Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Mixing & Mastering producer - Chifun Studio

It provides music creators with comfortable and professional recording and mixing space and equipment, whether it is recording, mixing, editing, mastering, arranging and other services. It aims to produce high-quality albums and meet your post-production needs.

Producer/Arranger/Writer - Andrew Lipke

From background vocals to lyrics to instrumental arrangements to string charts to beat production, mixing and mastering, let me help you bring your music to the next level and help create the sound you're looking for.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Tom Owen

I can professionally mix and master your music at a high quality level for an affordable price. I love my job and welcome any and all work. I pride myself on finishing projects fast and doing all I can to make sure the client is 100% satisfied

Guitarist - Renee Martinez

Music is my fluent language.

Session Keyboardist - Songs For You By Me

I’ve been lucky enough to work with musicians from around the world in bands and for a range of music projects, large and small. Everybody involved always brings something unique- experience, vision, imagination, creativity, passion, determination, energy, a voice, and an unbelievable amount of musical talent.

Mixing, Auxiliary Musician - Brandon Rosenberg

I am not a radio-tier mixing wizard, but I can get your songs sounding solid. I can also add some bells and whistles to your tune if you want.

Spotify Canvas Design - Depatched Mode

I will make you a Canvas loop nobody can turn away from. Fast.

Lyricist  - CA Lyrics

My names Callum, I’m a lyricist from the UK. Writing song lyrics Is my sole passion in life and something I’ve been doing for as long as I can write, I’m constantly looking for ways to better my skills and am happy to take on a range of projects from a range genres and styles.

Mastering services - Drift Mastering

Sound your way. Drift-master your music.

Analog Mastering - Mountain Ears Mastering

Sound your best with analog mastering and boost other artists in need. For every song mastered at our regular rate, we donate one of the same service to an artist in need.

Music Producer & Musician - John Joyce

I’m a musician first. Sound engineering and producing artists/bands for 10+ years.

singer and songwriter - Derin Barış

sometimes metaphors are way out to reality but there is always a trickster in our minds

Producer-Studio-Guitar-Singer - Antoine Topin

Hi ! I own my recording studio 1h from Paris center, I'm a guitarist since 2004, singer, songwriter and music producer, I also work in the cinema industry as an actor, scriptwriter and director.

Music Producer, Sound Engineer - Tiago Ferreira

I'm a music producer who specialises in sound and mixing engineering. I'm a multi-instrumentalist and I'm currently working with two bands (as a drummer and as lead singer and guitarist) and recorded a punk album for one of them. Previously worked as a sound engineer and drummer in the indie studio called Flying Rat Records for 5 years.

singer/ songwriter - Mystery Rose

I am a singer/ songwriter with a very broad vocal range. I can do everything from old style soul to punk rock. I enjoy writing my own music and also singing for other creators.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Way Down Studio

As a Music Producer I will bring to your song the final touch it needs o be ready for all the streaming platforms! I´m a Musician myself which a few years ago decided to have my band songs recorded that got me into Music & Technology College. I found myself as having the most fun Mixing and Mastering songs (which is the best way to bring results!)

Mixing & Mastering - Sebastian Perkal

Grammy Winner, World class mix engineer. Two decades in the music Industry. Worked with artists all around the globe. Studio owner with high technology. Personalized attention. Working with 'A-List' music artists and film productions for many years.

Vocalist - Dean McNeill

Lead vocalist in rock and pop bands for 4 decades, including Ottawa band Hungover Mary, and tribute bands for Zeppelin, Journey, Rush, and Deep Purple. Played lead and principal roles in musicals, such as RENT, Jesus Christ Superstar, Anne of Green Gables, Grease, Company, My Fair Lady). Big range, great versatility, powerful vocals.

Producer and Mixing Engineer  - Heinrich

I will take your song to Top 20 standards with focus, clarity, punch and fullness!

