Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Rock DAW Prod, Session Player - Nate Lackey Music

The missing piece to your project. That extra something. The chops plus the feels. Keyboards, guitars, and vocals played to order. Composition and orchestration services to bring your players together.

Session Guitarist - Charles Gilbert

Demos, master sessions or jingles. I can be as cliche or original as needed. You tell me or leave it up to me. I have worked in the studio on personal projects, as an artist, as a band member and as a hired gun. Working with some of the top session guys and artist in the industry. Check Description for more details.

Mixing & Production - STUDIO NIHIL

Intimate recording studio striving to capture your song's emotional impact.

Mixing and mastering  - Forgotten Wolves Studio

We will professionally mix and master you audio track to add life punch and clairity back into your mixes.

Record | Mix | Master - Larry Lobo

Hello! My name is Larry Lobo and I currently work out of Noisy Gates Studios located in Faridabad, Haryana, India. My goal is to help your music reach its full potential and come to life, with the help of some amazing sounding outboard gear and plugins!

Audio Engineer, Mixing/Master, - LexVidal

10+ years of hands-on mixing and mastering technique, self-taught musician and producer.

Producer & Mixer & Drummer - Emir

TL;DR: I will not be finished until you are satisfied! I'm a producer, songwriter, drummer, mixing & mastering engineer based in Munich, Germany! I always look forward to working with new artists. Any new music makes me excited! Send me a message and let's start the process! I'm looking forward to hearing your work!

Musician, Music Producer - Andrés Moreno

Lead singer and guitarist for my band Undercover Hotels. Also, I'm mixing the tracks we recorded.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - BC Music Mixes

Looking for artists or bands who need quality mixing and mastering services

Mixing & Mastering - Tenth Ward Studio

We are a project-based audio/video studio that assists artists to express their creativity. We foster & support companies to expand/realize their brand goals.

Music Producer & Mix Engineer - Landen Belardes

Specializing in songwriting, arranging music, sound design, and mixing, Landen strives to make professional quality audio.

Mixing and location sound. - Giovanni Spinotti

Multitalented all-round sound engineer, with a career spread over more than two decades of diverse sound jobs.

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Dan Bouza

Don't release music that sucks!! You've worked hard on your record, why would you let a robot mix and master it? I'll mix the pants off anything you send me and I will 100% make it SLAP!

Mixing, Production, Recording - Robin Newman

Over 15yrs experience making records for independent artists, composers, international brands and record labels.

Mixing and Mastering,Voiceover - Andriy__

I'm working with studios in Ukraine and can provide any type of work related to music)

Sounddesign & Mastering - GLAVIVA ® Sounddesign

GLAVIVA ® Sounddesign & Musikproduktion • Labelcode LC30611

Record and Mix from Anywhere - Terry Beckley Recording

Record your next track from any location that suits you! Don’t pay for a commercial studio, we can create radio radio songs from recording to mixing and mastering and do it all from your favourite rehearsal room or even your own front room!

Drummer for all the things - Liz Aponte

Hey! My name is Liz and I play drums.

Recording/Mixing Studio - Wicked Squid Studios

Wicked Squid Studios is a high level audio engineering collective based out of Rochester, NY with over 50 years of collective experience in the audio production industry.

Mixing and Mastering - Audio Alpha

You have done the hard work recording. Now let a professional take it to the next level. Audio Alpha is here to help!

Lead Vocalist and Backup Vocal - Patrick17Williams

My name is Patrick. Ever since I knew music was a thing, I wanted to sing. Since I started singing. My brain told me that I could sing and be good. I have a lot to put down in my story. I've had a lot happen in my life that I know I can write about. If I join a band. I know my fellow band members would appreciate my vocals whenever it is needed....

Producer, Session Guitarist - Jerrod Flusche

I would love to produce or play guitar on your new song! I have recorded for many artists including Koe Wetzel, and I’d love to add your project to my catalog. I will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the project, and am excited to work with you!

Multi-Instrumental Producer - Mike DeBenedictis

I believe that as long as someone has a great idea, it can be turned into a great song. I don't believe in "fixing it in the mix"; I'd rather help you build something of quality than just use a quick fix to push out content. If you're looking for beats that sound unique, I've got you. If you're looking to make a loud rock record, then keep reading!

