Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Engineering & Remote Mixing - Caolan Austin

A recording & mix engineer based in Derry, N Ireland.

Audio Engineer - BlackFox SoundLab - Arsis

I'm specialized in Recording and Mixing, particularly in odd situations and places. Every musical projects, from song writing to mixing, deserves creativity, intimacy and fun. That's why i prefer to record with my floating studio, deciding each time the best place to record, whether it is a house, a wood, a basement or a roof...

Mixing/Producer/BackingTracks - Barbara ioca

Hi! I'm Barbara, i want to work with you.

Producing, mastering, helping. - Lev Petrov

With love from Russia! Producing, mastering and other types of helping to improve your Music.

Alternative Producer & Mixer - Simon Slee

Musician turned producer, helping new acts get the most from their art

Wizard Audio - Glenn Freckelton

Music production is my passion. I pride myself on bringing the absolute utmost to every one of my clients. Together, we can carve your brand and identity. I am highly collaborative, creative and will ensure the utmost satisfaction throughout the entire production life cycle.

Remote mixing and mastering - Bubbatronics

Matt Wilenchik is a Recording/Mixing engineer, live sound engineer, ProTools instructor, and audio systems designer living in Portland, OR

Recording Studio & Mixing - The Sound Palace

2 recording facilities available. Studio A in Thousand Oaks is perfect for small bands, voiceovers, and boasts a professionally tuned mixing suite loaded with outboard gear. Studio B in Oxnard hosts larger bands and allows for everyone to record "in the room."

Guitarist, vocals, ukulele  - Hey Judy Productions

I'm a Hendrix influenced rocking guitarist who loves to shred.

Award winning guitar player  - Man GooGoo

Add guitars to your recording. Rock, Blues, Metal, Punk, or Pop. Rhythm or Lead. Let me put my skills to work for you. Negotiable rates to fit your budget. I can also help you write and arrange your songs if needed.

Session guitarist and mixer - Kevin Daoust

Canadian-based guitarist who wants to play on your songs! Need rhythm? Maybe a solo? Want some acoustic? A loop or two? Some nice synth and pad action? Maybe a mix or remix? I got you covered! Drop me a line and let's see how we can take your song to the next level.

Live Stem and Studio Mixing - Jamie Murphy

My goal is to make your vision come to life! As the artist, you have a specific sound in mind and you want somebody that will align with that vision and deliver a mix that encapsulates that sound.

Audio Engineering - Zen Sound Studio

Mix & Mastering services for Music and Podcast -Audio Repair and Reclamation services -Audio Production consulting -Audio Hardware/software consulting -Session & audio archive storage

Pro Rock/Metal Vocalist \m/ - Hadi Kiani

Professional Wide Range Tenor Rock/Hard Rock/Progressive Metal Vocalist \m/

instrumentals for topliners - Alcoholic Skunk

Just an old gen x punk rocker, who has been releasing music online of and on for 20 years.

Experienced Session Drummer - Greg Szaro

Experience the electrifying beats of a professional drummer who has rocked stages as Principal Orchestra Drummer on Royal Caribbean ships, delivering unforgettable performances across genres worldwide and armed with a solid music education in theory, composition, and production.

Guitar, Bass, Tracking, Mixing - Gage Markey

Creativity through simplicity - let's create! My passions are playing, recording, & mixing and I'll help where I can with any project that comes my way. I am a pupil of the blues, vintage rock and soul artists & producers but I love constructing new and unique-sounding material.

Production, Stem mixing - The Practice Roomz

The Practice Roomz specialises in recording, audio mixing and music production. Working with 100's of clients from BBC to Google and a broad spectrum of bands and solo artists we are extremely well accomplished in bringing your music to life.

Professional guitar sessions - Bob Spencer

Professional Guitarist of 50 years - Skyhooks, The Angels, Angel City. Number 1 album, multiple top 10, Gold and Platinum albums. Member ARIA Hall of Fame. Skyhooks - Guilty Until Proven Insane, Live - Be In It, Hot For The Orient. The Angels - Howling, Liveline, Beyond Salvation, Redback Fever. Rose Tattoo - '18 - '22

Mixer/Producer/Sessionist - Joan Bernaus

My aproach on music is "listening-feeling and feeling-listening".

