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SoundBetter is a trusted platform. We take that responsibility seriously. Our clients love us, and we love them.
Here's a small sample of feedback we received from SoundBetter users.
“I've been looking for a site like this for years. SoundBetter is a goldmine of talent.”

- Lady M.

  • I just wanted to say this is a kickass site! Thank you. 🍻

    - Gregory
  • I really loved working through soundbetter. The back and forth was streamlined and made the mastering process a breeze.

    - Wilson H.
  • Thank you SoundBetter for the help finding a great studio to work with. You made it smooth and easy!

    - Geraldi J.
  • Soundbetter is the best way to find people to collab with EVER!

    - Christian B.
  • I love this community!

    - Justin M.
  • SoundBetter is one of those "why didn't I think of that ideas". Thank you!

    - John Michael R.
  • Can't express how much this site has opened doors for having access to quality players and engineers and the like. Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo!
    - Vaihi O.
  • This website is the bomb! Thanks for making it.

    Katianne T.
“SoundBetter is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas. Thank you!”

- John R.

  • Great service guys! As a former refugee once void of any opportunities, it's a miracle to be able to work with people both professionally and remotely like this!

    - Daniyah K.
  • Fast, nice, efficient. But above all PROFESSIONAL! Couldn't be happier with the work I had done on SoundBetter!

    - Remigiusz T.
  • Thank you for making it possible for a bedroom producer like me to work with top engineers from around the world!

    - Taha S.
  • Really great service. Communicative, fast turnaround, and high quality!

    - Chris G.
  • I've been looking for a site like this for years. SoundBetter is a goldmine of talent.

    - Lady M.
  • You guys are doing an incredible thing by creating such a professional and talented musical community. You've got a lifetime customer here!

    - Travis G.
  • You are so involved with the customer service of your site, it's amazing. Thank you for your help!

    - Darian R.
  • Thank you for having such a fantastic platform to get in contact with professionals all over the world.

    - Steven R.
  • Robin is a fantastic vocalist very professional.... and i'm so glad i found your website :) Thank you again Soundbetter team

    - JazzyD
  • I was doubtful at first but this guy delivered what he promised and I'm so happy. I'm already bragging that I used orchestra for my song hahaha. I'm glad I found Soundbetter. It's amazing!!!

    - Vimalan A.
  • You guys are doing an incredible thing by creating a professional and talented music community. Thank you for your service. You've got a lifetime member here!

    - Travis G.
  • I am new here and I must say that SoundBetter is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love that it's so effective and safe.

    - Fidel H.
  • Jessie and her producer gave me everything I needed and more. I am so pleased with the finished product! All I had was an iPhone recording and they turned it into an amazing song for me.

    - Robin B.
  • makes it MUCH easier to find & work with music pros! It's practical, easy, affordable & IT WORKS! God bless and thank you all

    - Kaine G.
“I love this community!”

- Justin M.

  • Love this service. I can find professional engineers at my fingertips! The best part is that it's fast. Thanks again!

    - Luke S.
  • This is my first time on Soundbetter, and I was really scared: was my music good enough? Is it possible to make a good song together collaborating only via internet? Turns out, yes!

    - Alexandra N.
  • Thank you for having this website. We feel fortunate to have found a talent like Sefi. He's worth every penny!

    - Jim S.
  • Your site is the best! Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo! I keep telling all my client that this site is a game changer in recording. So far every time I've used your site it's been slam.

    - Vaihi O.
  • First of all, THANK YOU for this service, it's like a dream come true!

    - Ruby C.
  • My 1st time using this service and you guys delivered beyond my expectations.

    - Russell G.
  • Phenomenal engineer! He really cleaned up my vocals and gave them a super crisp sound as well as mixing them with my 2 track instrumental!

    - Profound
  • Chris is the real deal. A great singer, and able to provide a 1st class service to clients.

    - Richard
  • Tyler is awesome. She was extremely nice and was super collaborative. This was my first experience using Soundbetter and it won't be my last.

    - Roger S.
  • The whole process using Soundbetter was really smooth and we will definitely be back for more.

    - Sarang M.
  • This community is too amazing!! You've made the collaboration process a lot easier.

    - Bionic
  • For someone like me that in the music industry for really not long time it's really awesome to know that I can find everything I needed in one place

    - Aviran L.
  • This website is like if you said to yourself: "You know what would be awesome? If there was a digital yellow pages for everyone I would ever need to finish my album." I love that the hardest part of the process right now is deciding who to go with!

    - Jeff I.
  • SoundBetter is a fantastic tool. Great website, excellent support. Five-star-performance.

    - Fotsch C.
“This is the future of how great music is made.”

- Strathon B.

  • I will be back again, and as often as I can. Your service and personal touch is truly appreciated!!!

    - Rob G.
  • You have amazing people working on your site and it is one of the reasons I choose yours over others. Thank you for creating this place!

    - Kelly K.
  • Great customer service, communication, efficiency, and a professional. A+.

    - Channon B.
  • Great site, guys! I found it extraordinarily helpful in my quest to find a Mix Engineer for my new EP.

    - Dominic M.
  • As an independent artist, SoundBetter is just the ticket for me. Your website is user friendly and it gives me the security I need when negotiating a job through the internet. THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!!!

    - Allen W.
  • This place is awesome! Amazing work on the website and it's so cool to have quick access to various artists and people working in this field. Keep it going!

    - Lowsqor
  • You are making music making much more easier. Excellent idea that really helps and works.

    - Masoud B.
  • It´s absolutely wow. No words. I´m almost fell down from my chair as I listened to the remix!!! Ahhh so great!

    - Mrs. X
  • This site is awesome. I'm a product designer in financial services, and found this site to be on point at every turn. Awesome site and experience.

    - Nate E.
  • This is the future of how great music is made.

    - Strathon B.
  • Your business is getting rid of all the boundaries in the music business!

    - Alexander K.
  • Anytime I ever reach out to a rep from SoundBetter, they're always so helpful. I really appreciate this platform!

    - Shahana J.
  • My go-to site for session singers. I think it is a clear and easy way to connect with musicians.

    - Craig H.
  • Soundbetter has been a godsend. Today I have used two guitarists, one horn player, one vocalist, a fiddler and a string arranger. I do not have the money to rent studio or find my musicians locally, so your service has been fantastic.

    - David H.
“I will be back again, and as often as I can. Your service and personal touch is truly appreciated!!!”

- Rob G.


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