Live FOH and Monitor Engineer - Alessandra Urso

“The best sound engineer in NYC”

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Jack Howe

As a young engineer, I want to get this right. I'll revise until you love it.

Musician/Producer/Mixer - Alun Roberts Music

I am able to take your song sketches and flesh them out with full instrumentation and take them through mixing and mastering to completion.

Remote Mixing & Mastering. - Robert Cole

Robert Cole is a musician and songwriter based in the greater Chicago area. His 1st album ‘the dissolution’ has been reviewed on iTunes as "balls-to-the-wall ROCK!" Robert's music features raw emotions, muscular rhythms, engaging vocals and contemporary lyrics.

Mixing and Mastering - Psalms of Music

Hi my name is Leannoth. I’m an audio engineer who specializes in mixing and mastering. I have completed several projects that I am really blessed to be a part of, two of these project are: Parallel Lines by Lynda Szabo, video coming out on the full moon in march 2020 and my second project is called MADNESS by MailBoxx Music.

Music Producer, Guitarist - ZackENG

I'm a musician and writer.

Mix/Master MFiT - Kick The Can Studios

Audio Mixer as well as certified mastering for iTunes. I work very fast and can create a record quality mix in a short amount of time even with less-than-stellar recordings.

Remote Session Guitarist - soundsmith

I've been a gigging guitarist/singer for several bands with original music. I can write full songs, arrangements and choose tasteful guitar sounds for rock and indie music.

Produce/Mix/Master/Write - Ross Ingram

I am a producer/engineer/songwriter living in far West Texas. I run a small independent studio (Brainville) and love working with a wide variety of artists and styles. I have worked with artists kind of big to very small (Black Angels, Lonely Horse, Emily Davis). Love making dynamic, 3D mixes, from simple and organic to dense and psychedelic.

Multi-instrumentist, Arranger - Sebastien

If you need any guitar work, synth work, arrangement done, I'm your man! Hit me up!

Mastering & Mixing Engineer - Jeff Ferrand - WooDBox Studio

My role is to bring a new and objective approach to projects in respect of artistic choices.

Session Guitarist & Mixing - JaylbreakMusic

I'm a guitarist, drummer and mixing engineer from Germany. I've been making music for most of my life and I've shared the stage with Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd), Luca Zabbini (Barock Project) and Ricky Portera.

Rock Producer / Mix Engineer - Immy

Gold-certified songwriter, producer and mix engineer, specialising in fat, dynamic, vibe-centric productions! Need help putting together demo instrumentals / vocals? Prepare for recording? Mix / master recorded tracks? I would be more than happy to hear what you have going on, wherever you're at, and help fulfill your creative vision.

Mixing & Mastering & Guitaring - Skelfmusicstudios

10 Years in the Music Industry, worked for The Enemy, Mixed and Mastered for the locals of Yorkshire.

Mixing/Mastering/Producing - Eike Freese

Music Producer, Mixing & Mastering engineer from Hamburg: Located @ renowned Chameleon Studios Hamburg, I have worked on over 300 releases the last 20 years. Credits: Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alice Cooper, Stewart Copeland, Helloween/Kai Hansen, Apocalyptica, Heaven Shall Burn amm.

Music Producer, Engineer - Nathan Hardy

I write and tour with the band Microwave ( I'm proficient with Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Melodyne, and VocAlign. I'm an encyclopedia of music. I'm confident that I can help make whatever project I work on as good as it can possibly be.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - The Mixing Room Studio

Bring your song to the next level and standout from the crowd. We offer mixing and mastering services from our hybrid studio equipped with the best of analog and digital worlds.

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - Alex Edge

I want to give you professional & exciting mixes and masters. I have worked with a lot of bands and I always want to make sure that I push the mix a little further to make it something properly special.

Remote Mixing Engineer - Joshua Tweedale

I relish the opportunity to work with artists & bands to achieve a high quality product, with previous recording work featuring on BBC Introducing & multiple blogs. As a young producer, I am ambitious, hardworking and striving to be the best I possibly can.

