Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

All Music All The Time - Ryan @ Red Room Recording

Songwriter, Producer, Composer, Engineer. I've worked with bands with cult followings like Grant Lee Buffalo, The Intelligence, to superstars like Sheila E, Dave Grohl, and a lot of great artists around the world!

Stellar Sound Engineer - Bassett

I do audio, all-around!

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Pablo Rodríguex

Hi! I'm an audio engineer/music producer working from my own homestudio in Bogotá, Colombia. I'd be more than happy if u want me for develop your projects/ideas during this lockdown.

Sound Design and audio enginee - Foster Sound

I am a professional sound designer and audio engineer. I do Foley, synthesis, recording, mixing and mastering everything from sound effects and music to voice acting and audio editing.

Audio Engineer - Doug Whipple

Recent graduate, cheap prices.

Hard Hitting Time Keeper - Tom Bruno


25+ year touring and recording drummer with recording label credits including Universal, Epitaph, Vagrant, among many others, including work in commercials. If all you want is a solid time keeper who hits the drums correctly, I'm your guy.

Recoding Studio, Mixing - Bryan Papic

Professional, top-notch recording and mixing. 10+ years industry experience.

Session Vocalist  - Kristy James


Multi Award winning singer/songwriter ready to sing on your next track!

Session guitarist - Daisy Spencer

If you need intricate guitar riffs, in-your-face tones, or just someone to add a spark to your recordings/live show, I'm your girl. Let me help bring your project or live show to life.

Bass/Guitar/Prod/Mix/Master - Rui

Doing the bass and mixing its my top credit.

Online session Drumer - John Signorella

I'll provide a HOT drum track that only a Pro of 20+ years can offer. All styles. Let's make your project amazing!

Audio Engineer - BlackFox SoundLab - Arsis

I'm specialized in Recording and Mixing, particularly in odd situations and places. Every musical projects, from song writing to mixing, deserves creativity, intimacy and fun. That's why i prefer to record with my floating studio, deciding each time the best place to record, whether it is a house, a wood, a basement or a roof...

Mixing, Mastering, Guitar/Bass - Brandon Williams

I like to make music that feels good. Whether that means it's surgical and clean or pumping with compression and distortion; whatever makes your music feel good, I am excited to find and execute for you.

Recording Studio and Mixing  - Estudio Peloloco

We are dedicated to recording and mixing music, having as allies the excellent musicians who live in this country.

Ultimate Mixing & Mastering  - SSL + Neve Online Mixing

A Unique Online Mixing & Mastering Service. - Our OnLine Mixing and Mastering Service is very different to others. No other service can offer our classic vintage equipment coupled with state of the art mixing and mastering facilities. We are available 24/7 to discuss all your online mixing & mastering requirements.

Musician, Band - AarshiNagar

AarshiNagar - Rock Nation Fusion Band

Producer&Mixer – Dolby Atmos - Sebastian Rojas Baquero

I'm a Producer/Recording/Mixing engineer and I'm not just passionate about making the best sounding records I also work very hard to make the music (your music!) the most interesting and compelling as it possibly can and develop a unique sound together with the artist.

Songwriter, Singer, Rapper - Big Ears Glenn

I am able to write pop-punk, indie, alternative, or hip hop songs for a reasonable price.

Recording and Mix Engineer - Daniel Brooks

I am first and foremost a lover of all music. I pride myself on taking someones beautiful ideas and turning them into the final product they have always wanted. From recording to mixing, to mastering I live for my work.

Recording and Mix Engineer. - Damian Panitz

I am a bass and rhythm guitar player, I started audio engineering on film in the 90's and have been recording producing underground NYC Punk and Rock bands like Jiggers is King, Blueberry High Heels as well as local singer songwriters. I am smalltime with a big sound.

Drums & Audio - Taylor Simpson

Drummer & Recording Engineer

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Submantra Records

I am an experienced and qualified audio engineer ready to take your project to the next level. I offer production, mixing and mastering services.

