Top Sound Editors for hire

Professional audio editors curate, crossfade, and cut all your recorded takes, providing you with one perfect track

Mixing, Editing, Composition - David Provost

Engineer, composer, and drummer available for mixing, audio editing, composition and post production.

DJ & electronic music producer - Kyoumx

Music Producer, Mixing - Varun Dhabe

Multi instrumentalist- Guitars and Keys, Music Producer & Mixing Engineer. Specialty- Alternative/ Indie Rock, Pop, Indian Music.

Mix Engineer & Bassist - EJ Sound

Music that thumps and caresses is my passion! Loud mixes, dynamics and the right vibrations all live here through my Mix Engineering. As a Bassist I am very well trained with upright, jazz and 5 string to get the correct feel for your track!

Academic Writer - Custom Cheap Essay

Having many years of experience in writing scholarship essays, we know exactly what the admin is looking for in your scholarship essay. However, it is upon you to choose whether you want to win the scholarship depending on how bad you need it. We are open 24/7 and you can contact us at any time.

Producer, Sound Engineer... - 999BIGGIE

Worked on music productions for Nekfeu, Kalash Criminel, Kaaris, Gazo etc... Professional Mixer on Protools

Ghost Producer - James Pro Engineer

Professional with over 30 years of experience, Ghost Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Film Composer

Remote Mixing, Music Producer - Stevens Amador Mateus

Mix Engineer in 2 Latin Grammy Nominated productions Best Ranchero/Mariachi album (2017) - Artist, Majida Issa Best Christian album (2019) - Artist, Ricardo Torres y su mariachi

Music Engineer - Erfan_Dvp

Worked with many great musicians and vintage devices.

Fretless Guitarist, Producer - Merih Aşkın

Fretless Guitarist and Multi instrumentalist, Mixing - Mastering Engineer, Arranger and Composer

compose, arrange, mix - Pudding on Mars

My style is mostly soundscapes with many layers of synths, very harmonic. Music for the soul with modern electronic instrumentation mixed with some real instruments.

Producer, Songwriter Guitarist - Edward

Guitarist and Songwriter at heart. Having learnt the ropes out on in the road in bands, supporting acts such as Kasabian and Craig David. Been recording and producing music for many years.

Producing, mastering, helping. - Lev Petrov

With love from Russia! Producing, mastering and other types of helping to improve your Music.

Productions, Mixing, Mastering - RT60STUDIOS

Thanks to 25 years of experience in Audio for music and scores and a series of specializations achieved at the SAE Institute Milano, we actively collaborate in the arrangement of your songs in the production phase to organize the instruments and structures, to make everything sound according to the desired shape.

Mixing & Mastering Services - LS MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

A very proficient mixing engineer, vocal editing, arranger & composer.

Programación y producción - Curso de python

Especialista en producción y programación

Mixing|Mastering|Vocal Tuning - 10HZ STUDIO

Greetings, 10hzstudio provides online mixing, mastering and vocal tuning services. For those local to our location, in addition to the above stated we also provide recording for vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, wind instruments and piano.

Remote Mixing + Editing - Luke Young

A recent masters graduate specialising in Rock/Metal, mentored by Dan Weller and armed with a strong passion for amazing sounding records

Producer, Mixer, Musician - Jordan Francis

I'll produce, mix, and/or master your music. With 16 years of experience in music and hours of mixed tracks, I can provide you with a fully polished track, EP, or album.

Mixing for feel and punch - Mixed by Martin

Feel. Punch. Emotions. My goal is to make your great music even better. I would love to help you build your music career.

Rap/Trap/ Mixing, Mastering - Flowmasterz Productions

Trap / Rap Producer / Mixing & Mastering Services.

Afro music Producer & Mix Engr - Efzo

I have produced Hip hop music for top American Rapper like: Pop Stunna, Lil baby, Massaratti...etc I have produced top selling Afro Music for Afro Musicians like, Jaydboy, Hitee, Maxmarcel

Producer and Mixer - Leslie Snipes

Up and coming producer and sound engineer. Experience in film production and post-sound production as well as music production and live recording.

 - ShaquayDeh

Am a music producer and performing artist, I compose, write and arrange music, I make beats, mixing and mastering.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Francko Amaro

Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engeenier. Unlimited Free Revisions. Take your music to the next level and express in the best way those emotions you want to communicate. I work directly with the artist or its team.

