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Mixing and Production - Hayden Smith Productions

Hi, I'm a Brisbane based music producer and mixing engineer. I have been recording, producing and mixing music for over 10 years. I've worked with a variety of artists and across many genres. I'd love to be involved with your next project!

Remote Recording-Mix-Mastering - ST Production

Motivated Remote Audio Engineer with strong recording editing and mixing experience. Diverse background in studio and product sound engineering. Accomplished Session Musician (scoring film, Guitar, Piano, Singer, Songwriter. Effective communicator and team player with strong organizational project and time management abilities.

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Coltrane


My name is Coltrane Nadler.

Recording Studio - True Sound Records

True Sound Records boasts a 32 channel analog console, separate live room and vocal booth, and the capability to record a full band.

Session Drummer, Producer - patz_mikis

The diference bewtween something well done and something perfect is in the little details.

Mix, Master, a touch of Edit - Jake K.

Just like LANDR, but better.

Mixing, Mastering, Post - Embr Waves

I am an educated audio engineer and will do everything in my power to deliver you the highest quality sound I can.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Freedom Is Loud

I have practiced audio post production in all its forms (editing, mixing, mastering) for five years. I am proficient in ProTools, Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live. I can take your audio stems and turn them into professional quality sounds quickly and for a reasonable price.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - LA Mixing

Are you ready to take you song to the next level? I AM! Achieve that PRO sound and get that something you want. Your music is the most important thing to me and I never stop until you are satisfied. It doesn't matter where you record it, we can make it sound GREAT!

Audio Engineer - Steenodon

Commercial quality mixing & mastering services

Audio and Video Technician - Jeff Salvo

I can make you sound great at your concert and make you look good on the web.

Record Producer & Mixer - Michael Tinker // MT Sound

If you're looking to hire a professional who is truly committed to helping you take your song from an idea or demo, all the way through to a finished, radio ready and commercially competitive song, you've found him. I'm here to bring out the magic in your art and help you level up your music.

Producer, Engineer, Musician - George Berry

Freelance Music Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer and Musician

DJ, Remix, Production - dj geoffro

relaxed atmosphere, reasonable rates, professional results

Mixing, Mastering, Editing  - Paolo Melatti - HLZi Studio

I just entered the SoundBetter network, therefore for quality and genre reference, please have a listen to Audio Samples

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Jacob Sells \\ Audio Engineer

I offer versatile mixing & mastering services to compliment any style of music.

'Remote Mixing & Mastering' - Davon Martin

The Unitt will make your sound into music

Mixing, mastering, restoration - Eugene Whatever

Mixing or mastering is really simple. All you need is true useful fundamental information (that almost absent on youtube) and a bit of a practice

Creating relevant music.  - INDIMIX

I will Mix & Master your music to "Radio Ready" quality

Hybrid Stage/Studio Mixer - Patrick Mundy

Platinum selling mix engineer / International touring FOH/MON& Tour Manager based out of Los Angeles. live credits include FOH for Nas, Ice Cube, Rock the Bells Fest, Dirty Heads, Crystal Castles ETC. Studio Credits include Robert DeLong, Crystal Castles, De Lux and More. Specializing in immersive genre specific full range mixes to artists taste.

Recording/Mixing/Mastering - WoodyPro


Audio engineer specialized in Hip Hip, R&B and Pop. High Quality Mixing & Mastering

Recording & Mixing - Daniel Spadlo

Daniel Spadlo is a Polish / British Sound Engineer, Mixing Engineer and Produce who is Collaborating with artists across all genres. In 2011 he composed music for advert spot for Tauron Nowa Muzyka produced by EXA Studio Poland and in 2011/2013/2014 for Rybnik Photography Festival Poland.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Felipe Bulim

A 21-year-old Brazilian audio professional who specializes in mastering.

Producer, Singer/Songwriter, - Slackjack

Putting my mind into music 🎶😊🤙🌞

Mixing Engineer,Music Producer - Lamont Music Studios

Low mixing fees for high quality production. First song is mixed for free. Any audio effects can be added at your request and at no extra fee.

Mixing & Mastering  - Simone Carriero

5 years of experience in digital mixing and mastering.I'm graduated in automation engineering and I studied as sound technician at APM school in Saluzzo which is one of the best in Italy. If you want a mix or master you should send me stem WAV. files

MIX & MASTER & EDIT & FOH - Alexandru Pana

Hello, My name is Alexandru Pana I'm a Recording, Mixing, Mastering and FOH Live Engineer. During the last 10 years, I've worked with many different genres, in studio mixing and mastering, broadcasting or rocking out the stadium behind my FOH desk for artists all over the world.

Session drummer, audio edit - Nicola Corrias

I'm drummer and session man. I have a passion for audio edit and video maker

mixing and mastering engineer  - sanjeev chilukuri

I have been working as an audio engineer for few projects. I can do the work as required by the client and I can give the best quality.

Remote mixing and mastering. - Marcus Sjöberg Mixer

I mix your music with musicality and attention to detail to reach the highest sound quality regardless of genre.

mixing & mastering/ music prod - Dylan Lerner

Dylan Lerner / Music producer, Sound engineer, Composer for films.

