Top Sound Editors for hire

Professional audio editors curate, crossfade, and cut all your recorded takes, providing you with one perfect track

EDM Producer, Mixing Engineer - Mind Flayer

Enhance your music! I'm a producer who specializes in electronic music and club edits. I've had some of the biggest DJs in the world play my mashups and edits on festival stages in front of thousands of fans, artists including Wuki, Nitti Gritti, 4B, Good Times Ahead, and Valentino Khan.

Music Producer, Mixer - Bartosz Antoniak

I would like to mix one of your songs for free.

Mixing and Mastering - LEOC for mixing and mastering

I offer a low-priced (20$) Mix & Master service, but at studio level, due to the fact that I have a degree as a sound engineer. I use Logic Pro X and if you want to work with me I will just need either the WAV tracks without effects, or directly the Logic project from which I will work on them. I use plug in like waves, fab filter and others

Online Exam Assistance - Live Exam Helper

Our aim is that all the students get the best Exam Expert. So that they can get the highest grade on exams

Session Musician/Songwriter  - DearQuinton

I'm a songwriter with extensive versatility in genre's. My personal music has been play listed by Spotify twice over.

"Urban-Music Multi-Talent" - lildeadpool

-Llamandome -PAMARTE

Remote mixng. - Juan Polito

"I'm Juan Polito, a passionate music producer, sound engineer, and multi-instrumentalist musician. With over 10 years of experience, I specialize in creating exceptional auditory experiences. My focus spans from music production to mixing and mastering songs. My musical diversity and passion for creativity are the cornerstones of my work. If you're

Mastering & Mix Engineer - Dylan Barber

I am an experienced and award winning audio engineer offering mixing and mastering who has worked with clients and artists such as Deutsche Gramaphon, the BBC, NPR (Tiny Desk), Roger Eno, Szun Waves and labels & magazines such as Leaf and Wordplay. I work across a range of genres and my only focus is to do what is right by musicians and their art!

 - Ivan Markovic

Recording | Mix | Master - LIZI STUDIO

LIZI STUDIO – Your partner in music- and mediaproduction The top modern studio with two reception rooms and a director has been true for professional productions for bands and industry partners. Send us a message with your request!

 - Amplified Magnitude

My name is Dwight, and I'm a skilled music composer, producer, and content creator. I've been actively composing and producing for at least 3 years, creating content for 4 years, and a practicing guitarist for 11 years. My strength is in creativity, and this takes me very far.

 - Evolutiva

Tras más de 15 años trabajando en todos los ámbitos del sonido (radio, televisión, dIrecto, estudio), especializado en grabación y mezcla de directos así como diseño y postproducción de sonido para medios audiovisuales. Socio fundador de Evolutiva (Producción AV | Formación AV).

Write, rap, edit, mix, guitar - Spence

Been making music for over 5 years now, more specifically, with HipHop for the last 3. I go to New England Institute of Technology for Video & Audio Production & work almost everyday. Music is my hobby but I want it to become my job. Last year I released an Album I personally recorded and mixed myself under the name "Suspense" called "Unemployed".

Editing and Mixing Engineer - Danny Leiva

Hi, my name is Danny Leiva, I'm the proud owner of "El Jabalí Home Studio" located in Quito, Ecuador, I'm a sound and acoustic engineer who loves working in music projects (specially if they are pop, rock, metal related).

Guitar, Producer, Editor, Mix - Kadu Abecassis

The guitarist behind most of tracks from Mallu Magalhães ('Highly Sensitive', Sony Music, 2013), co-producer from her first recording sessions. Also spent years and years doing audio for TV and radio advertising both creating music and as a sound engineer. O guitarrista por trás da sonoridade dos primeiros álbuns de Mallu Magalhães.

make beats,edit,record artists - M16 RECORDS.KENYA

hey guys,im an approved producer and passionate in my field of works. producer vasacci

Audio Editor/Session Player - Dan Ashcom

My name's Dan and I'm a session guitarist, bassist and producer. I'd be happy to help with your next track or album, whether it be recording, mixing or doing those mundane tasks in sound editing that need to get done.

Producer/Editor/Mixer - Chris Snow

I've worked on dozens of records with artists such as Big Wreck, Barenaked Ladies, Danko Jones and The Trews. If there's one thing I've learned how to do well, it's editing. Whether it be drums, bass, guitar or vocals, just a bit of tightening or right on the grid, I'll make sure it sounds natural and to your liking. Let's make some music!

Session Musician and Engineer - Jessica Mieritz

Hello! I'm a Berklee College of Music graduate with a degree in Professional Music and a minor in Instrument Repair. I use Pro Tools and Studio One to edit, mix, quantize, tune, and master music ranging from pop to metal.

'Music Producer', 'Beatmaker' - Broke Records

Balancing sounds and creating musical patterns is what I do best.

Composer/producer/pianist - Hélène Choyer

I love collaborating to compose and produce unique songs and perform live on my piano.

Creative Writer - Cristine Klein

Hi, My name is Cristine Klein I am a creative content writer in the UK.

