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Mixing, Mastering, Guitar/Bass - Brandon Williams

I like to make music that feels good. Whether that means it's surgical and clean or pumping with compression and distortion; whatever makes your music feel good, I am excited to find and execute for you.

Composer, Guitarrist & Bassist - Nico

I Believe that passion and work are meant to be one! Help me build my dream! as i know i will help you build yours.

Producer, Mix & Master Eng. - Brandon Tyler

Bachelor of Audio // Portfolio of Experience // Access to Tape Machine // Quality Outboard Gear // Affordable Rates // Industry Standard Recording, Mixing and mastering // My name is Brandon Tyler - I'm the Producer, Mix and Master Engineer you've been looking for. IG & Twitter: @Real_IVRecords Web:

Recording, mixing engineer - Raúl Navarro

I try do it as good as I know. Firstly, always listen the music before recording. Music must be listened, it's an emocional energy. From there, we can work. Trust your ears: if it sounds good, that's fine. No rules. If you have to use +17 dB to get the sound you want, go ahead. The important thing is how it sounds, not what you did to achieve it. "

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Tamago Air Studio

+++ FREE TEST MIX +++ You have nothing to lose. You send me one of the tracks you want to mix or master, within a few hours I will send back a short sample of the finished product FOR FREE. If you then like the sound and decide to hire me, we will take it from there.

Mix Engineer / Drummer - Clarke LaPlante

Custom drum tracks and professional mixing - available for your next demo, single, EP, or album.

Professional Recording Studio - Pilot Recording Studios, Inc

Pilot Recording Studios is a full-service recording facility in Western Massachusetts.

Drummer for Hire and Producer - Mauro Gambardella

Hi, I'm Mauro, professional drummer from Italy. I've been working as a pro since 2009 as a studio session or a live set drummer. I love to play mainly rock, pop indie and alternative music and one of my main thing while recording a new track is to find the most innovative yet best fitting sound possible.. serve the song first, always!

Mixing Engineer & Pianist - James Beesley III

I'm a hard-working blue-collar musician and recording engineer. I've been an engineer and musician for 15+ years. I love 60's and 70's jazz, rock, funk and soul. I'm always shooting for that sound... a little raw and a little rough around the edges. Since I have a 3-year-old daughter, I have a new found interest in writing children's music.

Record | Mix | Master - Larry Lobo

Hello! My name is Larry Lobo and I currently work out of Noisy Gates Studios located in Faridabad, Haryana, India. My goal is to help your music reach its full potential and come to life, with the help of some amazing sounding outboard gear and plugins!

Mix Engineer and Sound Design - Jeremy Donovan

I have been enhancing amazing projects for years with some very prolific artist's like Yo Gotti and the Lt. Dan Band. I have any resource needed at my fingertips to help create an amazing product with you.

Vocalist/Topliner/Songwriter - Kathy D

Broadway performer, Lead singer of a Heart tribute, Vocal coach, Platinum recording artist (thanks, Wicked!)

Recording Studio - Chris Inston Music

I've been professionally working within the music/audio industry for the past 10 years doing everything from album recordings, audio cleanups, podcast editing, dressage editing and much much more. I love being challenged by new projects and working with you to ensure we achieve the best quality end product we can within your budget.

Music Producer - Odd Dog Productions

I don't just do mixing.. I can do drum replacement, and contribute almost any extra sounds and instruments you like. Anything from EDM style risers and bass drops to orchestral strings.

Session Musician  - Garrett

I am a musician ready to work with you on your next project. Willing to put in the time it takes to get the sound needed for whatever genre/style,

Remote Recording & Mixing - Robert Waldrop Audio

Young and passionate engineer with a keen ear looking to work with great artists on great music. With a diverse background in many genres from Hip-Hop, to Pop, to Rock I have learned to adapt to the many different "sounds" required when recording and mixing music across multiple genres.

Mixing/Mastering/Musician - Black Hat Music

Black Hat Music is a one-stop shop for production, recording, mixing, and mastering. Owned and operated by Josh Cohen (Guster, Childish Gambino, Cowboy Junkies, Jon Bellion, John Fogerty), BHM is uniquely designed for speed and efficiency while producing the highest quality in a wide range of genres.

Studio, Session Player, Radio  - Kempmusik

I make the sound in your head come out of the speakers.

