Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Bilingual Vocalist, Songwriter - Kat Meoz

Kat’s distinct booming voice, highly skilled in both rock and pop have landed the artist opportunity after opportunity in the sync/licensing world. A diverse vocal range to match intricate instrumentation underneath her. Singer/songwriter in both English and Spanish. Musicians Institute for guitar and recording sound.10+ years PRO recording artist.

Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter - Tarry McHailen

Professional guitar player, singer, songwriter, composer and arranger.

Produce , Mixing & Mastering - Soundspace Studio

"Mixing & Mastering is important step for music" #waiting for your track

Audio Studio (full service) - Southern Track Studio

Boutique Music Production House Book your time today for remote production,editing, mixing, mastering, or any studio service you require. We allow the artists to focus on the creative and artistic process as we handle the technical side, we have a wide range of vintage and state of the art equipment available for your convenience.

Producer and Mixing Engineer - Ben Hannah

I am a producer and mixing engineer based in Leeds. I mostly specialise in heavy alternative music, rock, post-rock, punk, post-punk, indie and metal. I have recorded works for Leeds International Piano Competition and Marks & Spencer and have received airplay on BBC Radio 1 and a variety of BBC Introducing Platforms.

Remote mixing and editing - Cantus Studio

Working on top of the line analog and digital audio equipment from SSL, Universial Audio and others, our hybrid workflow combines the flexibility of the digital domain with the unique sound of high quality analog gear. Our engineers are Avid certified Pro Tools operators, which ensures fast and reliable edits and professional mixes.

Audio Engineer - Cadence Soundlabs

Getting the best sounding songs starts with getting the best sounds from the beginning. You've already got the best multitracks, so send them over and I will mix them and help you get the best sounds that you can.

Hot Bass and warm Guitar tone - Glen Martin

Get some sizzling bass grooves on your project! Awesome Bass chops from smooth to heavy. Guitar is all about the love of tone from clean to dirty, with the touch to make it happen. Spent a lifetime performing, recording and producing music with local talent developing skill to perform with anyone, even jammed with national artists!

Songwriting, Production/Mixing - James Reid

I'm a passionate producer, vocalist and guitarist who owns and operates Bynx Records, a project studio in the back of my café in downtown Orlando. I'm comfortable writing hooks, full arrangements and multi-instrumental parts, plus tracking (if local) and mixing. Let's work together!

Session Guitarist, Producer - Chartmaster Infurion

Looking for the ultimate rhythm guitar section, or some beats to set your latest tune on fire? Look no further...

Music producer/ studio  - Scott Wilson

Saving Abel bass player, producer of many known national acts. My team and myself have worked with artists together selling more than 20 million albums.

Swedish Analog mastering! - Nevo Mastering

We enhance your artistic vision and always provide a dynamic and musical mastering.

Remote mixing and session keys - Dom Neary Music

I love to work with artists to enhance their music and realise or exceed their vision. I immerse myself in every project and can either take a raw vocal through to a finished full-band product, or simply add instrumentation remotely - with particular focus on my pristine Hammond, Wurlitzer and Yamaha pianos.

Session guitarist, producer - Liviu Dirdala

Professional musician and session guitarist. I can work on your track following your exact requirements and can also add a creative contribution. Happy to work on a wide range of tracks and as an accomplished guitarist especially in modern instrumental techniques, I can add a really genuine and expressive playing feel suited to your music.

Professional Audio Creative - Tapestry Of Sound

Are your mixes not lifting your off your feet? The drums don't slap as hard as they should? Your hardcore band having to fight for heaviness, instead of letting it flow naturally? At Tapestry of Sound, we work with artists to assess the needs of their songs, and guide them to reaching their fullest potential.

Remote Edit, Mix and Master - Lucas Pateo

I'll give a Brazilian sauce to your music, making it sound better than ever!

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Anna Reed

Hey, my name is Anna. I'm a sound engineer and musician based in Leeds. Although remote (at the minute), I aim to provide a fresh, personable experience. I care about every project I work on and I am happy to give an outsider opinion, whenever it's needed, to create a quality piece of work that you will be proud of.

instrumentals for topliners - Alcoholic Skunk

Just an old gen x punk rocker, who has been releasing music online of and on for 20 years.