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - Brandon Bollinger

I've toured the country and amassed thousands of streams in the metal band, "Hallow Point". Having an artist perspective has allowed me to fully understand the importance of a great sounding track. Let me take the knowledge I've acquired and apply it to your upcoming project.

emphasize your vibe | Mixer - Martin Wolf

I dive deep to find out the needs of your song with the goal to emphasize the key-elements and your unique sound. My focus is on intensifying vibe, emotion & message to make your track pop out and sound great on every sound system. As an Engineer my technical decisions always follow the the narrative of your music and the sound you want.

Producción, mezcla y podcast - Giácomo Casas

Técnico de sonido con mas de 15 años de experiencia, especialista en mezcla de sonido y diseño sonoro

Mixing & Mastering - Isaiah Smith

Professional service at an affordable rate.

Mixing, Mastering & Production - Thomas Bond Sound

Over 20 years experience in all areas of production and sound design. Specialising in drone, ambeint and soundscapes.

Mixing & (STEM-)Mastering - Frederik Tack

By use of knowledge, the charm of vintage equipment and the advantages of the digital domain, I offer you professional audio productions with a focus on musicality. Producing, arranging, mixing, mastering, recording, editing are all things I take care of in the process to make your music come alive.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Alessandro Costa

Modern, Clear and Powerful Alessandro Costa is a freelance audio engineer based in Berlin providing professional mixing and mastering services. With his wide knowledge of a vast range of musical genres Alessandro belongs to the 3rd generation of Mixing Engineers.

Mixing & Mastering, Produce - LQProject

I am a dj who know how things work

Im a Beatmaker and producer  - Curren

Specialized on AfroBeat- Reggaeton- Trap- House music

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Isidor Technician

I deeply love music and see it as my primary goal in life to help others (you) to complete your musical vision. I will help you with the production, mixing and mastering. All you need to finish off your demos and make them the highest possible standard. If there is instrument to be added, a mix or master to be done, i got you covered.


This is only for the adventurous, the pioneers, brave. Those who are willing to commit to sounding unlike anyone, and are proud to stand apart. This path is for those who wish to Sound Forbidden.

Remote mixing and mastering - Manuel Gattoni

Certified Audio Engineer

Remote Mixing & Mastering - MixedByWavvo

I am a mixing/mastering engineer currently pursuing a master's in Music Technology at NYU. I began mixing in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2017. My specialty is in Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B. Services include stems and two-track mixing/mastering. Mixing/mastering services are provided separately and together at a discount.

 - Chris LaRocque/Kennedy Studios

Picking up audio engineering via a hands on and DIY approach, I look forward to making each new project better than my previous and delivering top quality results to clients in a friendly and collaborative environment.

Metal/Rock |Mix | Mast | Reamp - MxD Recordings


Professional all in one service for Metal, Hardcore and Rock bands! Crushing sound guaranteed!

Mix & Mastering - Frank Zustin

Hi there! I am an "online" sound engineer with own mixing studio and hardware/analog signal processing. Producing pop, classic rock, old-sound, hip-hop, folk and classics. Mastering in separate rooms, pure analog signal chain. Just let me know, 1st song is for free :)

 - Perpetual Prism

Craig Burgess is a Sound Designer, Electroacoustic Composer & Audio Engineer based in Manchester, England combining field recordings, found sound, musical textures & aural stimuli to create engaging compositions & innovative sound design pieces.

 - HD Audio Recording Studio

Welcome! My name is Billy. I'm a singing, songwriting, piano playing, bass gigging, guitar slinging, drum banging, record producing kind of guy.

Creative Music Production - Infinite Creativity Group

Music Production and Label based in Los Angeles: Infinite Creativity Group was formed in April 2014. We have built our internal roster of artists, web and graphic designers and style consultants. Now our diverse range of talents will Transform your Stellar Ideas into Reality

 - Alessio Curto

Musician and Sound Engineer. Extra skills in sound design, producing sample libraries and midi sequences.

 - Small Room Studio

Quality recordings at incredible rates in a comfortable and creative atmosphere.

 - Alexis Tanet

Studied @: European School of Varese, Italy Scuola Civica di Musica di Besozzo, Italy ESRA Cote d'Azur, France Assistant @: Solid Sound Studio, Nice, France First Floor Studio, Rozzano, Italy Conferences @: Monaco

 - sonarsound

We are a true recording studio doing mixes for artists and industry since 2004 in Zurich.

 - Andrea Sologni

I'm a studio sound engineer and producer @ IGLOO AUDIO FACTORY I also work live sound engineer for a lot of italian bands like Giardini di Mirò, The Death of Anna Karina, A Classic education, Fine Before You Came, Valerian Swing, Ornaments, ecc. I worked live for international artists like Dianogah, Mick Harvey, Terje Nordgarden and many others.

 - Max Hodges

20+ years of providing location and studio recording services , studio systems support, acoustics consultancy, and the odd bit of luthiery and guitar playing...

 - Jared Kimball

I am what you would call a "utility player" when it comes to making music. I come from a guitar playing background which I now utilize as an active singer-songwriter. I also have 4 years of experience as an audio engineer, both in academic training as well as professional experience in live mixing and studio recording/production/mixing.

 - Franco Gallardi

Born in 1988. Graduated in Audio, Recording & Musical Production in Buenos Aires.

 - OctoberStudioRecording

October Studio Recording offers professional online mixing services at affordable prices. Specializing in rock, pop, metal and more.

 - Revolver Recording Studios

Recording, Mixing, Record Productions. Sophisticated, international and top quality sound. Vintage's warmth + Modern's quality.

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