Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Guitar, Bass, Tracking, Mixing - Gage Markey

Creativity through simplicity - let's create! My passions are playing, recording, & mixing and I'll help where I can with any project that comes my way. I am a pupil of the blues, vintage rock and soul artists & producers but I love constructing new and unique-sounding material.

Singer/Songwriting/Mixing - Music by TRISTN


Professional commercial singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist. I am a recording artist with a new album just released. I work with several professionals in New York City and Los Angeles. SLIPPERY SLOPE MUSIC WORLDWIDE

Producer, Engineer, Sessioner - Efe Dinler

Hello there. My name is Efe Dinler. I currently reside in Istanbul, Turkey and I own a developing home studio. While I develop my home studio, I also improve my knowledge and abilities upon my instrumental capability and my skills in being a studio producer. P.S.: Please check my description update below.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Paul Daniel

Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Audio Engineer/Music Producer - Sergio Fernández

9-year experienced music producer/audio engineer that's worked with artists from Tijuana, San Diego, Monterrey, and Spain! I'm the house engineer at Bleu Recording and also operate at El Colorado Studio. Thanks for looking me up! Portfolio:

PA Hire & Sound Engineering - dB Live Sound

dB Live Sound provide PA systems and sound engineering services for bands playing in pubs, clubs and small festivals.

Engineer/Producer/Musician - Ceaside Studio

15 years writing and recording music in different bands. Looking to get my name out there. All genre's welcome. I do have a special place in my heart for rock and metal!

Recording & Mixing Engineer - Carlos Mora

I've been playing guitar for over ten years, engineers who are musicians themselves set apart from others immediately. I understand music, and therefore I understand your needs and where you want your music to go.

Session drummer, and vocalist - David J. Williams

Do you need creative, musical drumming tracks, plus lead or backing vocals? I am your guy. I offer discounts if you need vocal tracking along with drums, which will enable you to hire less session musicians in the studio!

Bass player session/live - BSullivan

Anything you need, I can handle it. Always play to the very best of my ability.

Producer,Engineer,Mixer - Jeff Leonard

With a client list that includes everything from Grammy nominated R&B singer Keith Washington to Multi-Platinum selling rock band Shinedown, to iTunes chart topping Reggae artist Sun-Dried Vibes, my expericence with live and electronic instrumentation in a wide range of of geners of music would make me a great fit at for your project.

Recording-Production-Mixing - Gareth Rogers Recording/Mixing

Credited on several multi-Platinum albums, specialising in professional results and experimental times in the studio. I'll represent YOUR sound, (just a little tidier) to stand up with commercial releases worldwide.

digital recording studio - My Sonic Temple

My Sonic Temple is a premier boutique Los Angeles recording studio, where you can get professional music production, complete mixing, engineering, & high-end sound recording in an intimate setting.

Music Producer - Helder Munhao

Music composer, Song Writer, Musician

Producer, Engineer,Facilitator - Tom Van Riper, Lost Studios

Lost Studios has been in business for over 20 years starting out in the analog world and one of the first studios to go digital in the early 2000's. We pride ourselves on helping the musician be as creative as possible when it comes to their music.

Wizard Audio - Glenn Freckelton

Music production is my passion. I pride myself on bringing the absolute utmost to every one of my clients. Together, we can carve your brand and identity. I am highly collaborative, creative and will ensure the utmost satisfaction throughout the entire production life cycle.

Session Drummer, Remote Mixing - Gaetano Nicolosi

Are you a song writer? Musician? Singer? Do you need custom drum tracks for your songs? If you need to record drums for your demo, commercial jingle, songs or CD project, I certainly can help you.

Awesome mixes! - Michael Wolf

I'm an experienced mixing engineer and my job is to take your songs to the next level! I take pride in working on the mix until it sounds just right, and the artist is very happy with the result.

One stop audio production - Garry Mailangkay

Just ask me. I'll do my best.

Recording Studio, Remote Mix - Rodrigo Donato

Sound Designer & Mixing Technician, OnLine to the whole world

Music producer, Mixing, Vocals - Emil Sporsheim

Hello! I'm Emil - a producer, songwriter, mixer, vocalist and guitarist. I've been involved with lots of projects through running a recording studio for years, producing, writing, mixing and playing. I'm now only doing this part time, but still have the knowledge, ears, and pipes to help you with your project.

