Top Sound Editors for hire

Professional audio editors curate, crossfade, and cut all your recorded takes, providing you with one perfect track

Mixing + Plugin Creation - Freelance

I'm a DSP desginer (I create cross-platform audio effects) and I'm also a freelance Audio Engineer with ties to a very high-end studio in the area.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Anthony Legrand

I'm a starter Mixing & Mastering Engineer freshly graduated from a Sound Engineer School in Paris, France (ESRA/ISTS) who's looking for jobs, project to mix.

Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer - Leonardo Partipilo

Producer, Recording - Mixing Engineer - Specialized in Editing. Multiple Grammy Nominee. Live Mixing on any type of venue.

Producer & Mixing engineer - Roy Orion

Good afternoon all! My name is Roy Orion, a dance music producer with over 10 years of experience. During my time I've had the pleasure of releasing on some of my dream labels which include: Revealed Recordings, Mixmash Records, Confession, Smash The House & Many more. I'm the perfect producer for your next ghost production or mixing service.

Music Producer, Studio - Fraycat Productions

Write and produce music inside of the new Phase One Studios. Hip Hop, R&B and Pop

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Safe ND Sound

Producer, Mixing & Mastering engineer, based in Utrecht/Hilversum in the Netherlands. Check out my website for portfolio. I'm also on Facebook:

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Genevieve Cyr

Studio Engineer with 9 years working in audio industry. Specialization in mixing and mastering for a variety of musical genres (electronic, folk, Hiphop). Own studio space with top-tier converters and out-board equipment, as well as digital processors.

Mixing Engineer - Stanley Soares

Beginning as a musician I was highly motivated and interested in all aspects of sound. Passion for music drove me to be an audio engineer for the past fifteen years, touring and recording a number of successful artists all over the world.

Mixing Engineer, Song Writer - William Padaoan

William Padaoan was born in San Francisco, CA in August 1993. His father, who was a worship leader at a church in San Francisco, raised him into music. William learned how to play piano at the age of 9. His love and appreciation for music however, didn’t come until he moved to Sacramento in 6th grade.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Stefan Mayer

30 years of experiance in professional audio productions, recording, mixing, editing and mastering. From classical music to heavy rock.

Voice Over / Audio Engineer - Dominick Biava

I love my craft, and my work reflects it. No matter the project or situation, I look to make each VO Project and song enjoyable and satisfactory. It is my complete Obsession to achieve the best sounds possible, and taking them form ideas to complete bodies of work.

Mixing, Recording, Live Sound  - Rafael Cardona

Energetic, meticulous and proactive sound engineer with practical knowledge of music production and reproduction technology for both studio and live situations. I meet tight deadlines delivering superior performance with a strong sense of priority and pride.

Compose, Produce, Mix, Master     - Jacob Martins

I am Jacob Martins. I am a composer,producer and mix/master engineer. I provide a service that's guarantees quality product and satisfaction guarantee. A skill of mine that sets me apart, is doing what is right for the project, whether this means getting creative or sticking to guidelines. I'm able to deliver and follow through on your vision.

Mixing,Mastering,Sound Design - Metin Kahyaoglu

Specializing in Mixing and Mastering and Production. We offer quick turn around time and a very professional approach to you and your music.

Producer/Multi-instrumentalist - Jornt Duyx

Producer, composer, multi-intsrumentalist and general centipede when it comes to: music, computers, editing & mixing. With a masters degree in Music technology.

Producer, Mixing, Mastering - Lock Danan

Been building my brand for almost 10 years now which started by handing demos out at local shows, to performing directly with acts such as Knife Party, The Crystal Method, Laidback Luke, Wolfgang Gartner, Rusko, Steve Aoki, Congorock, & MANY more! I now work in my studio writing and creating the next chapter of my brand for future releases!

Mixer, Audio Engineer - Terry Hart


Terry Hart is an acclaimed Mixer with over a decades experience in music production. He has produced and mixed some of Australia's most celebrated artists and his work has received multiple ARIA® nominations. He works out of the internationally renowned Sing Sing Studios, Black Pearl Studios, and Maestro Sound Production in Melbourne, Australia.

Music Producer, Remix, Mix, - Ego.360

music producer, a pioneer of global bass in the world, by mixing Latin American popular music with electronics. composing, producing, mixing and mastering: Electro music, Hip Hop, R & B, Trap, Dancehall, Moombahton, Reggae, Cumbia, Dub, Ambient sounds. etc..

