Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Roberto Carvalho

I'm a gear necromancer! I bring some old and vintage gear back to life and I do mixing and mastering with them! Adding colour and sweetening your music with their punchy and tasty characteristic!

Write songs, play guitar - John Coz

Long time guitarist worked with Grandmaster Flash, Beck and other major label acts signed to Warner Bros, Capitol, BMG, Elektra, Dreamworks and Geffen records. Have had chart success in the US and Europe

Drummer, composer and producer - James Alexander Allix

My background is mainly as studio and touring drummer for alt rock band Tigercub. I've collaborated on record production with Grammy award winning producers, incl: Adrian Bushby (Muse, Foo Fighters) and Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Pixies, Rammstein) Currently in Blood Red Shoes' live band playing keyboard and sample pads

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Douglas Benzi

Recording, Mixing and Mastering - Almost 10 years of experience working on professional studios and location recordings.

Remote Edit Mixing Mastering - Javi Belze

I'm a Composer and Mixing-Mastering Engineer with more than 15 years of experience profession specializing in music in a wide variety of musical styles including Alternative Rock, Metal, Punk, Post-rock, Orchestral, Pop and EDM.

Mixing engineer and Composer - Joe Bennett

Can mix and produce rock and pop music, whilst helping to compose if job requires so.

Female Singer, Lyricist - Naomi Pacifique

I am a versatile singer, able to play with bringing complex emotions to life through voice.

Guitar, bass, mixing, backing - Jon Sudbury

Session guitars, bass, drum programming, remote mixing

Production - Mix - Master - DerLuebbi

Passionate about helping YOUR music sound the best it possibly can! No A-list credits here yet. Only my promise to dedicate everything I've got to the process. I grew up playing instruments - otherwise self-taught since ten years. Not afraid to try out unusual sounds if it feels right for your music.

Session guitarist, producer.  - Christopher Rosenfeld

I’ve been a session guitarist since 2012 participating in multiple projects with various local artists from New York to miami. I’m always welcome to explore new ideas and create a new sound. I primarily work and tour as the lead guitar in Palace Crashers.

Keyboards, Guitars, Production - Adam Wakeman

17 years and counting playing keyboards for the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne and all live shows on keys and additional guitar with Black Sabbath since 2003. Also played keys with Travis, Annie Lennox, Will Young, Take That, Slash and many others. Recorded 8 albums and many tours with father Rick Wakeman.

Session Guitarist - Iliyan Kalinov

Rock n' Rollin' guitar player who jammed with Steel Panther!

Songwriting, Production/Mixing - James Reid

I'm a passionate producer, vocalist and guitarist who owns and operates Bynx Records, a project studio in the back of my café in downtown Orlando. I'm comfortable writing hooks, full arrangements and multi-instrumental parts, plus tracking (if local) and mixing. Let's work together!

Songwriter, Singer, Guitarists - Cory Young

I've been on TV I've been on Spotify Editorials. I love singing, writing songs, and playing guitar lets work!

Musician Composer Producer - Jon Greathouse

I am an L.A. based keyboard player/composer that can add tracks to your music project from my home studio. I tour with a few regional and national acts as well as play locally in the LA area. I also compose and produce music for film, TV and the internet.

Live Sound Engineer  - Michael (Mike) Williams

A Musicians Engineer. Is a musician who understands and knows his role as an engineer to help in getting the Artist and musician sound the best.

Mixing Engineer  - Jackson Varner

I'm a Mixing Engineer who is prepared to put everything into your project. Just send me your Project, and have it mixed by someone who actually went to school for recording arts and sound design.

Mixing/Mastering/Producing - Eike Freese

Music Producer, Mixing & Mastering engineer from Hamburg: Located @ renowned Chameleon Studios Hamburg, I have worked on over 300 releases the last 20 years. Credits: Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alice Cooper, Stewart Copeland, Helloween/Kai Hansen, Apocalyptica, Heaven Shall Burn amm.

