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Professional audio editors curate, crossfade, and cut all your recorded takes, providing you with one perfect track

I'm A Craetive - obeitle164

Organizer, and Professionnal Audio Mixer !

Pro Audio Engineer,  MIDI prod - Zig Zag Black

Time is Money

Multi-instrumentalist Producer - VictorProducer

By the grace of God every thing is goin to be new again!

photoshop expert but for video - Cowboy Steeze

I'm a pixel manipulator in top form. I have access to a studio with dancers + a motion capture suit. Augmented reality is my personal jam. putting animated things into video seamlessly.

Music producer  - Trappin Kato

Best reverb or slowed beat drops. Also i do collabs with other big producers to bring the beat for the artist

producer, guitarist  - Betelnut records

IF u want a bad song I got you.

Podcast, Dialogue Editor - Elvira Pena Pena

Experienced audio editor and audio production specialist for your Shortfilm, Podcast or AudioBook! Great proficiency in Audio Cleaning and Restoration with the iZotope RX Audio Editor and ProTools software.

Music Producer - Toon Janssens

Hello, my name is Toon (34). I have been producing music for the last 15 years. I can help out with music production, mixing, mastering and live performance. My productions were used for video games, commercials, television and I produced music for singer-songwriters, rappers and other projects.

writer - Assignement Maker UAE

Our customer support team remains 24/7 connected to your concerns and queries.

Audio Engineering - Steve Believe

Multi-gold and platinum RIAA award-winning Audio Engineer since 2007.

Produce ambient music - Dj Mixamatosis

If you need relaxing and ambient music, please ask me.

Expert Editing Help - Edu Experts Wing

Our experts take care of your every document. We have proven our skills in more than 250 subjects.

Sound Designer - Francis Locadia

I am a freelance audio professional specialized in post-production audio. From editting, sound-design to final mixing, I can do it all. For my portfolio, go to (mostly Dutch).

Multi instrumentalist composer - Vincentium

Hi, I am a multi instrumentalist and progressive composer available for music based work from artists anywhere in the world.

Musician,Promoter,Producer - Edgard Collins

I have been in the music business for a while, connecting and promoting show in both sides of the border, alsoplay in a successful psychedelic rock band.

Editing and Mixing Engineer - Danny Leiva

Hi, my name is Danny Leiva, I'm the proud owner of "El Jabalí Home Studio" located in Quito, Ecuador, I'm a sound and acoustic engineer who loves working in music projects (specially if they are pop, rock, metal related).

Remote Mixing and Mastering  - Space Cat Studio

Specialize in mixing Psych Rock, Analog sounds, and tracks recorded on tape.

Mixing & Mastering, Writer  - MorpheinD (HillzHigh ENT)

I have been making music going on 10 years. I taught myself everything that I know. I can mix, edit, Master & produce any project you need to be professional quality.

Composing, Editing, Producing - Gabriel Sanderson

Genre bending tracks and songs, custom music for any project or artist

Edit, Mix, Release - Rene Productions

Graduate of SAE Institute with a degree in audio technology. I'm a musician and audio engineer ready to do what I love and help people sound good at what they do.

Music Producer, Artist - sergio

I'm a professionally trained musician. I have been working in a recording studio for 7 years now, where I had a chance to work with various bands and musicians, so I have a real world experience in this field. I have also been playing and touring live for 18 years, as a bass guitarist and a sound engineer.

Producer & Songwriter-EDM - Jpetersmann

I’m a EDM - Alt Pop Producer & Songwriter based in London, UK. If you need chords and catchy hook lines for your next song I’m the one who is able to help you. I can provide over 10 years experience working for Bands and Advertising.

hiphop/rnb/jazz vocalist - AlexInTheMiddle

My name is AlexInTheMiddle and my foundation is in melody composing and songwriting. I'm also a guitarist and a drummer as well. Check me out on Spotify, and Soundcloud "Alexinthemiddle" to get a better idea of the broad range of things I do.

Video and Animation - Syndicate Pictures Inc

Animation and special effects

Seemless Spotify Canvas - aiaesthetics

Notice when the canvas ends and get it for free!

Session guitarist & producer - Ty Plante

Home-based studio, recording for years now wanting to collaborate with others in a virtual, socially distance world!

Graphic Designer - Robert Smith

I am the Chief Graphic Designer & Marketing Manager of clipping solutions.

Mentor and Production (Remote) - Ubiniqu

Mentor to artists and musicians for many years, personable and willing to encourage inquiring minds on the aspects of music and sound work. Beginners and curious souls welcome. Help with acoustic set-ups for better sounding home studios or even how to build one in an affordable way. Techniques of thinking out of the box or looking for inspiration.

