Top Sound Editors for hire

Professional audio editors curate, crossfade, and cut all your recorded takes, providing you with one perfect track

Producer, mixing engineer  - Michaelrcharman

I've been working professionally in the music industry for almost 3 years now and part time 5 years previous. I love mixing work and designing sound scapes

Mixing & Mastering, Production - Mario Mixes

Hello, I am a professional audio engineer and musician with 20+ years of experience. Quality is my priority

Producer, Mixing, Editing - Alexander Sarychev


Recording/Mixing engineer, producer, working at DTH Studios based in Moscow. Like to work with indie music and punk, hardcore, metal music. I can help your music to sound with full of energy and emotions.

Doing it with love :) - Norgul

Long story short, music and lecturing are my life :) I love teaching, and i am currently doing so in a high school. I am also a 10 year musician, composer and producer and love graphic design :)

Mixing  - Kelvin

25 year old mixing engineer with close to 6 years experience. I have been that ''cable guy' to some of the top mixing guys in South Africa and that has helped me develop a critical listening ear that appreciates the dynamics of sound and that can help turn an average musical idea into a well polished record that can compete internationally.

Online Mixing and Mastering - Clean up your mix

Mixing & Mastering Engineer at your service

Music Producer/Mixing Engineer - JB Mixing and Mastering

Hi, I'm Jamie and i work as a freelance mixing and mastering engineer in the heart of the idilic lake district. With a BA Honours in Music Production at the University of Huddersfield i have over 6 years experience in the music industry

Mixing, Recording, Production - CLFSound

Chris is a professional audio engineer, known for his in-depth understanding of the technical details of production and also for his ability to implement that understanding into his daily work. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in audio production from Middle Tennessee State University.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - CS Mixing & Mastering

Hello my name is Christian Sanchez. I'm a professional freelance Mixing & Mastering engineer from Hollywood, Los Angeles California. I've been mixing and mastering for the past 10 years and have had the pleasure to record and mix on vintage industry consoles like the Neve Vr, SSL (G series and Duality) and Digidesign Icon console.

All Types of Music Production - Ryan Ball - Gearbox Recording

The Gearbox is one of the top recording studios in northern NJ for tracking, mixing and mastering. We record, mix, and master all styles of music for all ranges of recording budgets and constantly strive to be the best, most creative, and competitively priced mid-scale recording studio in Bergen County and the New York metro area.

Record, Mix, and Write - Carlos "Los" Eckerd

Music professional that is passionate about your sound! Check out my Soundcloud for a list of songs I've mixed!

Music Producer, Songwriting  - Don Dada - Dragutin Čulić

A sound designer and music producer with in-depth knowledge of sound design, mixing, composing and performing wide variety of musical styles and genres, with 4 years of experience working on radio as radio imaging producer.


The Cyclone Sike Alive is the leader of the musical collective CENTRAL NETWORK from Chicago, Illinois.

Music Producer/Exec Producer - "J.R." Hutson


Grammy nominated

Song Production - Switchkicker

Do you need production, mix or arrangement assistance? I am here to assist you with any part of the song writing, production or mix process. I have been working within the industry for 20 years working with a range of artists both local and international. No matter how big or small - I am in love with music and want to help!

Session drummer,Music Producer - Terence Cameron

Hello my name is Terence and I am a drummer/producer. I have been playing drums for over 20 years. I love creating music and look forward to working with artist with the same passion as I do.

Engineer, Mixing, Production - Joshua B

Hello! Im currently offering new clients 25% off their first booking!! Id love to help take your project to the next level with some professional engineering and mixing! Im also available for Male session vocals and Remixing, as well as voice over work and podcast editing. Lets talk about your projects needs! :] Custom pricing available**

Remote Mixing, Bass Guitar - Marteinn Marteinsson

Hi! My name is Marteinn (Martin) and I'm a Berlin based audio engineer.

Recording, mixing & production - Alex Williams

I am a recording/mixing engineer and producer based in Los Angeles with over 10 years of experience working with some of the top artists in the music industry.

Create memories and moments - Elton C. Collins

I'm Elton Collins from Cape Town, South Africa. Currently residing in Penang, Malaysia after many years of travelling the globe, I now call Worldwide Platinum Records home.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Jeanmark Rodriguez

I specialize in mixing and mastering. Let me take your creation to the NEXT LEVEL!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Ashford Mixing and Mastering

I'm a Mixing and Mastering engineer with around 10 years of experience.

