Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Producer, mixing, composer - Brij Gosai

Producer and musician with open mind to help create your project

Session Multi-instrumentalist - Crescent Incessant Music

Having trouble finding an appropriate part for your song? I have a strong music theory foundation which I use as my flashlight to navigate the apparent darkness of songwriting and production. I can lay down rhythm or lead tracks for your tune with guitars or keyboards. I am also open to scoring short films (-15mins).

Session Drummer / Producer - John Michael Cordes

Welcome to my page! You have come to the right place for a Prog/Metal drummer! I want to help you create, record and perform your awesome music! I am available for live drum tracks, programing, and live performances. I have experience recording in professional studios and touring both internationally and domestically for over a decade.

Session Guitarist, Mastering - Andrés Ayala

Guitarist offering session recording and mastering services.

Award winning guitar player  - Man GooGoo

Add guitars to your recording. Rock, Blues, Metal, Punk, or Pop. Rhythm or Lead. Let me put my skills to work for you. Negotiable rates to fit your budget. I can also help you write and arrange your songs if needed.

Music Producer & Musician - John Joyce

I’m a musician first. Sound engineering and producing artists/bands for 10+ years.

Producing, mastering, helping. - Lev Petrov

With love from Russia! Producing, mastering and other types of helping to improve your Music.

Music Producer, Mixing, Guitar - Timothy Spaniel

I offer mixing, mastering, recording, guitars on your tracks, -Specialist of Vocal Mixing -Specialist rock mixing -Specialist Hip Hop / Rap Mixing

Remote mixing and session gtr. - Pablo Michelin (chamanico)

I am a technician and musician, a left-handed guitarist. thoughtful and creative.

Music Producer, Mixing/Master - Bytor (MIchael Geissler)

I want to bring positivity, hope and inspiration through the beautiful language of music! I believe my ability as a Songwriter/music producer to provide high quality music. I specialize in Rock genres, orchestral cinematic arrangements and EDM. Music is my life, my passion and I will provide high quality tracks!

Online Mixing and Mastering - George Le Good

I will mix and master your music.

Session Guitarist, Mixing - Yuri Greystone

Being familiar with technical music such as Dance Gavin Dance or Polyphia, I've spent years building my chops as both a musician and a producer. Eagerly awaiting the opportunity to either record intricate and advanced guitar/bass parts for your project, or even to mix them and make it sound as amazing as it was meant to be.

Producer and Musician  - Max (Deus Irae Studios)

Multi instrumentalist (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals) and producer of various genres, pop, rock, jazz, blues, metal, classical, latin, rap/hip hop, trap.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Tate Daniels

Music Producer whose worked with several local Kansas City Bands. I can welcome local artists into my at home studio, or work remotely tracking instruments or mixing and mastering.

I can record drum part for you - Vladasi

Hello, I'm Vlad, I can record drums for your song, album or any kind of project.

Alternative  - Dylan Peace

Grimy, Groovy jams to be depressed/study to

    online audio services - CBVB

Want to get together with your team and work out that part now? --without travel? Now there is a way! We provide consulting, technical support and hosting of low-latency audio environments for collaboration, rehearsal, and performance.

Live Stem and Studio Mixing - Jamie Murphy

My goal is to make your vision come to life! As the artist, you have a specific sound in mind and you want somebody that will align with that vision and deliver a mix that encapsulates that sound.

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Dan Larkin

Professional mixing for Electronic and Alternative Rock/Indie music.

Guitarist For Hire - garyjosephpotterjr

LOVE recording guitar, creating guitar guitar parts, loops, beats, and guitar solos.

Music Producer - Mitchell Baker Martin

I'm great at audiating music and quickly identifying ways to improve a project, no matter the genre! I read/write musical notation, and have developed skills across a wide range of music software.

Audio Engineer & Production - Rubem Auad

I can help you with: *Producing your music, mixing and mastering your tracks, and giving honest and authentic feedback—will be available and assist you during our collaboration, always willing to take feedback into account and work with the client. I believe in timely, reasonable, considerate communication, so let's stay in touch.

Freelance musician - Steven Williams

I am an experienced guitarist and music is such a big part of who I am. I believe that music is for everyone and to that end, I would like to help people realise their vision for their art and do justice to the song. I am happy to provide guitar/bass/acoustic tracks in a variety of styles/genres and I am keen to learn new skills and techniques.

Vocal and Guitar Mixing - Fausto

I record my songs in my home studio.

