Top Sound Editors for hire

Professional audio editors curate, crossfade, and cut all your recorded takes, providing you with one perfect track

Mixing - Jackson Higgins

I am freelance mixing engineer that enjoys to work on all types of music on any type of budget.

Literaly anything audio u need - W210 LABS

All the audio engineering you need in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, also works remotely. Recording, mixing, mastering, live sound reinforcement, production, everything inbetween Specializing in Techno & EDM

Mixing Dance Music - Maxim "Savvier" Savchenkov

I love preciseness and do everything on time

Mixing, Mastering, Producing, - Florian Malewski (Producer)

Iam a SAE Alumni, with 15 years of experience in Music Production. Iam looking forward to bring the best possible and unique Production for your Project. Any Genre is welcome no Idea is wrong, lets make it happen.

Mastering songwriter - Matheson Mastering

I specialise in mastering and editing audio. I started out working in studios around Glasgow and quickly developed an interest in the recording process, creating music and taking audio from humble roots to final product.

Remote Editing and Mixing - Bad Cop Audio

Hi! I'm a musician/songwriter/audio engineer/editor/mixer from Edinburgh, Scotland. I love music! I'm also a big cinephile, reader and comedy fan. Oh, and in addition to the more creative stuff, I also work part-time in a Genetics lab!

Remote Mixing and Editing - Carlo Scrignaro

Hi, my name is Carlo Scrignaro and I am a mixer/editor. I recently graduated from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART). I have been working with audio for 3 years now and am trying to build a sustainable career in the industry.

Mixing & Mastering - DG Studios

Hello! My name is Dean Giroir and I am a music producer, mixing engineer, and guitarist from Covington, La. It would be my privilege to mix, master or perform YOUR music!

Mixer + Producer - Mitchell Stewart

My name is Mitchell Stewart and I am a mixing engineer based in Brooklyn, NY. I work to provide clients with best mix possible, and I ensure that you're 100% satisfied with the your product at final delivery.

mixing, mastering, production - Steven Shaw

My name is Steven Shaw. I have been involved with audio engineering and production for the past three years. In addition to my degree and certificate in Studio Recording Technology, I have had the opportunity to work along side musicians and recording artists.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering. - Permanent Youth Recording Co.

Permanent Youth Recording Company is an independent recording and production outfit in Austin, Texas. We provided high quality, low cost recordings for bands we love.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Matthew James Mahler

Guitarist/Bassist/Songwriter/Producer for 4 NJ Bands. Feeny, Guilty Spark, Of Guts and Glory and Thaumiel.

Mixing engineer - Joey Tong

Instrumental, vocal, acoustical, electronic. Background, choral, saturation. Anything longer than 5mins, its going to take longer than a day.

Mixing Engineer - Push-your-music

My name is Marcos Conde. I'm starting a mixing studio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Mixing Engineer - Eric Lee

Want a streaming-ready song? Jump right in! As a pro-mixer working for major labels and Indie artist, I will not only deliver a pro-quality mix, I'll do it FAST! I know your music deserves to be listen so I will bring the best of it, It doesn't matter if you recorded at your bedroom or a pro studio. Let's make your best record ever.

Guitarist, engineer, mixer, - Lasse Haapala

Quality mixes and guitartracks. I have recorded, edited and produced full LP for Rasvamaksa. More projects going on.

Production & Mixing - Greg Campbell

Previously a full-time studio owner operator, after years away I am making a move back to the music!

Mixing, Mastering, & Produce  - KJ Studios

Recording, Mixing, Mastering Studio, Advertising, Music, Post-Production, Audio Engineering, Live Sound

Mixing Engineer - The Mazeman

I am a budding audio mixer looking to work with a diverse range of individuals !

Music editing, mixing, comping - Frank Furter Studio

Frank Furter Media Lab is a company dedicated to audio specialized edition, be it vocal comping, comping, tuning, quantization, restoration and mixing, either stereo or 5.1 surround.