'Remote Mixing and Mastering' - Octavian Daniel

We are a production company offering our services of Mixing and Mastering audio to all artists and producers that need help with those tasks.

record/mix/edit/master/produce - JR Medina

An Audio Engineer from New Jersey specializing in getting the best sound out of your music. I work great on all genres and spectacular with editing, song arrangement & mixing, you are guaranteed a solid track or tracks, that you will love.

Rough Mix, Mixing Engineer - Julia Bores

Hi I'm from Montreal, Canada. I studied audio and musical production. I finished my program with honors. I love mixing. I love cooking music. Edit and add effects progressively. For me music has to be a trip. A song must deliver a story that draws the listener to it. I will help you achieve that.

Remote mixing and mastering - Lux Media

Having engineered and produced for dozens of artists, including Rich Gang artist Bleu Davinci, and amassing millions of play in the process, I know what it takes to turn your sound from questionable to marketable.

Music Producer, Session Guitar - Waldermars Garden Studios

Are you looking for the perfect Pop, EDM or RnB arrangement for your song or melody? Look no further! I have specialized within genres of electronic music, and can offer a streamlined form of cooperation. I work in Ableton, Logic Pro X and Pro Tools. I can offer music production to cheap prizes.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Jassiem Wheeler

I will mix and/or master your tracks to get your content sounding professional to any listener.

Mix Engineer - TMCGEEnHD

Butter makes everything taste better right? That's all I do..... It's nothing fancy.. I just add butter.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Lee Kieslor Jr

Building a portfolio in audio mixing and mastering. While still new to the field I promise to deliver professional quality work.

Mixing Engineer - Mike Slomba

Vox Booth Studios offers great affordable quality for any genre or any type of artist. Mike Slomba the studio engineer as many years of experience in studio recording and or mixing. Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Serato, Ableton, anything to get the job done and get you coming back!

Sound engineer mix master - Cex

sound engineer specializing in vocals by genre in hip hop and rock, editing, tuning, mixing and mastering

Female singer, Music producer - Sonya JT

Professional Singer, beginner in Audio and Video Production Professional singer with a home studio. I can record and/or mix all of your audio needs. Have about 9 years of experience in singing and recording. Over 1-year experience in audio and video production.

Audio Engineer - ChameleonSound

I'll be consumed by any project you throw my way

Recording Engineer, Producer - Studio Milano USA

40 years experience with Gold, Platinum and Grammy credits across many Genres, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Gospel, Children's Music and Jingles.

Music Mixer/Producer - Bobby Lord

I'm a professional mixer/sound designer and multi-instrumentalist and former touring musician. I've worked with members of Wilco, The Raconteurs, and played live with Jenny Lewis, Brendan Benson, and more.

Sound Design, Audio Editing - Jasper van Dijk

Jasper is a sound designer, composer, and producer currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Always aiming to create unique and memorable experiences in the realm of film, video games, and interactive mediums while staying true to the message and creative narrative.

Professional Mixing &Mastering - Alex Urbanski

Professional, efficient, and impressive. As a mixing engineer I am active listening, constantly trying new things, and never giving up on a mix. As a mastering engineer, I am meticulous, precise, and perfectionistic.

Mixing & Mastering - Glenn Chan

Hello, I am mixing & mastering engineer. I will make your music sound better.

Producer, Mixing  - Kimon Tarlton

Hi I'm Kimon, I am a Producer / Engineer from Belgium, and I want to make your record sound great ! Working together will help move your project to the next level and achieve your creative goals.

Playlist Curator & Mixing  - Lyrical Layers

Need more #SpotifyStreams on your music? 🔊📈 Ready to become a better artist?🎧🎤 Lyrical Layers: Where The Community Meets The Industry Join Lyrical Layers for a daily increase in streams, distribution tips, song review and feedback, plus more. 💰

Mixing and mastering, 1-3 days - The mixing Apostle


Mix, Mastering, Sound Design - Alexander One

Graduated Audio Engineer based in Munich specialised in Mix, Mastering, Restoration, Production/Composing, Game Audio and Sound Design.

