Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Bass player, Songwriter - Alper Yilmaz

Bass player with 15+ years experience. Experiences vary in a wide spectrum from alternative rock, hard rock, progressive rock to death metal.

Music producer / engineer - Calloway Berkeley O'Reilly

An engineer and music producer with good ear and the right tools at his disposal; pleanty of recording and engineering experience in various professional studios as well as one of his own; experience with many professional working artists such as Snarky Puppy, Holy Bouncer, Side Chick, Damare!...

Session Guitarist, Producer - Cole Porter

St. Louis Session and Live Guitarist. Over 15 years recording experience and a variety of specialties ranging from contemporary, classical, heavy metal, rock, gospel, jazz, pop, amongst others.

Mixing Engineer, Bassist - Chris Sugiura

Hello, I'm Chris! My passion is helping translate an artist's internal vision and getting it onto "tape". I've been producing, engineering and mixing records for the last decade and would love to help you amplify your sound. I believe in finding the right fit for making records. If you listen to any of my work and feel some connection, reach out!

Recording and Mixing Engineer. - Sajan Ks

A well experienced Studio Recording,Mixing,Mastering engineer. A live mixing engineer as well.

Eclectic Electric Guitarist - Bad Brad Henderson

Versatile Electric Guitarist with vast experience in many styles. The song always comes first.

Session Guitarist & Producer  - Luke Ng

Hi, my name is Luke. I'm a professional guitarist and producer with more than 10 years of experience in playing. Whether it is metal, pop, rock, r&b, blues or funk, I will help you to compose and record lead/solo or rhythm guitars for your music.

Songwriter, Singer, Guitarists - Cory Young

I've been on TV I've been on Spotify Editorials. I love singing, writing songs, and playing guitar lets work!

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Rick Vehslage

Affordable Mixing and / or Mastering available for your project.

Songwriting, Producing, Mixing - Alan Day

I love to make music. I love to collaborate. Lets make music together.

Mix, Master, Edit, Produce - Beyond Audio Recording

Diverse up-and-coming Production Team ready to take your project to the next level. Our team will work with you through the process, to exceed your expectations and achieve a unique sonic reality. From Rock/Metal, to Hip-Hop/Trap, to Pop, to EDM, to Country; we'll take your Audio Beyond.

Session guitarist, producer - Liviu Dirdala

Professional musician and session guitarist. I can work on your track following your exact requirements and can also add a creative contribution. Happy to work on a wide range of tracks and as an accomplished guitarist especially in modern instrumental techniques, I can add a really genuine and expressive playing feel suited to your music.

HD Professional Drum Tracking. - FatCatDrummer

I'm not just a "session drummer" like you'd expect to find on networks like this. Not only have I been teaching and doing session work for over 15 years, I'm also an accomplished audio engineer with an expertise in drum audio and over 10 years running my own custom drum company. Needless to say, my knowledge, experience keep me top tier quality.

Remote mixing and Mastering  - Jay D Saldana

I love to work with rock music because I once was a rock guitar player, but it didn't work. There were so many problems with the band and I decided to start working in something else, so I discover music production. Since then I have worked with many bands in my country and I am willing to move to the next step working with worldwide bands.

Mixing, Mastering, Recording - Backyard Studios

Chart approved mix engineer since 1995, working out of his own Rupert Neve 5088 - Pro Tools hybrid studio. Main Studio Business: Music Production (Recording,Editing,Mixing,Mastering,Producing) Further Studio Business: Speech Recording, Vocal Production, Audio Books. Other Business: Live FOH-Sound, International Tourmanagement

Remote recording of drums - Marcus Carter Drums

I am a driven, passionate and reliable drummer with a great attitude and a good sense of humour. I'm available for remote recording, live work, online lessons and for video editing projects. If you are looking for a drummer who always plays for the song then get in touch to learn more about my experience, for rates and to discuss future projects.

Rock music producer/musician  - Audio Engine Productions

I am a Christian Rock musician/producer. I will help you by teaching you how effectively write catchy radio style songs that people will love. If you already have written material and are just looking for a producer/mixing&mastering engineer I can help with that!

