Top Female Singers for hire

These curated professional female session singers are available to lay down vocal tracks for your song

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Ashley



Los Angeles

Singer, Songwriter, Producer

I'm a professional vocalist/songwriter, and I've been working as a singer/songwriter/vocal producer for 8+ yrs. Credits include commercial ads (Pepsi, BLACKPINK),Red Velvet,ITZY,WekiMeki,LOONA, Taeyeon. I can also deliver high-quality vocals for your demos (think Ariana Grande,BLACKPINK,Twice). Let's work together to create the next big hit!

Demo Vocalist, Songwriter - Kimera



Los Angeles

Demo Vocalist, Songwriter

Versatile expert vocalist and arranger. Worked with Stargate, Luis Bell, Rodney Jerkins and more. Pop/urban and cinematic vocal styles. Prompt turnaround.

Singer/pianist, GRAMMY nominee - Lydia




Singer/pianist, GRAMMY nominee

I've been a professional vocalist/musician/songwriter for 15+ years, I am a GRAMMY nominee, and I have recorded with the likes of Kenny Rogers, Bering Strait, Sir Christopher Lee and John Ford Coley. Throughout my professional career, my work has been heard on ABC, CBS, NBC, CMT, Animal Planet – and even in outer space!

Nashville-based Singer - Brittany




Nashville-based Singer

I am an experienced singer based in Music City- Nashville, Tennessee. I have been singing professionally in Nashville for 9 years and have extensive experience singing lead and background vocals on professional projects. I specialize in country and pop music and am stylistically flexible and vocally versatile!

Professional Singer/Writer - Natalie



Los Angeles

Professional Singer/Writer

I have sang on and written songs for Tiesto, Showtek, Craig Connolly, and many others. My songwriting history mostly contains genres of Progressive, Trance, Pop, and Singer Songwriter As a very versatile singer, I believe I can make your song sound the way you have been picturing it.

Recording Vocalist & Writer - Jenny



Los Angeles

Recording Vocalist & Writer

Multi-genre expert session vocalist & writer. 10+ yrs training with vocal coach Ron Anderson (The Weeknd, Alicia Keys, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Byork, Selena Gomez). Berklee College of Music Graduate. Vocals featured on HBO, Disney Channel, Netflix & ABC shows as well as various commercials, films, trailers, video games & other forms of popular media.

Latin Singer/Songwriter - Nathalie




Latin Singer/Songwriter

Hola! I'm a Colombian singer that specializes in Spanish vocals that are fun, sweet and romantic. I have many years of experience in the studio, so if you're looking for a voice that's smooth and charming, I'm your gal!

Singer. Songwriter. Demo  - Jayd




Singer. Songwriter. Demo

- Over 10 million streams on Spotify. - Won a National TV Show in Canada “The Launch” for who can make a hit song in 48hrs. - My music has played on BBC Radio1xtra and has been featured on Fader, The Source, Complex etc.. - I was one of a few to be selected for Babyface writing camp in Toronto

Singer/Writer EDM, Pop, Latin - EILEEN




Singer/Writer EDM, Pop, Latin

Multi-genre artist with millions of streams. I’ve worked with Avicii, released on Spinnin’, Ultra, & many more labels and artists. I'll write lyrics, top line & record vocals over your productions in ANY genre. I will make your song RADIO READY and take it to the next level!

Vocalist/Songwriter - Alaina





Nashville-based singer/songwriter with 10+ years of experience as a vocalist and songs heard on major networks, such as FOX, CMT, MTV, Netflix, and NBC!

Recording Artist & Songwriter - Kayrae



Los Angeles

Recording Artist & Songwriter

LABEL RELEASES: Arkade/Aftercluv Dancelab/Columbia Deutschland/Mometum Records/Perfecto Records/BredNButter/Trap City/Tiger Records/AIA/Knight Vision/Gemstone Records/Physical Presents/Liftoff Recordings

Singer | Songwriter | Voc Prod - PAU



West Hollywood

Singer | Songwriter | Voc Prod

Platinum + Latin Grammy nominated songwriter. Pop, latin, r&b vocalist. Vocal producer/arranger. 10+ years experience. Worked with WARNER, SONY, ATLANTIC, HOLLYWOOD RECORDS, SM ENTERTAINMENT. We got this, I'm on your team.

Singer, Songwriter, Topline - Shelley



New York

Singer, Songwriter, Topline

Multi-skilled singer/songwriter. Emotionally driven top quality vocals. Songs featured on many film/tv shows. I’ve written with Grammy Award winning producers & artists all over the globe. From Elvis Costello to the Chainsmokers and everything in between. I work in all genres and I pay attention to detail to deliver the best result for you.

Singer, Songwriter, Topliner - Sara



Los Angeles

Singer, Songwriter, Topliner

Recent Releases: Universal Netherlands, Ultra (Sony), Dharma/Spinnin’ (Warner), Sony Sweden Hey, I’m Sara:) 👋 From Sweden, but split time growing up between Stockholm<>San Diego. Now living in LA where I make music full time! 🦄

Smooth Soulful Vocals + BVs - Holly




Smooth Soulful Vocals + BVs

Hi, I'm Holly! Full-time vocalist heard by over 7 million people a week 📻💿. I'd love to get involved in your project, so pop me a message and let's get started!