Mastering Engineer & Producer - Showtime Mastering

We are professionally trained under legendary Grammy Award winning mix/mastering engineers to offer top notch Mastering and Production services at affordable prices. We personally help you every step of the way to get your songs/album mastered to industry standard and ready for release, whether it be vinyl, CD, or streaming services

Bassist, guitarist and singer - Amanda Finatti

Known for producing low tones on instruments and high notes using the voice. Be it using slap, fingerstyle or tapping technique, I can record creative basslines for your project. My vocal range is from E3 to E5 and I'm considered to be a soprano. In terms of singing, I'm very good at reaching high notes and one of my characteristics is belting.

Mix Engineer, Beatmaker - Alex Loban

I have more than 10 years of experience in sound production. Currently work like a Head Sound Producer at the Bulldozer Records Studio. Have worked with Red Bull Music Academy, Eurovision, TV’s channels music shows and programs. Have collaborations and credits with many artists. Film Scoring, Sound Design, Beat-Making.

Rhythm Guitarist - Branden_Woodall

My name is Branden Woodall and I want to help you see your songs become reality. I've got experience in multiple genres like rock, metal, punk, worship and more. Let me help you and you won't regret it!

Guitarist, Drummer, Singer - Psychedelicacy Sounds

Creating the music you can only hear in your head.

Music Producer, Songwriter - Nicolas

I produce any type of songs professionally.

Mixing engineer and producer - Félix Zúñiga

Music production student, on the journey to build a portfolio and show my skills, Experience working with independent artists, mixing, and recording.

Session Drummer, Mix Engineer - BEACH NOISE

Bring your songs to life with the perfect drum track or let me mix your track to perfection. I add awesome drums to clients songs. Specializing in Rock n Roll, I am capable of any genre and good with communication. I usually use my vintage ludwig vistalite kit and can go electro with triggers if desired. (Ask me about mixing your track as well)

Songwriting/guitar/mixing - Brayden Sansing

Want to take your music to the next level and have fun while doing it? Hi my name is Brayden sansing and I would love to work with you!

Gig and Session Guitarist,  - MRMT

Guitarist And Sound Designer with a desire to wreck musical havoc

Deep voices and noises - Gaël

Hi, I am Gaël a freelance artist with experience in VoiceOver, Podcasting and Musician as a composer/singer. If my profile raise your interests, please feel free to contact me. Looking forward hearing from you.

Pro Session Singer - STARSE3D

Professional singer, songwriter, and recording artist with over a decade of experience in vocal recording and producing music, & more than 80,000 fans and counting. If you want to take your songs to the next level, you've come to the right place.

Rock session keyboardist - Rodrigo Acin

Born on 11/20/1980 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I studied music with private teachers, piano, guitar, and keyboards, and specialized in hammond organ, moog, and synthesizers. Throughout my career I have played and recorded with various Argentine musicians, In 2020 he founded The Southern Society band where you can listen on spotify

Audio Engineer and Composer - Damon Sierra

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and audio engineer whose been writing, recording, and editing music and audio for over ten years.

Lead Vocalist for a Rock Band - Sara

Are you looking for a young and talented singer-songwriter to add energy and charisma to your music? With passion for live performance and a drive to learn and grow as a vocalist, I'm ready to bring my best to your project. While I may be young, I have already performed live twice and have been complimented on my stage presence.

Mixing/Mastering, Session Work - Patrick Murray

Specialist in achieving analog warmth and character in the digital space. Between working on my own artist project and gigging in in New York City, I offer up and coming rock, punk, blues, jazz, and other artists across various genres my mixing and mastering services.

Remote Rock Mixing  - Michael Lendvay

Beginner mixer trying to advance in mixing

Songwriter-Producer, Guitarist - Meyer Benun

I love helping people bring their visions to life, whether by making beats, adding live instrumentation, composing melodies / hooks.

session player, mixing - J. Novak

Earshot bassist. Guitarist, Writer, Singer, Engineer.. Full digital or analog set up. Digitizing of 2 inch and 1/2 inch recordings and masters.

Session guitarist  - Michael Alan

Original style sounding Rock guitarist with feel and emotion

Audio Engineer - Javi Bello

Mixing, mastering and more

Vocalist and Analog Mixing - Jon Efem

$$$$ FREE MIX! First 2 reviews. I’m worth $1600/mix. I charge $800/mix. You get it for free- Just give me some reviews. I’m new to SB/ thank u ==== Screw saving money.. Music is medicine. We do it because we just have to. It’s not about money, it’s about passion and self worth. That’s why we push forward. It’s never easy, it’s always tough.

