Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Mixing, recording and fun! - Johannes Carlsson

Music producer, songwriter, mixing engineer, guitarist and drummer from Sweden. Would love to mix your songs! I'm currently working on my bachelor's degree in Music production, and just want to start working!

Recording,Mixing,Guitar,Bass - Informatorium Recording

I want to see your vision. I want to help you bring it to life.

Mixing and mastering engineer - Jacob Holm-Lupo

I am a mix/mastering engineer and musician with 25 years+ experience. I run the renowned Dude Ranch Studio here in Norway and I have clients from all over the world. Our specialty is audiophile sound at indie-friendly budgets. I have worked with progressive artists like Airbag, Tim Bowness and Wobbler, and established artists like Rachel Haden.

Session Bassist - Jordan Wright

A versatile musician able to craft dynamic bass lines that groove across a variety of genres.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Hunter Burnett

I'm a hard working multi faceted engineer working in the heart of Music City. I create balanced and musical mixes for an affordable cost.

Songwriter/Lyricist, Guitarist - Ian Logue

Songwriting and catchy hooks are my specialty. I work in a variety of genres from Pop to Indie, Rock to Hip Hop. Got a song you need a hook or lyrics to? I got you!

Composer, Guitarist, Singer. - Ehab Khaled Fawzi

Music is the passionate reason to live. I've been playing music since i was 4 years old. I'm a Multi-instrumentalist, playing Guitars, Keys, Bass, Vocals, also a Composer and Producer in the Egyptian Prog Rock band: Medic. Looking forward to serve you and contribute in your music happily within my capabilities, Just reach out and say hi.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Rick Vehslage

Affordable Mixing and / or Mastering available for your project.

Remote session musician - Cedar Loft Studios

Let me help you take your music to the next level with inspiring musical additions. Whether that be live drums, bass, guitar, percussion or the addition of programming, what I offer is my flavour of musicianship to compliment your musical journey. So let's work together and make some amazing music!

mixing hot tracks like magma - Magma Recording Studio

If Steve Albini was italian (and maybe he is) this is the studio that he'd own. Large rooms, high celings, brickwalls and great gear. And a brewery in the same complex!

Mix Master - T

I've mixed live shows for years, for A-list artists. Now, with COVID-19, there are no live shows. So I'm making my talents available to YOU. Send me your music. I will make it sound incredible.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - The Mixing Room Studio

Bring your song to the next level and standout from the crowd. We offer mixing and mastering services from our hybrid studio equipped with the best of analog and digital worlds.

Mixing, Mastering & Production - Eric Gillette

Eric Gillette is best known as the guitarist for the Progressive Rock group, The Neal Morse Band. He is also a recording engineer with over 10 years of experience. He has mixed multiple live albums for The Neal Morse Band, as well as studio albums for many other progressive rock groups like Nth Ascension, Patema, and Trytan.

Master, mixing, producer & com - MindZ RecordZ

I compose, mix, master & produce music, audio or soundtracks for clips, short films, comercials, video games & movies. We have worked with many different artist & audio projects

Mix & Mastering  - Marc Burgos

Mix and Mastering Services

Session Vocalist/Guitarist - Ren Marabou

Vocal and guitar tones with a difference for your tracks. Tonally and stylistically unique sounds to enhance your vision.

session drummer / percussion - Craig N.

I am a very agile, tightly groove oriented drum set player. I enjoy playing blues, rock, and jazz as well as hip/hop / R&B drumming. My main goal is to make the song or music feel great as well as utilize any creative ideas I can produce from the track into my drumming.

Producer/musician - Flybystandstill-Studio

16 Years writing, recording, performing. Composed and performed the score for the documentary “still the enemy within” which went on limited general release across the UK receiving four star reviews in The Guardian, Sunday Times and Total Film among many others. Had the honor of assisting the production of an as yet unreleased Femi Kuti album.

