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Professional audio editors curate, crossfade, and cut all your recorded takes, providing you with one perfect track

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Music producer, Sound Engineer - Gulshan Korani

A sound engineer and a producer specialized in electronic music production.

Session Bass/Groove Scientist - Sterling Bass Performance

"Never lose the groove in order to find a note." -Victor Wooten I'm here to give you just that. The Groove. If you need a track to make yourself and everyone around you move...then look no further. Currently completing my Professional Bass Certificate through Berklee Online.

Beats/mixing/mastering - Dranik BPM

Beat Production / Mixing & Mastering, Drank BPM can deliver your needs for any audio engineering!

I Make Noise - Brian Lybrandt

I am a self professed gear nerd and tone snob. I'll take a single note with great tone over 100 blazing notes with bad tone any day. I record and mix a variety of music, but mostly in the indie, folk, indie rock genres. I can add tracks to build your song, or polish what you've already got.

Producer, Mixer, Arranger - Roland 'Roli' Maurer

I'm a Record Producer, Mixer and Arranger, who loves to get into details, focussing to get and achieve the best picture/best stamp of your tracks, your artist's philosophy and your artist's impression to present a good showcase to the world. Pretty new in the scene I already produced some Radio Singles, EPs and Albums. I'm based in Vienna and LA.

Sound Design, Audio Editing - Jasper van Dijk

Jasper is a sound designer, composer, and producer currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Always aiming to create unique and memorable experiences in the realm of film, video games, and interactive mediums while staying true to the message and creative narrative.

Hybrid Producer & Engineer - Palexio

I'm Jacob, Hybrid Crossover of Audio Production & Engineering with Visual & Multimedia Aesthetics | Specialized in Electronic, Rock, Heavy Metal and Orchestral | Go-Getter from Memphis, TN

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Cody Paul Music

I can fulfill all of your music needs with remote mixing, mastering, writing, and producing.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Teeta Maine

At the end of the day, it's YOUR song. I'm here to help continue YOUR hard work. I am a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a B.A in Music Production and Engineering, and have 110 5 star reviews on Fiverr.

Mix & Master - Blue Quail Sound

I believe that all listening experiences should please the listener. Sounds should be balanced and fully expressed with a lot of dynamics. Audio is best when it retains its warm analog characteristics. Open audio standards should be used whenever possible. Every person deserves these values at an affordable price. At Blue Quail Sound, quality and c

Music producer - Stefen Soto

I work to win hearts, money is secondary!

produser - zayzaybeatmaker

i want to make beats and have fun

record/mix/master - Ryan MacDonald

i am nothing but a servant of the art

Playlist Curator & Mixing  - Lyrical Layers

Need more #SpotifyStreams on your music? 🔊📈 Ready to become a better artist?🎧🎤 Lyrical Layers: Where The Community Meets The Industry Join Lyrical Layers for a daily increase in streams, distribution tips, song review and feedback, plus more. 💰



Music Producer / Engineer  - KauMusic

Mind your own business is what i believe in

Mixing & Mastering - DOPEMINE STUDIO

Online Mixing & Mastering for HipHop/Trap & R'n'B & Artists

Editing,Mixing,Mastering - Franz[.]Suono

Versatile sound engineer with 20+ years of professional experience, both in studios and live. Tracks, Edits, Mix, Masters. From solo acts to orchestra, from metal to folk. Always tuning-in to the artist's specific needs, taste and budget.

singer/songwriter, topline - Anna Toy

I write for tv/film and have several songs placed on shows such as NBC's Almost Family, The Young and the Restless, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Total Divas, The Real World and more. My song "Save Me" by Moxi has over a million streams. Let's write a hit!

Music Constructor - Dean Domalaon

To have complete rectitude, I construct tunes to aggrandize my pilgrimage to become a lucrative homo sapien.