Vocalist - Jamal Amin

Voice over - Digital Media and Marketing, Podcast organizer, Digital Journalist

Music Producer / Songwriter - Shaun Lichtenstein


I am a singer/songwriter, producer, and mixing engineer available for hire anywhere in the world! I studied at Berklee College of Music, have toured internationally alongside many industry heavyweights, have also worked closely with world renown producers David Bendeth, Johnny K, Paul Trust, Zack Odom & Kenneth Mount, and Charlie Marotta.

Remote Mixing & Production - Mason Dayot

Let's make it sound better. Hi I'm Mason, I'm the mixing engineer for Minority 905 on YouTube (i.e. Green Day medley). I mix songs and also make them sound better.

Pro Mixing, Mastering, Editing - Astronote Mastering


Hi! I am a mixing and mastering engineer with 20+ years of experience in the field. I have worked on so many projects and I can guarantee a very high quality within a restricted budget. Pro level, low price! See my demos to get an idea of my style. Thanks!

Mix Engineer - Corey Coffman


10 year professional audio engineer/musician specializing in all manner of alternative rock recording, mixing, & mastering.

Mixing, Mastering and Courses - Tonewarp Studio

We offer personalized, state-of-the-art, music production services for bands, artists and visual media. We have over 15 years of experience in editing, mixing, mastering and recording and are always up-to-date on emerging technologies. No matter what style of music you throw at us you will come out sounding like a professional.

Recording, Mixing, Production - Niall Doran

I have been a recording and mixing engineer at Start Together Studios in Belfast since 2011 and have experience with countless local and international bands. I mainly work with rock,punk, hardcore and metal but have extensive experience with indie and folk music too.

Session Drums,Recording/Mixing - Christopher Dwyer

I am a Drummer/Musician and Recording & Mixing Engineer/Producer located in Los Angeles, CA. I have been recordings bands since I was 18 years old. I strive to create amazing sounding recordings within the artist's vision.

Music Producer/Mixer/Engineer - George Murphy

I am an audio producer/mixer/engineer/ based in London UK. I mainly work out of the fantastic Eastcote Studios ( but can do sessions whenever we have to. I'm at home working bands tracking live in big rooms but also with more electronic, programmed based productions.

... - G


G, Louisville International Airport (SDF)favorite_borderfavorite

Pro guitarist, session player, producer/arranger

Studio engineer. - Klopeck Audio

17+ years of music industry experience including studio engineering and mixing, live mixing, and performing.

Live and Session Drummer - Zak Ryan


I have a degree in Jazz Performance from Bowling Green State University. I am versatile in many styles. Throughout my 19 years of playing, I've performed and recorded with several groups varying from rock to hip hop to jazz. I currently work at Disneyland and sub for Saved By The 90s.

Musician .composer,singer - Al Leclair

Musician .composer,singer i play bass as main instrument and play guitar too and keys. I am working on my first coming album pop rock genre .

Music Producer, Mixing - sNine


My name is sNine, I produce beats, play guitar, do mixing and mastering. I have been doing music for 8 years.

Producer Multi-Instrumentalist - Jayson Vannini

Serious Artists Still Make Their Best Music With Producers

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Matt Wade

Music is my passion, engineering is my interest , working in an eclectic variety of genres. Working high end digital and analogue equipment to the max to get the best from your project.

recording, mixing ,mastering - hoharastudio

chris hodac owner of hoharastudio is musician since 35 years and has been working for many years as recording and mixing engineer.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Guillermo Tomac

(2009-2015) Sound Engineering Degree at UNTREF University in Argentina. Great understanding of Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Digital Audio, Electronics, Acoustics and Signal Processing. (2014-2015) Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer at a U.C. Dadson Studios (Argentina). (2016-2018) Freelance remote Mixing and Mastering Engineer in the UK.

Engineer/Audio Editor - John Lindsay

Hi, I look forward to hearing from you about your next project. Check out these also if you have time: Website: Soundcloud: Instagram: @makingrecords

Mixing and Production - Joseph Peven // Rat City Sound

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