Producer, Composer, Mixer - Michael Ferraro

Songwriter, Producer, Film Composer, and Mix Engineer, Michael Ferraro is a graduate of Musicians Institute Los Angeles' Audio Engineering and Post Production program, he collaborates with other artists to fully develop their vision through sound. He loves when he gets the opportunity to tell a story from beginning to end —

Session Drummer, Mix Engineer - BEACH NOISE

Bring your songs to life with the perfect drum track or let me mix your track to perfection. I add awesome drums to clients songs. Specializing in Rock n Roll, I am capable of any genre and good with communication. I usually use my vintage ludwig vistalite kit and can go electro with triggers if desired. (Ask me about mixing your track as well)

Remote Mixing and Edits - Nolan Monigold

Industry-leading skills with proven results.

Immersive Media Production - Dave Kalberg

Arizona's first and only Dolby Atmos & Sony 360ra Production Studio.

Live Drum Tracking - Jonathan Cogswell

Versatile, creative, no-ego professional drummer from the youtube channel Better Drummer - having performed and/or recorded with Sandy Patty, Sarah Scharbrough, Twenty7, Wayne Griffith, Corey Cox, Casey Jamerson, Heather Michelle Chapman, and many more.

Session bassist - Jimmy Stofer

Session bassist with over 15 years experience. Toured and/or recorded with The Fray, Ryan Bingham, Rose Hill Drive, Flobots, Scars On 45, Meese, Cary Brothers, among many others.

Producer / Singer-Songwriter - Jennings Couch


I'm an alternative singer-songwriter with a passion for blending genres. I'm my own work, I mix Alternative Rock, Trap, Indie and LoFi to create unique sounding tracks. Catchy hooks and melodies are what I live for! I have collaborated in many genres so whether you need vocals, lyrics or full on production, mixing and mastering, I can help :)

REC | Mix & Master - Red Audio Productions

If it does not sound good, you didn't spent enough time and energy to find the right key/button/instrument/gear/technique/whatever. Red Audio and our frieds will help you to sound better. Is your sound already a pleasure, we'll push it in new dimensions and explore great times together.

ROCK!!! \m/ \m/ - The Wave Lab, NYC

Since 1997 hundreds of artists, ranging from international heavy weights to start-up projects, have recorded, mixed and/or mastered their work at The Wave Lab, NYC. They select The Wave Lab, NYC for its world class quality, cozy relaxed environment and extremely reasonable rates.

Mixing and Mastering - Andrew Myers

I am a mixing and mastering engineer with a studio in Victoria TX. I have worked mainly with bands in Austin and Houston TX. Although I listen mostly to rock and metal, I love mixing and mastering all genres of music. Contact me today and I will work with until you to create the best mix for your song.

Producer, Audio Engineer - Sightless Owl Studio

Hi, this is Sam. I am a life-long musician, a professional audio engineer with over 15 underground music releases and a studio production student. My skill set will allow your material to achieve what you desire them to.

Session drums and perc - Drums by Richard Scott


I am a Nashville based drummer and percussionist. Currently touring/recording with Grammy nominated artist Matt Maher. Have worked with others including Francesca Batistelli, Apollo LTD, Cheryl Luquire, Hailey Georgia, John Guerra, Brandon Heath, and many more.

Rock Mixing&Mastering - Dmytro Shevchenko

Hello! I specialize in working with rock and orchestra music. Style: alternative, post grunge, indie rock, modern rock, some classic stuff and orchestra. Окремі вітання тим, хто з України. Запитуйте по темі, обов'язково відповідаю.

engineer, mixer, master - Emery recording studios

I'm a Grammy nominated engineer, mixer, producer.

Mixing, recording, programming - Studio Sound Of Noise

I have no credit or award winning but i have decent gear and solid knowledge since 15 years i started to record and mix. "The most important thing for me is the feeling with the artists and his music to understand what they wish" I am a self instructed musician for more than 25 years now, 15 years as Sound Engineer.

Recording | Mixing | Producing - BoomBox Studios

BoomBox Studios is a recording studio located in downtown Beirut, featuring the best of both vintage Analogue and modern Digital equipment. Music is our life, and we love making a huge sound in an intimate setting.

All Music All The Time - Ryan @ Red Room Recording

Songwriter, Producer, Composer, Engineer. I've worked with bands with cult followings like Grant Lee Buffalo, The Intelligence, to superstars like Sheila E, Dave Grohl, and a lot of great artists around the world!

Hard Rock Producer - 11Productions

Zillion producer; Writer for Pop Evil, The Violent. Hard hitting, energy amplifying creations, turned up to 11! Full production services, custom tracks and instrumentals for sync, mix ready drum tracks (100% Analog), mixing, mastering, track programming, guitar tracking, guitar re-amping.

