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My work philosophy is to start any new project by building a good relationship with you so that we can achieve the goal you want by working well together. With my skillset and network your project can be a reality. I'm looking forward to work with you.

Producing: My job as a producer in the studio is focused on guiding you in imprinting the feeling of your song consistently and compellingly throughout your whole project. Additionally, managing people, schedules, and resources are just some of the side gigs you will need to navigate as you see your project come to life, but I can take the lead on these logistics so that you can focus on your artistry.

Podcast Editing: Do you need to have your podcast audio edited and don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself? Hand over that excruciatingly detail-oriented work. I will have it edited in a short period of time and return it ready to be uploaded to your platforms.

Mixing: Through production I was introduced to the world of mixing, and though initially I thought it was all about scientific equations - only paying attention to numbers and percentages - I eventually realized it is actually an art in and of itself, focused on perception and feel.

Composing: Being able to create is crucial for my work. I’ve always heard everything from initial melodic phrases to complex orchestral compositions in my mind, and bringing them to life to share with others is always a satisfying accomplishment. I incorporate my different cultures and worldwide experiences into my unique music, making it likable across latitudes.

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Colportor - New Heaven, New Earth

I was the Editor and Mixing Engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

Editing-Mixing: First two revisions are free. Afterwards for each new revision it will cost: $35

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