Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Editing, Mixing & Mastering - El Barco Estudio

Guitar Sessionist. Bass Guitar Sessionist. Guitar Sessionist. Drums Tracks. Backing Tracks. Backing Vocals. Online Mixing & Mastering.

Live Event Production - BULL Audio<>Engineering

We always strive for the best, under any conditions!

Session/Recording Bassist - Brandon Trent

I am a bassist with 27 years experience in performance and recording in various genres that range from rock (alternative, progressive, metal, and pop), country, Cajun & zydeco, blues and jazz. I have been involved in several recording projects over the years done in high end studios, artists' apartment, and in my own house. Come see what I can do!!

 record,mix and master - Veil Estudio

We are a recording, mixing and mastering studio. We offer remote recording, mixing and mastering

Mix/Master MFiT - Kick The Can Studios

Audio Mixer as well as certified mastering for iTunes. I work very fast and can create a record quality mix in a short amount of time even with less-than-stellar recordings.

Composer, producer, lyricist - Fotzey

I’ve been a song writer and producer for over 28 years now and a I have produced more than 80 albums, of which 22 have been my own compositions. I do anything from composition, production, mixing and mastering. I also play 5 instruments, guitar as my main passion, bass, piano, drums and violin.

All in one - Badniuss

I'm a musician and a sound engineer, im also a producer so i can make arrangements. The name of my band is old shaggy, you can hear what i do.

Mix, Master, Edit, Produce - Beyond Audio Recording

Diverse up-and-coming Production Team ready to take your project to the next level. Our team will work with you through the process, to exceed your expectations and achieve a unique sonic reality. From Rock/Metal, to Hip-Hop/Trap, to Pop, to EDM, to Country; we'll take your Audio Beyond.

Producer, Mixer, Composer - ToneHive

I'll develop compositions/arrangements, record/flesh out/produce, edit, mix and master your tracks to make them release-ready, with quick turnaround!

Session Bassist / Vocalist - Dave Rapa

Bass lines. Whether simple & supportive, or complex & melodic, finding the perfect foundation upon which to build your song or is crucial. Let me help! As a bass-focused multi-instrumentalist with 30+ years experience, I know how to build compelling bass lines to perfectly fit your project’s unique style and instrumentation.

Mixing & Mastering & Guitaring - Skelfmusicstudios

10 Years in the Music Industry, worked for The Enemy, Mixed and Mastered for the locals of Yorkshire.

Mixing, Mastering & A. Repair - delpinomix

Mixing & Mastering Engineer, formed in Berklee University. Musician and Audio Repair & Enhance specialist. I am flexible on my rates, especially for longer bookings. My passion is to help musicians make awesome sounding recordings.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Jacob Vargas

I'm here to help you make YOUR song the best it can be! Mixing and Mastering. Let's talk!

Remote Mixing and Production - Matt Schenck

I'm a Mixer, Cyclist and (aspiring) Chef. We all have many sides that make us who we are. I approach each mix from a perspective full of Inspiration, Focus and Vision. Your track will slap.

Audio Engineer Session Drummer - Sonic Garden

Whatever you have, we'll have it RADIO READY!

Music production  - Shambala Records

What ever the customer asks for

Production, Recording, Mixing - Calum Wotherspoon

Professional and friendly music production services, including tracking, re-amping, mix engineering and more. Experienced working with alternative, indie, rock and grunge as well as alternative pop production for bands and solo artists. Working from a studio based in Bristol, Old Market, and able to work remote for post-production.

Recording and mix studio. - STRING STUDIO

our narrower area is mixing sound and recording real instruments

Mix and Master Engineer - Ron Music

Hi, I'm Ron, Award-Winning Mixing and Mastering engineer. You can expect the best possible quality for your music which will be professionally mixed, mastered to ensure it sounds as good as possible.

Recording bassist - Andy L.

I have been playing guitar and bass for 35+ years in multiple genres of underground music.