Guitar/Bass/Mixing/Mastering - Harmeet Bhatia


Hi! I'm a musician from Hong Kong. I have been playing music since the age of four and have numerous achievements including my work with Asyndeton where our debut album "The Other Side of My Mind" debuted at #2 on iTunes Asia charts, garnering the attention of record labels and a large fanbase. I also play bass and drums, and do mixing/mastering.

Produce, mix & mastering - Dark shape sudios

Dark shape studios is a studio specialized in mixing and mastering. We have worked with more than 30 artists of different genres And mixed & mastered around 100 songs We are here to find your sound.

producer, mix engineer -

Two college students at UT - affordable rates, can work with you on your budget.

Engineer/Producer/Musician - Ceaside Studio

15 years writing and recording music in different bands. Looking to get my name out there. All genre's welcome. I do have a special place in my heart for rock and metal!

Recording and Mixing - Lantic Studio

Mixing engineer with a producer mindset. Multi - instrumentalist. Bassist for hire.

Rec & Mixing Engineer/Producer - Loud Colors Records

Jérôme Roland is a Belgium based Engineer. He will take each project with a different approach, as if it was his music. As a musician, he's also working as a producer; music arrangements, and beat making.

Recording, Mixing and Post - Wanderlust Sound

Wanderlust Sound is a boutique audio and music production studio with a vintage SSL 4000 series analogue console and acoustics by Level Acoustic Design(U2, Mark Ronson & many more). Services offered include recording, mixing, and analog summimg.

Tracking/Mixing/Mastering  - Tree Top Audio

Tree Top Audio is a Toledo Ohio professional recording studio owned and operated by Emilio Alvarado. With over a decade of music experience, both in and out of the studio, Emilio prides himself on delivering an authentic, unique sound to every artist that walks through the door.

Producer Recording engineering - Howard “ HOWIE “ Lindeman

No pitch just real life expectancies over 40 years of recording and live mixing to my name for most of the greats in our business

Session Drummer - Angelo Franco

Professional drumming in a pro studio on a DW Collector's Series kit. I am well known in the Rhode Island music scene as a top session drummer. I can make your rocks songs rock and your dance tracks pop.

Sound Designer / Wizard - Owl Post

I am your man for all things Post-audio. I do Sound design for film (since 2009, including Dialog, FX, Foley, ADR, 5.1), Music engineering and ALL THINGS MIXING. I have worked with all manor of creatives and I consider my ability to adapt to my client to be my best quality. Let's make something!

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Kyle McAulay

Mixing and recording engineer based out of Los Angeles, California. Specializing in rock, indie, punk, and hard rock, however, from my major commercial studio experience, I've become familiar and experienced in every genre one can think of. I've worked on projects of every level including unsigned, indie, and major labels.

Remote Mixing  - A-II-Z Mixing

“Hannah Davis at A-II-Z Mixing offers Professional Remote Mixing whether you’ve recorded in a home studio or professional studio or even your bedroom. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, she’s determined and committed to helping all artists music reach their full potential”

Audio Engineer - tristandolce

When I’m not tracking or mixing a record I am the live performance engineer at 885FM Southern California. Despite how big or small the project, I love working with artists who have a vision. I live in Long Beach, CA and I work all over Southern California.

Restoration, Mixing, Mastering - AUDIO LAB SYSTEMS

Sound engineer GRADUATED IN 2016 working for various concerts halls and theatres. 3 TYPES OF SERVICES : 1. AUDIO RESTORATION for your CONFERENCE recordings, OLD CASSETTES, DEMOS, LIVE AUDIENCE RECORDINGS. 2. MIXING for alternative bands (Indie Rock, Shoegaze, Dreampop, Post Rock, Folk...), movie soundtracks... 3. MASTERING with an analogue WARMTH

Recording Studio - Chris Inston Music

I've been professionally working within the music/audio industry for the past 10 years doing everything from album recordings, audio cleanups, podcast editing, dressage editing and much much more. I love being challenged by new projects and working with you to ensure we achieve the best quality end product we can within your budget.

Session Pianist - Ben Thames

Hi, I'm Ben Thames, & I'm a session pianist. Due to a great many hours spent transcribing & learning boogie-woogie piano licks, I work best with the southern rock, blues, gospel & country genres. However, I enjoy lots of great music & am willing to play on anything!

Session Musician  - Garrett

I am a musician ready to work with you on your next project. Willing to put in the time it takes to get the sound needed for whatever genre/style,

Mix engineer, Music Production - James Peters

Music Production, Mixing, Audio Editing. Catering to any budget big or small. Mixing through an Anolog console and a variety of outboard gear in conjuntion with modern plugins. Press the Green tab to contact me. Let's make some noise!

Remote Blues-Rock Mixing - Txabolo Records

Sound of the 70's with digital technology. Sonido de los 70 con tecnologia digital.

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