Guitarist, Bassist, Composer, - Marc Vogler

Heya! I write & record in a broad spectrum of musical styles, primarily playing guitars (classical, electric, bass).

| Mixing and Mastering |  - W.L.B. SOUND

Hey. I´m Dmitry Gruzinov, sound engineer living in Russia.I diligently practice different genres of music. I will work until you are 100% happy with the end result!

Mixing Engineer & Pianist - James Beesley III

I'm a hard-working blue-collar musician and recording engineer. I've been an engineer and musician for 15+ years. I love 60's and 70's jazz, rock, funk and soul. I'm always shooting for that sound... a little raw and a little rough around the edges. Since I have a 3-year-old daughter, I have a new found interest in writing children's music.

Recording Studio, - A New Level Recording

Our mission is simple, we will provide you world class recording in a professional setting at a reasonable price. We take pride in what we do which, in turn, means we will take pride in your project.

Session guitarist and producer - Santiago Polo

Founder/ Former Guitar player and composer in Alumine.

Vocals - lifemusic4

hi, i will be glad to help you with your track, check out my instagram telegram watsapp +79817148842

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Leff Brain Music Production

My name is Geoff Weber, and music is my number one passion. I've been playing since I was 8 years old (26 now) and I began experimenting with recording at age 12. I currently work out of a commercial studio and pursue freelance projects too. I have an extremely good ear and keen attention to detail. I'll make your tracks sound the very best!

Mix Engineer - Dan Atkinson

Professional Analogue Mix Engineer/ Pro Tools Mixing/ Neve Console/Barefoot Monitoring & Boutique High End Outboard.

Audio Post for Today - The Grotto

Paul Vitolins @ The Grotto provides comprehensive Audio Direction for any project that you have. From song/script writing through final delivery, his experience will guide you through the process to make your product sound its best.

Live & Studio Mixing/Mastering - M. Green

I am a Boston-based Audio Engineer with over 10 years of professional experience in live sound and recording technology. Whether you are in search of a FOH/Monitor Engineer orMixing/Mastering Engineer, I will provide you with what you need to keep your music sounding great!

Mixing, mastering, production - Edwin McLachlan

I'm a musician and record producer from Scotland, with 10 years of industry experience and a passion for crafting boundary-pushing records. Let's make some art.

Production for Songwriters - Gus Barraca

Are you a songwriter, topliner or artist? Your song deserves to reach its full potential. It deserves the chance to impact those who listen to it. Together we will make it happen. You will be admired or envied, but you will never go unnoticed. It's time to take the leap!

Session Guitarist - Louie Lively

I am a professional touring & session guitarist for countless national touring, regional & local acts. I strive to create the perfect tone, vibe & feel that you are seeking to compliment your song. I think like a producer with the finished product in mind the entire time. Whatever you can envision, I've got you covered.

Producer, Mixer, Writer - Christoph Hessler

award winning producer, mixing engineer, songwriter and musician focused on rock, alternative and indie

Remote Mixing & Mastering. - Mixing & Mastering Engineer

I have worked even with the most famous artist in the country. I work in protools and everything is going through a legendary SSL mixer. Best Quality Always..

Remote Mixing - Ross Donaldson

I want to mix songs. I've worked with a wide range of artists from Cypress Hill and House of Pain to Billy Idol and Vanessa Williams. If I can't get the mix to your satisfaction, don't pay me. Let me have a shot at it.

Mixing, recording and fun! - Johannes Carlsson

Music producer, songwriter, mixing engineer, guitarist and drummer from Sweden. Would love to mix your songs! I'm currently working on my bachelor's degree in Music production, and just want to start working!

Studio/Live Guitarist - Harry

With extensive education in music theory and over a decade of playing experience, I add nuance to songs that you didn’t even know you needed.

Music producer, drummer. - Jammaria

The music , the life, all the same track !

Musician, producer, engineer - munck

Musician, producer, & amateur mixing engineer. I dabble in indie rock, psych rock, synthwave, hip hop, and metal. I work as a session guitarist, and have a skillset in songwriting. I have worked mixing and mastering tracks for myself and other artists in varying genres.

