Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Guitarist, Drummer, Singer - Psychedelicacy Sounds

Creating the music you can only hear in your head.

Mix Engineering - Aidan Sey

Making your vision a reality.

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Dan Larkin

Professional mixing for Electronic and Alternative Rock/Indie music.

Mix & Mastering Engineer - Axis Sounds

Analogue/Digital Mixdown from experienced mix and mastering engineer. All genres accepted.

"Music Producer", "Guitarist"  - Snakepit Audio

Music producer, sound designer guitarist and singer worked on wide range of audio tasks for music, games, video etc.

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Kayden Moore

Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Engineer with over 3+ years of professional experience.

Producer, Songwriter, Mixer  - Reid Eric

I want to help you create the music you always wanted!

Powerhouse Vocalist - Nisayas


Specialize in powerful, emotional vocals. Mostly experienced in Rock and Metal, but am open to other genres. Clean vocals only.

 Mixing, Producing & Recording - Will Massaad


Hi there, My name is Will. I have 17 years experience mixing and engineering sessions. My goal is to ensure your mix connects with its audience on a sonic and emotional level. Artists I am influenced by ;The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Ray Lamontagne, The Boss, Ed Sheeran, Daniel Lanois, Blue Rodeo and Genesis.

Rock/Pop/Punk session drummer! - Ash


Search YouTube "Ashsdrumming" to find my channel and please listen to my audio sample mix on this page. I'm extremely passionate about drumming and promise to give my absolute best effort when recording your drum tracks. I work in Pro Tools 12 and am highly skilled in editing and mixing.

Guitarist, Composer, Producer - Greg Vyrostko

Originally from Toronto, Canada, I traveled the world for 8 years as Music Director for Blue Man Group. Now living in Tokyo, Japan, I am working independently, writing and recording music for film and theater, and recording bands. I have a background in education as well so coaching musicians before and during recording sessions is a specialty!

Recording Studio - Oyster Brine Records

Boutique Recording, Mixing, and Mastering - An independent music studio serving local artists in NE Portland

Pianist, Composer, String Arr. - Summer Swee-Singh


Classically-trained pianist/keyboardist, composer, string/orchestral arranger & contractor who writes for piano & strings/orchestra; my studio & touring credits include Bebe Rexha, Anthony Green, Chon, KSHMR, Circa Survive, Naia Izumi, Roddy Ricch, Chief Keef, Until the Ribbon Breaks, Alexandra Shipp, Psychic Barber, Thunder Jackson, Dayseeker, etc

Intermediate Prod/Mix/Master - Matt

Are you a new musician just getting started ? I love collaborating with amateur musicians to produce and mix them. I've been producing, mixing and master for free building my experience and just trying to build my portfolio and some ratings. Don't be bashful about contacting, low/no budget is no problem if you have nice music.

Music Production and Mixing - Chad Alger

Chad Alger has been producing and crafting creative, unique mixes of all genres since 2008, when he co-founded Socialite Fiasco Music. As the Executive Producer at Socialite Fiasco Music, he has produced and mixed albums, and licensed music with major brands and television networks both nationally and internationally.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Mike Tappero

Recording, mixing, and live sound engineer with a BA in audio Engineering. You can find out more at my website below.

Mixing and mastering engineer  - 5dB Ride / mixattic / Jack

Welcome! I'm happy that you have landed here.

Mixing Engineer, Online Mix - Emanuele D'Ugo

A lot of people record in their own rehearsal rom, i mix&master your tracks! every budget accepted! Contact me!

Guitarist and world string ins - Tohar Shoshana

Guitarist and a middle-eastern stringed instruments player. Graduated Jazz guitar performance in "Rimon school of music". love to improvise and to come up with fresh and neat parts for my music and for others'. play in several acts and work as a session player as well . pick a color and i will paint the best for your ears:)

Recording and Mixing  - Luigi Pasquini

Music Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Mixing and Mastering - Ilya Gorokhvodatckiy

I have a large experience in mixing rock, indie rock, hip hop, modern pop music and my creative approach leads to bringing power and excitement to music. For mastering session - I will be trying to keep its starting point without changing the mix but also trying to make it louder and wider.

Producer, Engineer - Diego Hodge

I work with each unique artist to find a personalized approach for their project. I do everything I can to make the sessions comfortable and enjoyable, while also staying on schedule.

Guitarist and Sound Engineer - Miguel Moreno

I'm a Guitarist and Recording Engineer that currently focus on Session Guitar work, Guitar Reamping, Recording and Mixing. I also work as a Recording Engineer/Producer outside of my space (which only has the capacity for professional guitar, vocal and mixing work). Limited portfolio (live work takes my time), but a lot of experience.

Music Producer - Hardloff Studio

Hi, my name is Anton,and I'm really happy that you are reading that. First of all I'd like to say that have 16+years of experience as professional guitar player in various styles.The only thing that you are interested is what I can do for you and for what price.I promise low prices and highest quality in the start cause I need portfolio! I swear!

Online Pop/Rock Mixing - Tom Cory

Online Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Specialising in Pop & Rock. Previous credits include: Superlove, Novatines, Pentire, The Sweet, George Glew.

Music Producer & Mix Engineer - Jairo Pineda

Hello, my name is Jairo Pineda, I'm a mix engineer and music producer from Bogotá, Colombia. I work at Bearserker Sound, my mixing studio located in Bogotá, Colombia. We do remote mixing, as well as recording, producing and remixing. I studied with Chris Lord-Alge in 2017, and graduatated from Universidad de Los Andes.

Music Producer - Ashwin

Hey There I am Ashwin hailing from Singapore, Asia First and foremost I am a huge fan of music, I love listening to rock, metal, punk, pop, blues etc and working with these genres over the years as a producer and engineer has greatly made me appreciate the greater picture of this wonderful form of art.