Audio Producer - Silv3rfox

Engineer & Music Producer for a decade now. Some names I worked with are "Banks"," Welshly Arms" and "Gramatik" I like raising the bar no matter who you are and get you the most out of your sound! I am passionate about working with new talented artists. So let me hear what you got!

Recording Studio - Neon Sound - Day Block Rentals

Neon Sound offers a high end recording studio space, at a reasonable rate. We are located in the heart of the Art's District in DTLA. Our space is dynamic, fit for large groups, or intimate sessions. The core focus of the space, is to provide our community with a highly functional space, without neglecting beauty and comfort.

Mix engineer/producer - Timothy Steven Bukowski

Looking for an innovative mix/production that maintains the sensibilities of commercially successful recordings? Look no further.

Live and Studio Engineer - Jacob Hite

I'm a young audio student. I want to get better, and help you sound better. Toss me a couple bucks, and I'll give you a solid mix with punch and clarity. Looking for live sound? I'm a FOH engineer for a premier event band.

Content writer - Anna Everson

I'm a certified content marketer and copywriter

Music producer, remote mixing. - Fede Padula

Great remote mixes at a low price.

Mixing engineer - KO

I can tell you like this, everyday is a learning process with me. Give me a shot, i promise ill do my best to get your song to sound how you want it to sound . If its not what your liking ill keep going until your satisfied. I also do deals i'm not high at all, like i said everyday i'm learning something and ill work with just about anyone.

Mixer/Engineer/Drummer - Michael Govaere

Client Focused Mixing Engineer With Pop/Rock Past

Engineer / Producer - 2000tracks

Mixing Engineer with over 15M Streams. Affordable Prices!!

Music Producer, Mixing  - Archwood Music

2X Grammy Nominated music producer who has worked with clients like The Black Eyed Peas, P!nk, Eminem

Dolby Atmos Mixing  - Arek

I am a mix engineer, specialized In Dolby Atmos

Music Producer Mixing&Master - The Black Rose Wiz nizzy

The secret of happiness is to do what you love, but the secret of success is to love what you do

Mix/Master/Writer/Vocals/Etc. - Michael Wescott

I have produced several local projects in my area and I'm looking for more talented artist to work with,

Editing and Mixing - LADoveMusicProduction

Strive for Perfection, Enticed by your sound. I am a Mix Engineer/ Producer who's passion is to achieve the best sound for your music, the best performance out of an Artist, and to accomplish the best finishing product.

Audio Engineer - ThisisBiggz

Unlock the celestial potential of your music and captivate your audience with the expert touch of Biggz Industry – your homeboy engineer/producer. Elevate your sound, connect with the stars, and leave an indelible mark on the industry. Ready to transform your music into a cosmic experience? Let's make waves together.

Mixing and editing - Raoul Schuhmacher

I am a seasoned business and technology professional with a passion for music. I recently graduated from the renowned Abbey Road Institute with a diploma in Advanced Music Production and Sound Engineering, and am now offering to leverage what I have learned to help artists deliver their music projects to a professional standard.

Music Producer - Breen

Mostly I make tracks in the style of: EDM, Dance, Electropop. But I can freely do it in a different style, just write me. Don't worry if you have a small budget, we will make a cool track)

Remote Mixing - Heiko_J

in audio since 1998, live, theater, studio editing, mixing and time alignment in REAPER or HARRISON MIXBUS 32C 6, vocal tuning in MELODYNE 5

Drummer, Engineer, Producer - Michael Kalra

I'm musician (multi-instrumentalist), sound engineer, mixing & mastering engineer, composer and sound producer. Top recordings as sound engineer: Звери (2017, 2018), Artemiev (2018), Lemnisc8, Betone, Red Red Rose (2020), Backstage Band, Мёртвые Дельфины (2019), Michael EaRen. Top editing: Kvelond, Aton Five, Rose of the Dead.

Mixing ,recording studio. - Jooae Jung

I am a mixing engineer who gets the pleasure of communicating with artists and making good results.