Master, mixing, producer & com - MindZ RecordZ

I compose, mix, master & produce music, audio or soundtracks for clips, short films, comercials, video games & movies. We have worked with many different artist & audio projects

Atlanta Indie Record Producer - Matt Greenia

1st 2 hours free! (4 hour mini). Hire me to record, mix or master your music! I work at Diamond Street, a pro studio in Atlanta with boutique gear and treated rooms. My studio partners are Billboard charting and Grammy winning artists, and my specialty is recording independent artists of all genres.

Remote Audio Production - SimonValentineAU

Shaping your music into broadcast-quality audio ready for an audience.

Recording and mix studio. - STRING STUDIO

our narrower area is mixing sound and recording real instruments

Production and Mixing - Haight Ashbury Studio

I have been writing, recording, producing, and mixing music for 5 years, with artists from various genres from rock to hip hop.

Mix and Master Engineer - Ron Music

Hi, I'm Ron, Award-Winning Mixing and Mastering engineer. You can expect the best possible quality for your music which will be professionally mixed, mastered to ensure it sounds as good as possible.

Singer/songwriter/instrumental - Pat Owen Music

Singer/Songwriter/Vocals (Lead or harmony)/Guitars/Keyboard Bass

Guitarist, Engineer, Mixer - Jared Cannata

I'm a full time professional guitarist. I've recorded and toured with many great artists as well as played on a broadway show. I also have a limited availability for guitar students.

Designer - Marie Smith

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"Singer", "Song writer" - Orlando Ambrose

Rock & Pop singer, with a high pitch and distortion voice.

Session Guitar, Bass, Studio - Ely James

Hey mates! it's ASCAP-affiliated Ely James of Ely James and the Backtrakkers! I furnish high quality, Radio-Ready stereo Rock-n-Blues compositions comprised of integrated Vocal, Bass, Guitar and Rhythm Programmer studio tracks. Offer: Rock-n-Blues BASS or GUITAR recordings for your own creations. Multi-track recording service available.

Bass Guitar, Session Recording - Lucas L.

I am a bass player who can adapt to multiple styles. I help musicians, producers, and engineers with clean and unique bass lines that will elevate their recordings.

Recording - Mixing - Mastering - JFitz Audio

Professional producing, recording, mixing and mastering from a fellow musician and creator. I understand the music production process from both the artistic and technical perspective and am passionate about handling your projects with the love, care, and attention to detail they deserve.

Music Producer/Artist - Ptuck

Theres no better person to produce a song, than an artist that produces themselves.

Remote Mixing, Post Production - NoahGlassmanProductions

The goal of the mix engineer should be to enhance the experience the artist is creating with their music. No matter what your vision is as a producer, performing musician, or film maker, I will give your art the polish and attention to detail it deserves to make it big.

Remote Mixing services  - Maple Studios

I work EXCLUSIVELY with rock/punk/metal bands

Producer, Guitarist, Engineer - Lyric Smyth

Let's create the music for them to fall in love to!

Session Guitarist - LeeAshmentMusic

I’m here to make your life easier and to add something special to your music

Session Musician, Engineer - Alex Somer

Producer/Session Musician in the heart of Appalachia looking to bring classic rock and blues back.

vocalist and song stylist. - Scott Seabock

Hi friends. If you are looking for the male vocal to give your song that "top edge" on the competition, look no further.Authentic,attention grabbing vocals is what I do.Well versed and experienced in many genres including ROCK/POP/R&B/FUNK/BLUES and more. Listen to the demos.I've been recording vocals for years and would love to join your project.

Session Guitarist, Mastering - Andrés Ayala

Guitarist offering session recording and mastering services.

Audio Engineer/Composer - Saunders Audio

Songwriter, Beat maker - Jeff Cook

Name a genre and get musically complex tracks for it. My beats feature on playlists with thousands of followers. My empathetic lyrics and tapped guitar builds community by inviting listeners' vulnerability. 15 years of end-to-end music creation has taught me which takes make it and how to mix them. I'm ready to adapt to what your inspiration needs.

