Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Independant one man band. - Oscar Robinson

Let me embellish your sound.

music producer, song writer - average henning

punk rock and hardcore music production, remote mixing, songwriting, rhythm guitar, bass, vocals, album artwork

Studio and Live Engineer  - Diego Fernández

I am dedicated to recording and mastering, sometimes mixing, artists in Santiago de Chile, and I also work as production manager and mixing engineer in live concerts and broadcasts.

Recording and Mixing - Tofu Valsechi

Wide-Fi Sound (Lo-Fi <-> Hi-Fi, and all in beetween). Adventure recorder and mixer. NO RECIPES APPLIED!!! Each song is unique and deserves what makes it sond better.



I write lyrics - Paulo Valle

When I write lyrics I like to go deep into the theme and dive into the universe of the chosen theme. Until I finish a letter, I feel part of it. Once it's over, my wish is for her to be part of the listener.

Remote Drum Tracks - Kent Aberle

Professional touring/ session drummer from Atlanta, GA. Over 30 years experience. Same day drum tracks available.

Session Guitarist, Mixing - Yuri Greystone

Being familiar with technical music such as Dance Gavin Dance or Polyphia, I've spent years building my chops as both a musician and a producer. Eagerly awaiting the opportunity to either record intricate and advanced guitar/bass parts for your project, or even to mix them and make it sound as amazing as it was meant to be.

Practically Everything - Max Vøltz


Multi-instrumentalist, producer, mix/mastering engineer, composer, arranger, lyricist. Over 17 years of experience in the field; talk to me if you want the real deal.

Session Guitarist, Producer - kagancakirmusic

Will be filled soon

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Dangenoir

Only I do what I do !

Mixing - Session Guitar/Bass - John

I am a seasoned pro for mixing, recording/tracking, session guitars and bass. I have almost 20 years of sound recording and mixing experience. I will make you sound your best!

I am a Software Consultant  - Gwen Lacci

I am the unrivalled ERP software consultant in Singapore ready to help creative industries allocate the resources optimally. As a software consultant, I have learned how to guide data-dependent organisations to meet their goals faster by deploying advanced ERP system solutions. I am currently an employee at Tigernix and I work for TigernixERP

Guitarist - Alex

I am a guitarist who holds an LTCL in classical guitar performance and can play in a variety of styles including rock, metal, pop and indie.

Session guitarist, Songwriter  - Imanol Menaya

I'm a musician from 5 years old, i played with bands from Argentina like "Todo lo que Fue" and "Publico 0". Im a songwriter, and i learning production, mix and mastering. I have knowledge of amps, pedalboards, simulation and live sound.

Writer/ female vocalist  - Mariah Jones

I can write songs for Any genre I am also a female vocalist if needed for a production you already have

Bringing you to the next level - Joe Fogarty

Session Guitarist | Mixing Engineer | Songwriter

Session Guitarist - Ruben Reza

Creative, melodic, chameleon session guitarist. If you’re seeking a professional level guitar track for you next recording, look no further.

Vocalist and Vocal Coach - AGU

I want to bring the best out of you and your vocals! I've had students of all kinds in different stages of their lives. I specialize in opening all individual doors and walls to guide my students to their best vocal capabilities and raise their own bars.

Remote Mixing - Tim Webster Audio

Sonic gold. Mix engineer with 20yrs experience and many successful commercial releases. Hip-hop/Rock/Electronic/Prog/IDM/Techno Remixing and Mastering available

Drummer - Massimo DiStefano

I'm a Nashville based musician with 10+ years of experience in live, and studio settings. When working on a session, I like to focus on the song(s) as a whole, serving the overall theme and vibe to make the songs reach their highest potential. I look forward to hearing from anyone who's ready to make some killer music!

Remote indie and rock mixing - Andrey

I can write an instrumental, mix and master your song. I have been writing music for several years in the genres of indie, indie pop, indie rock, alternative, alternative rock. I will be glad to work with you.

Rock music producer, lead guit - Luisv1692

Rock music producer and lead guitarist

Mixing engineer (Christian) - Isac

Graduated from the Audio Egineering program at el Liceo d Arte in Puerto Rico under the tutelage of profesors such as Hilton Colon and Jackeline Rivera. In my rol as Broadcast and FOH I have work with and learn from great Audio Engineers such as Avaro Llanos and Jeffrey Diaz as well as great artist and musicians such as Roberto Thales and 33DC.

