Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Remote Mixing - Heiko_J

in audio since 1998, live, theater, studio editing, mixing and time alignment in REAPER or HARRISON MIXBUS 32C 6, vocal tuning in MELODYNE 5

Engineer, Producer, Musician - Craig J. Smith

I am a recording engineer, mixer, producer, and musician from Stockton, NJ.

Session guitarist, bassist  - Thad Beaty

Film & TV niche, guitarist for Sugarland & producer in Nashville, I've produced & performed on thousands of recordings, been featured on Billboard #1 albums, commercials and written Top 10 charting songs. Founder of film & TV sync firm Sorted Noise, I specialize in layering & orchestrating guitar parts to create a huge sound for your track.

Songwriter, guitarist, Singer, - Sean O'Connor

I'm a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer from Dublin, Ireland.

Session musician and singer - BrandenWoodallMusic


Lyricist/Songwriter - Derek Gallucci

I’ll create any type of song, in any genre in any style.

Musician with recording studio - Mano Crei

15 years of experience, songwriter, guitarist, singer, sound engineer and owner of recording studio. I've recorded few albums, I mix, I don't master. I've did sound for many live performances. Highly experienced with technical stuff and requirements, Logic Pro, Cubase, Live Loops, macOS, midi mapping, etc.

Rock Producer / Mixer  - Daniel Wonacott


Billboard Charting Producer/Songwriter/Mixer (Finch/Speak The Truth... Even If Your Voice Shakes) I played bass for Finch for 10 years, started the supergroup Speak The Truth with Senses Fail. I have a studio in the Los Angeles area. I recently wrote, produced and mixed the theme song "Breathe" for the Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club

Mixing/Mastering/Composition - Nicolaas Walle

I am a mixing and mastering engineer as well as a multi-instrumental musician and producer, Newly based in The Hague after moving from Ireland. I use a mixture of in-the-box plugins and outboard hardware when mixing and mastering.

Session Guitarist/Bassist - Caleb

I'm a guitarist/bassist looking to make some money off music! I specialise in session guitar and bass in rock, blues and jazz, but I can also play in other genres.

Session Drummer/Percussionist - Evan Laybourn

I'm a versatile drummer in the metro Detroit area who can meet you at any of your musical needs. From rock, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, to world music, I would love to offer my drumming to your music!

Session drummer - Dominik Scholz - rotadrums

Dominik Scholz is a freelance german drummer and certified drum teacher. Besides his work as a session musician, he currently plays with Lacrimas Profundere and Jeni Williams & The Black Bohemia. Dominik teaches drums at Dorffwerkstatt Andechs e.V., and has played about 1000 national and international gigs with various artists and projects

Mixing & Mastering, Editing - Logan Kinsey

I strive to provide clients with mixes and masters that can compete with biggest names in rock and metal. If you're looking to up your production value for your next project, I'm your guy.

Songwriter, Beat maker - Jeff Cook

Name a genre and get musically complex tracks for it. My beats feature on playlists with thousands of followers. My empathetic lyrics and tapped guitar builds community by inviting listeners' vulnerability. 15 years of end-to-end music creation has taught me which takes make it and how to mix them. I'm ready to adapt to what your inspiration needs.

Guitarist, Pianist, Bass  - Mark Goldberg

I can add guitar solos or rhythm parts, Elton John styled piano, and/or bass guitar to your song. As a guitar player, I have a very unique fingerpicking style that is heavily influenced by my years as a classical guitarist.

singer and songwriter - Derin Barış

sometimes metaphors are way out to reality but there is always a trickster in our minds

Singer multi-genre vocalist - Inarah

Singer song writer with unique vocals . Raspy deeper toned type vocals . has access to professional mic and recording software.

Session Guitarist - Dan Ganado

With over 10 years of guitar playing and recording, I will give your song the punch it needs.

Rock/Pop Session Guitarist - NIc Rush

My Guitar Playing has been heard by millions of people across the globe and I want to play guitar for your recordings, lets make your tracks shine with memorable and modern sounding guitars.

Producer and Musician  - Max (Deus Irae Studios)

Multi instrumentalist (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals) and producer of various genres, pop, rock, jazz, blues, metal, classical, latin, rap/hip hop, trap.

Audio Engineer and Mixer - Brandon James Olson

My philosophy is this: nothing is off limits, experimentation is necessary, and living outside of the box is standard.

Producer / Engineer / Musician - Military Genius

Highly proficient musician, producer, and recording engineer with experience producing 15+ albums. Internationally recognized for work with acts including Crack Cloud, Military Genius, N0V3L, and Eve Adams. Specializing in unique instrumentation, a definitive sound that is different from anything else on the market.

Mix Engineering - Aidan Sey

A darn good service

Remote Mixing Engineers - Jacopo Foschi

I love this world and I am confident in my abilities. I'm Jacopo, studying in conservatory of electronic music, working for 5 years as Mixing Engineer for some local companies.

Recording. Mixing. Mastering - Candyland Recording Studio

Recording, mixing and mastering engineer with decades of experience and hundreds of commercial releases

Musician/Producer/Composer - Mehdi Gorjestani

Songwriter and guitar player for a prog rock band Empty Yard Experiment.

Remote Mixing/Guitar/Bass - Nathan Mutchler

I'm a recording/mixing engineer and session guitarist who is interested in working on any project in need of some love. My focus is in the rock/guitar oriented realm and I have experience working with electronic and ambient music as well.