Independant one man band. - Oscar Robinson

Let me embellish your sound.

editing, mixing and mastering - Sofia Vallejo // AudioEngineer

I have a degree in audio engineering (2020) and I´ve worked with artists like De Nalgas, Sex & Cherries, Rose Red Door, Dinnever King, etc.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - L. Scampamorte

Audio recording, mixing and mastering engineer, graduated from Escuela Tecson, (City of Buenos Aires, Argentina), complementing my career by taking various seminars and courses with great engineers from the local scene in the best studios in Buenos Aires.

Produce, Write, Mix, Sessions - Dereck Tabata

I've been a musician for over 25 years. Tracking and mixing for over 10 years. I write, arrange and compose for just about any genre of music. My influences vary widely from rock royalty artists like Van Halen to film composers like James Newton Howard. Regardless of the music scenario, I work with artists to get the best out them and their music.

Session Bass Player - George McArdle

I am George McArdle, best known for my work as a member of, multi-award winning Little River Band. You've heard me play on iconic LRB hits like Help Is On Its Way, Happy Anniversary and Reminiscing. I'd love to collaborate with you on your songs!

Studio / Live / Feedbacks - Atef Aouadhi

Playing and writing music for Hermetic Delight (FR), founder of October Tone Records (FR), groove agent for Crocodiles (US) & mp3 selector as Rachid Bowie (FR)

Session Drummer - Dustin Hoag

I have over 15 years of experience playing on and producing records for a variety of bands and songwriters, both in commercial studios and from my home studio in Albuquerque. I own an assortment of professional instruments and recording equipment, giving me all the tools and training to realize your vision and breathe rhythm into your music.

Male Singer - Soulful/Rock - Andrew Dolan

- Regularly cover multiple genre's including Country, Rock, Blues, Pop, Funk, Folk and everything in between. - Main strengths are Soul, Souther Rock, or straight Rock and Roll.

Mixing & Mastering - Sebastian Perkal

Grammy Winner, World class mix engineer. Two decades in the music Industry. Worked with artists all around the globe. Studio owner with high technology. Personalized attention. Working with 'A-List' music artists and film productions for many years.

Session Guitarist/Songwriter - Jake Wix

Do you need great quality guitar for your project? Get in touch now! Also available for recording in person and live performances/touring!

Remote Mixing & Mstering - Christian Roberts

I've been playing guitar for 15 years now and I've been engineering/producing/mixing for 3 years. I have been engineering, producing, and mixing for three years now. I'm proficient in Logic Pro X and can also edit Vocals/Instruments/Drums. I'd love to play and/or work on your next project!

Male Vocalist - Chicago Mike Beck

Powerful Rock Vocalist with Soul

Guitarist/Composer/Songwriter - Nikos Papaspyropoulos

Hello. I compose rock, progressive rock and also music for solo classical guitar and duets, trio or quartet of various instruments. I'm professor of classical guitar and music theory and I have composed music for theater. I'm also the producer of my own projects in cooperation with session musicians. Finally, I work as session guitarist.

Producer, Master / Live Eng  - Carlos Martinez

More of 20 years of experience in the show business industry, Producer, Master, Recording and Live engineer, musician and music lover

Versatile Freelance Musician  - Brandon5tewar7

If It's music I'll do it

Mixing & Mastering - Rod

I want to work with as many unique artists as I can. I love the challenge of finding new and creative ways to bring your tracks to life. I am currently in college for music production; I've been a musician for over 15 years now. I have experience completing full mixes and masters for my band's music as well as collaborating with other artists.

Independent Drummer & Educator - Jack Grossman

Passionate, focused, and professional musician, drummer, and educator with over fourteen years of experience in music performance, recording, and writing. KERRANG! featured artist. Academy of Contemporary Music Graduate. Touring and Recording artist.

Recording / Mixing Engineer  - Mauro Castro

Delta Rae, Culture Wars, Money Chicha, The Front Bottoms. 5 Years of experience as Recording / Mixing Engineer at Sonic Ranch.

Producers|Composers|Musicians - James Donahue & Adam Agati

James is a Master of Music from Berklee, producer, instrumentalist/vocalist, composer, arranger, sound designer, engineer with 15+ years in the industry. Adam is an accomplished songwriter, studio & touring guitarist with writing and/or playing credits on several Grammy-nominated records.

Bringing you to the next level - Joe Fogarty

Session Guitarist | Mixing Engineer | Songwriter

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