Session Guitarist, Producer - Cole Porter

St. Louis Session and Live Guitarist. Over 15 years recording experience and a variety of specialties ranging from contemporary, classical, heavy metal, rock, gospel, jazz, pop, amongst others.

Editing, Mixing & Mastering - El Barco Estudio

Guitar Sessionist. Bass Guitar Sessionist. Guitar Sessionist. Drums Tracks. Backing Tracks. Backing Vocals. Online Mixing & Mastering.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Jacob - North Street Sound

Helping to achieve YOUR sound! Comfortable in both the live and studio worlds of recording, North Street Sound is ready to help you make amazing music.

Recording, Mixing & Production - Cameron Forbes

I love making music. I work with new artists who haven't put anything out and guide them along to getting their first release. There is nothing more gratifying than being able to find your music on iTunes and Spotify. Let me help you bypass the beginner mix and production mistakes so your talent can shine.

Mixing Engineer - Devin Feldman

I co mixed a number one song in Brazil. I have worked with Steven Adler, Peter Cetera, Styx, Tesla, and many more. I have recorded for Latin Grammy artist such as Aline Barros

Multi Genre Music Producer - Soul Muzic Productions

I will professionally record, composing, mix or mastering the music you desire.

Music Producer and Songwriter - Colin Lee

Producer, songwriter, and session musician based in NYC.

Editing,Mixing,Mastering - Franz[.]Suono

Versatile sound engineer with 20+ years of professional experience, both in studios and live. Tracks, Edits, Mix, Masters. From solo acts to orchestra, from metal to folk. Always tuning-in to the artist's specific needs, taste and budget.

 record,mix and master - Veil Estudio

We are a recording, mixing and mastering studio. We offer remote recording, mixing and mastering

Remote mixing and session keys - Dom Neary Music

I love to work with artists to enhance their music and realise or exceed their vision. I immerse myself in every project and can either take a raw vocal through to a finished full-band product, or simply add instrumentation remotely - with particular focus on my pristine Hammond, Wurlitzer and Yamaha pianos.

Recording Studio, Session Work - Fuzz Ball Studios

I'm here to help you realize your ideas. Mixing suite. Ready to track bass, drums, guitar and vocals from my studio. I also write in a variety of genres. Particularly interested in working with rock/indie/alternative artist but am open to most projects.

Producer, Mixer, Composer - ToneHive

I'll develop compositions/arrangements, record/flesh out/produce, edit, mix and master your tracks to make them release-ready, with quick turnaround!

Session Bassist / Vocalist - Dave Rapa

Bass lines. Whether simple & supportive, or complex & melodic, finding the perfect foundation upon which to build your song or is crucial. Let me help! As a bass-focused multi-instrumentalist with 30+ years experience, I know how to build compelling bass lines to perfectly fit your project’s unique style and instrumentation.

Bilingual Songwriter - Paulo Srulevitch

I write lyrics in English and Spanish for genres spanning from the Radiohead to Gustavo Cerati.

Mix Engineer, Drum Tracking - Matt Paulson

I'll take your song to the next level! Whatever you want. I'll work my hardest to make your song come alive.

Rock Mixing and Mastering - CJ Coward

Focused on your creative vision. Hi, I'm CJ!

HD Professional Drum Tracking. - FatCatDrummer

I'm not just a "session drummer" like you'd expect to find on networks like this. Not only have I been teaching and doing session work for over 15 years, I'm also an accomplished audio engineer with an expertise in drum audio and over 10 years running my own custom drum company. Needless to say, my knowledge, experience keep me top tier quality.

Mix Engineer & Producer - Timothy Coakley

I am a passionate artist with over 15 years of professional drumming and music production experience. I am both a musician and a performer who pours heart and soul into every project. As a songwriter, I understand the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into your music which is why I promise to provide the same level of enthusiasm with your project.

Drummer  - Mario Jahnke

Munich based musician with 30+ years of touring/session drumming, producing and writing. What is most important to me when recording is listening to the artist and making sure I play the best feel for the song. I gained a lot of experience in all different kinds of genres and would love to add an unique style of live drums to your songs!

Song writer, Mix and Master. - Paolo Peralta

Paolo Peralta of TURBO GOTH will help you manifest your masterpiece.

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