Producer, Mixer, Songwriter - Adrian



London / Broadway UK

Producer, Mixer, Songwriter

Hey! I'm a UK Writer / Producer, with over thirty Top 40 chart hits worldwide, including four #1s. I’m easy-going, reliable, and love what I do. With the experience of 400+ record releases w-wide, including 4 Platinum and 7 Gold records, let me help make your great song or track come to life!

Music Producer & Beat Maker - Brad




Music Producer & Beat Maker

Looking for an Original Sound or a Hit Beat? I have the experience and knowledge to give you the professionalism you are wanting to hear for your sound. I am a Music Producer, Beat Maker, Mix-Mastering Engineer & Singer-Songwriter. Let's connect and feel free to contact me for a chat or any questions.

Session Saxophonist /Trumpeter - Alvin




Session Saxophonist /Trumpeter

Session horns and Soloist (saxes/trumpet/Flute and now Trombone) worked for many top artists. All genres considered. Bring the 'power of horns' to your music, 30 years experience.

Music Producer / Engineer  - Jonathan




Music Producer / Engineer

I am a professional music producer and sound engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. I have access to a NEVE VR analogue console (48 channels) in a very good sounding room with high end analogue outboard running on a Pro Tools HDX system with top AD/DA converters.

Mix & Mastering, Recording - Devario


Mix & Mastering, Recording

I worked with Beres Hammond has his personal studio engineer for 8 years. All tracks of his Grammy nominated album One Love One Life was recorded by me. Track number 10 of this said album was also mixed by me.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Allan


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Looking for that new, modern and passion sound in Pop, Hip Hop, Dance, and more?...I'm your guy, lets connect!

Music Production, Mixing - Arty

New York

Music Production, Mixing

#1 Billboard Hits (8) • Grammy nomination. My goal is to bring YOUR vision to life. I specialize working with singers and songwriters, and turning your ideas into professionally produced, polished, unique and marketable songs. Artists I've produced have hit #1 on Billboard, got record deals, publishing and licensing, won song contests and more.

Mixing|Mastering|Production - Steven



Hi i'm Steven better known as St4x. I'm a mixing and mastering engineer with over 10 years experience. Specialising in all urban genres of music and more. As an engineer with meticulous attention to detail I aim to attain professional mixes that have clarity and the best possible sonic quality for your music.

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