Gig and Session Guitarist,  - MRMT

Guitarist And Sound Designer with a desire to wreck musical havoc

Singer/Song writer/Produce - Gautam Tamang

I will be your professional male singer for your upcoming project

Rock session keyboardist - Rodrigo Acin

Born on 11/20/1980 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I studied music with private teachers, piano, guitar, and keyboards, and specialized in hammond organ, moog, and synthesizers. Throughout my career I have played and recorded with various Argentine musicians, In 2020 he founded The Southern Society band where you can listen on spotify

Soundwave Manipulator - Christopher William Smith

I've had the pleasure of working with artists such as Kikagaku Moyo, Rozi Plain, Wendy Rae Fowler, Leo Tayler, Upupayama, Wax Machine, Big Joanie and Bas Jan with releases on Sub Pop, Memphis Industries, Kill All Rockstars, Beyond Beyond is Beyond and Neolithic Recordings.

Indie/Rock Producer & Mixer - Baren Music

"Bring out the emotive feel of your Indie or Rock music with production and mixing services, combining technical expertise with a keen ear for what sounds great to elevate your tracks to new heights with stunning clarity and precision, using cutting-edge technology in the process."

Bass Guitarist and Vocalist  - Mel Hell

Houston's High Priestess of Punk seeks to settle down for a spell and focus on session work in some of the finest studios in the Gulf Coast area.

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Victor Wright

Hi! My name is Victor! I'm a songwriter, singer, arranger, music producer, and studio musician specializing in creating unique pop, rock, reggae, classical, and blues music. With YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN RECORDING AND PRODUCTION, I can bring your musical ideas to life.

Producer, Live sound Engineer - Erik Miles

Producer, Mix Engineer, Live sound Engineer and Multi Instrumentalist. I’ve worked with many Artists out of my own studio Including; Isaac Holmann (Baby Dave), Kate Nash, Soft Play, Lady Bird etc. I’ve also mixed FOH for, The Buzzcocks, Kinks, Steve Mason, Arrested Development, Slum Village and many more.

Mixing and Mastering - Tyler Rill

I'm a Christian Audio engineer that specializes in mixing and mastering music. I can try my hand at any genre send me what you got and I can see what I can do for you!

Musician and Audio Engineer - Erik Paulson

I have produced and mixed records for Remo Drive, Heart To Gold, Slow Bullet, Tacklebox, Theologian, Holy Pinto, and many others.

Animator, Graphic Designer. - Shygu Visual Arts

As a renowned 2D animator, I specialize in crafting unique, hand-drawn animations for every project, ensuring an original touch every time. With a rich portfolio of collaborations with various artists and personal projects, I bring a wealth of creative expertise to every endeavor.

Guitar & Bass | Rock - Scott Harnish

I am 20th century rock stylist. From glam to grunge, lead, rhythm, acoustic, and bass guitars. Recent studio credits include Ellison Scott, Maurice Aucoin, Kyle Boudreau, and Elise Besler

Professional Mix Engineer - Erin Maxwell Mix Engineer

I am a professional Mixing and Mastering Engineer. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Music, Sound and Technology and multiple years of freelance engineering experience.

Mixing/Mastering & Production - Brain Drain Studios

We can Mix/Master and Produce your song in an affordable price

Remote Mixing Engineer - Drew Riekman

Drew Riekman is an audio and mixing engineer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Guided by a desire to create a welcoming and approachable studio experience, Drew has developed an intentional approach to recording and mixing over the course of his near two decades in the industry.

Guitarist, Producer, Mixer - Robb Torres

Guitarist for Redlight King, TRAPT, Robbery Inc., Draco Rosa and Debi Nova available for recording guitar parts and song mixing. I have a great selection of guitars, amps and recording equipment to give you the highest quality recordings at an affordable rate. Im also a University trained jazz guitarist. I can play most styles of music.

Mix, teach, play! - Alex Alba

Recorded two albums last year and want to do at least the same this one, teach music, and also mix and produce for other artists

Drummer, editor, creator.  - Vinsidious

I'm a drummer, I love music. I'm looking to collaborate, teach and encourage other musicians be the best they can be.

