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Hello, I'm Troy W Goldsmith aka J Traxz and I'm a music producer. I'm seeking of ways to get my music placed in films and commercials. I've produced and worked on a lot of projects for many artist. My goal is to have my music placed in commercials, films, tv and also to do scores and sound tracks for films.

J Traxz was born in Philadelphia, Pa. Growing up, he was surrounded by an abundance of musical talent and found himself dancing, rapping, and singing eventually graduating to producing musical tracks for himself and other artists. Along with being an artist, J Traxz became a producer and business man, striving to be a successful and permanent fixture in the music industry. Knowing what it takes to be successful, J Traxz began working non-stop with various artists.

One of J Traxz producing talents is building the music around the artist. While he learns the artist and gets to know their vibe, he can put together a track with the vocal arrangements already done in his head. He calls it "on the spot producing". Along with producing, J Traxz has other amazing talents that you can witness here on the site.....

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