Remote Edit Mixing Mastering - Javi Belze

I'm a Composer and Mixing-Mastering Engineer with more than 15 years of experience profession specializing in music in a wide variety of musical styles including Alternative Rock, Metal, Punk, Post-rock, Orchestral, Pop and EDM.

Session Guitarist - Ryan Bale

I specialize in searing guitar leads and huge riffs. I also love a good reverb-soaked clean track. Really, whatever you need, I'm game.

Mixing, mastering, production - Edwin McLachlan

I'm a musician and record producer from Scotland, with 10 years of industry experience and a passion for crafting boundary-pushing records. Let's make some art.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Maison Derrière Studio

I not only work as an audio engineer and sound designer with 16 years of radio experience, but also as a producer and coach to get the most out of the songs together with the artist. Since I have been playing drums myself for more than 25 years and have written my own work on drum sounds in rock, pop and jazz music, I focus on the subtleties of the

Student Music Producer - Matt Osborn

Yo looking for stuff to mix and master! I can send examples of mixes I've done already if you want. Looking to build a portfolio before I finish University this year. Cheap rates since I'm new to the game, but I can promise you'll get a good result!

Recording Studio, Session, Mix - Marcusz

Hi, I'm a producer/engineer/mixer/composer living in Amsterdam, Holland/Europe

Remote Mixing - Bonsai Sound

Has your song been fully realized?

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Jack Howe

As a young engineer, I want to get this right. I'll revise until you love it.

Mixing, recording and fun! - Johannes Carlsson

Music producer, songwriter, mixing engineer, guitarist and drummer from Sweden. Would love to mix your songs! I'm currently working on my bachelor's degree in Music production, and just want to start working!

Im Good At Re EQing - Aris Nugrahadi

Im good At Re EQing Look At opportunity To Mix The song

Recording/Mixing Studio - No More Studios

Music theory/guitar performance major turned indie producer, began producing music at the age of 15. Worked with Berklee graduates in early career to produce my own music, eventually branching off on my own. Released an EP in 2018 in order to get the full studio experience, now recording and mixing indie bands to cut my teeth. Let's make music!

Session guitarist/vocalist - Michael Mudds Music Menagerie

From Earth to the Delta Quadrant, I complete your tracks.

Recording, Mixing, Session Gui - Parallel To The Sun

I am a Guitar player of 16 years first, with a major background in Rock, Prog Rock, Indie and Alternative styles. I am also capable of basic jazz and am currently very focused on building those chops. I have been Mixing for 5 years and I feel I am now capable of creating very compelling,creative mixes, while keeping your vision above all else!

Session musician + Mastering - Andrew Roseman

Fighting sterile creative practices since 666 BCE!

Remote Mixing and Production - Derek Moree

Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Mixing Engineer - Devin Feldman

I co mixed a number one song in Brazil. I have worked with Steven Adler, Peter Cetera, Styx, Tesla, and many more. I have recorded for Latin Grammy artist such as Aline Barros

Audio Engineer - Cadence Soundlabs

Getting the best sounding songs starts with getting the best sounds from the beginning. You've already got the best multitracks, so send them over and I will mix them and help you get the best sounds that you can.

Songwriter, session guitarist. - David Reynders

The first song I learnt to play was Sweet Child O' Mine. From there, it's been rockin' and rolling all life long. It's all or nothing, darling.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Hazardgeek Records

Radio ready mixes? Checked. Analog warmth and clarity? Checked. Fast turn around time? Checked. I'm a mixing engineer from Malaysia and the one you can trust with the lowest price.

Audio Multitasker - Rafael Bermeo

Colombian Musician/Audio Engineer. Mixing for rock and experimental projects. Mastering. Audio Editing for Music and Podcast. Producer and Bass player. Let's take the best sound out for tour projects!

Session Drummer - Cort Knippers

Whether it's Punk Rock, Country, Indie, or anything in between, I am your "go-to" for affordable yet spectacular drums for your project.

mixing hot tracks like magma - Magma Recording Studio

If Steve Albini was italian (and maybe he is) this is the studio that he'd own. Large rooms, high celings, brickwalls and great gear. And a brewery in the same complex!