Music Producer - We Make Music

Bonjour, Nous sommes une société de production composé de plusieurs beatmaker certifié d'un disque d'or. Nous avons travailler avec Kalash, Jahyanai King, Bamby, Freeze Corleone, Marwa Loud, Timal, Lacrim

Grammy Winning Audio Engineer - Angelo Carretta

I'm co-owner of Sunset Studios in South Miami, FL and the senior engineer for Neon.16, headed by urban producer Tainy. My ears come equipped with eight years of intensive classical music training and ten years of diverse production experience. Frequencies and patterns fascinate me, music and lyrics move me. Let's Vibe.

Producer, Songwriter - Billy Smiley

Billy Smiley BIO Founder of Rock Group WhiteHeart w Dann Huff 5 Time Grammy Award Nominee 27 Dove Award Nominee GMA Song Writer of the Year 1988 Co-written 27 #1 Songs White Heart was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame 2010 Produced over 10 Million Record Sales

Audio Engineer - Mixing / Edit - Yann Costa e Silva

When I’m working on a project with you my main goal is to fulfill your vision with the skills I have accomplished from over 5 years in audio mixing and editing. Every project is unique and for every single one of them I’m constantly adapting myself to, which will result in a final product that we’ll be extremely proud of, or your money back.

Studio di Gioco - Non AAMS

Campi da gioco affidabili per gli italiani con il supporto per la lingua italiana e una vasta selezione di giochi diversi e possibilità di fare scommesse professionali!

Mixing  &  Mastering Engineer  - Argest Rushiti

Working with Love and passion for the last 17 years as a Live & Studio Sound Engineer,has made me understand musician's and producer's needs for the sound they love and want.Originality,quality,exellence and client's sattisfaction is my main goal.I use my ears to listen and my heart to feel.I take care of your passion,your music,your sound.

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Acknowledge Music Services

Over 20 years of experience producing audio tracks in thew Seattle area. I specialize in rock and indie recording, as well as singer/songwriter material. Allow me to make your pre-recorded material radio-ready!

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Dary Alza

I am a versatile music producer, composer and mixing and mastering engineer. I have worked on different genres through out my life, 10 years in the music industry I mainly work with Tropical, Pop, Reggaeton sound, however I can pull it off on another genres, such as Alternative Rock, Alternative, Trap, R&B and more.

Music Producer/Artist - Ptuck

Theres no better person to produce a song, than an artist that produces themselves.

Music Producer - Cotardstudios

Mixing, Reamping & Mastering services: SOCIAL NETWORKS:

 artist, mixing & mastering - $imba P

I am a recording artist, performer, & audio engineer. I have been pursuing and living my passion since I was 16 years old. I have recorded 4 projects since all diy then and have performed in many cities across the country I am one piece of a greater collective that is called TheGr8Thinkaz. I am very versed in recording and mixing!


LoFi, Reggae, HipHop, Dub, CHill-Out, EDM, Trance, Techno - just let us know your desire and we deliver to you your beat within 48 hours!

Mixing, Editing, Production - Jasmine Cross

I have more than a decade of experience, working as a freelance engineer. Of those years I've worked at Tree Sound Studios and also worked with many independent and Grammy nominated artists. I've worked as a digital podcast editor for Imperative Entertainment where my work has been featured as #1 on Apple Podcast’s Top 50 list.

Music Producer, Mixer - Drew Wilken

I'm Drew Wilken, a multi-million streamed electronic music producer with features on some of the biggest tastemakers in electronic music and their labels, for example Trap Nation and Proximity. EDM is my specialty, and I am great at getting things loud, punchy, and sparkly.

Demo vocalist/ Songwriter - Jammy. H

Singer / Songwriter/ Demo singer/Music Producer

Audio Engineer & Producer - Ryan John Stephenson


Hi, my name is Ryan. I am a passionate producer and qualified audio engineer with a keen ear for detail and strong project management skills. I am reliable, forthright and always strive to provide a high quality product on time. I specialise in the genre of rock music, influenced by producers such as Chris Lord Alge & David Bendeth.

home mix&mastering, compose - AnCiBug

love music and creations

guitarist , compressor  - Siavash

I'm a professional guitarist and composer looking for a producer for my work. If you are interested in the themes and atmosphere of my work, contact me. Thanks.

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