Editing - Amelie Taylor

Content Editing

I do all kinds of music produc - Luan Rafael

Hi, I'm a record producer, and I'm going to produce your music.

academic writer - MichaelFinn

Michael assist your writing need

programador web - SamuelContraIncendios

Soy trabajador de la empresa Promatec Ingeniería, me dedico a la instalación y mantenimiento de extintores. La empresa tiene una larga experiencia en el sector, tanto en el mantenimiento e instalación de cualquier sistema contra incendios como en la venta de extintores online.

Session keyboardist - Blesskeyzz

I am a session keyboardist who has played at several concerts in Windhoek, Namibia, and also has tracked for different artists from Namibia.

Academic Writer - AssignmentTask

The Best Assignment Writing Services Provider

3D Generalist and VFX Artist - Hafid 3D

Fast results and exquisite quality animations! Hire me for all kinds of styles of music and visuals that will definitely catch your audience's attention and narrate your story with a proper visual element. Prices will vary according to the complexity of the animation but I am pretty good not gonna lie ;)

Sound Manipulator  - The Sound Scientist

Hello, I am here to help you with your music production. I am also very low cost, as I am still building a portfolio of work. So let me know if you need anything done.

Mixing - Solid State Studio

Looking to help mix albums. All files must be sent over via internet.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Daniel Bebawi

I started learning piano when I was 6, but the curiosity of knowing how to create music was killing me. To cut a long story short, I've been mixing and mastering since 2014.

Mixing&Mastering MusicProducer - FollowedGang

Followed Is my Stage Name My real name is abdelkader Mixing & MASTRING EG. at Winners Studio Been working in this industry enough 2 Get any project done with a tight mix and master

Compose, Produce - TempoClick

Been working with music since 2003

composer, sound editor - Paul Boccia

Sound editor/producer based out of New York. I have a passion for all sound related projects whether it be composing, editing, restoring and mixing!

Music production - Orion (Prod)

Your art is my craft.

Music Producer, Mixing, Master - Manny

Seeking the purity of audio with every production.

Assignment Writer - LennonJohn

Students Assignments is the topmost academic service in the current education domain, and we aim to provide updated and technically superior material to our students.

Editing, Mixing & Mastering - El Barco Estudio

Guitar Sessionist. Bass Guitar Sessionist. Guitar Sessionist. Drums Tracks. Backing Tracks. Backing Vocals. Online Mixing & Mastering.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Mohammad Babaee (Simin Record)

Hi , I'm a Music producer that Music is more important life for me ! If you need a high quality works & modern methods of ( Mix & Mastering ) for your projects, I'm here to do it for you ! * Mix your projects with standard methods * Professional Tune your vocal * Then , for End of your project ... a modern ( Mastering ) to get a high quality o

Edditing  - Ethnic Plus

Also Fashion Blogger

Electronic music producer - OQLRR Music

Having a creative block ? Cant make that loop into a full track ? I am your guy Producer, sound designer and an audio visual artist.

Writing - Create Wiki Page

We can create a Wikipedia page for you, which focuses on all elements of your brand.

Male vocalist, Music Producer - wanastudios

Making beats, backing tracks. Music production

SEO Services in Karachi - Matt Pablo

Monarch SEO Agency is not just a digital marketing and website development company but also a leading platform in Pakistan for WordPress Customization and custom Page designing which is now most demanding service in the world of internet, Monarch is pioneer in developing, Designing and Marketing your Company/Brand identity professionally

Productor musical, Compositor. - RanatroniC

Soy músico hace 40 años y 20 como productor. Toco bajo, guitarras y teclados. Trabajé para la emisora de radio FM Metro y actualmente creando artística sonora en FM Urbana Play. Realice la banda sonora de 12 obras de teatro y la música de publicidades e institucionales para marcas como Budweiser, La Rural, National Geographic y Disney.

Recording - Maurílio Melo

Brazilian Guitar Player

Singer, Dancer, Entertainer - Jasmine

Hello my names Jasmine, t I want to widen my singing career but I've ran into a bit of writers block. So I'm looking for a song writer that would be interested in working with me, I'm not picky on a genera because my voice works with a few, however I am really into alt music.

Remote mixing and mastering. - Transformation Sound

Transformation Sound provides quality audio mixing and mastering. From recording to post production.

 Editing and Proofreading  - alphaeduhelp

Our team consists of highly motivated individuals who are determined to be more successful and bring happiness to the clients.

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Ivancomar

Top Singer and Songwriter

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