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Professional audio editors curate, crossfade, and cut all your recorded takes, providing you with one perfect track

 - Lado

Hello guys My name Is Lado, I am Sonic artist - Composer - Sound designer-Performer (MC & DJ) - Beat Maker and sound engineer.... I am from Tbilisi (Republic of Georgia) but I Live in Greece in the historical city of Sparta, Music is everything to me *** One Love ***

Recording & Mixing - Adrian Janicki

Producer and engineer based in Łódź, Poland

 - Tomasz Kumorek

I am university graduate music producer. I have been mixing for six years, mastering for two years, producing and composing for three years. Audio editing is what I do for six years, I have a in depth knowledge of Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic Pro and Samplitude. I use IZotope RX 3, Melodyne and Autotune. I have been recording vocals for six years.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Alex Crocker

I'm a mixing and mastering engineer, bringing your ideas (and multitrack sessions) to what you had in mind. I am extremely flexible, willing to work with you, and re-mix the session until you are happy with the result. I love music for the love of music, so if you don't have the funds, I can accommodate.

Recording Studio; Producer - Jordan Alexander

Jordan Parnell, a Native to Sacramento CA with roots across the globe. His appreciation for Music was established at a young age with your everday media content. This grew into a passion when he took his first media class in middle school realizing that you could make a living in production. Now he is attempting to dip into the market to make a n

Mix Engineer - Stacey Harvey

Over thirteen years experience in live, recording and now specialising in mix engineering. I am able to quickly and efficiently get your music sounding as good as you expect it to be at a very reasonable price. I happen to play drums, bass, guitars, keyboards and I sing giving me a good all round knowledge of how songs should sound.

Sound Editor & Mixer - Santiago Forero Mancera

Professional sound engineer, technologically trained to advise and develop projects related to audio production and postproduction focused on sound design for film and television. I have experience in music production and recording, audio post-production for video, installation, connection, calibration, configuration and audio equipment operation.

Mixing, Beat making, Editing - Chris Sacco

Audio Engineer based in Clifton, NJ specializing in Mixing and Editing. Also an experienced Producer/Beat Maker. Shoot me an email detailing your project needs and I will get back to you.

mixing post production - giannis pazios

I have worked on a wide range of genres including feature films, documentaries, trailers, adverts, art films and corporate videos. Also have worked as a supervisor mixer in several Studios of Athens and London

Audio Engineer/Producer - RedButtonz

Hello! My name is Ruben Hernandez. I go by the name RedButtonz. I am an Audio Engineer/Producer. I've had the pleasure of working with many different artists, songwriters, producers (Tim from Tim and Bob, Tyrese Gibson, !llmind, and more).

Mixing, Simple recording - Bedroom Music

Hej! Zovem se Robert Sorić. Glazbom se bavim već duži broj godina, započeo sam produciranjem. Sada imam svoj mali studio za snimanje i mixanje u svojoj sobi. Želim naučiti više o ovom poslu te mi je ovo neki početak.

Music producer, audio engineer - Treymon Williams

I'm a music producer and audio engineer from Houston and I'm very versatile in mixing all genres. I mainly producer hip-hop and r&b but I've also done lots of pop music.

Audio Mixing / editing - Stanley Watkins

Hello I am Stan! I have been mixing audio for over 15 years and I love it. I mix ITB (in the box) and use Studio One 4 as my DAW along with waves plugins. I am in the process of getting external compressors for a little fun and added flavor.

Recording Studio, Mixing - Brian "SB" Ramnarine

Do Not wait to fix it in the Mix... :)

prod/mix/eng/rmx/perf/prog - AKA JK

20+ year production, engineering, studio, live, remix, artist and performer with over 100 commercial releases. Primary focus is mixing these days but given the right fit happy to collaborate on any project's needs.

Sound designer/Audio engineer - Nizio The Sound Girl

I'm a freelance sound engineer specializing in sound design and live sound but also competent in mixing and mastering.

Recording and mix engineer. - Mark Spurlock

My name is Mark and I've been a musician since 2000 at the age of 16. I graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg with a Bachelors in Audio Production.

Mixing live & studio - Anton Lobintsev

Hi! I'm expirienced live sound enginer now diving in studio job

Music producer - Gareth James

I am passionate about music and can help you get the sound you are looking for in your project.

Mixing - Vincent Lebret

Freelance mixer based in paris. I love to work on every style so feel free to get in touch. I'm also a classically trained piano player, guitarist and bassist.

Music producer and engineer  - Cordeyell

I am a singer/songwriter/music producer/musician and I offer a great quality sound with music production. I can produce any genre of music and cater to any artist. Satisfaction guaranteed.Im very diverse and I give you what you want and not just what I got.

Recording/ Mixing Engineer - Marlon ihustle Evins

28 Keeps ya Straight and 28 get it Straight... Mixing Engineer/ Songwriter / Project Arranger

Remote Mixing and Mastering - 57 Mixes

Augio engineer with 5 years of experience and credits on a grammy award-winning project! Learned and worked under professionals and I get better with every mix!

Music recording services - Sergiu Morari

Hi, my name is Sergiu Morari – but you can call me Serj!

Guitarist, Bass, Remote Mixing - Anna Seruma
skip_next check out the album.

Professional Mixing Suite - The Viking Studio

The Viking Studio is a Professional Mixing Suite in NYC, featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools. Do you want a Real Analog Mixing console sound affordably? We have what you are looking for, we are running an Audient 8024 Analog desk. It's very smooth, very clean, very warm, a great console and a necessary sound upgrade.