Songwriter & Vocalist - Mechi



Los Angeles

Songwriter & Vocalist

Hi guys, I'm Mechi Pieretti! I have worked for Grammy Award Winner producers like Sebastian Krys and KC Porter. I have also written for Sony Music, Warner Chappell and Spinning Records. I have recorded and written for AfroBros (multiplatinum trio , X J Balvin, Nicky Jam). My Soundbetter jobs sum up more than 30 million streams.

Lyricist, Topliner, Vocalist - Kate




Lyricist, Topliner, Vocalist

Professional touring singer/songwriter based out of London, from East European origin. I am lead vocalist with my band who have produced and released two successful albums. We've played throughout Europe including Download, Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds, and supported Deftones in Hellfest.

Singer/Composer - Silke



London / Rome


I am a pro British session singer, songwriter & composer and I have been specializing in online sessions since 2005. My tone is very versatile yet unique: if you're looking for a singer who will listen to you and bring your vision to life but always add emotion, personality, urgency, top-notch audio quality and dedication look no further.

Songwriter, vocalist, producer - Romy




Songwriter, vocalist, producer

I'm a singer-songwriter who's specialized in Pop, R&B. I've worked with Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Ghostface Killah and Busta Rhymes etc. and wrote for a lot of artists and DJ's. I had a #1 record in Bulgaria with Poli Genova - Last night as a songwriter. My voice can be described as ‘vulnerable and powerful’ according to Billboard.

Vocalist/Songwriter/Coach - Myah



Los Angeles


Professional Songwriter/Vocalist. Warner Chappell; I've written #1 Billboard & American Top 40 charting songs for major artists from Britney Spears to Lil Wayne. I've toured around the country as an artist on Capitol Records (My Crazy Girlfriend)/Background vocalist for Britney Spears on over 14+ songs/ Background Vocalist for Selena Gomez & Miley


Other popular categories

Hiring a Singer

Hiring a singer is typically done with one of the following arrangements:

Background Singers will sing backgrounds to your existing vocals. For example, they will double your vocals, sing harmonies or ooh and ahhs.

Demo Singers will sing the lead vocal part for your song for the purpose of shopping your song to labels or artists. The recording with the demo singer's vocals isn't intended for commercial release, since it's not 'featured'. Demo vocals are intended to showcase your song in the most impressive way possible - with a killer vocal performance. This is important for getting the interest of labels, publishers, or the artist you'd like to record your song, since the vocal performance is prominent in how people listen to music and judge songs. If the vocal melody and lyrics aren't already written when you approach a singer, you might need a topliner or writer to write the part. Many topliners also sing.

Featured Singers will sing the lead vocal part for your song or track for commercial release. Typically, featured singers will charge more for the privelage of releasing the track commercially with their vocals, and depending on what was agreed, using their name and/or likeness as part of the release.

Singers who also write - Many singers are songwriters. If the song is not completely written and the singer writes all or some of the vocal melody or lyrics (as opposed to singing a part that was already written), they will typically expect to be recognized as a co-writer, unless you specifically agree the writing is 'work for hire' (aka a full buyout) which may cost more. It is typical for co-writers to keep a share of the 'publishing' - the royalties associated with songwriting a song, unless a buyout arrangement was agreed to.

Topliners or 'top line writers' are writers who help write the vocal melody (and sometimes lyrics), to a finished backing track. This is common in EDM, Hip Hop and EDM/R&B influenced pop. Any genre where the 'track' came first. Producers and DJs bring a finished track to topline writer to write a vocal line on top of the track. As long as the backing track is essentially fixed and finished, and someone else is asked to write the vocal melody (and in some cases lyrics), they are referred to as topliners. Many topliners are also demo singers - they can deliver a good sounding vocal performance of the 'topline' they wrote. Make sure to clarify if the vocals being delivered by the topliner are demo vocals (to showcase and shop the song), or featured (released commercially with their vocal recording).


When asking a session singer to sing your track, make sure to specify whether the vocal part is already written and you just need their vocals, or whether you need them to help you write the vocal part as well.

It's also a good idea to discuss in advance if you need the vocals doubled, if you want any backgrounds, harmonies or adlibs, and whether you want the tracks delivered as dry takes or edited and pre-processed. We recommend getting the dry takes and editing and processing yourself or with your mix engineer. This gives you greater flexibility and is less work for the singer.

Different singers specialize in different genres and types of singing. Some vocalists have breathy vocals, some belt, some have a country twang while others nail that urban vibe. Singers also have different vocal ranges - how long or high they can comfortably sing. Some session singers have better recording capability than others. Some singers have their own studios while others rely on others for recording. Some deliver just dry vocal takes while others can edit and tune the vocals they record, saving you money on studio time and outside engineers.

A good way to find the right singer for you is to listen to their samples. Their samples are likely a good representation of the style, color and quality of their voice. Read reviews from previous clients, and make sure to always contact the singers you like through SoundBetter for protection.