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Rerecording mixer Sound Design - Craft Cave Sound

Welcome to Craft Cave Sound. An award winning boutique audio post production studio located in Vancouver B.C. We take pride in our craft, providing inspired and tailored audio design, editing and mixing for film, television, advertising and new media. We love what we do and would love to share our passion with you.

Recording, editing, mixing. - Alekz Nova


I love beeing creative, I want to give the best result in any job. I've worked in Latin Grammy Winning and nominees productions.

Session Guitarist - Alban Treuet

You need a Rocky Solo ? A Funky rythm ? Or some jazz chords on your songs ? Don't search any longer I'm your guy !

Wizard Audio - Glenn Freckelton

Music production is my passion. I pride myself on bringing the absolute utmost to every one of my clients. Together, we can carve your brand and identity. I am highly collaborative, creative and will ensure the utmost satisfaction throughout the entire production life cycle.

Remote Mixing & ITB Mastering - Kellen Bolger

I've been on both sides of the desk, both as a mix engineer and as a touring musician. I will give you solid, punchy mixes.

Session Drummer, Remote Mixing - Gaetano Nicolosi

Are you a song writer? Musician? Singer? Do you need custom drum tracks for your songs? If you need to record drums for your demo, commercial jingle, songs or CD project, I certainly can help you.

Remote Mixing, mastering, etc - David DeSanto

I have been working with sound and audio for a while. I am currently technical directing in Jax, and would love to take a crack at your mix!

Mixing & Mastering, Production - Epiphany Productions & Mixing

I've been passionate about music all my life. From playing small local venues to devoting time and money towards schooling. I hope to create a long list of musical relationships while sharing the skills I learned through my 5-month intensive and condensed course for Digital Audio Production.

Mixing / Mastering - Rock Production

Rock Production - Music Production, Mixing and Mastering Studio in Salzburg, Austria/Europe.

 Singer, Violinist, Screamer  - Miss Maxine Murder

Multitalented vocalist, electric and acoustic violinist, songwriter and go-getter looking to collaborate and/or assist in adding unexpected sound, thrilling energy and fresh new blood to your project. Many tend to compare my voice to Pat Benetar, Grace Slick, Siouxsie Sioux (Siouxsie and the banshees), and Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders).

Music producer, Mixing, Vocals - Emil Sporsheim

Hello! I'm Emil - a producer, songwriter, mixer, vocalist and guitarist. I've been involved with lots of projects through running a recording studio for years, producing, writing, mixing and playing. I'm now only doing this part time, but still have the knowledge, ears, and pipes to help you with your project.

Pro Bassist, Mixing, Mastering - Jake DeJarnett Studio Bassist

I am a session bassist out of Nashville Tn with 14 years of experience, with my own high end recording studio capable of providing a solid bass line to your tracks. I use top of the line gear like Neve, SSL, Kemper, Avalon, and more for tracking and high end basses to achieve great tone. I send a mix ready version, a DI track, and an amped track.

We Make Music - DAMJR

Full range music production services for artists with a vision.

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Mike Miller

From pristine, exciting, head-banging rock mixes, to intricate, emotional, raw, powerful performance tracks, my specialty is in the details!

Audio Engineer - mixing - Red X Studio - Sarah

I am a young, passionate music enthusiast. I am new to the industry but extremely hungry to get my name out there. I graduated from Trebas Institute for Audio Engineering, Production, and Dj Arts. I work hard and effectively to produce amazing results.

Mixer/Engineer/Drummer - Michael Govaere

Client Focused Mixing Engineer With Pop/Rock Past

Drums & Audio - Taylor Simpson

Drummer & Recording Engineer

Recording Studio - Sumthins Recording

Over five years of experience, including full production on 2 EPs and 1 full album with the band The Sumthins.

Live Sound Engineer, FoH-Mon - Dylan Nosal

Versatile Live Sound Engineer with 12 years experience of FoH and Monitor duties.

Mixing/Mastering/Musician - Black Hat Music

Black Hat Music is a one-stop shop for production, recording, mixing, and mastering. Owned and operated by Josh Cohen (Guster, Childish Gambino, Cowboy Junkies, Jon Bellion, John Fogerty), BHM is uniquely designed for speed and efficiency while producing the highest quality in a wide range of genres.

