Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Luca Stricagnoli

we make you sound better ;-) - Protonstudio

"Once played music is in the air- gone forever... ...preserve it!" Two German guys, having fun and success in making music for more than 15 years, each!

More providers:

 - shele sondheim

songwriter / producer / music business entrepreneur

 - Soy Mutante

post-production mix mastering 80's hc / post-punk / experimental / folk

Music Producer and Songwriter - Felipe Vassão

Music Producer and Songwriter based in Brazil. In 2013 produced and co-wrote Emicida's "O Glorioso Retorno de quem Nunca Esteve Aqui", a Brazilian rap album that topped several "album of the year" lists throughout Brazil and Latin America.

Producer, Studio,Mix&Mastering - Abstrakt

Whats up I go by Abstrakt, I'm a producer/engineer/writer based out of New York NY. I graduated from Institue Of Audio Research about 5 years ago. Since then I worked with artists like Lougotcash, Dave East, Nitty Scott, and more, and recently opened Fast Life Studios in NYC with my business partner.

Words Melodies Produce Talkbox - Milfa7

≡ I am this producer you have been looking for since a long time ≡

Songwriter, vocal producer - Will Everett


Songwriter and producer signed to Spinnin / Warner. Lyrics, melodies, and tracks that make you go "ooo". Major label credits and over a decade of experience.

Singer  - Isabella Gabriel

Instantly identifiable voice Soul, Depth, Spirit, sweetness, and passion like no else. The emotion. Didn't consider music as a career until "she reached an illness" and music and emotion kept her breathing. Lady Gaga type voice with high emotion. Speaks and Writes in Fluent Portuguese (native accent) Speaks in Fluent Spanish Speaks in Italian

Multi genre song writer  - Theez

I have been writing songs for 15 years starting with rock and metal and eventually transitioning to hip hop and pop. I’ve always strived to be able to write to any music I hear and I feel like I’ve hit that goal and now I’m ready to make hits.

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