Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Live Studio Drummer - Zhach Kelsch

I'm a professional touring/studio drummer with 15+ years of experience playing, writing, recording, producing and engineering alongside Grammy award-winning producers and platinum-selling artists. Past sessions and tours were with members of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Creed, Big & Rich, Breaking Benjamin, The Black Crowes, Dope, and many more.

Producer/Songwriter  - PYAR Studios

Here at PYAR, we know that great music deserves great recordings and it shouldn’t have to break the bank in the process. Piloted by leading engineers, our mission is to deliver excellent sound, using excellent gear. Want radio ready tracks from Liverpool's best value studio? Contact us today!

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Paul Daniel

Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Recording Studio - Lin Studio

Lin Studio a home based recording studio that can meet the needs of mixing and tracking your next project.

Mixing engineer, bassist - Kevin MacKinnon

Engineering,Mixing & Mastering - Sebastien Richard

Let's get you music transmit emotion and energy.

Engineer/Producer/Musician - Ceaside Studio

15 years writing and recording music in different bands. Looking to get my name out there. All genre's welcome. I do have a special place in my heart for rock and metal!

Singing, mixing, production - Morningtide Music

A rocking singer with a heart of gold - pro results for your music.

Producer/Mixer/Engineer/Writer - Sean Gould

Sean Gould is a multi-platinum mixer/producer/engineer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California.

Mixing,Mastering,Sound design  - SoundShifter studio

As a professional sound engineer/designer and musician, I am eager to enhance your creations with my skills and my artistic sensitivity.

Seasoned Male Vocalist - Gino Calantoni

Bluesy, funky, jazzy, rockin'...this is the wheelhouse. I fronted the local Chicago band FUSION for over 5 years. We recorded a full length album. Loved by critics and fans alike, it stands as a pillar of music brimming with true Chicago authenticity. When we were not able to secure our spot in rock stardom, we each went our own way. I moved to LA!

Session Bass Player - Enrique Perez Vivas

I would gladly hear about your ideas! I'm passionate about my instrument and love to contribute with musicians and artists, putting all my heart and mind creating and finding the perfect bass line for a song. Looking forward to work on your next project!

Remote Mixing - ABmixing

Hello! I'm Andrew! Welcome to my profile! I am an audio mixing and editing engineer, with 5 years of experience in the industry. I offer: - Eliminate noise - Clean audio files - Clean low end - Mix 3D - Adding effects (delay, reverb) - Convert files to youtube, spotify, apple music formats And any custom needs!

Session Player - Carlo Zannetti

Professional studio session player, Carlo Zannetti plays piano, guitar and bass. He worked by 1982 with many famous artist in Italy, U.S.A and Austria.

Drummer - Tanner

My name is Tanner. I've been playing the drums since I was 7 years old. Have been performing ever since. I am a back up vocalist as well. I am endorsed by SJC custom drums.

I'll mix it in the FIX - Gregor Schweiger

Mix your music in the most flexible mixing console on the market. The Fix. Bring your music of any genre to the next level.

Mixing, Producer, Guitarist - Daniel Music Producer

Im a music producer with 4 years of experience with independent alt-rock bands, folk and pop bands. I used to play in a rock band and tour around Latin America. I did 3 albums with that band in different studios. I left the band to focus just in music production and mixing.

Music producer, Mixing, Vocals - Emil Sporsheim

Hello! I'm Emil - a producer, songwriter, mixer, vocalist and guitarist. I've been involved with lots of projects through running a recording studio for years, producing, writing, mixing and playing. I'm now only doing this part time, but still have the knowledge, ears, and pipes to help you with your project.

Recording, mixing, producer - alevdemon

Sound and music are my passion, at my desk every night mixing and producing on pro tools, ableton and reason. With every song, there should be a good sound support.

Studio for singer/songwriters - Rubber Room Productions

We are a full production recording studio providing singer songwriters with the missing elements for their songs.

Session Musician, Composer - Erin H.

Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer. I compose, produce, and play several instruments. I can add color and life to your tracks with guitar, piano/keys, synths, string arrangements, realistic programmed drums & more.

Bass player and Producer - Matt Garkusha

I'm a bass player with 15 years experience and care deeply about tone and I emphasize serving the track. I have also aquired an awesome gear collection over the years.

| Mixing and Mastering |  - W.L.B. SOUND

Hey. I´m Dmitry Gruzinov, sound engineer living in Russia.I diligently practice different genres of music. I will work until you are 100% happy with the end result!

Recording and Mixing - BrownTone Studios

I'm a musician and have been for most of my life. I love various styles of music and believe that music should move you and elicit an emotional response.

Mix, Master, Music Consultant - Bruce Hensal

49 years in Professional Audio, Record of the Year Grammy for Hotel California. I take the time and deliver the best possible result for nearly any project.

Audio Professional/Music Maker - Eric Thompson

Over a decade of music industry experience. Toured the world, and parts of Georgia. Making things louder since 2009.

Surgical Music Producer - Geuel Sounds

I am a music producer, audio engineer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I have a degree in music and I've been a music and sound enthusiast for 10 years. I've done professional work for radio, podcasts, Youtube videos and creative sound design for business promotion needs. More Information: Youtube Channel: ht

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Smudger Music Productions

I love music. Anything from Pop to blues to full on Heavy Metal. I found a passion for Music Production with a particular flair for Mixing and Mastering. Mixing and mastering are crafts that are so important to the whole song creation process which is why I pride myself in offering a top level service with my clients best interests at heart.

Composer/Mixing Engineer - Nikitas Papadimitriou

New producer from Athens,Greece ready to feel your music and elevate your ideas.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Jacob Fishman Recordings

With years of experience in and around studios within NYC, New Jersey and Connecticut, Jacob Fishman offers a product unmatched by competition. Built on a foundation of respect for the art of recording, each mix achieves an organic representation of the art at its core.

