Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Recoding Studio, Mixing - Bryan Papic

Professional, top-notch recording and mixing. 10+ years industry experience.

Producer, Arranger, Guitarist - Perry Road Studios

Welcome to Perry Road Studios, professional Recording Studio combining the best of both digital and analogue equipment to provide a professional result for your project. Providing a range of recording & audio post-production Services, CD duplication & artwork.,

Recording Mixing & Audio Post - Casey Palumbo

I'm a young sound engineer who specializes in working with indi artists and indi labels. I provide those artists with albums that fit in with and the industry standard and stand out among others in an industry that is becoming more and more accessible and competitive.

Producer, Engineer, Mastering - Chad McMurray

From garage bands to Grammy winners, I've got you covered! In a DYI world, it's tempting to want to do it all. But don't underestimate the value and efficiencies of someone with lots of experience. You wouldn't cut your own hair or try operating on yourself would you!?

Mixing, Editing, Recording  - John Berg Audio

John Berg is an Audio Engineer based in Denver, Colorado, offering professional mixing, editing and, recording services.

Mixing & Mastering - Loran SAULUS

Hi, I'm Loran Saulus, french producer & sound engineer, owner of DevenProd Studio and Pure mastering.

Session guitarist and producer - Sam

I'm a creative session guitarist, also music producer. 20+ years of experience.

Mixing and Mastering - Steve's Mixes

Steve is a mixing engineer located in Waterdown, ON.

Producer, Mixing and Mastering - Francisco Palavezzati

I am a producer looking for interesting projects. I can do anything when it comes to audio. I have been working in music for about 7 years now and been part of severals albums with diferent artist. Please feel free to negotiate.

Producer, Mix & Master Eng. - Brandon Tyler

Bachelor of Audio // Portfolio of Experience // Access to Tape Machine // Quality Outboard Gear // Affordable Rates // Industry Standard Recording, Mixing and mastering // My name is Brandon Tyler - I'm the Producer, Mix and Master Engineer you've been looking for. IG & Twitter: @Real_IVRecords Web:

Session drummer.  - Danny Nelligan

Welcome! My name is Danny! Drummer for the band STEMM. I love creating and "clicking" with other artists! Home studio. Presonus Studio One. My band can be heard in all UFC events, shows going back to 2003. Including the company theme "Face the Pain". Feel free to reach out! Let's see if we can have some fun and create something great!

Session Keyboardist - Mistheria

Keyboard, Piano, Organ, and Keytar player. Composer, Arranger, Producer. Keyboardist at Bruce Dickinson. Creator/Producer at Vivaldi Metal Project. I am specialized in rock, metal, pop, classical, new-age, ambient. Instruments: piano, hammond, synths. Including keyboards arrangement and orchestration.

Remote production and mixing - Shubhodip Roy

I am a professional Musician and Audio Engineer with an experience of 10+ years. I can help you record, arrange, mix and master your songs, create jingles, score your movie and do voiceovers according to your specifications. Contact for fast and accurate work.

Bass Guitarist and Music Ed. - Jon.Mann

I’m a bass guitarist available for theater work, Church Services, corporate parties and weddings. I have almost 20 years of experience in Southern California.

Drummer for Sessions and Tours - Charles Wiley

I have been playing drums for over 25 years and I am available for sessions and tours. I love the process of creating in the studio and look forward to bringing your vision to life. I equally love playing live and bringing your songs to life on stage!

Composer, Session Guitarist - Matthew Okun

I am a creative, thoughtful, and adventurous composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. I write music across genre and discipline, and can provide fitting, beautiful, and compelling music to any medium, from video games to advertisements. I can also mix, master, and produce any audio recording, and provide any style of guitar playing.

Music Producer - Alperan Akpınar

I am 24 years old Hip-Hop & Rock producer and mixing technician. I went to Music Production in Cumhuriyet University for B.A. degree. Also I went to IPCB technical institute in Portugal for improve my skills as an exchange student to the Music Production course for 1 year. Right now I am working as a producer and mixing technician.

Audio Studio (full service) - Southern Track Studio

Boutique Music Production House Book your time today for remote production,editing, mixing, mastering, or any studio service you require. We allow the artists to focus on the creative and artistic process as we handle the technical side, we have a wide range of vintage and state of the art equipment available for your convenience.