Super Creative Music Producer  - Chris McKenzie

I move towards originality. I'm great at instrumenting a song, creating amazing vocal harmonies and building a huge wall of sound in everything I do. I have a great ear for melancholic and sweet melodies. Music is meant to be free and original. If you're looking to do something new and exciting I'm your guy.

Audio Post for Today - The Grotto

Paul Vitolins @ The Grotto provides comprehensive Audio Direction for any project that you have. From song/script writing through final delivery, his experience will guide you through the process to make your product sound its best.

Engineering and Mixing - R Andrew Humphrey

My name is R. Andrew Humphrey. I live in Chicago and I help people make records.

Recording, mixing & mastering - Proud Music Studios

It is your music. Be proud of it! I started this music studio to work on my own music. It was a hard and interesting journey! Now I work with different artists from different parts of the world. Have mixed and mastered whole albums remotely and recorded various artists in Gothenburg.

recording, mixing, vocals,  - Point Blank Studio (NO)

"Music is best when it's raw and unpolished, melodic and dark"

Remote Mixing - Ross Donaldson

I want to mix songs. I've worked with a wide range of artists from Cypress Hill and House of Pain to Billy Idol and Vanessa Williams. If I can't get the mix to your satisfaction, don't pay me. Let me have a shot at it.

Audio Mixing and Mastering. - Vélez

Multi genre dedicated producer. As a proof of my work, I have released my very own multi genre project named as Asymmxtrical. Project In which you can evaluate my work in different genres and sub genres. You can find it on all major music streaming platforms, such as: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube. Customer satisfaction is my main concern.

Editing,Mixing,Mastering - Franz[.]Suono

Versatile sound engineer with 20+ years of professional experience, both in studios and live. Tracks, Edits, Mix, Masters. From solo acts to orchestra, from metal to folk. Always tuning-in to the artist's specific needs, taste and budget.

Singer - Mara Perpétua

My name's Mara Perpétua. I'm a Brazilian Singer.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Max Russell - Audio Producer

THIS is the only place you need to go for remote mixing and mastering. Why should you choose me? Professional Demeanour Strong work ethic Excellent customer service Easy communication throughout the process High quality production

Mixing,  master, editing&creat - DC audiovisuales

I'm a session musician with my own studio recording, specialized in mixing, mastering, editing and composing songs.

Remote mixing and Mastering  - Jay D Saldana

I love to work with rock music because I once was a rock guitar player, but it didn't work. There were so many problems with the band and I decided to start working in something else, so I discover music production. Since then I have worked with many bands in my country and I am willing to move to the next step working with worldwide bands.

Remote Mixing Engineer - Joshua Tweedale

I relish the opportunity to work with artists & bands to achieve a high quality product, with previous recording work featuring on BBC Introducing & multiple blogs. As a young producer, I am ambitious, hardworking and striving to be the best I possibly can.

Session guitarist, bassist  - Thad Beaty

Film & TV niche, guitarist for Sugarland & producer in Nashville, I've produced & performed on thousands of recordings, been featured on Billboard #1 albums, commercials and written Top 10 charting songs. Founder of film & TV sync firm Sorted Noise, I specialize in layering & orchestrating guitar parts to create a huge sound for your track.

Recording bassist - Andy L.

I have been playing guitar and bass for 35+ years in multiple genres of underground music.

Songwriter, guitarist, Singer, - Sean O'Connor

I'm a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer from Dublin, Ireland.

Session guitar, music producer - Scott Schiaffo

I have been a professional musician for 40 years, playing, writing and producing.

Mixing, Mastering and Editing - Rockin' Wolf Records

I've been an Audio Engineer for 15 years, worked with various Artists and in most Genres. My services include Editing, Mixing, Mastering as well as other aspects of production like Reamping, Vocal tuning and general production.

Producer/Songwriter - Taran Guest

Producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist with over 10 years of experience. I will professionally produce, mix, and master your song. I can also help with songwriting, design services and several other steps along the way making it easy for you to focus on your craft and shine.

