Top Sound Editors for hire

Professional audio editors curate, crossfade, and cut all your recorded takes, providing you with one perfect track

Recording Studio, Mixing - Tom Chloupek - Kiwisound

Recording&Mixing Studio, worked for Artists like Victoria Benesch, Rockhead, ...

Mixing & Mastering  - Khatune

I'm a Melodic House & Peak Dark Techno Music Producer Mixed and Mastered Tracks achieved the top 100 on Beatport

Sound Design and Audio Cleanup - Jaime B

Great audio is my passion. I have a Bachelor of Creative Technologies (Audio Engineering and Sound Production).

Mixing & Mastering - Frank Favetta

Frank Favetta is a professional audio engineer and music producer based in South Florida. Graduating from Full Sail University he has worked under legendary producer/engineer Tony Bongiovi at Power Station Studios and has also worked at South Beach Studios where he became assistant engineer for three-time Grammy-Award winning mixer Tom Lord-Alge.

Mixing, Mastering & Production - Tom Hale Audio

Hi, I’m Tom, a North West-based Recording/Mix Engineer, Producer, Arranger and Session Guitarist hailing from Lancashire, UK.

Sick, Slamming Songs! - John Maciel

Helping you make your Tracks get to the Top 10 is my passion.

Producer and Engineer - MixedByAntonius

I am a 23 year old Audio Engineer and Producer. I specialize in Hiphop and R&B. I have been recording and producing for various artists for about 5 years now. I have cheap prices however the quality of my sound remains high quality.

Mixing & Mastering - Waveform Wizards

I will beat any reasonable bid with a fast turn around time. Let's get started!

Composing, Mixing, Rework - Deepsy

My name is Jovan Jonic aka Deepsy and i am audio engineer from small town in Serbia, Pirot.

Music producer - Domenico Pisani

Music producer Mixing engineer Mastering engineer Editing Recording engineer Dialogue Editing Dialogue Recording

 - SandCastle Recording

Welcome to SandCastle Recording ! We offer a creative, friendly, supportive environment, which will enable the artist to be the best they can be. Our interests are slanted toward the singer songwriter in the acoustic,folk,celtic and demo markets. We also wish to promote the education and growth of young Canadian songwriters and performers

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Miguel Pulido

I'm a Toronto based engineer who specializes in Mixing. I strive for client satisfaction and will deliver the best results for the music.

Musician, Mastering Engineer - Joshua Swann

Following the release of my first progressive rock album "Twenty Twelve" I have taken a break from making music. Now I am freed up to offer my talents for mixing and mastering as well as session recording to other musicians wishing to create an album.

Engineer, Producer, and Artist - Maximo Diaz

My name is Max, I live in New York and go to school for audio engineering.

Music Producer, Mixer - Drew Wilken

I'm Drew Wilken, a multi-million streamed electronic music producer with features on some of the biggest tastemakers in electronic music and their labels, for example Trap Nation and Proximity. EDM is my specialty, and I am great at getting things loud, punchy, and sparkly.

Mixing & Mastering - Sonic Gems Mastering

Give your audio productions that professional polish. Genelecs+Apogee+Prism Sound. Mastering grade acoustics. Best bang for your buck.

Electronic Music producer  - Enrique Acosta

Vivo por y para la música y compartir de mis conocimientos y ayudar con mis servicios, me alegra mucho.

Mix | Edit | SFX | Producer - Jack Emblem

Jack Emblem is a producer, mixer, audio editor, sound designer and drum programmer.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Loud Lion Productions

From touring musicians, to producer's who have worked with some big names, we are a company who primarily focuses on helping any artist's project reach its fullest potential. Whether you're a band, a solo artist, or a studio musician, we cater to all genres and will work on any project for an affordable price.

Mixing Engineer-Music Producer - MixedByTraKk

Mixing Engineering services + more. I've been mixing music for 12+ years.


LoFi, Reggae, HipHop, Dub, CHill-Out, EDM, Trance, Techno - just let us know your desire and we deliver to you your beat within 48 hours!

Music Producer/Mixing Engineer - Morgan Bernard

I will produce, mix, and master your songs to a radio-ready finished product.

I aim to make a difference. - Tejai M.