Music Producer - Karl Rom

I produce custom music based on what you want your listeners to feel about you. I make sure that your character, your vision, your story, is in the song that I will produce for you.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Zach herzer

I am a freelance audio engineer that is willing to work with artists who are on a budget.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Matt Salazar

Matthew Salazar has been in the music business for 15+ years specializing in rock, pop and singer/songwriter music. Having access to his personal 4,000 sq. ft recording studio/sound stage at Mad Muse Studios he has the flexibility to work in every stage of the music making process.

Create great drum tracks!! - Dennis Palmer Drums

Whether it's rock, blues, country, jazz or pop, I want to help you find the drum groove you're looking for! I'm here to make your project the very best it can be. I've played with major artists like Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox, so I know how to be creative and think outside the box. Let's make some music!

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Anton Og

Mixing, mastering, production. Vocal tuning. Podcasts. Professional High Quality gear, Recording Studio 'Gemini WRS' based in Moscow, Russia.

Guitarist. Producer. Composer. - Isaiah Ssemanda

Work includes Jordan Smith, Rita Springer, Laurel Taylor, Cassandra Coleman (American Idol), Tedious and Brief, Bridge Worship, and others. I've also had opportunities to do sessions and writes with various artists, as well as release lo-fi works of my own under my name!

Session musician and singer - BrandenWoodallMusic


Drummer and Percussionist  - Mingo Lewis

I have performed live and recorded many studio records with: Carlos Santana, Billy Joel,The Tubes, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Al Di Meola, Return to Forever, Todd Rundgren, Cool and the Gang, X.T.C, David Bryne, Brain Eno, Jan Hammer, Joe Satriani, Miles Davis, Third World, Inner Circle, Raquel Welch, Toni Basil,

Session Singer  - DEJHA

Soulful singer, songwriter, musician and all around badass!


I am a session musician, producer and touring musician. Let's work together!

Everything - Zebedora

I met with Ralph Renna a while back and sent in a demo and got featured on his website. I play everything in a general band. I also mix down and record songs with better audio output.

Remote Mixing services  - Maple Studios

I work EXCLUSIVELY with rock/punk/metal bands

Remote mixing and mastering - Jake Seeley

Recent Creative Music Technology graduate from the University of Gloucestershire (1st with honours)

Spotify Canvas Design - Depatched Mode

I will make you a Canvas loop nobody can turn away from. Fast.

Session Multi-instrumentalist - Crescent Incessant Music

Having trouble finding an appropriate part for your song? I have a strong music theory foundation which I use as my flashlight to navigate the apparent darkness of songwriting and production. I can lay down rhythm or lead tracks for your tune with guitars or keyboards. I am also open to scoring short films (-15mins).

mixing mastering recording - Johnny S.a.

Massive Rock Metal music albums of 90's, 00's, 10's and 20's constitute the colour of my sound palette. Working as musician with well known producers in Rock Metal music scene, for the last two decades, forms the baseline for professionall and robust Mojo sound.

Recording Studio, Remote Mix - Estudio FC

Music and sound design studio with unique acoustics and over 30 years of experience in music and sound engineering in the greater São Paulo area. Only recording studio known in Brazil with the Andean 10-string ronroco instrument. Mix and mastering for indie, rock and alternative. Sound design for the cult Doom-style game "Incidente em Varginha".

Mixing and mastering  - Hugo Andrade

Working on audio production for more than 15 years recording, mixing and mastering bands from all music areas: from jazz to metal.

Bass guitar, rhythm guitar,etc - James Rafferty

If you’re looking for melodic or rhythmic, simple or complex, or really any kind of bass playing on your track, I’m your man. With years of practice and live setting experience, I can help out the back bone into any type of song you want from classic rock to r&b, soul, and any other type of genre.

Productions, Mixing, Mastering - RT60STUDIOS

Thanks to 25 years of experience in Audio for music and scores and a series of specializations achieved at the SAE Institute Milano, we actively collaborate in the arrangement of your songs in the production phase to organize the instruments and structures, to make everything sound according to the desired shape.

Singer, Song writer, Guitarist - Glen Clarke

Just a great songwriter looking for likeminded folk

Producer & recording engineer - Dogsface

I am a recording engineer graduated from BCM and have been making music for the last 30 years. My instrument is guitar, bass and keyboards.