Sound Engineer & Sound Designe - rincorpse

Are you in search of a sound engineer who can elevate your project to new auditory heights? Look no further!

Guitar Leads & Session Guitar - Joshua // Sound West Studios


Creative and passion small town guitarist with big league tones. I've spent the last 15 years and hundreds of songs honing my craft on guitar, composition and recording and would love to work on your project. Rock and Metal guitar is my specialty, but I welcome all genres and projects. Let's work together and make something special!


Looking for that European EDM sound? I'm your guy! I mix for top international and European artists like Lost Frequencies, Kris Kross Amsterdam, Regi, Aeroplane, M.I.K.E Push, Two Pauz, Stereoclip, HIDDN,...and many more. I have made it my mission to help you achieve the sound you are looking for. Check out my website for more details!

Mastering Engineer, Dog Lover - Piper Payne - Infrasonic Sound

I am a Mastering Engineer at Infrasonic Mastering in Nashville, TN and Oakland, CA. I'm a Trustee of the SF Chapter of the Recording Academy. I'm also an active member of the AES, Women's Audio Mission, and I lecture about audio to all who listen! I am deeply in the vinyl industry as well. I enjoy being a nice person and running a good business.

Recording & Mixing Engineer - Andy Barnes

Los Angeles based recording and mix engineer with a strong focus on vocal production. Over 6.5 Billion streams, multiple diamond & platinum records. Willing to work with your budget and deliver in a timely fashion.

Mixing, Editing & Production - Evan Melville

It is my belief that music is suppose to felt more so than heard. I strive to add that feeling to every record I mix or produce. Theres nothing more fulfilling to me than contributing to an artist's excitement for their music.

 - 40Four

DJ/Produced based in Essex. Performed various nights in Norwich Mix and produce Techno, Tech/Deep House

 - Christopher Matei

Graduate of Nimbus School of Recording Arts. Former assistant at Vogville Recording. Currently working as assistant to Winston Hauschild at Fader Mountain Sound Studios and as an independent producer/engineer with an interest in developing a wide variety of projects.

 - Kevin Seaman

I have been producing, recording, editing, mixing and designing sounds and images working in the entertainment business for the past 10 years. As a graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design,

 - Transcend Music

i have recently set myself up to work via online to help musicians out in terms of mixing etc, i specialize mainly in the metal scene and have a wide portfolio that stretches to a very diverse audience.

Mixing Engineer - Leo Erichmann

I'm a creative engineer based in Munich, Germany

 - Voodoo Mixing Studio

We are two guys that enjoy messing around with music. so we decided to create our own home studio...and here we are...we started mixing our own recordings at first. and now we search for other projects to fill our portfolio. so we do everything FOR FREE at the moment...

 - Fallout Studio

Fallout Studio è un recording-studio sito in Lecco, all'interno di una agenzia di produzione audio/video e pubblicità televisiva. Ti offre la possibilità, circondato da un'ambiente giovane, amichevole ed accogliente, di dare vita ai tuoi progetti musicali.

 - Marcel HAZE

Producer and mixing engineer from Poland. Fresh look, better sound.

 - Stas Fougasse

The best taste in music, the great listening experience, not the worst equipment. (Apogee Symphony 64ch, Mackie HR824& Genelec S30C monitors, Neumann, AKG mics, Gretsch USA custom and Odary Custom Shop drums e.t.c.)

 - Moo-Stick

Producer / Composer / Arranger / Mix Engineer / For Because Publishing in France

Guitars, BV, Mixing !!! - Marko J

Mixing & Editing Arrangements Guitars & Backing Vocals

Cras Students, Mixing, Produce - BlackList Studios

BlackList Studios is a group of student audio engineers of the conservatory.

Audio Engineering (record&mix) - Anas Alsbey

Critical Listening, Dry Mixes, Drum Mixes, Wet Mixes, Creative Mixes, Solo Recordings, Band Recordings, DAW Assignments, Mix Down, Radio Jingles and Post Productions...

Studio Sound/Audio PostPro - Igor Sherbakov

Hey, i have more than eight years of film and TV sound working experience. Also can edit, mix and master studio sound recordings. Live Sound and Game Audio.