Music Studio, Music Producers  - Spinroad Studios

World-class, award-nominated recording studio in Gothenburg, unique location in a beautiful 19th-century building with beautiful surroundings.

Guitar, Producing, Songwriting - Noslen

Songwriter & Session Guitarist (Rock, Pop, Heavymetal, Instrumental)

Recording | Music Production - Jess Fermino

Record & Mix Engineer for over 10 years. Artists includes: Gary Valenciano, Freddie Aguilar, Bamboo, Juan Karlos Band, Nicole Asensio.

Multinstrumentalist Producers - Lips & Teeth Productions

Lips & Teeth is Lins Dinner and Shelley Moth, two accomplished musicians, audio engineers and producers from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We specialize in rock and roll. GET TO KNOW US:

Bassist - Smolian Sounds

Bassist/songwriter for Dirty Honey 1st unsigned band to have a #1 rock hit.

Production and Mixing - Haight Ashbury Studio

I have been writing, recording, producing, and mixing music for 5 years, with artists from various genres from rock to hip hop.

Lyricist - Smit

I'll write words for your tunes.

Lyricist/Songwriter - Derek Gallucci

I’ll create any type of song, in any genre in any style.

Remote Mixing - Arnau Diaz

Let me bring your songs alive! I'm a producer and mixing engineer based in Sweden specialised in rock (classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, psychedelia, etc) that will help you get the sound you want for your compositions.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Blackfish Records

Studio de record et répétitions à Biot. Mixage, Mastering, Distribution & Merchandising Formations MAO & Sound design Aide à l'autoproduction

Bass Player / Mixer - Gabriel Severo

I am the experimental bass player of Carrossel Diabólico!

Mixing and Mastering - chealdo tac-an

Currently, I am an Entrepreneur of my own Sounds and Lights Services Rental business in Cebu City, Philippines. I catered to several events like local and foreign concerts, weddings, corporate events and etc. I am also a Systems Integrator for Audio Visual Equipment. For audio, I do mixing, mastering, tuning, post-editing, recording, editing, etc.

Songwriter/Lyricist/TopLiner - THIS WOLF

THIS WOLF can take your music to the next level.

Sound Engineer/Producer - Jamie Palamountain

Melbourne-based musician and sound engineer

Recording Studio - Fifth Chord Studios

Quality Sound. Professional Service. We were made for this. Literally.

Animation Visual Designer - SPYRODON

SPYRODON makes unique animated content for other bands and entities. SPYRODON is a sound and visual project, creating beautiful animations, loops, motion graphics and hand-drawn imagery and album covers that are dreamlike and surreal. We have worked for many musicians, including Oh Sees and Sean Lennon.

Recording studio, mix engineer - João Vione

I own Delta Araucaria, the studio that since 2014 is an instrument to transform perceptions! Before the covid pandemic, I produced live & studio RnR & folk recordings. Now, hybrid mixing and mastering, as well as drum recordings, (I'm a recording drummer myself).

Mixing/Mastering, Editing - Cam Moody

I have been in the production industry for 2 years. I am a full-time student at Indidana Wesleyan University and I work part time for their Sound, Lighting and Media department. I have gained experience touring with a punk rock band (Air Ralley on Spotify) and mixing/mastering a podcast (Wildcat Chats on Spotify).

Analog Mastering - Mountain Ears Mastering

Sound your best with analog mastering and boost other artists in need. For every song mastered at our regular rate, we donate one of the same service to an artist in need.

mixing mastering recording - Johnny S.a.

Massive Rock Metal music albums of 90's, 00's, 10's and 20's constitute the colour of my sound palette. Working as musician with well known producers in Rock Metal music scene, for the last two decades, forms the baseline for professionall and robust Mojo sound.

Mixing Engineer - Nech

tutelage of Pablo Rabinovich (Mixing and Mastering Engineer, winner of several Gardel Awards) and, later, learned mastering in InSound Academy, with Gustavo Massone. I also participated in some Masterclasses with eminences in audio engineering, such as Tweety Gonzalez (Soda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati, Fito Paez, Fabiana Cantilo, Shakira) and Chris Lord


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