, clients always pre-fund jobs before you are expected to start working. We make this clear to all clients.
    We help you ensure clients are serious and there is 'money on the table' before you begin working.

    6. Accept credit cards.
    Through SoundBetter you can also accept credit cards from anywhere in the world.

    7. Job management
    Get a work-room for managing every job on the site, keeping everything recorded, and with very cool job-management features coming in the next few weeks.

    8. It's better for our industry.
    Having a site like SoundBetter that has verified reviews on providers and clients, where clients pre-fund jobs before you start working, where you can proactively bid on open jobs from a job board, where clients feel extra secure hiring remote clients, where someone else is working to pull in clients to where you are and where you can have a beautiful free listing to show potential clients are all good things. We've made it our mission to make this industry more streamlined and transparent, easier and better for everyone. We want to get you work. We are honored to have you be a part of this, but we can only keep providers on the platform who play by the rules.

    We'd love to hear from you:

  • I'm a provider on SoundBetter - how do I include an audio sample on my listing?

    There are two places where you can have audio samples on your listing.

    1. You can include a SoundCloud Set right on your profile. There is a dedicated field for this in your 'edit profile' form. This is free for all listings.

    2. You can upload an audio sample to your SoundBetter listing which will appear on your listing and on your listing preview in the search pages. Only upgraded listings can upload these types of audio samples.

  • I'm a musician - why should I pay a provider through SoundBetter?

    1. Security
    When you pay through SoundBetter, you pre-fund the job to SoundBetter and release payment to the provider when you are happy. By pre-funding a job the provider knows you are serious, but you control when payment is released to them.
    Also, our providers know you will be reviewing them at the end of a job paid through SoundBetter and their reputation on SoundBetter depends on it. This gives them an extra incentive to make sure you are happy.

    2. Trust & Support
    When you pay SoundBetter you have a trusted company with a reputation that helps with your project. If something goes wrong in working with a provider or if you have a question, you have an address - we are here to help you.

    3. Convenience
    With SoundBetter you can pay any provider with a credit card.

  • Is SoundBetter worldwide?

    SoundBetter is truly global.

    Music Production professionals from all corners of the world list their services on SoundBetter and are available for remote hire.