Musician, Composer - Radmir Kamalov

Musician, Composer, Teacher, Сonsultant

Live Sound Reinforcement - A-Mac Productions

Do you need sound reinforcement for your upcoming event / concert / wedding / ect.? Whether you need to rent gear, hire audio engineers or the whole package, look no further; you've found the best place in Colorado to get professional and affordable service in the live sound industry.

Music Producer & Mix Engineer - Landen Belardes

Specializing in songwriting, arranging music, sound design, and mixing, Landen strives to make professional quality audio.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Roberto Carvalho

I'm a gear necromancer! I bring some old and vintage gear back to life and I do mixing and mastering with them! Adding colour and sweetening your music with their punchy and tasty characteristic!

Producer/Engineer - Steve Kirstein

Looking to work with talented artists and bands with a vision

Drummer, Ableton/playback tech - James Alexander Allix

Musical and powerful rock drummer, and Ableton operator playback tech available for touring worldwide

Music Producer, Session Guitar - Simone Sello

Eclectic and experienced guitar player and producer, classically trained and expert of electronic music.

Mixing - Michael Grafl

Have been mixing my own music for 20 years. I will mix your music too, if you like.

Music Producer, Writer, Mixer - Mike Exeter • Producer

Grammy Awarded Producer and Mixer. Guiding the creative artist from first ideas through to the finished record. I seek to maintain the integrity of the artist’s vision by focusing on the big picture and achieving the most musical, dynamic and “real” final outcome possible.

Session musician + Mastering - Andrew Roseman

Fighting sterile creative practices since 666 BCE!

Session Bassist - Jordan Wright

A versatile musician able to craft dynamic bass lines that groove across a variety of genres.

Session guitarist and bassist - brentonadon89

Versatile guitarist/bassist with experience in multiple genres.

Producer / Engineer / Mixer - Dave Holmes

I am a music producer and recording / mix engineer with 20 years experience, and a director and co-owner of Soup Studios LTD in London. I have a multi-genre discography with hundreds of tracks from the avant-garde to the brutal, a significant background in commercial audio, and a solid education in music theory and performance.

Audio Mixing and Mastering. - Vélez

Multi genre dedicated producer. As a proof of my work, I have released my very own multi genre project named as Asymmxtrical. Project In which you can evaluate my work in different genres and sub genres. You can find it on all major music streaming platforms, such as: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube. Customer satisfaction is my main concern.

Remote mixing and mastering - Juan Velasco

professional Sound Engineering, looking for good music to make it sound better through mixing and mastering them

Songwriter, Singer, Guitarists - Cory Young

I've been on TV I've been on Spotify Editorials. I love singing, writing songs, and playing guitar lets work!

Session&LiveTour Guitarist - Dmitry Chaplin

My passion for eight-stringed guitar

Session Guitarist, Producer - Chartmaster Infurion

Looking for the ultimate rhythm guitar section, or some beats to set your latest tune on fire? Look no further...

Remote mixing and Mastering  - Jay D Saldana

I love to work with rock music because I once was a rock guitar player, but it didn't work. There were so many problems with the band and I decided to start working in something else, so I discover music production. Since then I have worked with many bands in my country and I am willing to move to the next step working with worldwide bands.

Pop/Rock/Metal Audio Engineer - Luke Kramer

I can get the sound in your head to come out of the speakers!

Mix Engineer & Producer - Timothy Coakley

I am a passionate artist with over 15 years of professional drumming and music production experience. I am both a musician and a performer who pours heart and soul into every project. As a songwriter, I understand the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into your music which is why I promise to provide the same level of enthusiasm with your project.

Rock music producer/musician  - Audio Engine Productions

I am a Christian Rock musician/producer. I will help you by teaching you how effectively write catchy radio style songs that people will love. If you already have written material and are just looking for a producer/mixing&mastering engineer I can help with that!

Session Guitarist - Leo Playa

I've been working as a session guitarist since I was a teenager, I have over 20 years experience and have worked with various bands/shows/acts all over the world.

Music Producer and a Musician  - Jovan Tomic

Helping your music come to life!

Drummer for your songs! - Bobby A

Drum tracks for your rock/alternative/pop/ modern country song. "Bobby A" will deliver an A class performance on your song that you can be proud of. With a style that supports the song while adding a touch of flavor, Bobby A's drumming can be described as the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. Friendly, reasonable, reliable, & easy to work with.

Remote Drum Recording - Ryan Stevenson

I create & record badass drum tracks with attitude and edge for your songs in the comfort of my own home studio. This not only saves you from booking extra studio space, but makes it easy to get original drum tracks catered specifically for your project.

Songwriter, guitarist, Singer, - Sean O'Connor

I'm a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer from Dublin, Ireland.

mix and master songs  - J Engeneer

I studied at Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milan(IT) and i have te logic certificationd due to the course

Remote Mixing, Post Production - NoahGlassmanProductions

The goal of the mix engineer should be to enhance the experience the artist is creating with their music. No matter what your vision is as a producer, performing musician, or film maker, I will give your art the polish and attention to detail it deserves to make it big.

Recording / Mixing / Mastering - Paul Orofino

Engineer / Producer with 40 years of experience, working alongside artists & bands from all parts of the globe. The genres I'm mostly versed in are: Rock, Heavy Rock, Alternative, Americana, Jazz, & Blues. The focus here at my place, is tracking a band live in our large open studio room, and then seeing it thru to mixing.

Producer, Mixing, Bassist - knji & shine

I‘ll always aim for a clean mix while maintaining a unique sound design.

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