Guitarist & Audio Engineer - Daniel Shadrach Reid

I am Daniel Shadrach Reid, an affordable full time multi-genre audio engineer based in NYC. I record, mix, and master all genres of music. Additionally, if you are in need of Rock, Pop, R&B, Rap or Metal guitar work on your music, I offer those services as well! Looking forward to helping you create the best version of your music!

Mixing - Simon Lévesque

Based in Montreal, I've been working as a sound engineer for 15 years. My specialty is mixing. It's much more than a question of balance: it's also, and above all, about maximizing the emotional and sensory impact of the music. I am passionate about sound aesthetics and the effect that music and sound can have on humans, whether conscious or not.

Guitarist, Bass, Remote Mixing - Anna Seruma
skip_next check out the album.

Musician, Band - AarshiNagar

AarshiNagar - Rock Nation Fusion Band

Producing, Mixing, Recording - Spielzimmer

Fully analogue recoding studio with Steinway B,Yamaha CP70, Hammond Organ, vintage amps and guitars and loads of outboard like Neve 1073´s, Avalon 737, UA 610 and a real EMT 140 plate reverb. Our recoding room has 180 m2 and sounds beautiful.

Remote Mixing and mastering - Anomaly Records (Carlos Gomez)

Hi! I'm an Audio Engineer focusing on Music Production, Live Audio, Audio Editor and Video Editor. I'm from California but currently living in Mexico City looking forward to work on multiple types of proyects bringing the best quality and service to my clients.

Session Violinist - Arianna

Violinist and composer of the Golden Salt duo. Classically trained, today virtuoso soloist of the rock-metal violin with millions of listeners all over the world together with the electric guitarist Eleonora Loi with our Golden Salt duo.

Remote Drum Production - Sheel Davé

Sheel has done drum session work with some of the biggest record labels, producers and songwriters in the world, including Atlantic Records, Teddy Riley, Mike Elizondo, John Feldman, David Kahne, Chino Moreno (Deftones) & James Fauntleroy.

Mixing / Mastering - Mike

Touring musician and music production hobbyist. Building a portfolio of mixing/mastering work, currently free of charge

Audio Mixing-Mastering-Editing - Lorenzo Arese

Remote Audio Mixing, Mastering, Editing and Pitch Correction Provided

Full service music production  - The Blue Room

All facets of music production: expert mix engineer, producer and arranger with over two decades of experience. If you need parts, tracks, orchestral or other instrumental elements, vocals, guitar, keyboard, mixing and mastering, you have found the person. I will work within YOUR budget and also provide on-site portable pro recording.

Producer/Engineer - Markus Riegler

25 years experience as composer and engineer, Avid Certified Expert/Instructor for Pro Tools Music/Post/S6/Icon, available for projects small and large, more or less involved, pretty flexible and happy to discuss your needs. Bespoke Atmos mixes, 5.1 or stereo.

Session Guitarist/Producer     - Kasper Viggo Jensen

Professional touring guitarist and MD for Danny Worsnop, and recording artist.

Session vocalist & vocal coach - Dean Fletcher Music

Session vocalist & vocal coach specialising in rock and metal. With over 18 years of live and studio experience.

Bass Player - Fabio Ramirez

One mission: make your music GROOVY!!

Remote Composer/Producer - Eric Meyer

Hi! I am a composer, producer, and engineer based near the Asheville, NC area. My mission is to tell YOUR story in as musically and artistically as I can through quality composition, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. Through my services I am here to help contribute to your musical visions in any styles and genres. Hit me up and let's chat!

Singer,Guitarist,Producer - Johnnie Ferro

Got something to say with your music and need someone who can help you put the needed polish on your project? Need some help putting a killer vocal track or guitar part on your song to give it that finishing touch? I'd love to help!

 Mixing & Mastering  - Aleksey Korol

Mix & Mastering engineer. FOH engineer.

Mix Master - T

I've mixed live shows for years, for A-list artists. Now, with COVID-19, there are no live shows. So I'm making my talents available to YOU. Send me your music. I will make it sound incredible.