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Anton Og

Mixing, mastering, production. Vocal tuning. Podcasts. Professional High Quality gear, Recording Studio 'Gemini WRS' based in Moscow, Russia.

Production and Mixing - Haight Ashbury Studio

I have been writing, recording, producing, and mixing music for 5 years, with artists from various genres from rock to hip hop.

Bass guitar, Guitar, Producer  - Timothy Deaux

I’ll record bass for you. I’ll record guitar for you. I’ll produce, edit, mix, and master for you.

Im a sound designer  - Kike Cobain

Im a very creative Sound Designer, stablished in Mexico City

mix and master songs  - J Engeneer

I studied at Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan(IT) and i have te logic certificationd due to the course

Session Bassist - Tim Robbins

Get fantastic quality bass recordings, all done with high class gear! Experienced professional bassist with 15 years making records.

Producer, Mixing and Guitar - Junne

I work most part of the time in genders like pop/rock, but i really enjoy to become creative and try others styles. If you want to take others visions of your proyects and try new things, this is the place. The impact is never given by using the same formula.

Rock, Alt Folk Rock Vocalist - Avalon

Vocalist, Songwriter - Solo and Vintage Flight Band "Onstage this young performer is a dynamo in the making, wowing audiences, belting out rock and blues like a performer far beyond her years.... a voice that turns the heads of fans with deep knowledge of the music and its performers." -The Record

Original Songwriter & Musician - Jeri N

I’m a professional musician with over 15 years experience. I write original songs, fun diddies, and catchy jingles that are perfect for singers, online videos, and podcasts.

Mix & Mastering, Record Label  - Balyoz Muzik Official

Hi, My name is Celal, I'm a Sound Engineer, Producer and Lead Guitar player witch own a ''Record Label''

Composer, Musician, Producer.  - Sean Seales


I Mix Music - Florian Sommer

Top of the line hybrid mixing setup. The finest plug-ins both, analog and digital available. 100% easy recall

Session and live guitarist - Trademark

I love to play music live above all! Disponible en España. Disponnible en France.

Mixing & Mastering - Jordi Vaquero

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, I've been playing heavy music for more than 20 years, and recording, editing, producing, mixing and mastering for more than 10 years. Specialized in sounds that range from the grooviest rock to the most extreme doom or death metal bands. If you're looking for a huge and natural sound, you're closer to it now!

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Tom Siemerink

I'm Tom Siemerink, sound designer mixing, mastering and recording engineer. I've recorded and mixed songs for bands, singer-songwriters, pianists and more. I always work to deliver an end result that resonates with you.

Recording & mixing - Prasenjit C

14 years of experience in recording and mixing. Also a session bass player.

Arranger, Session Guitarist - odod

Professional arranger and guitarist, and also prolific music engraver

Drummer, Producer, Composer  - Chad Wackerman

Legendary Drummer....Zappa, Holdsworth, JT and many more.

Music Producer, Sound Engineer - Tiago Ferreira

I'm a music producer who specialises in sound and mixing engineering. I'm a multi-instrumentalist and I'm currently working with two bands (as a drummer and as lead singer and guitarist) and recorded a punk album for one of them. Previously worked as a sound engineer and drummer in the indie studio called Flying Rat Records for 5 years.

Online Mixing and Mastering - George Le Good

I will mix and master your music.

Rock Drummer / Remote Sessions - Anton Franzon


Check out my audio samples! Currently the drummer in Normandie. Delivering top sounding drums for top sounding prices! What is more satisfying than a good sounding drum kit in a good room with only top of the line recording equipment? Specialized in energetic rock drums and got a lot of experience of many other genres.

Design, Video and MoGraphs - Matthew J. Corrales

A comic-inspired, coffee-fueled, hard rock enthusiast specializing in all things design, video, and motion graphics.