Production, Recording, Mixing - Michael Washkevich

I've been producing records for the last 20 years. I focus primarily on rock, country, jazz, singer/songwriter.Artists I've worked with include AMFM, The Virus, The Tsunami Experiment, The Give Take, and many more. I run a fully equipped recording studio MDW Productions to assist with whatever recording is necessary. Let's discuss your project!

Lead Vocalist and Backup Vocal - Patrick17Williams

My name is Patrick. Ever since I knew music was a thing, I wanted to sing. Since I started singing. My brain told me that I could sing and be good. I have a lot to put down in my story. I've had a lot happen in my life that I know I can write about. If I join a band. I know my fellow band members would appreciate my vocals whenever it is needed....

Recording/Mixing Studio - No More Studios

Music theory/guitar performance major turned indie producer, began producing music at the age of 15. Worked with Berklee graduates in early career to produce my own music, eventually branching off on my own. Released an EP in 2018 in order to get the full studio experience, now recording and mixing indie bands to cut my teeth. Let's make music!

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Jacob - North Street Sound

Helping to achieve YOUR sound! Comfortable in both the live and studio worlds of recording, North Street Sound is ready to help you make amazing music.

Audio Engineer (Art & Tech) - Zima Løre

Multiinstrumental Audio Engineer, Composer and Music Producer in search of creative challenges with interesting people.

Remote mixing and editing - Cantus Studio

Working on top of the line analog and digital audio equipment from SSL, Universial Audio and others, our hybrid workflow combines the flexibility of the digital domain with the unique sound of high quality analog gear. Our engineers are Avid certified Pro Tools operators, which ensures fast and reliable edits and professional mixes.

Mastering Engineer - The Fat Cat Mastering

I provide a five star mastering service for artists.

Composer, Guitarist, Mastering - Rob Cavallo

Music Producer, Session Guitar - Renato Zamora

English: Hi I´m Renato Zamora, producer, musician & guitar player, from del middle of the earth i offer my services to produce and record and make great songs with you. Spanish: Hola soy Renato Zamora, productor, musico y guitarrista desde la mitad del mundo me pongo a tu disposición para producir grabar y hacer grandes canciones contigo.

Composer, Guitarist, Singer. - Ehab Khaled Fawzi

Music is the passionate reason to live. I've been playing music since i was 4 years old. I'm a Multi-instrumentalist, playing Guitars, Keys, Bass, Vocals, also a Composer and Producer in the Egyptian Prog Rock band: Medic. Looking forward to serve you and contribute in your music happily within my capabilities, Just reach out and say hi.

Mixing & Mastering - Lomenha Produções

Avid Certified Pro Tools 2018 Operator Post

Mix/Master MFiT - Kick The Can Studios

Audio Mixer as well as certified mastering for iTunes. I work very fast and can create a record quality mix in a short amount of time even with less-than-stellar recordings.

Mixing, mastering, production - Jase Edwards

I am Record producer. I'm also a multi-instrumentalist I Mix and Master Music with 20yrs experience I've worked with Rick Rubin at Sound City in Los Angeles. As well as Abbey Road. I produced The Wildhearts 'White' Album.

Session&LiveTour Guitarist - Dmitry Chaplin

My passion for eight-stringed guitar

Sound Engineer - Luca Francesco Bruno

Hi I ma a stundent of Sound Engineer at Conservatory G.Martucci of Salerno, Im looking for some collaborations.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Audio Jigsaw

Professional Quality for Value.

Produce,mix,guitarist, bassist - Hirvy

I can fully produce and mix your song, record guitar and bass for your song and can re-amp your electric guitar and bass tracks.

Mastering & Mixing Engineer - Jeff Ferrand - WooDBox Studio

My role is to bring a new and objective approach to projects in respect of artistic choices.

Session Drummer for your songs - Maxi Cataldi

Profesional drummer with more than 20 years of experience ready to colaborate on your songs. Performed with many of Argentina's bandas, artists and musical theater orquestras. I have my own studio in Bs As, Arg. I have recorded more than three hundred tracks for bands, artists, soundtracks, advertising music, jingles, TV productions, etc.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Lorenzo M.J.

Make Sound sound Music!! EDM/ Pop/ Progressive/ Rock/ Hip Hop/ Rap/ Pop, R&B/ Trap/ Techno/ Latin, Gospel, and more!

Remote Mastering - Alexandre Soares

The best of hybrid mixing and mastering using a vintage Tascam 388 and M216, Reel to Reel, a lot of handwired and powerfull analog gears as Adamastor optotube compressor, AlsetTec mastering baxandall EQ, Summit Audio TLA100A, and more. The Brazilian way of mixing, with the best of both worlds!

