Top Sound Editors for hire

Professional audio editors curate, crossfade, and cut all your recorded takes, providing you with one perfect track

Professional Music Production  - Treble Monkey Studio

Hi there, I am a qualified professional music producer with over 10 years experience as a musician and 5 years experience as a music producer. I have several qualifications in music production which are all available on request. I am also more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding my service or studies.

Audio professional - Patrick Doyle

Your music is important. It represents your ideas, beliefs, ideologies and philosophies. Emotion has to pour out of the speakers, it has to be right. That's where I come in! Whether it's a drum part that needs editing, or an entire track needs to be mixed and mastered, I will ensure that what you hear in your head is what comes out of the speakers.

Remote Mixing and Mastering    - Giuseppe Emanuele Lattanzi

Hi everybody, I'm here trying to help anyone needs help for his musical stuff, from mixing and mastering to editing, or producing, also overdubbing guitars/basses/drums/keys, or simply compose and record music for singers/songwriters. Just ask, we'll have a great time at least!

Music Production - Njg Production


A new age music producer with unique skills in making great music

Composer and Audio Editor - Takumi Motokawa

Freelance composer/percussionist/pianist/audio editor based in Berlin, Germany, specialised in soundtrack composition and dialogue audio editing.

Song mixing & mastering - Avdhesh jha

Audio Editing / Mixing / Mastering

Mixing, Mastering & Composing - Norbert Gobor

Professional Composer and Sound Engineer

Engineer/Producer/Composer - Chris Sopko

Audio Engineer, Composer, Video Editor, and much more.

Producer, Mixer, Arranger - CLS MUSIC PRODUCTION

Music producer, mixing engineer from Hong Kong

Mastering. - Mastering Maniac

One man army. Mastering maniac at your service. Feel free to send me demo tracks.

Recording - Mixing - Mastering - The Rat Studio

My name is Mike and I'm running "The Rat Studio" based in Ingolstadt, Germany. For more infos visit my homepage or contact me via mail.

Music Producer - Q-Sik

Hello I am Q-Sik and I make Electronic music heavily influenced by some big names like Excision, Skrillex, and Zomboy. I have been signed to Hydraulic Records, Dystopian Records, and Ponies at Dawn.

Mix and Production Engineer - Oakhaven Studios

We specialize and taking your sound to the next level. Making your music more than you dreamed it could be.

Audio Production/Restoration - Leandro

Composer and producer with Audio Engineering knowledge.

Record & Mixing Engineer  - Jarno Bellasio

Specialized in everything that concern big guitars, dirty bass and punchy drums. Don't esitate to contact me.

Remote Mixing, Sound Editing  - Kuba Nyc

Bringing someone's vision to life !

Mixing and Mastering - Luke Piziura

I offer mixing and mastering of your songs and a great price point. You can expect great communication and a level of commitment to achieve the best sound possible.

music production - Amethyst

Love Yourself.

Remote Mixing & Production  - Daniel Williams

I have been in the music industry for the past 4 years - both producing & DJing music. I have a background in a wide variety of music - from rock, soul & motown to hip-hop, house & EDM. I also have experience with podcast editing through my time with my student radio at university. I have the access and knowledge to use industry standard software.

Music Producer, Mix & Master. - Trisanski

I love working with everyone when it comes to music. Everyone has a different story and its a joyful experience to be a part of them all!

Musician, Engineer, Producer - Karl Vincent

Karl Vincent is a producer/engineer/composer/multi-instrumentalist and the current Bass Player of the band Satsang. He's produced, mixed and engineered the bands last 3 albums, one of which reached #1 on the Billboard Reggae Charts for a couple weeks. Karl is a one stop shop for your album needs, be performing/mixing/producing, whatever you need.

Mixing Engineer - Andrew

Welcome !

Producer/Guitarist/Composer   - SHINJI OHMURA

Hello.I'm son of Kenji Ohmura (guitarist of YMO Yellow Magic Orchestra), musician from Tokyo JP. My recent work are Namie Amuro (guitar recording, tour guitarist) / One OK Rock (sound produce) / Oldcodex (song arrange & guitar recoding / tour guitarist)

Editing, Mixing & Mastering - Sean Lew

Bringing Out Dem Feels in Your Music

Sound Engineer, Mix Engineer - Emanuele "Cotone" Para

Producer, Sound Designer - Biotic Audio Production

Aspiring Music Producer, Sound Designer, Post Production Engineer based in Berlin!

Mixing, Recording, Producing.  - Thornhill Mixing/Recording

I am Teddy Thornhill and I am here to make your music sound as good as I possibly can, whether it be mixing, recording, editing, or producing I am here for you. This is your music and all I can ask is that you hear your songs the way you always dreamt it would sound.

Record &  Master Engineer  - Geno (G-One) Williams

One stop shop Productions company produced, Mix, Master, and Record, any genre of music with today technology.

Music producer - Stefen Soto

I work to win hearts, money is secondary!

record/mix/master - Ryan MacDonald

i am nothing but a servant of the art

Mixing/Mastering Engineer  - Jahred

You need something mixed or mastered? I got you. I mix live concerts and church services for a network of churches. I’m a LA recording school grad. I mix vocals, beats, both, and can master as well. I’m a Logic Pro user.