Producer Mixing Mastering  - Mickel Imler

I’ve been in the music industry for 20 years. I’ve been a touring musician, done lots of session work as a guitarist and bassist. My knowledge of music as a multi-instrumentalist helps me connect with the artists I am working with. Ive now moved more into the role of Producer/mixing and mastering engineer.

Remote Mixing & Production - Ryan Gildea

I've got 20+ years of semi-professional experience performing, producing, mixing, creating pre-production songwriting demos, and co-writing as a guitarist and keyboardist. I am making a career transition into a full-time role and looking to build a portfolio and network. If you're looking for high-quality work for a fair price, let's talk!

MaximumCountryPunk - The Replacement Killers

They messed up British punk-rock together with finest southern country music.With more than 400 shows and the pure energy of rock’n’roll the two give all their blood, sweat and tears to their fans.No matter if acoustic arrangements or full plugged sets at festivals or small clubs, the ever growing crowd is overwhelmed with their full wall of sound.

English Language Consultant - Stephen Baker

If you're an artist with international ambition but English is not your first language, I can help you level up your English lyrics, pronunciation and promotional material. I will consult you through video conferencing and charge by the hour.

Mixing Engineer - Nech

tutelage of Pablo Rabinovich (Mixing and Mastering Engineer, winner of several Gardel Awards) and, later, learned mastering in InSound Academy, with Gustavo Massone. I also participated in some Masterclasses with eminences in audio engineering, such as Tweety Gonzalez (Soda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati, Fito Paez, Fabiana Cantilo, Shakira) and Chris Lord

Mixing engineer, guitarist - Danudika

Free mixing mastering preview. Don't pay if you don’t like the result

Audio and Music - Rob G Audio and Music

Multi instrumentalist Composer and Mix/Master Engineer

Lyricist/Songwriter - PATO

Low key glad the world is burning

Session Drummer / Singer - B Music Solutions

I don't have much studio experience (yet) but I have a ton of experience playing and singing live with all types of people and all levels of musicians. I can't guarantee a perfect 128th note bass beat or that 20 sec vocal run you crave but if you work with me you will get tracks I believe in and a teammate who will value your project over his ego.

South African fabric clothes - dandclothing

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Web Designer - Sarah K.

Go Up is the professional web design and development agency of Dubai UAE. The company was developed to support the business owners in Design, Development, Branding. The company is famous for the valuable services that lead it to become one of the leading website designing company Dubai.

Producer, Master / Live Eng  - Carlos Martinez

More of 20 years of experience in the show business industry, Producer, Master, Recording and Live engineer, musician and music lover

Recording/Mix Engineer - Bobby Louden

Nashville-based recording and mix engineer with a wide range of experience on both sides of the glass.

Session guitarist, Songwriter  - Imanol Menaya

I'm a musician from 5 years old, i played with bands from Argentina like "Todo lo que Fue" and "Publico 0". Im a songwriter, and i learning production, mix and mastering. I have knowledge of amps, pedalboards, simulation and live sound.

Remote Drums and Production - Charles Kernkamp

I am a drummer/producer of 10 years specializing in indie, rock, funk, and singer/songwriter, with my kit set up in a 70 year old church.

Remote Rock, Rap, Pop Mixing - Jack Gray Mixes

Professional, punchy, and clear mixes from a high experienced and versatile audio engineer. I’ve made dozens of mixes from rock to rap with consistency happy clients. I am a firm believer in replicating the vision of the client, as well as making sure the mix can be as perfect as it can be.

Inexpensive, Quality Live Drum - Tyler Vaughn

Live drum tracking from someone who has shared the stage with Grammy winners, multi-platinum selling artists, America's Got Talent finalists, and world touring artists.

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'60 & '70s inspired rock mixes - Raphaël - Cold Friday Records

Working with you to bring back rock and roll... If you're still obsessed with the sound of '60s and '70s records by bands like Led Zeppelin The Who of The Rolling Stones, or if you like to listen to Rival Sons, The Arctic Monkeys or The Raconteurs, I know we are the same.

Mix Engineering - Aidan Sey

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