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Audio Engineer/ Mixer

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Certified Audio Engineer through the Recording Connection Audio Institute. I have worked on projects in and out of the studio. I have recorded at a local studio for a good amount of time now. Usually work with local artists and musicians, but I am always open to collaborate with people through the internet.

Working with others opens doors and introduces different creative aspects to create a fresh influence on a new sound. Collaborating is a powerful way to create music by having mixed influences you can introduce something out of the ordinary. Saying that, I am very open to anyone with an idea.

I mix a variety of genres, more specialized in Hip Hop, Acoustic, Soft Rock, Electronic, and some more LoFi genres. I can mix Digital or Analog (prefer Analog) and am constantly trying new techniques to improve old ones.
I am not a musician but I dabble in beat making not perfect at it but know enough I can put together basic beats with a little style added to it. Practice! Practice! Practice! Always practicing to perfect the next challenge for my client.

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Gear Highlights
  • Studer 24 Channel
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