Rock Mixing and Mastering - CJ Coward

Focused on your creative vision. Hi, I'm CJ!

Mix Master - T

I've mixed live shows for years, for A-list artists. Now, with COVID-19, there are no live shows. So I'm making my talents available to YOU. Send me your music. I will make it sound incredible.

Remote Mixing and Production - Matt Schenck

I'm a Mixer, Cyclist and (aspiring) Chef. We all have many sides that make us who we are. I approach each mix from a perspective full of Inspiration, Focus and Vision. Your track will slap.

Recording Studio - Wandering Robot Studio

A high-quality, boutique recording, mixing, and mastering studio nestled just north of downtown Austin. A recording studio in a home, not just a home studio.

Pop/Rock/Metal Audio Engineer - Luke Kramer

I can get the sound in your head to come out of the speakers!

remote mixing and mastering - Egor 'Oilcake' Riazantcev

I love complex live projects with a lot of tracks and usually draw a lot of automation instead of using compressors or other automatic processors to keep sound natural and alive. I am the guy to dig in details and make most complicated arrangements shine.

Guitars, Vocals, or Mixing - Matt Retz

I've been playing music, on stage and in the studio, since the 1980's. Love working on new stuff! I can provide lead vocals, tight backgrounds, guitars, or help with arranging to finish up your project.

Musician, Mixing, Mastering,  - Matt Koval

I've worked with various genres of musicians. I play, guitar, drums, bass and piano. I enjoy the process of writing/recording and making music with quality. I work mainly with Pro Tools and have been using this DAW for 10 years. I have a large virtual instrumental library as well as mixing and mastering tools. I have also done music score for film

Guitarist, Writer and Producer - ANY MUSIC

Experienced musician and songwriter If you need a track recorded, inspiration or arrangements for a song, contact me.

Recording / Mixing / Mastering - Paul Orofino

Engineer / Producer with 40 years of experience, working alongside artists & bands from all parts of the globe. The genres I'm mostly versed in are: Rock, Heavy Rock, Alternative, Americana, Jazz, & Blues. The focus here at my place, is tracking a band live in our large open studio room, and then seeing it thru to mixing.

Mixing and Mastering All Audio - Cooley Audio

I've been working in this field for two decades, and I'm confident I can help with all your audio needs.

Producer, Mixing, Bassist - knji & shine

I‘ll always aim for a clean mix while maintaining a unique sound design.

Guitarist & Audio Engineer - Daniel Shadrach Reid

I am Daniel Shadrach Reid, an affordable full time multi-genre audio engineer based in NYC. I record, mix, and master all genres of music. Additionally, if you are in need of Rock, Pop, R&B, Rap or Metal guitar work on your music, I offer those services as well! Looking forward to helping you create the best version of your music!

Mixing and Mastering - chealdo tac-an

Currently, I am an Entrepreneur of my own Sounds and Lights Services Rental business in Cebu City, Philippines. I catered to several events like local and foreign concerts, weddings, corporate events and etc. I am also a Systems Integrator for Audio Visual Equipment. For audio, I do mixing, mastering, tuning, post-editing, recording, editing, etc.

Audio for Multimedia - Mothership Audio

We are a collective of academically certified audio engineers, artists and producers with experience in a multitude of audio-related fields. We are here to provide you with personal quality audio services to take your product to the next level.

Songwriter/Lyricist/TopLiner - THIS WOLF

THIS WOLF can take your music to the next level.

Singing & songwriting - Genoveve Simmons

Singer & lyricist who loves to work with artists of all genres

recording.sound design.guitar. - singletrack sound

An audio and music production studio founded by Brian Walters, bringing over a decade of experience as a professional theatre mixer and sound designer back to his roots as a musician and studio engineer.

Session Guitarist - LeeAshmentMusic

I’m here to make your life easier and to add something special to your music

Mixing and Mastering - Greg Fuess

I'm a mixing and mastering engineer out of the Oxnard CA area. I've been working in bands and mixing music for over 10 years.

Producer, Engineer, Musician - Shoestring Recordings

If you want a mixer who's mixed famous artists, you've landed on the wrong profile. I am here to help independent artists produce the best possible recordings of their songs. I'm inspired by talented people whose songs I'm excited to mix and I can't wait to hear yours.

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