Singer/Lyricist  - Dan Kern

Tenor-Baritone vocals and lyrics! Satisfaction Guaranteed! My BA in English Literature, vocal range, and studio experience give you the opportunity to add a real vocal talent to elevate your production. Rock, Soul, Country, Folk, Lounge, Showtune, Opera. Harmonies, Doubling, Back Ups. Lyrics polished, reworked, or written from scratch.

Mixing and Mastering All Audio - Cooley Audio

I've been working in this field for two decades, and I'm confident I can help with all your audio needs.

Remote Mixing services  - Maple Studios

I work EXCLUSIVELY with rock/punk/metal bands

I mix and master music. - DHG

"Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory." - Oscar Wilde

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Kostis Kopanas

I'm Kostis Kopanas a mixing engineer, producer & multi-instrumentalist located in Athens, Greece. 10 years experience on my back and I specialize in indie, alternative and electronic music.

Animation Visual Designer - SPYRODON

SPYRODON makes unique animated content for other bands and entities. SPYRODON is a sound and visual project, creating beautiful animations, loops, motion graphics and hand-drawn imagery and album covers that are dreamlike and surreal. We have worked for many musicians, including Oh Sees and Sean Lennon.

Mixing Engineer, Bassist - Oliver Roach Jr

Getting my feet wet in the industry. I can provide mixing services at a low cost.

Recording, Mix and Mastering  - Incandescent Audio

I'm a thoughtful and creative recording artist with strong mix and mastering skills who can get your project done quickly and affordably.

I do a lil bit of everything - Legions Music

I'm self taught, I wear every hat in the studio from music producer, Mixing an mastering engineer. I dabble in all kinds of music. I won't charge you an arm an a leg my friend. Sh!!!!t I'll probably do it for free.

Audio Engineer, Vocal Comping - Lacei

Audio Engineer, Vocal Comping, Proficient in Pro Tools, Pianist, Singer-Songwriter, Performer

Productions, Mixing, Mastering - RT60STUDIOS

Thanks to 25 years of experience in Audio for music and scores and a series of specializations achieved at the SAE Institute Milano, we actively collaborate in the arrangement of your songs in the production phase to organize the instruments and structures, to make everything sound according to the desired shape.

Music Producer, Mixing/Master - Bytor (MIchael Geissler)

I want to bring positivity, hope and inspiration through the beautiful language of music! I believe my ability as a Songwriter/music producer to provide high quality music. I specialize in Rock genres, orchestral cinematic arrangements and EDM. Music is my life, my passion and I will provide high quality tracks!

Remote Mixing & Mastering guy - Pat Patino

I specialize in styles like rock and metal music, which are my personal musical influences.

Mastering & Mixing - Sonic Vision Mastering

Bringing Your Sonic Visions Into Sharper Focus

Audio Editor / Mixing Engineer - Tom Whitehead

I'm Tom and I want to edit your audio or mix your tracks. I have an Undergraduate and a Masters in Music Production, 9 years of experience working in studios all over the UK. These days I work primarily with audio for AAA video game titles - but I still have a strong passion for music. Please contact me for Music Mixing / Podcast Editing jobs.

singer/ songwriter - Mystery Rose

I am a singer/ songwriter with a very broad vocal range. I can do everything from old style soul to punk rock. I enjoy writing my own music and also singing for other creators.

Mixing, Mastering & Production - Kaan Yurdakul

Recording, mixing, arranging and performing at an industry level.

Tecladista / Keyboard player - Leandro Aguiar

Ex-tecladista da banda Legado de Honra (RJ, Brasil). Former keyboard player of Legado de Honra Band (RJ, Brazil)

Remote mixing and mastering - Animathronix

I have worked with the growing indie scene on Chile; I have worked with people who came from the underground to the big leagues😤

Writer/ female vocalist  - Mariah Jones

I can write songs for Any genre I am also a female vocalist if needed for a production you already have

Alternative  - Dylan Peace

Grimy, Groovy jams to be depressed/study to

Mixing and Mastering - Ric Pablo

Tell me about your artistic vision for your song and I will provide the best options to make it possible with professional quality.