Session Drummer - Eduardo Oviedo

I will attend all your musical ideas and needs in order to fit the most accurate drum part (and minor percussion if it´s needed ) for your productions.

session musician, mix - Y8S sounds

Band in a box. Let me give your song the backing track it wants. I'm most proficient in the bass, I also play guitar, Keyboard, Drums, and program drums. I'm also willing to mix anything you want to throw my way.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Keshav Dhar / Illusion Audio


Mixing Engineer, Record Producer and Media Composer. Have been producing and mixing records in the rock, pop, hip-hop and singer-songwriter genres since 2009 - making records for artists ranging from Indus Creed (rock) to Mali and Hanita Bhambri (pop) to Prabh Deep (hip-hop). Have also been making film & TV scores regularly since 2019.

Recording Studio - Lin Studio

Lin Studio a home based recording studio that can meet the needs of mixing and tracking your next project.

Music Producer - Karl Rom

I produce custom music based on what you want your listeners to feel about you. I make sure that your character, your vision, your story, is in the song that I will produce for you.

Mastering Engineer - Hadley Mastering


Robert Hadley is a graduate of Sound Master School Of Engineering in Los Angeles. He has been Mastering since 1993. 4 Time Grammy Nominee winner of 2 Grammys. 2 time TEC Award recipient.

Pro Home Studio Mixes/Masters - Kyle Duke

Competitive, radio-ready mixes and masters. Happy to work in a wide variety of genres.

Session/Remote Drummer - Tim Williamson

I'm a session/gigging drummer with over 10 years experience from Reading, UK. I've recently shifted to remote recording and have acquired a steady stream of fulfilled customers. I really enjoy getting a track and taking the time to really think about what would be the perfect addition to make the song better.

Session guitarist - Caleb M.

Spent years as an opening act for 30+ international acts, turned to session player and producer.

Vocalist - Kyla Gabka

Hi! I'm Kyla Gabka, a vocalist from Chicago and I'd love to help you out with any projects you need a singer on! I've sung on projects with artists such as Ari Afsar, Jordin Sparks, Barry Manilow, & Marc Martel. I love coming up with melodies/harmonies on my own and being creative that way, but I also would love to sing your melodies/harmonies!!

Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist - Agustín Curutchet

I'm the singer/songwriter for your new ideas! I've worked with many genres, but mostly rock, pop, latin or urban music!

Mixing & Mastering, Musician - Matt Winters

Trying to get my name out there and some more experience, will work at a discount and deliver quality product

Session Drummer for your songs - Maxi Cataldi

Profesional drummer with more than 20 years of experience ready to colaborate on your songs. Performed with many of Argentina's bandas, artists and musical theater orquestras. I have my own studio in Bs As, Arg. I have recorded more than three hundred tracks for bands, artists, soundtracks, advertising music, jingles, TV productions, etc.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Justin Brand NRSIX

I will professionally mix and master your song in any genre

Studio engineer. - Klopeck Audio

17+ years of music industry experience including studio engineering and mixing, live mixing, and performing.

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Riley Ackley

Riley Ackley is a freelance recording and mixing engineer from the Twin Cities. He has a wide variety of artists that he has worked with and is willing to take on nearly anything you can throw at him.

Mixing and mastering engineer - Alexey P

Music means magic!

Touring FOH & Live Recording - Graham Tobias

I'm a Boston based passionate touring FOH engineer, production manager, and live recording engineer. I'm focused on providing cutting edge technology, efficient and agile production, and dedicated, personalized customer service. Experienced with touring worldwide, from small clubs up to the largest festivals and arenas.

session guitarist, bassist  - Danny GTR James

RnB , POP, Rock Guitarist, providing nice tones, good feel and burning solos when needed, pocket bassist as well!

Recording/Mixing Studio - No More Studios

Music theory/guitar performance major turned indie producer, began producing music at the age of 15. Worked with Berklee graduates in early career to produce my own music, eventually branching off on my own. Released an EP in 2018 in order to get the full studio experience, now recording and mixing indie bands to cut my teeth. Let's make music!

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