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Full Service Studio - Studio1058

Recording, Mix, Master, References 150 CDs rock, pop, metal, jazz, blues. classic, including Mitch Ryder, Axel Prahl, Mikis Theodorakis... Grand Piano, composition, sound design, Live CDs, editing, overdubs, voice over, daylight Creative environment including label, agency, photographer, church organ

Production, mixing, mastering - Mr. Brown's Sound

Actual pro gear. Actual pro ears. Actual pro experience. Your material deserves it.

Music Producer - Helder Munhao

Music composer, Song Writer, Musician

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Leandro Uriel Fernandez

Musical producer, session guitarist, mixing and mastering, audio editor, vocal adjustment, these are some of the exciting things I offer to help others enrich their music.

Composer, Lyricist, Singer - MR. MELODY™

Composer, Lyricist, Rock-Opera Tenor, Guitarist. great at Counter-Melodies Lead vocals and Harmony backups! Producer and Author of Americana Pop-Anthem "WALKIN THRU THE PARK." Rock Music, Musical Comedy, Experimental electronic.

composer/arranger/orchestrator - Beetyar

I'm a professional composer/arranger and orchestrator in any genres From a pop song to a full rock album from a short advertise film to full hollywood movie I'm the guy

Editing, Mixing and Mastering - Antonio M. Buonomo

Specialized in sound editing, I graduated with a BA in Sound Engineering/Music Production from SAE Oxford and more recently with a MSc in Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh. I'm an all-around engineer and I work on all kinds of projects: music, films, videogames...

Recording Engineer & Producer - Jack Boston

I am an experienced engineer, based at the infamous Rockfield Studios. I specialise in Engineering & Mixing, however I am also a talented Mastering Engineer. I am an established Electronic producer & musician, signed to Symmetry Recordings and I can bring this ability to your project. I am a present & conscious individual with a strong work ethic.

Mix Engineer / Drummer - Clarke LaPlante

Custom drum tracks and professional mixing - available for your next demo, single, EP, or album.

Session/Touring Bass Player - Ronnie Lanzilotta

Bass ace hired-gun living in the NYC area. Played 130+ shows in 2019 and recorded on dozens of projects. My ear is geared towards pop music of every era, style, and magnitude whether it be glitzy Top 40, Motown-esque retro-soul, or whispery bedroom synth pop. I love to bring that secret sauce in the low end that will make your project POP!

Mixing Engineer - Jared K Mann

Multi-instrumentalist, Recording, Mixing and Mastering engineer... and a true diy-er at heart. I believe I envelop somewhat of a Providence, RI sound as I'm closely linked to the scene and the bands from there. I own and operate a rural destination studio called Distorted Forest studio in northern RI.

Remote Mixing / Live Sound - Mike Osman - StudiOzz

Mixing Engineer / Live Sound Engineer located in Brisbane.

Mixing, Mastering, Composing - Matthew Filler

I have mixed and mastered thousands of songs for TV and film across every genre and style of music, in addition to composing / scoring for picture. Beyond my technical and creative prowess in the studio, I have played in many bands of notoriety as a guitarist, bassist, singer, and keyboard player.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Submantra Records

I am an experienced and qualified audio engineer ready to take your project to the next level. I offer production, mixing and mastering services.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - BC Music Mixes

Looking for artists or bands who need quality mixing and mastering services

Mixing & Mastering - Tenth Ward Studio

We are a project-based audio/video studio that assists artists to express their creativity. We foster & support companies to expand/realize their brand goals.

Musician, Composer - Radmir Kamalov

Musician, Composer, Teacher, Сonsultant

Remote production and mixing - Shubhodip Roy

I am a professional Musician and Audio Engineer with an experience of 10+ years. I can help you record, arrange, mix and master your songs, create jingles, score your movie and do voiceovers according to your specifications. Contact for fast and accurate work.

Music Producer & Mix Engineer - Landen Belardes

Specializing in songwriting, arranging music, sound design, and mixing, Landen strives to make professional quality audio.

Ses. Guitarist, Producer, YTer - Jerred

Looking for a versatile guitarist that is able to play, record, and mix all kinds of genres? Let's work!