Mix Engineer, Music Producer - Main Control Recording Studio

I have written, produced/remixed and mixed records for various major label artists. (Deborah Cox, Monifah, Mona Lisa, Taral Hicks, Silk, Men at Large, MC Breed, Cherrelle, Case, Gerald Levert and more) I have provided tracks for reality shows(Love & Hip Hop NY and Atlanta, Housewives of ATL, Steve Harvey show and more)

Mixing - Samuel Araujo

My name is Samuel Araujo and i am a graduate from the Institute of Audio Research in NYC. I am getting into Audio Production and eventually become a professional Mixing Engineer. They say it takes 10,000 hours to perfect your craft, and that's what I'm reaching for.

I mix and master music  - Joseph Allison

Hi, I'm Joe and I have a very strong passion for making music sound huge and heavy. Music is my strongest passion and I love working with other artists.

Audio Production & Mixing - Gone Coastal Productions

I am a professional mix engineer with over 13 years of experience in the field. Specializing in Rock, Country, Pop and Christian genres. With an incredible studio at hand, utilizing all of the amazing analog gear you've read about, I will make your mix PUNCH. Hiring some guy with a cracked copy of ProTools and plugins isn't gonna get you there!

Music Producer - Merlin Burgos

Musician, bassist, producer, audio engineer and professional educator able and willing to complete any task at hand. Good leader, organized, with excellent communication skills.

Remote Mixing - SDG Recording Solutions

My name is James and I enjoy mixing and recording bands in my spare time.

Audio Engineer, drummer - Ben Sampson Audio

I'm an independent audio engineer / sound designer who strives to succeed creatively. I've versed in using music software/digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as Pro Tools and Logic Pro. I've been a drummer for a few years, and play in a local band. Hopefully I'm the person you need for your next project.

Audio Engineer - Engine 3 Recordings

Hello, my name is Josh Hastick; I'm a freelance Audio Engineer/Multi-Instrumentalist. I have been doing audio professionally for 7yrs now. I'm here to bring the best possible product for your project. With unlimited amount of revisions, I want to make you the happiest with your product because at the end this represents both of us on a grand scale.

Mixing Engineer Online Service - Luca De'Cenzo Audio Engineer

Born in Italy and the music from the beginning in the blood! I live in Germany, where I moved from Italy back in 1992. I got a degree as Audio Engineer at the SAE Academy in Frankfurt am Main. My passion for the music, is always a challenge for me as an Audio Engineer, to give Songs that certain "something " by the mixdown.

Production, Mixing and Masteri - Haka-Vveli Productions

Was born and raised in Lagos Nigeria. Studied Computer Engineering Programming all his life... Even before he could spell his names right! cracked-down by a sudden interest for Music Programming / Sound Engineering, now living it with his time, worked on so many projects including projects with A-List Artists and names and Global Brands.

Mixing Engineer - Gabriel Molina

Hi i'm Gabriel but you can call me Gab. I'm a sound engineer and musician from Santiago de Chile.

Session guitarist/bassist - Jake Rivet

My name is Jacob Rivet, I'm studying at the New School Center for Media for Digital Recording arts, I've been playing Bass since i was 8 years old(11 Years) and guitar since i was 10 years old (9 years), and I currently am working part time as a live sound engineer.

Editing, Mixing, Producer - Fair Air Music

Emily Bowie - B.S. in Music/Entertainment Industry, concentration in audio engineering. Credits : Dylan Evans - Hot Timez (Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Producer) *can listen on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, etc.

Remote Mixing, Music Producer - Stephan

Stephan is a recording and mixing engineer who works with a lot of the midwest Hip Hop and R&B music scene. He is located in Fargo, ND and works out of QS Studios. Stephan has since earned a reputation for clean polished mixes that retain the musicality of the artiste going beyond client expectations.

Mixing live & studio - Anton Lobintsev

Hi! I'm expirienced live sound enginer now diving in studio job

Music producer, mixing, master - Deltabase Records

Deltabase Records is your professional solution to any audio or video requirement. Our backgrounds lie in Classic rock ,Experimental music and new age electronic beats . Well, Let our work speak for itself ...

Music Producer  - MelendezMusic

I work with: Cubase or Pro Tools I used: Waves, Native Instruments, Kontakt, Toontrack, JST. Etc. My Tools: Ibanez RGA72TQMZ, PRS SE Paul Allender, Amp Laney LV 200, Boss GT 10

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