Mixing and mastering studio - Kidkimaudio

Get punch and big sound to your songs through consistent production and punchy mixing and mastering with analog sound. DANTE Audinate Certificate (Level 3)

Recording, mixing, mastering,  - Timmy Harrison Engineer

Fully Qualified And Experienced Engineer For Hire

Musician with recording studio - Mano Crei

15 years of experience, songwriter, guitarist, singer, sound engineer and owner of recording studio. I've recorded few albums, I mix, I don't master. I've did sound for many live performances. Highly experienced with technical stuff and requirements, Logic Pro, Cubase, Live Loops, macOS, midi mapping, etc.

Remote Mixing - Arnau Diaz

Let me bring your songs alive! I'm a producer and mixing engineer based in Sweden specialised in rock (classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, psychedelia, etc) that will help you get the sound you want for your compositions.

Mixing / Mastering - Drew Heaton

I've mixed and mastered hundreds of songs, several of which have charted on the Mediabase Top 40 Hot AC singles. I specialize in the alternative and heavy rock genres, as well as indie genres. My mix room is acoustically treated so it's a perfect mixing and mastering environment.

Recording, Mixing - Ben Evans

Modern, full sounding mixing that preserves the human feel of real instruments.

Singer/Lyricist  - Dan Kern

Tenor-Baritone vocals and lyrics! Satisfaction Guaranteed! My BA in English Literature, vocal range, and studio experience give you the opportunity to add a real vocal talent to elevate your production. Rock, Soul, Country, Folk, Lounge, Showtune, Opera. Harmonies, Doubling, Back Ups. Lyrics polished, reworked, or written from scratch.

Session Guitarist/Bassist - Caleb

I'm a guitarist/bassist looking to make some money off music! I specialise in session guitar and bass in rock, blues and jazz, but I can also play in other genres.

Mastering 2 Elevate your Music - DASMA

Step into the realm of sonic excellence! Our music service provides a rare opportunity to elevate your tracks by passing them through exclusive analog equipment from renowned makers, typically found only in top studios. Unleash the true potential of your music with unparalleled warmth and depth. Elevate your sound today!

Audio for Multimedia - Mothership Audio

We are a collective of academically certified audio engineers, artists and producers with experience in a multitude of audio-related fields. We are here to provide you with personal quality audio services to take your product to the next level.

Session Keyboardist - Songs For You By Me

I’ve been lucky enough to work with musicians from around the world in bands and for a range of music projects, large and small. Everybody involved always brings something unique- experience, vision, imagination, creativity, passion, determination, energy, a voice, and an unbelievable amount of musical talent.

Remote mixing and mastering - Jake Seeley

Recent Creative Music Technology graduate from the University of Gloucestershire (1st with honours)

Composer, Musician, Producer.  - Sean Seales


Songwriter/session guitar - Dennis Miller

Over 15 years experience in songwriting. I can come up with a song for your story or have a catalogue to choose from in a short period of time. I live for the hook so I do try to bring something special and relatable to the table. I also offer mixing of your tracks in my home studio and or sessions.

MaximumCountryPunk - The Replacement Killers

They messed up British punk-rock together with finest southern country music.With more than 400 shows and the pure energy of rock’n’roll the two give all their blood, sweat and tears to their fans.No matter if acoustic arrangements or full plugged sets at festivals or small clubs, the ever growing crowd is overwhelmed with their full wall of sound.

Mixing, Production & Mastering - Andrew Grosse / Audio Engineer

Exciting & unique editing, mixing, production and mastering work via a hybrid of digital and analog processing.

Session bassist - Ezequiel Gimenez

Professional bass player with over 20 years of experience in the studio and on the road. Let's make music together!

Music Producer, Mixing, Guitar - Timothy Spaniel

I offer mixing, mastering, recording, guitars on your tracks, -Specialist of Vocal Mixing -Specialist rock mixing -Specialist Hip Hop / Rap Mixing

Producer | Mixer | Manager - René Ricklefs

I turned down my 10-year sales and marketing career to help rock bands as a producer, mixing/mastering engineer, and manager. Together we bring rock back into the playlists and win raving fans who support you.

Producer, Songwriter, Keybrdst - mylether

The Song is the top priority. Good, creative production to enhance the original idea.

singer, multi-instrumentalist - Griffin Tucker

Singer, writer & player of most things.