Remote mixing and mastering - Chris

Hi there! My name is Chris and I have a decade of experience mixing & mastering Hip Hop/rap, R&B and Pop music in particular. You'll be hard pressed to find a better service at this price range. It's an absolute pleasure to help artists fulfill their artistic vision!

Remote Mixing & Production - Ryan Gildea

I've got years of experience and a serious work ethic, and will deliver a mix you can be proud to share with your audience. I am meticulous yet I can stay focused on the big picture: how do we make this song carry the most emotional impact?

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Alex Thompson

I love to work particularly on Indie / Alternative / Rock / Pop music and can't wait to mix your project

Audio Engineer - Payton Mullins

I am an audio engineer. I would love to mix or track for you! I work with musical composition or editing podcasts, all of the sorts!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Justin Mandar

Send your multi-track for a professional mixdown. Get your track to its full sonic potential.

Producer, Mix - XUZUL

I studied at Scuola APM at Saluzzo, where I honed skills learned on my own as well as new ones, mainly technical and professional, thanks to the resources available at the school and the teachings of industry professionals. I've been producing electronic, mainly progressive house tracks for the past 7 years.

High End Band & Vocal Tracking - Rockinghorse Studios Byron Bay

Rockinghorse Studios is a creative haven, set in the Byron Hinterland. Surrounded by endless natural beauty, this is a space to hone your vision. Need some killer drums recorded? We have the best sounding drum tracking room on the East Coast! Need stunning pop vocals recorded? Our stunning microphone collection will bring a tear to your eye.

Music Producer - Marvin "Tony" Hemmings

I am a 2x-Grammy-nominated producer, composer, pianist and arranger, Stellar & Telly Award Winner and have been a part of shaping and contributing to the sound of artists like, Brandy, William McDowell, Jessie J, Justin Bieber, Jac Ross, Nick Jonas, and more.

Rap/Trap/ Mixing, Mastering - Flowmasterz Productions

Trap / Rap Producer / Mixing & Mastering Services.

Audio Engineer, Producer - Daniel Connolly

Experienced London based Audio Engineer and Producer

Music Composer/Producer - Charlie Armour

It's been a joy working as a music composer over the years as I have been awarded for my achievements as best producer, composer, and Emmy winner for Hitrecord's Youtube series Created Together. This is why I am here, as this would be an exciting opportunity for me to work on your projects, and very excited to get started.

Producer/Mixer/Master. - Fede ZFS

Lic. Imagen y Sonido. Producer / Mixer /Master.

EDM Remixer - prod. by whale

I make music.

Pro Quality, viral, innovative - Libardi

Quality, viral and revolutionary in Production, Mixing, Mastering, Editing and Vocal Production! Over 1300 song collaborations.

Hip Hop Music Producer - LMcD

LMcD has seen success in his recent collaborations with underground artists such as Billy Scott, T.Burbs, C-Lane, resulting in a steadily growing fanbase; his upcoming releases are set to further increase the levels. Along with a string of upcoming releases, LMcD has a growing library of productions accessible to purchase via his store.

Composer and producer - Robert G

Doing what I like is a pleasure, making music is simply wonderful

CCM Producer/Session Musician - Jason Hernandez

I'm Jason Hernandez, an aspiring music producer and versatile session musician, with a proven track record of collaborating with numerous local artists and musicians in the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) industry, bringing their creative visions to life.

Producer,Engineer,Bass Player - Ken Barnum

Ken Barnum is a Producer who knows how to craft a song from start to finish. From the inception, to tracking and mixing, he can help to create your voice. Based out of the DC area, Ken primarily works out of the legendary Bias Studios with a mix of the best in vintage and modern gear!

 - Paramika Mixing

Paramika Mixing is a company created by Philip Rollett and Matt Williams. After realising that more and more people these days are recording at home, we decided to offer a mixing service that allows customers to send their recordings for us to mix to a high quality.

Audio Producer and Mixer - Ivan Garrido

Mixing and Producing All Generes!!

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