Mixing/Mastering/Musician - Black Hat Music

Black Hat Music is a one-stop shop for production, recording, mixing, and mastering. Owned and operated by Josh Cohen (Guster, Childish Gambino, Cowboy Junkies, Jon Bellion, John Fogerty), BHM is uniquely designed for speed and efficiency while producing the highest quality in a wide range of genres.

Mix engineer, Music Production - James Peters

Music Production, Mixing, Audio Editing. Catering to any budget big or small. Mixing through an Anolog console and a variety of outboard gear in conjuntion with modern plugins. Press the Green tab to contact me. Let's make some noise!

Guitar, bass, mixing, backing - Jon Sudbury

Session guitars, bass, drum programming, remote mixing

Recording, Mixing, Live sound - Rose Parker

You want someone with a really good ear? That's me!

Remote Mixing - Ross Donaldson

I want to mix songs. I've worked with a wide range of artists from Cypress Hill and House of Pain to Billy Idol and Vanessa Williams. If I can't get the mix to your satisfaction, don't pay me. Let me have a shot at it.

Im Good At Re EQing - Aris Nugrahadi

Im good At Re EQing Look At opportunity To Mix The song

Singer/Songwriter  - Dawn Wood

I have been in the music business for over 30 years singing Top40, electronic, horror, metal, rock, industrial, edm, dance and gospel. I can record vocals easily and quickly. I have studied voice with Pamela Moore from Queensryche fame and have a powerful voice.

Mixing, Session Guitarist - Zee Baig

Producer, Mixing Engineer with 20 years of experience writing, recording, mixing original music. I have worked with well-known people in the industry such as Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater, Jimmy Keegan of Spock's Beard and Bruce Soord of The Pineapple Thief.

Mix Master and Guitar - LaDigos

Do you need guitar tracks for your song? Do you need your recorded session to be mixed? Do you need you mixed songs to be mastered? Here I am!

Session Guitarist - David Cacciatore

Experienced and well rounded guitar player specializing in blues, rock, pop, and radio friendly music. Have had years of experience of being in a band, recording studio, and touring the US. Have performed shows to more than 2,000 people in attendance, and have performed an audiotree session as well. I look forward in helping you achieve your goals!

Recording/Mixing Engineer - Marc Oliver

Freelance Engineer & Sound Designer 11 years of professional experience Worked with very well-known local bands Recording & Mixing Engineer BA(hons) Music Production Creds: Sugarcane DK Marcos Bessa DK (The Voice) Big Big Train UK 3rd Call DK Among Others for full credits and testamonials.

Mix, Master, Edit, Produce - Beyond Audio Recording

Diverse up-and-coming Production Team ready to take your project to the next level. Our team will work with you through the process, to exceed your expectations and achieve a unique sonic reality. From Rock/Metal, to Hip-Hop/Trap, to Pop, to EDM, to Country; we'll take your Audio Beyond.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Yağız Eskiköy

Freelance Mix Engineer. Graduated From ITU Sound Design

Mastering Engineer - Connor H. Carroll

Hello, my name is Connor H. Carroll and I know what a record should sound like.

Guitarist/Songwriter/Producer - Rafael Moreira

I'm available to record both Electric and Acoustic Guitars on your project. I'm also available to writer, arrange and produce your music!

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - Alex Edge

I want to give you professional & exciting mixes and masters. I have worked with a lot of bands and I always want to make sure that I push the mix a little further to make it something properly special.

Session drummer - Bradey Curtis

Hi, I'm Bradey. I am a session drummer and I am passionate about being able to create a quality piece of music for anyone who may need it. Drums are the heart of the music, and that is why they must be done right in order to bring your music to life.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Greco Park

A mixing suite hidden in a Melbourne alleyway, specialising in projects requiring a unique sonic footprint and vibe reminiscent of records gone by.

Audio editor, Mixing/Mastering - Devashish Pradipkumar Sangle

A background in Electronic engineering, I started working as an Audio engineer, then on repairing on Audio equipment in live sound, currently working as an Audio consultant.