Drummer and Percussionist  - Thomas Harres

Brazilian Musician, Drummer, Percussionist and Beat Maker. Worked with many important brasilian Artists like: Gilberto Gil (Refavela 40 tour), Gal Costa, Jards Macalé, Céu, Anelis Assumpção, Ava Rocha, Negro Leo and many others!!! I’m interested in musical exchange and opening doors to colaborate with musicians all over the world!!

Writing - Create Wiki Page

We can create a Wikipedia page for you, which focuses on all elements of your brand.

Editing king, Music shinning - Jeeffo (Lindbergh Studio)

Looking to edit your live tracks? Well, look no further, I'm the guy you need. You also need to make your creation sounds heavy AF? Let me prove you that I'm the guy you need.

Mixing & Mastering, Beat Maker - Alieczander

Signed Music Producer & Mixing Engineer , My Releases is about to hit 1 million stream on Anghami , I work Alone as an Artist

Vocalist, Songwriter, Engineer - Rose Starring

Singer, songwriter, pianist and mixing engineer!

Editing, Mixing, Lyrics - LizIIproduction

I am persistent in a way that I will not stop until it sounds perfect.

I'm A Craetive - obeitle164

Organizer, and Professionnal Audio Mixer !

Graphic Designer - Clipping Path Adept

Outsource Photo Editing Service Provider

PureTrash® - INVI

narrate and video production, art major disciplined putting laughter to the absurdly random and the morbidly crude, internet/artistic video productions

Brand Manager - Kate Fisher

Brand Manager at Infini

Audio editing. Sound design - Veronica Isabel Pereira

Multistrumentalist, improviser audio editing. sound design

Podcaster FR - Philip Rochefort

Faut qu'on en parle !® Le Talk-show interactif sur des sujets de société qui vous concernent sur plusieurs radios.

Mixing Engineer - Kevin Speyer

Mixing your music, Editing your films, I can do it!

A singer and mixing engineer - Tal Tadmor

I'm a musician and music producer. Singer with more than 20 years of experience on stages and recording studios. Music Production graduate from the "MUZIK" college in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Currently residing in Italy.

Artist, Marketer - Tahmid Islam Munna

Tahmid Islam Munna Student SEO Expert

Producer, Engineer & Mixer - Zach Miller

Loud & Proud - producer & mixer with credits that include GEL, Dog Breath, Silk Sheets, Brackish, Hate5six and many more.

Remote Mixing and Editing - Ashley Wootton

I can mix or edit your music to a very precise standard.

Mixing  - Void

Elevate your music and unleash its potential

 - Milq

Creative producer and sound designer with a number of projects under his belt is always looking for new projects to work on. Let me know if You need me !

 - Hugo Leitão - Loudness Films

• Sound Designer / Editor on various projects including feature films, television and documentaries. Editing tasks included Dialog, Music, Foley, Sound Effects and ADR editorial.

Music Producer - Lishon

I create instrumental tracks and I am also a mixing engineer.

Mixing, Editing, Composing - Rushikesh Badbade

Sound Engineering Valedictorian at SAE Institute Nashville, TN. Love the sounds of 60s & 70s.

Mix, edit, clean up tracks - Sound Pool Mixing

I am an engineer specializing is mixing and editing. I graduated with a BA in Music and Sound Recording from the University of New Haven, 2006.

Mixing - Solid State Studio

Looking to help mix albums. All files must be sent over via internet.

Mixing & Editing, Songwriting  - Alicja Golianek

I help artists and music producers sell the emotions that are hidden in their songs and make sure that the final mixes are as interesting and engaging for the listener as possible.

Audio Branding/ Production  - Audionality

Audio Branding/ Voice-Over Services ,based in Dubai / UAE

Music Producer - Chris Lovos

Hi I'm Chris and have been producing for over 5 years. My initial genre of music has been sample based hiphop music, but I have also produced tracks with purely written notation using synths.

Supervising Sound Editor - Erich Gann

I currently work as a Supervising Sound Editor & cut sound FX & dialog for television & small features. I'm a member of the local 700 sound editors union w/ Emmy nominations & MPSE nominations. When I'm not freelance, I'm part of a large team of editors & mixers that mostly work on primetime television series.

Composer, Producer & Arranger - Rodney Ronquillo

I create emotional experiences with the music I create and produce. I always strive to add an orchestral element to every project I work on

Producer & Mixing Engineer - Stefan Wolharn

Acoustic Music Producer / Mixer for Rock, Indie and Alternative Bands

Recording Studio  - English Oak Recording

English Oak is a recording studio based in Charlottesville, Virginia operated by producer, musician, and audio engineer Jacob Sommerio. The studio blends the best of analog and digital recording technology to provide high-quality playback on today’s modern mediums.

Music producer - Andrea Liuzza

Produce , Mixing & Mastering - Soundspace Studio

"Mixing & Mastering is important step for music" #waiting for your track

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Joe Rodriguez

Mixing engineer with experience in EDM and electronic music in general, also podcast editing and radio shows.

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