Producer, Audio/Mix Engineer - Christian Von Breeden

Music is my life, it is what I live and breathe. I put my strong work ethic into every second of music I work on. That being said I love to make a sound unique to every artist that ultimately becomes or adds to their sound.

Session Guitarist - The Static Dive

I am an accomplished guitarist, songwriter and producer with 30 years experience. I am currently signed as a recording artist with FBP Music. I have performed on over 500 recordings. In recent months I've collaborated with LA bass Trap producer Kilo House and Atlanta composer/producer London Elixir.

tech - Alltimespost

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Music Producer, Mix and Master - Miguel Martins

Produced and recorded the portuguese Linkin Park Tribute Band "HYBRID THEORY" and helped the band to achieve LP unique sound , the band is now touring around the globe :)

Recording and Mixing - Martin Trogani

Recording and mixing engineer trained at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. Currently slithering among the bottom-feeders in New Jersey's DIY scene. Evil genius behind Ogbert the Nerd's sonic signature

Session guitarist  - Brannon Rice

I’m a guitarist looking to make your track sound the best it can! i can cover a variety of genres including: Pop, Rock, Metal, Country and Worship.

Male Vocalist - Chicago Mike Beck

Powerful Rock Vocalist with Soul

Vocalist and Music Producer - Schlegel Flegel

Music Producer largely influenced by Queen.

Recording & Production Studio - Noise Together

Brand new recording studio in Milwaukee, WI, offering 3 full-time engineers working on your project, for the price of one. Let's make some magic.

Session Saxophonist - Allison Payonk

Hey! I am a professional sax and woodwind player from Minneapolis, MN. I have a bachelor's degree in Music Education and Jazz Studies from University of Minnesota Duluth and am an active performing and recording musician locally and remotely. I have lots of experience playing rock, jazz, r&b, hip hop, and more. Message me with any questions!

I am a Visual Artist  - Dexaler - Lost Alien Relic

I am a visual artist. My art style has been labelled as psychedelic, trippy, visual, spacey, etc. My work is mainly influenced by music, with genres ranging from rap and hip hop to hard rock and heavy metal. I have previously made album covers for indie artists.

Guitarist/Vocalist/Composer - Sam McGarrity

I am here to help bring life to your song by providing professional guitar/vocal/orchestral sounds to your project. I have 12 years experience of writing, touring, performing and recording music with many bands over different genres. It would be a pleasure to work with you

I MIX - Facu Rodríguez

99 times out of 100 I fall in love with the song I´m working on.

Mixer - Billy Centenaro

I’ve mixed for artists such as Mike Posner, Dave Matthews Band, Adam Melchor, and Guy Sebastian.

Writer/ female vocalist  - Mariah Jones

I can write songs for Any genre I am also a female vocalist if needed for a production you already have

Alternative  - Dylan Peace

Grimy, Groovy jams to be depressed/study to

No matter the genre, my goal i - Lark Bird Audio

No matter the genre, my goal is to make your music as MODERN, PUNCHY and COMPETITIVE with the sounds of 2022.

Live Stem and Studio Mixing - Jamie Murphy

My goal is to make your vision come to life! As the artist, you have a specific sound in mind and you want somebody that will align with that vision and deliver a mix that encapsulates that sound.

Session guitar, beat detective - Jordan ramsey

Engineering, musician. Ignore my Facebook page. It’s a lot of old crappy posts. I play guitar and a lil drums.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Jeremy Mock Audio Engineer

I am an up and coming recording, mixing, and mastering engineer completing the final year of my bachelors in audio engineering and classical guitar at the University of Denver. I am in the post punk band "Antibroth", as well as perform under my own name "Jeremy Mock". I am experienced in most heavy genres, as well as singer songwriter and country.

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Dan Larkin

Professional mixing for Electronic and Alternative Rock/Indie music.

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Kayden Moore

Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Engineer with over 3+ years of professional experience.

Songwriter and Producer - Kevin Bianchi

I am a songwriter and producer specializing in melody driven music. I have experiencing writing and producing a wide variety of styles and creative paths. I focus on the 'heart' of the song and weaving and integrating the individual pieces to best serve the song.

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