Producer / Engineer / Mixer - Dave Holmes

I am a music producer and recording / mix engineer with 20 years experience, and a director and co-owner of Soup Studios LTD in London. I have a multi-genre discography with hundreds of tracks from the avant-garde to the brutal, a significant background in commercial audio, and a solid education in music theory and performance.

Keyboard, Piano, B3, Singer - Steve Maggiora

Career singer, instrumentalist and producer Steve Maggiora now on SoundBetter!

Session and touring bassist - Allen Hunter

Touring bassist w/ Eels since 2005 - 7 world tours, major festivals, live DVD/CDs, US & UK TV appearances. Portland-based session recording artist - work w/ producers Ron Nevison, Gus Berry, Jeff Saltzman, Steven Lee Tracy, et al. Play/record/tour w/ Ural Thomas & The Pain, Kathryn Claire, Anita Lee & The Handsome 3, Michael Dean Damron, et al.

Session Bassist / Vocalist - Dave Rapa

Bass lines. Whether simple & supportive, or complex & melodic, finding the perfect foundation upon which to build your song or is crucial. Let me help! As a bass-focused multi-instrumentalist with 30+ years experience, I know how to build compelling bass lines to perfectly fit your project’s unique style and instrumentation.

Recording, editing and mixing - COMUSIC

Do you need COoperation on your productions? COmpromise on the results? Here in COMUSIC we'll help you COnquer the world.

Session drummer mix mastering - KimakMusic

Rock'on drummer

Mixer, Guitarist, Producer - Luke Padfield

Over 15 years' experience as a touring guitarist, as well as production work on multiple albums in famous studios such as Rockfield and Abbey Road

Mastering Engineer - Wizard Audio

Mastering Engineer J.P. Bendzinski has over 10 years experience & 100+ professional credits. Offering remote mastering services as well as mixing, tracking and guitar/bass session recording. Worked with artists on many labels including Innovative Leisure, Park The Van, Burger Records, Suicide Squeeze, Skunk Records, Karma Chief Records, & More.

Music Producer, Recorder - Anthony Denny

If you need help taking your music to the next level you found the right listing here.

Bassist and vocalist  - John Page Inghram

I’ve been recording and performing professionally for 15 years. Credits include: Mountain Stage Radio Show with folk and rock artists Chuck Prophet, Janis Ian, Vic Chestnutt, Bob Thompson Hello June and more. I’ve also recorded albums for jazz label Blue Canoe records. I have extensive experience with funk, gospel, americana, country and bluegrass.

Atlanta Indie Record Producer - Matt Greenia

1st 2 hours free! (4 hour mini). Hire me to record, mix or master your music! I work at Diamond Street, a pro studio in Atlanta with boutique gear and treated rooms. My studio partners are Billboard charting and Grammy winning artists, and my specialty is recording independent artists of all genres.

Mixing and mastering - ALBATROSS RECORDINGS


Remote Rock/Psych/Folk Mixing - Jay Crafton

2 million streams on Spotify, 20+ years as a musician, 10+ years producing and audio engineering. I can make your music ready for the masses and something you can truly be proud of! Doesn't matter if you recorded at the nicest studio in town, or your unfinished basement, I can bring your music to life! Samples:

Producer/Songwriter - Taran Guest

Producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist with over 10 years of experience. I will professionally produce, mix, and master your song. I can also help with songwriting, design services and several other steps along the way making it easy for you to focus on your craft and shine.

Mixing and mastering engineer - Myrddin Journaux-James

I‘ll make your songs ready to compete with the best on the market - which is whatever you consider to be best!

Mix Engineer, Mastering - Gordini

As a mix engineer living in Los Angeles, with over 20 years of experience, I can tell you that It's all about putting your best foot forward and nailing the mix. Now that content is being created faster than ever, you can give yourself the edge of a pro-sounding record. It'll set you apart from everyone else in your genre.

Composer, Musician, Producer.  - Sean Seales


Vocalist and Songwriter - Fabio Somaschini

I'd like to put my vocals on your song !

Singer,Producer,Mix and Master - Kantilx

I'm a singer,Composer,Producer and Multi-Instrumentist,I produce my own songs, if you want a collab (feat) in your music, or a mix, mastering, or even an instrumental.Contact me

Canvas & album art - Zhiyun Tseng

"Collage is closely related to the era; the medium is time, time becomes space; I am the container of space, the montage of time."