Animator - Canvas Creator - R.M. Diaz

I make 3D and 2D visualizations for music. Everything from satisfying simplicity to complex narratives and collage. All squeezed into a concise 3-8second loop!

I'm a Musician, Song Producer - Zahirul Islam

Hello, this is Zahirul Islam. I'm a musician, entrepreneur, freelancer, singer, writer, lyricist, rock guitarist.

Rock/Pop Session Guitarist - NIc Rush

My Guitar Playing has been heard by millions of people across the globe and I want to play guitar for your recordings, lets make your tracks shine with memorable and modern sounding guitars.

Practically Everything - Max Vøltz


Multi-instrumentalist, producer, mix/mastering engineer, composer, arranger, lyricist. Over 17 years of experience in the field; talk to me if you want the real deal.

Producer, Mixing & Master Eng. - Steffan Duarte

London based music producer, audio engineer experienced in working with Rock, Punk, Alternative, Indie, Reggae. I split my life between producing bands in my own studio in Brazil and working in different studios around London. Hit me up let's discuss your project.

Latin Singer /Rock/Pop/EDM - Juan Cristobal

I'll record vocals and vocals melodies in Spanish / Italian / English with my baritone voice

Producer and Musician  - Max (Deus Irae Studios)

Multi instrumentalist (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals) and producer of various genres, pop, rock, jazz, blues, metal, classical, latin, rap/hip hop, trap.

Recording, Editing, Mixing - Attainment R.E.M.M.P.P.

Attainment R.E.M.M.P.P. provides professional audio engineering and promotional services to help unique musicians attain their desired sound.

Mixing & Vocal Production - Jon Yeston

I am Los Angeles based engineer with 15+ years of experience. I’ve worked with major label and independent artists and give every project my full attention. I am willing to stream my mixing session to you for a collaborative approach or take creative approaches. No project too big or small!

Session Guitarist, Home Studio - Daniel

I am a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, and recording artist. I perform with dart darkness. here are some links to my music:

Producer, Songwriter, Mixer - Alex Moses

I'm Alex - a gravy-winning songwriter, producer and mixer based in Melbourne, AUS. I bring an 'at the piano' song-writing experience to my productions, as a singer, multi instrumentalist and lyricist. I'm an obsessed perfectionist and I care about your music as much as you do. I'm the singer/guitarist in rock/pop punk band Columbus.

No matter the genre, my goal i - Lark Bird Audio

No matter the genre, my goal is to make your music as MODERN, PUNCHY and COMPETITIVE with the sounds of 2022.

Audio Engineer, Producer - Daniel Connolly

Experienced London based Audio Engineer and Producer

Mixer - Antonio

Eager to practice my craft as a producer and audio engineer within the music industry. I am a self-starter and work well both independently and within a team environment. I am here to help.

I mix, master, and play guitar - Jon Mirsky

I use neuroscience to produce beautiful music.

Session Drummer, Mix Engineer - BEACH NOISE

Bring your songs to life with the perfect drum track or let me mix your track to perfection. I add awesome drums to clients songs. Specializing in Rock n Roll, I am capable of any genre and good with communication. I usually use my vintage ludwig vistalite kit and can go electro with triggers if desired. (Ask me about mixing your track as well)

Mix Engineer, Producer - Chris Swenson

Guitars tone and Solid Drums are my gig.

Mix Engineer  - Rebel Sound Studio

Professional mixing for nice price

musician, composer & producer - Antoine Rogé-Picard DangerZone

You're looking for a session bass, guitar or saxophone player ? You're looking for unique beats ? You need a good clean mix ? You need an original composition or arrangement ? I'm here to help you realizing your vision.

Lead Vocalist for a Rock Band - Sara

Are you looking for a young and talented singer-songwriter to add energy and charisma to your music? With passion for live performance and a drive to learn and grow as a vocalist, I'm ready to bring my best to your project. While I may be young, I have already performed live twice and have been complimented on my stage presence.

Producer and Mixing Engineer - Clayton Lovett

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, and engineer for artists on a budget.

Rock/funk session guitarist - Oren Arielly

Getting your guitar tracks for free with tons of passion! YES!

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