Remote Mixing & Mastering - K Audio

Mixing and mastering, getting your songs to sound like it should be

Mastering, Audio Restoration  - SProAudio

They say there is always a way to be different, inspired. . . But then, when you think you have them all, you realise this is just the beginning of a whole new odyssey. And as though one will never stop on the quest of his life I never stop to strive for those mysterious things, which often are so close to me as some other times so distant. . .

'Remote Mixing and Mastering' - Octavian Daniel

We are a production company offering our services of Mixing and Mastering audio to all artists and producers that need help with those tasks.

Engineer/Producer/Composer - Chris Sopko

Audio Engineer, Composer, Video Editor, and much more.

Singer, Songwriter & Producer - Bhrigu Parashar

Bhrigu Parashar is all about music. His interest and skill set in music is till an extent that he can create a professional music album from the scratch on his own (e.g.: Lyrics and songwriting till, Mastering the tracks). He strongly believes that independent music just like western society, should be appreciated and develop more in India.

Recording and mixing. - Sam Orleans

With a background as a performer (singer, jazz saxophone), I am committed to making real, professional records with real, talented, and dedicated artists. Home setup with high end gear plus experience at and relationships with some of the New York area's most prestigious recording studios.

MusicProduction, Mix/Mastering - Mex Miller

I'm Mex and I make hearable music.

Mastering. - Mastering Maniac

One man army. Mastering maniac at your service. Feel free to send me demo tracks.

Mastering / Mixing / Events - TonalityTools - Steve Marlowe

TonalityTools Studios, LLC Mixing, Mastering, Studio Engineering, Event Production We work with clients and musicians around the world!

Recording & Mixing Studios - Grooters Productions

Dialogue Editing, ISDN, Foley, Studio Recording, Field Recording, Music Mixing, Voice-Over Booth, Archiving, Mastering, SFX, Audio Design, ADR, 5.1 Surround, Huge Music Library, Custom Scores, Dubbing, ProTools, Sound Sweetening, Casting, Podcasts and more... all at our studios in beautiful Downtown Holland MI

Rough Mix, Mixing Engineer - Julia Bores

Hi I'm from Montreal, Canada. I studied audio and musical production. I finished my program with honors. I love mixing. I love cooking music. Edit and add effects progressively. For me music has to be a trip. A song must deliver a story that draws the listener to it. I will help you achieve that.

Remote mixing and mastering - Lux Media

Having engineered and produced for dozens of artists, including Rich Gang artist Bleu Davinci, and amassing millions of play in the process, I know what it takes to turn your sound from questionable to marketable.

Music Producer, Session Guitar - Waldermars Garden Studios

Are you looking for the perfect Pop, EDM or RnB arrangement for your song or melody? Look no further! I have specialized within genres of electronic music, and can offer a streamlined form of cooperation. I work in Ableton, Logic Pro X and Pro Tools. I can offer music production to cheap prizes.

Mix & Master to Analog Tape! - Geo Botelho

Let's get your music feeling good.

Mixing & Masting - KnockGod

Affordable mix & mastering for you.

Engineer, Producer & Studio - SoundShop370

Are you truly serious about your music? If so, I look forward to hearing back from so you— we can also talk about your project, what your goals are, your budget, time constraints, etc.

Remote Mixing - ABmixing

Hello! I'm Andrew! Welcome to my profile! I am an audio mixing and editing engineer, with 5 years of experience in the industry. I offer: - Eliminate noise - Clean audio files - Clean low end - Mix 3D - Adding effects (delay, reverb) - Convert files to youtube, spotify, apple music formats And any custom needs!

Mix, Master, Producer, Writer - D-SIK

I'm an affordable audio engineer with a very quick turn around time, ready to help you with your next project. I offer constructive input from experience and unlimited revisions until the sound is exactly what you're looking for.

Mixing Engineer - Andrew

Welcome !

Everything, really. - Alexandre Rignault

I'm a magicien. What you wants it's what you get.

Mix and Mastering Engineer - Invisible Audio

An audio professional with over 15 years experience working for A-list clients word wide.

Music Producer - Alip Lutto


Recording Studio - Chris Inston Music

I've been professionally working within the music/audio industry for the past 10 years doing everything from album recordings, audio cleanups, podcast editing, dressage editing and much much more. I love being challenged by new projects and working with you to ensure we achieve the best quality end product we can within your budget.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Felipe De Mari Scalone

Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer with focus on quality and creativity.