Producer/Mixer - Jig Dubé

write some songs, record some songs, edit some songs, mix some songs, master some songs, release some songs, repeat.

Audio Editor / Mixing Engineer - Tom Whitehead

I'm Tom and I want to edit your audio or mix your tracks. I have an Undergraduate and a Masters in Music Production, 9 years of experience working in studios all over the UK. These days I work primarily with audio for AAA video game titles - but I still have a strong passion for music. Please contact me for Music Mixing / Podcast Editing jobs.

Professional Mixing - Mikey Ferbrache

My goal is simply to understand your creative vision and be able to bring that to life through your music.

Producer / Engineer - Jake Carmona


Recording and Mixing - Martin Trogani

Recording and mixing engineer trained at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. Currently slithering among the bottom-feeders in New Jersey's DIY scene. Evil genius behind Ogbert the Nerd's sonic signature

Session Guitarist/Songwriter - Jake Wix

Do you need great quality guitar for your project? Get in touch now! Also available for recording in person and live performances/touring!

Vocalist and Music Producer - Schlegel Flegel

Music Producer largely influenced by Queen.

Canvas & Visual Artist - chimisworking

Hello I am Chim! I am a visual artist and music lover based in Istanbul. I worked professionally as an art director for a very long time, so I am good at many different programs. I am interested in 2D animation ( especially frame by frame is my passion and rotoscoping), digital drawings, video editing and motion graphics.

Mixing and mastering engineer - Alexey P

Music means magic!

Guitarist - Alex

I am a guitarist who holds an LTCL in classical guitar performance and can play in a variety of styles including rock, metal, pop and indie.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer. - Tomas Vigo

Mixing & Mastering Engineer From Argentina.

Musical Multitool - Bobby Funk

Hi, I'm Victor form Moscow. Currently living in Yerevan. I am a producer, songwriter, arranger, composer, top-line writer, mixing and mastering engineer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist.

Producers|Composers|Musicians - James Donahue & Adam Agati

James is a Master of Music from Berklee, producer, instrumentalist/vocalist, composer, arranger, sound designer, engineer with 15+ years in the industry. Adam is an accomplished songwriter, studio & touring guitarist with writing and/or playing credits on several Grammy-nominated records.

Bass / MD / Show Design - Pat McCarthy

Music Director - Michael Ray/Cassadee Pope Bass/Synth bass/Acoustic Guitar. Low end that sits in the mix right where you need it. Show design that will retain creativity & keep audiences engaged.

"Mixing", "Mastering", "RX9" - R4zor R3cordings

Recent Graduate from The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences armed with knowledge and looking to provide a quality product, at a good value.

Mixing/ Mastering Engineer - Andrew Kovanda

Here to make your song sound better than it does in your head

Guitars | Production - Kevin Tyler

Nashville based guitarist, with over 14 years of experience. Need help finishing that riff/song? Need a solo on your song? Or you just need the song recorded. I'm your guy. Let's make some tunes!

Multi-Genre Remote Drummer - Austin Davidson

Don't skimp on the pulse and let your song be a bummer, drum-rolls with soul only come from a drummer! From replicating your drum machine track or sheet music to writing and recording my own parts for your songs, I can handle it! I've played drums all over the world and I'd rather be in the studio. I want to replace any and every drum-machine!

"Music Producer", "Guitarist"  - Snakepit Audio

Music producer, sound designer guitarist and singer worked on wide range of audio tasks for music, games, video etc.

Recording, mixing, mastering - Aquafight Studios

Every audio services that you need! Musically authentic.

I mix, master, and play guitar - Jon Mirsky

I use neuroscience to produce beautiful music.

Songwriter/Producer/Mixer - Ross Owen - Virtually Atomic

Unique productions with analog feel blended into a digital world.

Remote Mixing and recording - Jose Pulgarin

Mixing Engineer, Music Producer and Session Musician.

Mixing Engineer - Jonathan Awad

Every artist has a vision, and as a mixing engineer, it is my job to aid in fulfilling this vision. Mixing isn’t about reworking a song or masking anything, it’s about putting together pieces so that an artist’s emotions and ideas can shine bright.

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