Drums, Percussion, Programming - Mike Bennett

World class custom drum & percussion tracks delivered to you no matter where you are in the world... Real Time Remote Sessions available allowing the client(s) to virtually attend the recording session and hear the performances coming off the studio console with multiple HD camera angles via their computer, tablet or smartphone.

Remote mixing, music producer  - Stavros

Just starting out as a proffesional mixing engineer. Highly motivated and hard working. I am looking for mixing work to gain experience and build a portfolio.

Guitar, Producing, Songwriting - Noslen

Songwriter & Session Guitarist (Rock, Pop, Heavymetal, Instrumental)

Recording and mix studio. - STRING STUDIO

our narrower area is mixing sound and recording real instruments

Musician with recording studio - Mano Crei

15 years of experience, songwriter, guitarist, singer, sound engineer and owner of recording studio. I've recorded few albums, I mix, I don't master. I've did sound for many live performances. Highly experienced with technical stuff and requirements, Logic Pro, Cubase, Live Loops, macOS, midi mapping, etc.

Mixing, Mastering and Editing - Rockin' Wolf Records

I've been an Audio Engineer for 15 years, worked with various Artists and in most Genres. My services include Editing, Mixing, Mastering as well as other aspects of production like Reamping, Vocal tuning and general production.

Mixing Engineer - Victor

Passionate about making your project sounding the best it can !!

Mixing Engineer - Michael Hannover

I am Michael Hannover, and Double Punch is my mix studio, located north of Copenhagen, Denmark. I have over a decade of experience as an audio engineer, guided by my passion for music and commitment to the highest quality. My focus is always to maximize the emotional impact of the song.

Bass Player / Mixer - Gabriel Severo

I am the experimental bass player of Carrossel Diabólico!

Pianist, songwriter, arranger - David Bluhm

2020 Berklee College of Music graduate in songwriting, with extensive experience in composition, arrangement, and piano performance across all genres.

Mixing and Mastering All Audio - Cooley Audio

I've been working in this field for two decades, and I'm confident I can help with all your audio needs.

Guitarist - Renee Martinez

Music is my fluent language.

Producer, Mixing Engineer - Sam Sergi

Seattle based mixing engineer and producer. Records and mixes bands at Orbit Audio in Seattle and Mothership Studios in Tacoma. New project for indie punks MONSTERWATCH coming early 2021

Data Science Course  - SeekACE Solutions

Guitarist/bass player - Daniel Ruborg

Hello fellow music lovers! Looking for that rockin' guitar on your song? Or maybe that rumbling bass on your other track? Look no further!

Recording Studio, Remote Mix - Estudio FC

Music and sound design studio with unique acoustics and over 30 years of experience in music and sound engineering in the greater São Paulo area. Only recording studio known in Brazil with the Andean 10-string ronroco instrument. Mix and mastering for indie, rock and alternative. Sound design for the cult Doom-style game "Incidente em Varginha".

Session drums,bass,guitar,vox - Travis Foster

Player for hire on a variety of instruments and styles. Berklee graduate. Performed with Blue Man Group Las Vegas, Ian Moore, and many others. 20+ years experience performing, recording, and arranging. I can help you.

Lead Guitar - Brian Giachetti official

Lead Guitar by Brian Giachetti

Bass guitar, rhythm guitar,etc - James Rafferty

If you’re looking for melodic or rhythmic, simple or complex, or really any kind of bass playing on your track, I’m your man. With years of practice and live setting experience, I can help out the back bone into any type of song you want from classic rock to r&b, soul, and any other type of genre.

Recording Engineer/Prod/Mixing - Ryan Bruce

Producer/Engineer at Mad Oak Recording Studios in Boston MA, Berklee Graduate Specializing in recording Indie bands, Singer Songwriters, and Alt Rock acts.

Remote Mixing - Airworks Audio

With nearly 10 years of experience mixing, Airworks has the tools, knowledge, and skills to make your music even more memorable and powerful.

Session Singer & Writer - Blake


I'm a lead vocalist / session singer with a bit of gravel and character to my voice. I'm best suited to rock, folk, blues, indie & electro. I also write lyrics and music depending on your needs. I also can also create music for soundtracks.

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