Remote Composer/Producer - Eric Meyer

Hi! I am a composer, producer, and engineer based near the Asheville, NC area. My mission is to tell YOUR story in as musically and artistically as I can through quality composition, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. Through my services I am here to help contribute to your musical visions in any styles and genres. Hit me up and let's chat!

Mastering - Scott Craggs

Friendly, experienced mastering engineer.

Music Producer  - M4NNY

I specialize in producing/mixing music for artists and songwriters from all over the world, while always staying true to the artists vision for the song.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Sam George

Having taught songwriting and music production techniques at The BRIT School for Performing Arts for six years, I am very well placed to produce your music. I'm well rounded, with experience in producing a wide range of genres. Students of mine include Rex Orange County, Black Midi, Jade Bird and Raye.

Mixing & Mastering - Bryan David

Credits include work for Dreamworks, Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Warner Bros, & many more. As a two-time Grammy Nominee, Bryan David takes your music to an in-your-face warm place. With 16 years of professional experience working with bands, solo musicians, television and film, he still prides his work with very affordable prices.

Mastering & Sonic Enlightment  - Maor Appelbaum Mastering

We Breath Music. The studio is equipped with a unique collection of custom made and modified analog high end tube and solid state mastering gear as well as top of the line digital hardware and software. Our goal is to enhance the aural presence of the music and elevate the engaging experience for the listeners... Making it... Radiant

Session Drummer/Percussionist - Andrew Bennett


Drums, ethnic percussion, classical drums and percussion, or anything you hit, bang or drop. I can record it for you and your budget!

vocalist/performer/writer. - Dayana


Hi, My name is Dayana I am a singer/performer/writer. I have released an EP on all platforms and I am free for hire for any tracks you need vocals on and also any writing sessions. I have over 10 years of experience writing songs and singing. I have written in many different genres; Rock/pop/R&B and house. Hope to work with more people, thanks!

Remote Mixing & Production - Mason Dayot

Let's make it sound better. Hi I'm Mason, I'm the mixing engineer for Minority 905 on YouTube (i.e. Green Day medley). I mix songs and also make them sound better.

Bassist, singer songwriter - David Sikes


Groovin, solid creative bassist. I am a songwriter and always play for the song not ego. Also sing lead and background vocals. Tons of experience recording and playing live all over the world for millions of people.

Experienced Rock/Metal Drummer - Henrique Polak

Sao Paulo-based, with 20 years of experience playing, recording and teaching. Specialized in rock, metal and brazilian music. Currently able to record at my own studio. Hope we can work together in creating some amazing music!

Professional Mixer/Producer - Underworld Productions

I am an experienced professional mixer, producer, and musician. Currently looking for local/regional opportunities to engineer your live show, and mix and produce your recorded music.

Write + Collab + Uke - Boone Graham

Let's amp up the creativity and playfulness on your next track and bust down some doors! Most importantly, let's make something that we LOVE and can't wait to share.

Session Drummer - Rebecca Sykes

I record my beautiful Gretsch Catalina Maple drums using 7 Audix microphones to provide a professional audio recording. I will play for any project in most genres for a great price and turnaround time!

Producer, mixing and mastering - George Perks

Over 1 billion streams worldwide including 3 UK-chart topping albums.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Larch Audio

Larch Audio is pleased to be able to offer studio services including recording, mixing and mastering.

Music Production and Mixing - Chad Alger

Chad Alger has been producing and crafting creative, unique mixes of all genres since 2008, when he co-founded Socialite Fiasco Music. As the Executive Producer at Socialite Fiasco Music, he has produced and mixed albums, and licensed music with major brands and television networks both nationally and internationally.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - JRecordings

Hi! I am a certified Cum Laude Sound Engineer specialized in Mixing and Mastering to get your track(s) to the highest level. Feel free to contact me and I'll guarantee you will be more than satisfied. Can't wait to hear your music! Cheers!

music producer - Simius GOLD

Music production, mixing, overdubs, sound design, recording studio

Remote Mixing & Editing - Andres Melo


Hi, my name is Andrés Melo, I’m a Venezuelan audio engineer living in Austin Tx. I've worked for over 10 years with music of all genres, as well as worked with recording, production, mixing, editing, mastering, etc. I love to work with anything and everything and I know exactly what to do to make it sound professional.

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