I am professional singer, songwriter, record producer, audio engineer Tejai Moore. I am* an active artist and songwriter working in the music industry, but I also produce & engineer for many artists in the industry as well as artists who are coming up and working their way towards working in the industry one day. I put my all in or not at all. - T

Mixing & Mastering - Dead Robot

Hi, I'm Chris. I'm a self-taught electronic producer, designer, and audio engineer. I've helped artists such as Morgan Page, Echos, Yoe Mase, TastyTreat, and many more with their mixing and mastering, using all-digital tools to give their beautiful art the refined clarity to help them amass millions of streams and views. hmu ✨

Recording Studio, bass, guitar - Screaming Rooster Studio

New to the world of Home Studio. My band felt the need to record our next album on a budget, and we built a studio in my house. It's not the most glorious studio in the world, but the results can't be argued with! I offer Mixing/Mastering of existing tracks, on-site recording, session work for Bass, Guitar (acoustic and electric), and Vocals.

 - Kurt Malton

Fresh and dynamic sound engineer/songwriter looking for work in recording/producing/composition/post-production.

Music Producer, Remix, Mix, - Ego.360

music producer, a pioneer of global bass in the world, by mixing Latin American popular music with electronics. composing, producing, mixing and mastering: Electro music, Hip Hop, R & B, Trap, Dancehall, Moombahton, Reggae, Cumbia, Dub, Ambient sounds. etc..

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Matthew Rhodes Studios

We have worked with local choirs, bands, groups, schools, businesses and artists for affordable prices to help make the best music they can.

Mixing / Music Production - David Kapusi

Music Producer and Mixing Engineer who can help you to get "that sound" you are looking for. There is no such thing as impossible!

Psytrance/EDM Composer - Jonathan Hatton

I will create interesting, out of the box EDM music for you that pushes boundaries within the genre

Mixing and Sound Design - David Mann

Hi, my name Is David Mann. I am a Sound Designer Dialog Editor, Mixer and a Foley artist. Check out my list of TV and movies credits here : As a hobby I am mixing music, since I don't yet have allot of credits I do it for almost nothing, I guarantee you love my mixes or you don't need to pay.

Sound engineer - Nicolas Coulange

Hi, I am a sound engineer. I own a recording studio in Paris.

Mastering Engineer - Blanco Mastering

Award winning mastering engineer with over 23 years experience in the music industry, 2x Grammy & 10x Latin Grammy award winner with over 100 nominated projects in the past 20yrs. Experience in all music genres working with major and independent record companies, artists & producers world wide.

Mixer, keyboards, arranger - Alex Watson

I have worked in audio production in top London studio for over 15 years, with experience in recording, mixing, producing and arranging. I compose music for production libraries that have been used in BBC documentaries, online commercials.

Mixing  &  Mastering Engineer  - Argest Rushiti

Working with Love and passion for the last 17 years as a Live & Studio Sound Engineer,has made me understand musician's and producer's needs for the sound they love and want.Originality,quality,exellence and client's sattisfaction is my main goal.I use my ears to listen and my heart to feel.I take care of your passion,your music,your sound.

 - Gadi Reik

I love to listen. Music is my life. Touring - Live Sound FOH Mixing Engineer Studio recording and Mixing Sound Designer for Installs and Venues. 30 Years of Experience with Audio

Producer - Mixer - Songwriter - Justin Kollars


I help artist effectively navigate the multiple stages of music production necessary to get their songs fully finished and proudly released.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Drew Christ

I'm a mixing and mastering engineer that can take your raw tracks and ready them to stream for Spotify or Apple Music to reach the masses.

Mixing & Mastering - Wholecar Studio

Need to mix? Need to master? Need the best price on the market? You're in the right place. As the name says, we like to describe us as a "whole car", constantly moving and evolving. Our team is made ​​up by engineers able to work on any musical product, and our philosophy is simple: support emerging, meet the major. Welcome to Wholecar Studio.

Music producer - Stefen Soto

I work to win hearts, money is secondary!

MusicProductionMixing & Master - Sebastian Bartz

London based producer and engineer with my own studio. See the soundcloud playlist for portfolio.

Composer, Mix, Flute - Lih Sirvent

I am composer and a flute player. I have extensive experience in audio recording and audio mixing. My style is very versatile. I focus on sound crafting, timbre, and texture.