Playlist Curator & Mixing  - Lyrical Layers

Need more #SpotifyStreams on your music? 🔊📈 Ready to become a better artist?🎧🎤 Lyrical Layers: Where The Community Meets The Industry Join Lyrical Layers for a daily increase in streams, distribution tips, song review and feedback, plus more. 💰

Music Producer & Recorder - Patricia Brown

5 years of producing and mixing.

Audio Engineer /Music Producer - JAYDKAYS

An innovative and enthusiastic Audio Engineer with extensive skills in writing, producing and editing music, mixing and sound design across genres. I commit to achieving sound excellence using various technical equipment and software programs to ensure optimal sound quality.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering. - Simon Spud Beggs

Professional Credited Engineer, Major Label Projects. Robin Gibb (Bee Gees), Nick Oliveri's Mondo Generator.

Music Production, Mixing - LRKR

I'm a solo instrumental artist and music producer with more than 40 million streams on Spotify. I specialize in using Ableton Live for arrangement and production but my sound comes from using a variety of drum machines and analog synthesizers.

Mixing & Mastering & Producer - Mete Benli

I help Independent Electronic Music Producers to Translate their Vision into Reality by helping them Produce & Mix their Music from Start to Finish.

Mixing & Mastering - Terenzani

I'm very thorough with every detail and i have a lot of experience handling all kind of audio related jobs. I'm very good at making edits and timing fixes on live songs

Mixing & Mastering - DOPEMINE STUDIO

Online Mixing & Mastering for HipHop/Trap & R'n'B & Artists

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Matthew Kiley

I will professionally mix and master your audio to industry-standard levels. I have worked on countless projects including every genre in music, audio for video and TV, film and sound effects, podcasts, voiceovers, and audiobooks. I am a graduate of SAE Institute Los Angeles and have worked in some of the top recording studios.

Mixing & Mastering - Mehmet Ali (Mali) Özbekli

Mix & Mastering Engineer

Recording,Mix, Mastering - Drum Code Studio

The new studio is located in an old mill, built in the late ‘800 and renovated “ad hoc” to provide a multi-service to musicians, sound engineers and music professionals. From a technical point of view the studio is equipped with the best technologies, from SSL 4000 G+ mixing console.

Remote audio work - Sho' Nuff

I'm not very good at putting these profile pages together. But, I can and will deliver ANY audio project you have; including mastering, mixing, recording instruments, arranging, composing, transcribing, anything. I'll work with you on price. limits me to 7 "specialties". I'm capable of so much more.

Producer Writer Mixer - Gethin Pearson

Lets fully realise and push your sonic uniqueness, find out what makes you - 'YOU' - and take it beyond expectations and limits.

Remote mixing and mastering - Adam

Being Creative & Helping other creatives. Home studio and CD quality streaming radio station

Remote Mastering & Restoration - Orange County Mastering

Rock, Alt, Rap, Country, big and small projects. I've done them all and can say that the same amount of detail and attention is given to them equally. As a client of OCM, you become family and that expectation of satisfaction is what drives me to do this job.

Session Bassist - Mark Rynkun

Session Bassist available to record remotely. I specialize in playing Rock, Metal, Jazz, Country, Pop, R&B and more. Send over your song and I can track bass, edit and send it over in no time.

Music producer / studio pro - Bernard MENU

Bonjour je suis réalisateur musical. Je travaille pour divers artistes depuis près de 30 ans maintenant. Je suis pianiste et bassiste. Directeur musical, auteur / compositeur / arrangeur avec de nombreuses références. J'écris pour les médias audiovisuels. Je cherche de belles voix et des auteur(e)s capables d'écrire en anglais pour l'international

Hip-Hop Producing Expert  - Jackie Ferrari

Quality and experienced music production at an affordable price! I have been mentored by and worked with Mama Jan (Jan Smith Studios), Emanual Elinas (Men at Work, Black Jacket Symphony, White Stripes), R&B singer JC, and Producer Deejay Sitty.

Mixing Engineer - B415 Studio

DongYoon Kim, the Mixing Engineer

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Isidor Technician

I deeply love music and see it as my primary goal in life to help others (you) to complete your musical vision. I will help you with the production, mixing and mastering. All you need to finish off your demos and make them the highest possible standard. If there is instrument to be added, a mix or master to be done, i got you covered.

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