Mixing & Mastering & Guitaring - Skelfmusicstudios

10 Years in the Music Industry, worked for The Enemy, Mixed and Mastered for the locals of Yorkshire.

Session drummer - Bradey Curtis

Hi, I'm Bradey. I am a session drummer and I am passionate about being able to create a quality piece of music for anyone who may need it. Drums are the heart of the music, and that is why they must be done right in order to bring your music to life.

Recording & Mix Engineer - Dylan Fischer

If you've been recording at home and need a mix engineer to put the final touches on your songs I can add that extra energy, excitement, and polish to bring it across the finish line. If you need bass guitar or some guitar layers done I can add that to your track too.

Remote mixing, producing,  - Ivan Bukovac

I am a freelance audio engineer with more than 10 years of experience in audio mixing and producing (studio and live). Also I play piano, drums and VST programming and singing.

composer/multi-instrumentalist - Graham Palmer

I play bass in the ska/punk/reggae/jazz band Mad Caddies. We've been touring the world for 25 years and it's still a blast. While at home I do session bass, keyboards, vocals, and production out of my studio in the Santa Barbara area. I have composed for both Mad Caddies and a wide range of pop/rock artists and independent films.

Producer/Audio Engineer - James Proley

Are you an original? Do you feel what you sing?

Mix & Mastering  - Marc Burgos

Mix and Mastering Services

Session guitarist, bassist  - Thad Beaty

Film & TV niche, guitarist for Sugarland & producer in Nashville, I've produced & performed on thousands of recordings, been featured on Billboard #1 albums, commercials and written Top 10 charting songs. Founder of film & TV sync firm Sorted Noise, I specialize in layering & orchestrating guitar parts to create a huge sound for your track.

Designer - Marie Smith

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Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Studio Studio Nyhagen

Spearheaded by the legendary Ronni Le Tekrø of TNT fame, we offer recording, mixing, mastering and world class session guitar work from out SSL4000e outfitted boutique studio. Artists like: 1349, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Enslaved, TNT, Chrome Division, Pagans Mind have all recorded at our place in recent times.

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - James Thurling

Having just completed a bachelors and masters degree in Music Production at The University of West London, I am offering mixing and/or mastering services to bands and artists for an affordable and efficient rate. I am keen to work with the talent that's out there and give you a mix/master of your track(s) you can proudly share to the world.

Producer, Mixing, Bassist - knji & shine

I‘ll always aim for a clean mix while maintaining a unique sound design.

Producer, Guitarist, Engineer - Lyric Smyth

Let's create the music for them to fall in love to!

Song Writer / Music Provider - Frederic Grant

Frederic Grant is an accomplished, prolific songwriter/musician/recording artist... "he writes hits for stars"!!! Simply add your voice and get on the air!!!

Producer, Mixer, Mastering - Greenbriar Studio

I am committed to sculpting mixes that boldly support artist vision, inspire listeners, and make artists 100% proud to share their music with the world.

Mixing and Mastering - Greg Fuess

I'm a mixing and mastering engineer out of the Oxnard CA area. I've been working in bands and mixing music for over 10 years.

Remote Mixing, Session Singer - Gabriel Shalom

I'm a musician who learned mix and audio in Instituto de Áudio e Vídeo (Audio and Video Institute)/IAV, the best known audio school in Brazil. I usually produce and mix my own songs in my studio in São Paulo, and I like do edit and mix some podcasts and audio movies. In the audiovisual, I also work with the audio direction and record.

Composer, Musician, Producer.  - Sean Seales


Industry Standard Mixing  - Stewart Moody

Looking for quality and not break the bank?? Look no further. I am a Professionally trained Mixing Engineer excited to mix your music to an industry standard for the world to hear.

Mixing, Production & Mastering - Andrew Grosse / Audio Engineer

Exciting & unique editing, mixing, production and mastering work via a hybrid of digital and analog processing.

 Mixing and Recording Engineer - Rich Fabrizio

Working in a very well designed and outfitted control room allows me to make informed decisions on your song. Having had the chance to record and mix for some of pop musics biggest names like Rob Thomas, Il Divo and Redman I know how to deliver in many styles and genres! Let's make this happen!

Songwriter, producer, singer - Morgan Grace

Female singer, topliner, songwriter, guitar player, producer, music lover. I bring a vintage sensibility to my own tracks, 60s surf, 70s punk, 80s pop, 90s riot grrl, etc. I work in service of the song. When we're really listening, the song will tell us exactly what it needs. That's when the magic is unleashed. Let's get magical!

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