Capture and manipulate Sound - Steve Pollhammer

I am a certified audio engineer from Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts and owner/operator of Le Freak Studios.

Music producer - Gareth James

I am passionate about music and can help you get the sound you are looking for in your project.

SESSION SINGER, and lots more! - David Readman

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Panic Room Studio

Panic Room Studio is a voiceover recording and postproduction, music mixing and mastering facility based in Gdansk – Poland.

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Dayne Wood

Mixing engineer that will work tirelessly with you to realize your audio goals.

Produce, mix & mastering - Dark shape sudios

Dark shape studios is a studio specialized in mixing and mastering. We have worked with more than 30 artists of different genres And mixed & mastered around 100 songs We are here to find your sound.

Guitarist, Vocalist, Arranger - Alex Vans

Diverse and eclectic guitarist, songwriter, and arranger. Paste magazine says if you "throw southern rock, the Walking Dead, and Jurassic Park into a blender, you might get something that sounds like Alex Vans."

Mixing & Online Mastering - Jingle Boys

you are the musician, we are your mixing.

Recoding Studio, Mixing - Bryan Papic

Professional, top-notch recording and mixing. 10+ years industry experience.

Session Guitarist - Matt Pacco

Hello! I'm a session and live guitarist based out of Nashville.

Music Producer & Engineer - Jonah Chasse

I have been recording and mixing music for over 15 years. I've had the privilege of working with artists in multiple genres and strive to bring out the best performance in each project. I also work closely with an amazing group of session musicians that will deliver for any client.

Recording Artist, Mixer - Daniel Maytz

Your music is valuable and I'll do my best to achieve the best artistic representation of your work, giving it the professional sound and quality, you're looking for.

Producer, Engineer, Mastering - Chad McMurray

From garage bands to Grammy winners, I've got you covered! In a DYI world, it's tempting to want to do it all. But don't underestimate the value and efficiencies of someone with lots of experience. You wouldn't cut your own hair or try operating on yourself would you!?

Guitar, Bass, Mixing - Daniel Connolly

Hello! My name is Daniel Connolly. I'm a professional producer, musician, songwriter. I’m currently in the London based bands Sisteray and Happy Science have worked on a lot of successful releases, leading to over a million Spotify streams.

Producer, Engineer,Facilitator - Tom Van Riper, Lost Studios

Lost Studios has been in business for over 20 years starting out in the analog world and one of the first studios to go digital in the early 2000's. We pride ourselves on helping the musician be as creative as possible when it comes to their music.

Remote Mixing, mastering, etc - David DeSanto

I have been working with sound and audio for a while. I am currently technical directing in Jax, and would love to take a crack at your mix!

Drummer with Remote Recording - Joe Billy - Drummer for Hire

Need drums on your track? I can play it for you. Need someone to record said drums? I can do that as well.

Recording Studio/Musician - Brandon Smith

Whether you have a good song already or need help creating something, I am here to help you make your song the best it can be, let it stand out from the rest.

Music producer, Mixing, Vocals - Emil Sporsheim

Hello! I'm Emil - a producer, songwriter, mixer, vocalist and guitarist. I've been involved with lots of projects through running a recording studio for years, producing, writing, mixing and playing. I'm now only doing this part time, but still have the knowledge, ears, and pipes to help you with your project.

Producer | Engineer - George Karanikolos

Hi, my name is George Karanikolos and I am a record producer and sound engineer. I specialise in all aspects of music production; from recording to mixing and mastering. I am always looking for cool and fun projects to be involved with, offering my personal taste and expertise. Feel free to send a message so we can discuss about your next project.

Musician, Band - AarshiNagar

AarshiNagar - Rock Nation Fusion Band

Sound Design, Mixing - Liquid Gravity Studio

Film Sound Post-production and Music Mixing

Recording, Mixing and Masterin - Fox and Robyn Recording

We record, mix and master in comfortable setting.

Audio Professional/Music Maker - Eric Thompson

Over a decade of music industry experience. Toured the world, and parts of Georgia. Making things louder since 2009.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Submantra Records

I am an experienced and qualified audio engineer ready to take your project to the next level. I offer production, mixing and mastering services.

Guitar player, singer - Steve Selvidge

1st call session guitarist that's recorded in Memphis, Nashville, LA, NYC, London, etc.

Music Producer & Mix Engineer - Landen Belardes

Specializing in songwriting, arranging music, sound design, and mixing, Landen strives to make professional quality audio.

Blistering, Thick Mixes - Pale Horse Sound

I specialize in mixing face melting Hard Rock and authentic Guitar Rock.

Producer, Mixer, Engineer - Toby Wright

I have worked with some of the greatest musicians on the planet. I can help you too. I am very patient and I love to work with people that are willing to learn.

Session Musician  - Harry Allen

Im really nice to everyone!

Mastering Mixing Recording  - Paul Hird

Premium Analog Mixing and Mastering In Fullerton CA.

Record and Mix from Anywhere - Terry Beckley Recording

Record your next track from any location that suits you! Don’t pay for a commercial studio, we can create radio radio songs from recording to mixing and mastering and do it all from your favourite rehearsal room or even your own front room!

Recording, Mixing, Live sound - Rose Parker

You want someone with a really good ear? That's me!

Producing, Recording, Mixing - Jan Bramburek - Tajny Studio

Esazlesa- Spolecenstvi psu Houpaci kone - Everest ...

Remote Mixing & Mastering. - Mixing & Mastering Engineer

I have worked even with the most famous artist in the country. I work in protools and everything is going through a legendary SSL mixer. Best Quality Always..

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