Pop Punk Producer/Guitarist - SalviBeatz

New wave of pop punk with a Modern sound!

Independent Drummer & Educator - Jack Grossman

Passionate, focused, and professional musician, drummer, and educator with over fourteen years of experience in music performance, recording, and writing. KERRANG! featured artist. Academy of Contemporary Music Graduate. Touring and Recording artist.

Session and Touring Guitarist  - Anthony King

Tons of studio and stage experience, I can help elevate your project!

Recording / Mixing Engineer  - Mauro Castro

Delta Rae, Culture Wars, Money Chicha, The Front Bottoms. 5 Years of experience as Recording / Mixing Engineer at Sonic Ranch.

    online audio services - CBVB

Want to get together with your team and work out that part now? --without travel? Now there is a way! We provide consulting, technical support and hosting of low-latency audio environments for collaboration, rehearsal, and performance.

Guitarist and Producer - Maryn Knevitt

Producer and guitarist from London

FOH Audio Engineer/Producer - Cameron McLellan

The best in the business trust me with their music. I'm a Juno Award Winning Producer/Engineer/Bassist/Guitarist and FOH audio engineer. A well trained ear with obsessive attention to detail.

studio mixing engineer - Michal Černý Studio

Professional mixing engineer for studio sessions and live events. Also session musician and composer.

Guitarist, Teacher  - Josh DeVigili

Berklee Alumni, Master Certified Guitarist.

Guitarist For Hire - garyjosephpotterjr

LOVE recording guitar, creating guitar guitar parts, loops, beats, and guitar solos.

Remote Mixing Engineers - Jacopo Foschi

I love this world and I am confident in my abilities. I'm Jacopo, studying in conservatory of electronic music, working for 5 years as Mixing Engineer for some local companies.

Power chord specialist. (punk) - Gregory

Recorded albums for countless labels and toured 2 continents since the early 1990s. Reliable. Power chords are my specialty. Very tight picking technique. Professional sound. Only punk rock. Specialty: from 1980s to today. Email me for info and catalog. Price depends on project. Will negotiate price on long term projects.

Rock Recording & Mixing - Longwater Productions

We give bands and artists the freedom to be creative and focus on their performance by handling the distracting technical side. Feel free to get in touch, we'd love to discuss your requirements with you and outline how we can deliver a first class result!

Remote Mixing, Session Drums - Dustin Roberts

Being a part of the music business in such a diverse town as Nashville, TN has taught me how to honor any song with just what is needed for multiple genres. Whether you need drums/percussion added to your music or you have a great song that deserves a great mix I can help you achieve that.

Remote Mixing and recording - Jose Pulgarin

Mixing Engineer, Music Producer and Session Musician.

Recording, Mixing, + Mastering - The Faraday Cage

Let us record up to 24 tracks at once with modern and vintage analog gear paired with the latest digital plugins for your music using the gear of your choice. Whether you need guitars, bass, drums, or vocals, we can help bring your idea to life and record it for you.

Mix Engineer, Producer - Chris Swenson

Guitars tone and Solid Drums are my gig.

Music Production. - Bawa Rocker

Singer, Music Producer, Sound Engineer.

Everything at Stock Manager - Jack Alexander

One million streams on Spotify with my band Stock Manager! I record, mix and master all music for this project from my Glasgow studio space. I want to offer my skills in mixing to up and coming artists and get them to over a million streams too!

Session Guitarist/Producer - Pinehouse Sounds

Our style is inspired by timeless music and design. We specialize in folk, blues, jazz and soul music production with graphic design skills to help craft artist’s brand identity.

Rockin Mixing Engineer and Gui - Juan Anez

Mixing specialist, versatile musician.

Male vocals, Mixing & Mastering - C-Sharp Productions


Coenie Naude : Vocalist, Music Producer, Mix/Master engineer. Chosen to be the South African Music Producer for Eurovision in 2013/2014.

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