Mixing & Mastering - Dead Robot

Hi, I'm Chris. I'm a self-taught electronic producer, designer, and audio engineer. I've helped artists such as Morgan Page, Echos, Yoe Mase, TastyTreat, and many more with their mixing and mastering, using all-digital tools to give their beautiful art the refined clarity to help them amass millions of streams and views. hmu ✨

Mixing & Mastering - frznj

Over 6+ Years producing and mixing hip hop

Recording Studio - Sherpa Studios

I'm a Recording studio in Cordignano (TV), Italy

Remote Mixing & Mastering - SchuhFits Productions

I specialize in mixing audio from live performances.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Empty Palace Records

From charting rap albums to indie punk-pop albums, I've worked with countless varieties of sound. My experience and love for sound will help you take your mixes to another dimension!

Session Bassist - Mark Rynkun

Session bassist with in home studio available to record on any track! Reach out to me for examples. Happy to chat!

Everything related to sound - Astraeus Production

Our team has lots of Experience in the Sound Industry, No1 Billboard songs, and can offer you the whole package to boost your career.

Music producer  - LIBRA

Producer from Moscow, worked with HARU,Monmar etc. I create music in different genres: pop, trap, house, hip-hop. Wounder to work with you on your projects.

Remote Mixing - Jamal Wade

Jamal Wade is a Hip-Hop/R&B Recording Artist, songwriter, and Recording producer. Also known professionally by his stage name Jamal Wade was (born on April 2,1993), in Tampa Bay, Florida. Wade grew up working on many programs such as mix craft, cakewalk, and Logic eventually learning how to mix music to sound professionally

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Acknowledge Music Services

Over 20 years of experience producing audio tracks in thew Seattle area. I specialize in rock and indie recording, as well as singer/songwriter material. Allow me to make your pre-recorded material radio-ready!

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Dary Alza

I am a versatile music producer, composer and mixing and mastering engineer. I have worked on different genres through out my life, 10 years in the music industry I mainly work with Tropical, Pop, Reggaeton sound, however I can pull it off on another genres, such as Alternative Rock, Alternative, Trap, R&B and more.

Producer, Ghost Producer - Yagiz Ince

Yagiz Ince at Spotify yagizincemusic at instagram

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Daniel Longoria

Take your music to the next level, I can professionally Mix and Master you songs at a great price!

I'd love to mix your songs - Joe Giese - Disco Sheriff

I'm a Pro Tools Certified Instructor, studio engineer and guitarist with 15+ years of experience. I love working with many genres, but focus on pop and acoustic-based music. With an ear towards realism and mojo, I like to stay true to your sound without being afraid to get creative and push creative boundaries.

Online SSL Mixing & Mastering  - Jon Constantine

I've been a recording engineer and producer for over 10 years. In that time I've been fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. I've got to work at Rockfield Studios with some A list name producers and spent 5 years working alongside Nick Brine (Oasis, The Darkness, Seasick Steve) and currently reside at Leeders Vale.

Music Production - Andrew Talalt (Zulishanti)

10 years of production experience, nearly 20 years of instrumentalist experience. I have my own releases on Youtube Labels pushing 1 million listens. I enjoy producing (and listening to) all- genres but am geared toward Electronic music, Rap/HipHop, and Rock/Metal if you are seeking a specialist with an acquired taste in one of those genres.

Mix & Mastering Engineer - MixedbyDowd

Professional Mixing and Mastering with an emphasis on creating emotional and lasting impact for your listers!

Remote Audio Engineer  - Ryan Anderson

Get your audio and music sounding the way you hear in your head!

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Domingo

Domingo, is a producer from East New York Brooklyn and is of Latin origin. He has produced for some of hip hop's most respected and well-known artists such as Big Pun, Fat Joe, Krs-1, Rakim, Kool G Rap, Ras Kass, Angie Martinez,Shaquille O'Neal...etc.

make music, record and mix - Roy Geva

Owner of The Music Box Studio Recording, Mixing & Producing Working Hand In Hand With The Artist From Concept To Release Date Original Music For Various Mediums Music Creation For Films & Digital Media

Music producer-mix & mastering - Søren Hoff

I love music! I record, mix and master both locally and remotely. Through my own music career I've been fortunate enough to meet and learn from some of the best in my country. My goal when mixing is to try to bring out the best version of the song, that I can. I believe that each part and instrument is important, and should be treated with respect.