Drummer, Producer, Composer  - Chad Wackerman

Legendary Drummer....Zappa, Holdsworth, JT and many more.

Producer-Studio-Guitar-Singer - Antoine Topin

Hi ! I own my recording studio 1h from Paris center, I'm a guitarist since 2004, singer, songwriter and music producer, I also work in the cinema industry as an actor, scriptwriter and director.



Producer/Mixer - Jig Dubé

write some songs, record some songs, edit some songs, mix some songs, master some songs, release some songs, repeat.

Studio / Live / Feedbacks - Atef Aouadhi

Playing and writing music for Hermetic Delight (FR), founder of October Tone Records (FR), groove agent for Crocodiles (US) & mp3 selector as Rachid Bowie (FR)

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Way Down Studio

As a Music Producer I will bring to your song the final touch it needs o be ready for all the streaming platforms! I´m a Musician myself which a few years ago decided to have my band songs recorded that got me into Music & Technology College. I found myself as having the most fun Mixing and Mastering songs (which is the best way to bring results!)

education - Jacob Ryan

Online Educational Assistance

Mixing & Mastering - Sebastian Perkal

Grammy Winner, World class mix engineer. Two decades in the music Industry. Worked with artists all around the globe. Studio owner with high technology. Personalized attention. Working with 'A-List' music artists and film productions for many years.

Session Drummer - Dylan Howard

Good vibe technician / Session drummer, in that order. The song is all that matters.

Mastering - Mallorca Mastering

After many years recording and mixing I took a mentorship with Hay Zeelen at his mastering studio (Sepultura, The Prodigy, Beth Hart, Level 42, 10CC, Joe Jackson... to name just a few) and here I am, ready to serve your songs and have a great time by doing so.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Tate Daniels

Music Producer whose worked with several local Kansas City Bands. I can welcome local artists into my at home studio, or work remotely tracking instruments or mixing and mastering.

Remote mixing and mastering - Animathronix

I have worked with the growing indie scene on Chile; I have worked with people who came from the underground to the big leagues😤

Guitarist - Alex

I am a guitarist who holds an LTCL in classical guitar performance and can play in a variety of styles including rock, metal, pop and indie.

Session guitarist, Songwriter  - Imanol Menaya

I'm a musician from 5 years old, i played with bands from Argentina like "Todo lo que Fue" and "Publico 0". Im a songwriter, and i learning production, mix and mastering. I have knowledge of amps, pedalboards, simulation and live sound.

Mixing and Mastering - Ric Pablo

Tell me about your artistic vision for your song and I will provide the best options to make it possible with professional quality.

Producers|Composers|Musicians - James Donahue & Adam Agati

James is a Master of Music from Berklee, producer, instrumentalist/vocalist, composer, arranger, sound designer, engineer with 15+ years in the industry. Adam is an accomplished songwriter, studio & touring guitarist with writing and/or playing credits on several Grammy-nominated records.

Music Producer & Mix Engineer - Jordan Bate

Looking to work with artists & musicians who want to move away from making demos to releasing 'radio ready' music. I have a Bachelors in Popular Music Performance from BIMM London and have completed courses on advanced production, mixing & mastering via Point Blank Music School.

Composer, Guitarist, Mixer - Ryan Peters Music

Need a mixer who has the right stuff, and knowledge and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. With my 15 years of musical experience, I know I will be able to get your song the way you want it to be. All you need to do is send the stems and tell me what you want.

Mix/ Master , Session Music - Danny Wastelands

I'm a mixing and mastering engineer who's goal is to bring your song to life. No matter the genre, everyone is welcome. 10+ Years of experience in many Genres, ranging from blues rock to modern pop punk and metal productions. I also do session guitars and vocals.

Tx Country Session Guitarist - Clayton Miller

Looking for a rock, blues, and country rooted guitar style? I can fix that. I have been playing guitar for approximately 15 years, and am well versed in the styles of rock, blues, and Texas/Red dirt country. I have played for worship bands all the way to a traveling band in the Texas music scene.

Rock drums and percussion   - Rich Carlson

I have been playing and recording rock drums for over 35 years. I have a band called the GrooveSharks, and I can create the groove and the pocket for any song or sample you need live, professional drums on.

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