Mixing/ Mastering/ Production - Michael Knouff

I'm a self made man that's handcrafting my livelihood

Mixing, Mastering, & Produce  - KJ Studios

Recording, Mixing, Mastering Studio, Advertising, Music, Post-Production, Audio Engineering, Live Sound

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Meer Music

I go beyond the technical aspects of sound engineering by making your music sound good to any ear.

Singer, Songwriter, & Producer - Moh Flow

1.2+ million streams on single 'Options' featuring Pusha T of G.O.O.D. Music. Worked with the Stereotypes and writers from Justin Beibers camp.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Delroy

Independent artists looking for a professional mix to help launch their tracks onto online music stores.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Jack Dougherty

My favorite thing to do is make records. I'd love to help you make yours!

Music Producer / Engineer - Koi Fish Studio

My Name Is Kuran! I have been doing music production in various styles since 2004. I have experience with Post production, Sound Fx creation, mixing, mastering, and live sound engineering. I am flexible with pricing, and go above and beyond with the work I do!

Cloud, Lo Fi and Trap music - Nick McKinnon

I believe every artist has they own sound and I'd like to help you discover yours. I don't want to just sell you a beat, and want to find your unique talents and create a record that shows them off. A style all your own. Instead of making you a "Lil Uzi Vert Type Beat" I want to come up with your sound so people will be asking for a "You Type Beat"

Music producer - Papaya Beats

Complete set of audio and sound design services, from concept to final mix.

Remote audio engineer - Mass Mixx

I am an audio producer, arranger and composer. I have the experience to create the sound you desire. I operate a studio complete with Logic Pro X , M-Audio 49 Keystation & AKAI Professional MPK MKII MIDI Controllers. I can assure your music will have a professional sound. I have composed for many genres of musics but specialize in Dance/EDM and Pop

Remote Mixing, Post Production - Brendan Silk Audio

Mixing, Mastering, Sounddesign - HacklStudio

Florian Hackl, owner of the HacklStudio is a professional Mixer and Sound Designer of Trailer Music, and a wide range of genres from Rock, Pop, EDM, Metal, to Classic Music, Folk and more.

Recording Studio - JRF Recording Studio

My recording studio has all the equipment and experience to get your project to the next level! I am the head sound engineer and have a bachelors degree in Sound & Radio from Murdoch University.

Recording and Mixing Engineer - CDA Audio

Winner of the Audio Engineering Program Award for Outstanding Student Music at the Musicians Institute for Summer 2018.

vocal prettifying, mixing - Minna Music

I'm ready to help you get your vocals tight by editing and tuning them. I can also offer vocal recordings (backing vocals). In my studio I'm able to mix your tracks and to work flexible and professional.

Music Producer - RyanSmartMusic

West coast pop/electronic producer with over 8 years of experience.

Producer, Engineer, Editor - Tom Wood

Worked under Peter Gabriel, Rob Dougan, Real World Studios, Pinewood Group and Creative Assembly. I am a producer and engineer based in the South East of England. You can find me on Spotify as "informat". Experienced in Ableton Live, Logic, Reaper and Protools. Influences from Radiohead to Shlohmo, Burial to Björk.

New Age means New Sound Mixes - Santiago Mejia

New Age means New Sound Mixes. Ambitious Music Producer with expertise in Latin, pop, trap, HipHop musical arrangements. Take your mix exactly where you want it.

mixing, producer - Solostar

Unique mixing with different genres. Produce techno and electronic pop

Lyricist, songwriter - Majesty

Hi, I'm an aspiring lyricist and I've written around 30+ lyrics so far. I can write for every genre, rap, ballad, pop, rock, r&b etc.

Recording and Mixing - Dave Meszaros

Indie Mix Engineer

producer/mixer/songwriter - Bill Esses producer/mixer

I've been making records for over 3 decades. I can help you make yours better.

Composer, Audio Eng, Trumpet - Audio Technics n Trumpet play

Played at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center several times. Engineered many different instruments and styles.

Mixing engineer - Robby Powell

Crave that original SSL sound? Look no further!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Chris Bellomo

My name is Chris and I am an audio engineer from Boston, MA. I work with all sorts of music and podcasts and offer affordable rates. Don't be afraid to reach out!

Podcast editing & sound design - Andrés Larrahona

¿Do you want to produce a compelling and engaging story with powerful sound elements? I think I can help you. I believe on true immersive audio applied on podcasts. (spa: Orientado a generar ambientes sonoros potentes, inmersivos y atractivos.)

... - Adolfo Flores Brito

I am an audio engineer with experience in recording and mixing, also covering the area of sound design.

Music producer & Awful Cook - Clem Beatz

French producer/musician Electronic music (impressive right ?), hiphop and pop music too.

Musical Artist, Music Producer - Leroy Mendez

Incredible Work rate!

Remote Mixing, Music Producer - Stevens Amador Mateus

Mix Engineer in 2 Latin Grammy Nominated productions Best Ranchero/Mariachi album (2017) - Artist, Majida Issa Best Christian album (2019) - Artist, Ricardo Torres y su mariachi

Profession Singer - Gayatree Gaikwad-Gulhane

Gayatree Gaikwad-Gulhane is one of the finest and recognized artist of “Patiyala Gharana” and “Kirana Gharana”. She regularly performs Khyaal, Ghazal, Dadra, Thumri, and Abhang. GayatreeG

Recording, Mix and Mastering  - Incandescent Audio

I'm a thoughtful and creative recording artist with strong mix and mastering skills who can get your project done quickly and affordably.

Productor Musical  - daxersound

trabajo en un sello musical desde 5 años de musica Urbana y comercial en lima Peru soy Productor Musical ingeniero de Mescla

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