Bass player, editing/mixing - Dave Janssen, Studio 302

Dave has been a professional bass player since 2004, with jazz/pop performance and recording training from Grant McEwan College in Edmonton, AB. He is a touring player with Jon Bauer, Wakeup Starlight, Mike Schuster and more.

Music Producer/Audio Engineer - Moshae Beats

Multi-Genre Music Producer/Audio Engineer. BET, VH1, NBA, NFL

 - Event Horizon Recordings

I am a live sound technician with a passion for creating and recording music on spare time. I've self taught bass, drums and guitar as well as touching on piano with my current knowledge. I enjoy recording local talent during live sets or in a controlled studio environment. I am interested in mixing more live.

 - Richard Thomas Music

Specializing in A Cappella, but can serve any music project with a great breadth of knowledge and a personal touch!


Toningenieur [B.Eng. Audiovisual Media] for Live Recording & Postproduction, Live Sound (FOH / Monitor / System), Sounddesign (Live & Studio)

 - Medline - SunSonSound

Medline is a natural producer. He make his place on several labels like Melting Pot Music, Names You Can Trust, Blunted Astronaut and Stereophonk.

 - Joshua Vamos

Editor/Engineer/Re-recording Mixer

 - a real mf production

balancing a career of live sound / production and studio engineering / mixing

 - STUDIO @ 77

Hi! & Welcome to STUDIO @ 77. I am Leonidas. I remix / produce / DJ . I hire my skills too. I can edit stuff for you, quantize it to the beat , remix , and do the final master for your track . Check my Soundcloud page to get an idea of my work or contact me, i'll be glad to answer your questions and work together with you .

 - XLS Mastering and Mixing

XLS Mastering and Mixing is a one-stop shop providing quality services to our clients at an indie price point. Offering a mixture of High-End analog gear together with top of the line plugins, We help to craft good drafts into great mixes and great mixes into awesome masters. of course at a reasonable price!! Tarik H.

Musician - Meme

Accomplished in New York - Meme plays music

Mix/Recording/Producer - David Kennedy

Grammy Nominated Multi Platinum awarded Record and Mix Engineer with production credits

 - José Pablo Ibarra

I've been producing artists in Mexico City for the past five years. Mixing is my thing. I specialize in many different genres from soul to electronic and have no judgement against any musical genre.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Stonecraft Audio

Stonecraft Audio offers affordable and professional audio services for artists, bands, music producers, beat-makers, game/app developers, video-makers, video-editors, videographers, audio/visual media projects, businesses, animators, and marketers.

 - AudioFlip

Hello, I'm a long time Audio Engineer and Audio Tech. Love this career and love working on new age material. I'm also a mentor for the Radio, Recording, and Film Connection. "Taking Pride in Your Vibe"

Recording, Mixing & Guitarist - Collin K.

I'm a young and ambitious musician and engineer from Switzerland. I'm currently studying Tonmeister (music and sound engineering) at the Zürich school of arts.

Remote mixing and mastering - Dark Elf Studio

I am a sound engineer specialized in recording, mixing and mastering. I have some real expirience behind: more than five years in game development, near five years in film industry and totally around ten years in music business. I believe that individual approach rules and the best final quality for a given material make my clients happy.

Recording and Mixing manager - Marco Giannini

Hi, I am Marco Giannini and I leave in Italy. I work in a studio where I manage recordings and mixing. I would like to find clients to create a good relationship and deliver good music together.

Online Mixing and Mastering - Betyar Studio

Hi! We are Peter (Mongoose) and Ivan. Together we form Betyar Studio specialising in songwriting, mixing and mastering EDM. Working with Dub FX, AWOLNATION, Girls' Generation and others we have experience in making people dance and get goosebumps! Also, we know what a drop is.

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