Mixing and Mastering - Psalms of Music

Hi my name is Leannoth. I’m an audio engineer who specializes in mixing and mastering. I have completed several projects that I am really blessed to be a part of, two of these project are: Parallel Lines by Lynda Szabo, video coming out on the full moon in march 2020 and my second project is called MADNESS by MailBoxx Music.

Sound and beat maker - nihlistinlies

My strength is a strong understanding of compositional elements, and effective application of these ideas. I've especially worked and developed a exceptionally substantial understanding of the function of drum beats and elements of such. I can also draw from an extensive sample library to help for find the sounds you need for drums or other sounds.

Producer, Singer/Songwriter, - Slackjack

Putting my mind into music 🎶😊🤙🌞

Phil Goode Music - PhilGoodeMusic

it should be Music, it shouldn't be labels

Music Producer - Rosmán

I have 13 years of experience as a musician and producer, I specialize in arranging and music production so you can send me your song in any form, i.e you have a vocal melody with some lyrics, some piano chords, a basic guitar idea, etc.

All things sound. - Cult Classique

I make sounds, help others make sound better and add soundtrack to any element of life.

Drummer&Co-Founder of Studio86 - Francesco Lucidi

Studio 86, is a music recording/production studio and social enterprise in the middle of Italy. Francesco is a professional, touring, recording drummer and he is currently playing for one of the biggest Italian artist, 'RKOMI'.

Music Producer - Marcovits

I'm a Music Producer and I can help you finish your tracks mixwise, production or mastering no matter what style.

Remote hybrid Mixing/Mastering - Vicente Cruz

The best compositions requires the best sound, and I'll help you achieve it.

Audio Engineer - Mixing / Edit - Yann Costa e Silva

When I’m working on a project with you my main goal is to fulfill your vision with the skills I have accomplished from over 5 years in audio mixing and editing. Every project is unique and for every single one of them I’m constantly adapting myself to, which will result in a final product that we’ll be extremely proud of, or your money back.

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Francesco Delogu

Resident engineer at Bloom Recording Studios in Guidonia, just outside Rome, I specialize in recording and mixing. Wether you are a top chart artist or an independent one, my goal is always to make your music sound as good as it deserves.

Demo vocalist/ Songwriter - Jammy. H

Singer / Songwriter/ Demo singer/Music Producer

 CEO of Tru Radio Podcast - Courtney Houdini

I am the CEO of my own company "Tru Radio Podcast". I am also a full time musician and entrepreneur looking to connect and use my creative skills to assist other artists like myself.

Engineer, Mixer and Producer - Andy

I've been producing and mixing for over 20 years with origins in electronica and hiphop. Now migrating into more pop based genres. Looking to collaborate on anything and everything really but mostly experienced in these styles. Looking for artistic collaboration only.

Mixing & Mastering, Produce - LQProject

I am a dj who know how things work

Mixing Engineer - Hertz

Mixing is my passion and I can help you elevate your project to its maximum potential. Let’s work and make your song sound the best it can be!!


i can create spatial in every vocal making your vocals differs from mainstream sound! which is basic plain and just no space no depth no energy

Music mixing and mastering  - nakshndaksh

POST PRODUCTION Studio in Mumbai serving Digital advertising production. We have decades of experience in voiceover, dubbing & production, video editing, transcription, translation, and subtitling, we bring cost reductions and performance improvements.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Eric Martinson

Whether you need mixing, mastering, or a quick musical suggestion send me your tracks and I'll get started today! Contact me for flexible rates!

Mixing - Maksim


Mix & Mastering, Female vocal  - Ezgi

If you like unique sounds you can check it out my songs. I have professional home studio and I'm open different genre's. I made before t-rap, acoustic, electronic, Lo-fi genre's. If you need mix-mastering, female singer, we can work together.

Mixing & Mastering  - universbeat

Sound Mixer Engineer & Music Producer

Traxsource Top 10 Mix Engineer - Jamie Vice

I specialise in mixing and will work with you to make your track shine. With my help, my clients have had multiple Traxsource and Beatport Top 10 releases, as well as thousands of Spotify and Apple Music streams. I’ll work with you until you are completely satisfied!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Ash Brown Audio

Proficient in multiple areas of audio engineering, Ashlee offers a wide variety of services to meet your audio requirements, whether that be in the studio or at a gig!

Songwriting & audio mixing  - Mosemiriti

Hello guys! I am a passionate songwriter, home-based DJ, and ringtone composer. I have a unique method of writing songs, based on literary thematic relevance and lyric-matching or voice mimicking tunes/instrumentals. My first listing will definitely confirm this.

Hip Hop Producer - $upaVillian

Producer & Hip Hop Artist of InnerMission based in Chicago & looking for hire

Female Vocalist, Songwriter - Kristen Brown

Vocal/performance credits include touring as opening act for Rascal Flatts, Toby Keith, Clay Walker, etc. Performed at Stagecoach Country Music Festival in 2018. Songwriting credits include songs featured on CMT, The Country Network, charting on Radio Disney Country, and national radio airplay.

Mixing Engineer Music Producer - John

Hey I’m a sound engineer / music producer from Paris, I work in the box AND on consoles and high quality outboard gear. I am now available for hire for mixing you track (Any genre !)

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