 - Alistair Pritchard

Alistair is a studio, live recording and mixing engineer who has a passion for great sounding music.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - JDub Productions

I am a Billboard charting producer and audio engineer. I love working with other artists and helping them create their sound and helping their music live up to their standards. I specialize in EDM, dance, and Hip Hop, but also work with other genres as well.

Remote hybrid Mixing/Mastering - Vicente Cruz

The best compositions requires the best sound, and I'll help you achieve it.

 - Cave Studio Productions

Cave Studio Productions, is a professional Project Studio at Athens, Greece.

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Rodrigo Roura

I'm a Mexican Audio Engineer and Producer making a Masters in Audio Production in London specialising in Recording Techniques and Post Production.

Head Engineer at AGE Studios - Avant-Garde Ent Studios

Im here to build relationships. My pricing is low and flexible, and my quality is superb and under priced. I want to grow with artists professionally, keep music quality high, and marketing budgets higher.

Tracking_Mixing_Production - Tyler Shields Audio

Expert Engineer available for tracking, mixing, production, and editing. Credits with The War On Drugs, John Legend, Michael Bublé, Metric, Lady Gaga, Keith Urban, Justin Timberlake and John Mayer among others. Over 12 years experience with industry greats in coveted studios. Flow and precision are the most important things to me in the studio.

Mixing | Editing | Production - KuramaSound

"Warm up your music" is my motto! I'll professionally mix and master your songs with quality outboard gear, in a soundproofed and acoustically treated environment.

 - Starfield-Production

A small Recording- & Editing-Studio with premium Gear, commercial Productions, Voice-Recordings etc

Recording Studio - Transcend Studio

The Transcend Music Studio is part of the Mynol musical project. Located in the hills of eastern Antióquia, the studio is a mark in the advance and development of musical production in underground house and techno.

Mixing,  master, editing&creat - DC audiovisuales

I'm a session musician with my own studio recording, specialized in mixing, mastering, editing and composing songs.

Production / Editing / Mixing - Es Téllez

Musician / Producer / Singer-songwriter based in Mexico City. Remote recording, editing and mixing for your song. Here's a playlist featuring some of my previous proyects.

Edit/Mix/Master - JackHBrown

Here to help with any of your instrumental, vocal, editing, mixing, or mastering needs. I'm an experienced mix/master engineer, interested in working with anyone, on any styles/genres. I can tune or comp vocals, and even write lyrics for you. I can program drums/percussion for your tracks, or play as a session guitar/bassist (electric).

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Lachlan Pickford Recordings

My name is Lachlan and I'm an audio geek from Melbourne, Australia.

Sound Engineer - Gushen Recordi

Hello everyone, my name is Gushen Recordi

Media Composer, Guitarist - Monsieur D. / DavyB

Davy Bergier is a Tokyo based media composer and guitarist, producer and songwriter. Working with top Japanese artists (Kimura Takuya and more.) Until now, Davy has been working in making music content for medias in Japan. Additionally his creativity is contant with releasing a lot and performing all around

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Vicescandell

Hi, I'm sound engineer and certified Operator Protools Music 210M. Contact me for more information.

Music Producer/Mixing Engineer - JB Mixing and Mastering

Hi, I'm Jamie and i work as a freelance mixing and mastering engineer in the heart of the idilic lake district. With a BA Honours in Music Production at the University of Huddersfield i have over 6 years experience in the music industry

Recording/Mixing Engineer - Joe Smiley

I've been working in recording studios since 1999 before starting my own, Red Planet Recording, in 2004. I've recorded and mixed many genres including blues, hip hop, noise, and country, but excel at heavier types of rock, punk, metal, hardcore, shoegaze, and alternative rock

 - Mike Isaacs

I'm a freelance audio engineer looking to work with people in Cardiff, Bristol and Gloucestershire. I have a fully portable set up for recording in convenient locations or I can provide recording space in the Cardiff area.

Session Musician - Whitewater Music

Session musician for hire. Want some killer sounding live drums on your track. This is the place for it. Want some guitar work? come here. Need a bass player to add some life to the track? Also here. Want some singing on your track? Go somewhere else, I definitely cannot sing. All recorded in a studio to fit your budget.

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