Mixing, Production, Session m  - Uptown Record Studios NYC

Uptown Record Studios NYC is a freelance group featuring mixing and mastering engineers & producers, session musicians and songwriters with primary focus on rock, blues, funk, pop, r&b, country, americana, folk & jazz

Remote Mixing, Session Drums - Dustin Roberts

Being a part of the music business in such a diverse town as Nashville, TN has taught me how to honor any song with just what is needed for multiple genres. Whether you need drums/percussion added to your music or you have a great song that deserves a great mix I can help you achieve that.

Singer and Songwriter - KRAD

Living in Rio de Janeiro. Since 2016, I've been composing for several projects. I was started in "Rap Brasil", but my rock influences were stronger then my desires. Thus, I'm able to do your songs and your hits. Ownner of a awsome studio, using pro gears like, SSL, Neumann, AKG, TC Electronics, Genelec, and much more. Come and make a hit

Producer, Songwriter, Mixer  - Reid Eric

I want to help you create the music you always wanted!

Dynamic Vocalist. Rock/Soul - Kristy Aylin

Bold, dynamic voice with the energetic performance style to match. Professional vocalist for 20+ years on the Gold Coast. Wanting to do gigs with live guitarist or band.

Drummer, Producer. - G. Calvin Weston

Songwriter - RyMcGill

My songs tells stories, inspire hope, and convey the essence of emotion. I write across all genres, so if you're into genre-bending I'm 100% here for it.

Remote Mixing - Rock Focused - Tyler Foley Audio

Graduated from The Grove Studios Academy as a Sound/Mixing Engineer, focusing on Mixing Rock Tracks.

Session Guitarist/Vocalist - Matthew Coleman

Session guitarist from Charlotte, NC.

Mixing and Mastering - Silver Ave Studio

Audio Production Facility

Duff McKagan Style Bass Lines! - Gabriel Barberato

Hey, if you need some “GN’R / Duff McKagan” bass lines style & tone for your song, feel free to call me. This is my biggest specialty and it was the reason I became known. But besides that, I've been playing in a Blues/Classic Rock band for many years, so I can also offer my skills if that's your genre! :)

Mixing and Mastering services - Abel R.

Hi ! I'm Abel, sound engineer based in Paris.

Music Producer/Composer - TalkingLabz Have a music production team, all Berklee Alumni with strengths in Production, composition, transcription, recording, mixing and mastering.

Guitar player & Mix Engineer - Ross Patel

I can mix and master as required. If you don't like it, I'll refund you. I'm a session guitarist and singer-songwriter based in Nairobi.

Multi-instrumentalist - Esteban Paunero

I play keyboards, guitar, percussions, sing, etc. if i got the instrument that you need and if the part is not extremely hard i can do it. We can talk about it

Remote Indie Producer - Dakota Lord

Credits include COOKIE

Songwriter, Guitarist - Omri

Cross-genre guitarist with 20 years of experience and a solo artist project for which I write, sing, produce, arrange and play all instruments. I can record guitar and/or bass for any type of project, from traditional Jazz to 60s-style rock to modern pop. Only thing I can't do is flamenco. Sorry.

Session Guitarist - Jimi Gardner

I play many different styles such as classic rock, hard rock, blues, reggae, jazz, bossa nova, funk and metal. I am passionate about whatever project is sent my way and will work hard to give you the sound you're looking for.

Music Producer / Songwriter - Shaun Lichtenstein


I am a singer/songwriter, producer, and mixing engineer available for hire anywhere in the world! I studied at Berklee College of Music, have toured internationally alongside many industry heavyweights, have also worked closely with world renown producers David Bendeth, Johnny K, Paul Trust, Zack Odom & Kenneth Mount, and Charlie Marotta.

Recording, Mixing, Editing - Jussi Kraft

Audio engineer with many years of experience in recording and mixing different styles of music.

Audio, Lighting, Rentals - Matthew Connors

Live or in the studio, your project will be in good ears. I have recorded and engineered audio for various genres including; rock, folk, speaking, jam, electronic, blues, hip-hop and have operated in venues ranging in size from small theaters to outdoor music festivals.

session drummer - Paul Crosby

I am a Grammy nominated drummer formerly of the platinum selling rock band Saliva. (click click boom, Always, Ladies and Gentlemen, etc) available for session drums on any genre of music. I also produce and write songs as well.

Tracking and mixing, analog  - Elad Berliner , Studio Art Evolution

I enjoy working with all sorts of artists in different genres, tracking and mixing, and getting involved in production. Not afraid to explore new territories, push the boundaries and just follow the instinct. Artists like working with me because I'm easy going, and I am honest and encouraging to them.

 - Ascent Studios

Ascent Studios is home to 15 year professional audio engineer, Anthony Goodwin. Anthony is a seasoned studio musician, producer, and engineer, and is available for mixing, mastering, and music production.

Rec / Mix Eng Big/ Home Studio - Martin

I'm a Freelance Recording and Mixing Engineer, with some skills to do some Mastering jobs. I'm actually working in big studios working for indie artists and label artist, doing some independent projects at small studios, where I play the co-producer role.

SongWriting-Production-Mixing - Alexandre Moreira

Whether you need help writing, arranging or producing an album, or need to give it that final professional polish in the mixing phase, I can help!

Record, edit, and mix songs - Justin Madill

Want your track recorded or mixed professionally? Use my knowledge learned from one of the best schools ,MetalWorks, and from my time working with Eric Ratz (Monster Truck, Big Wreck, Cancer Bats,Billy Talent, Arkells) to get your songs sounding the best they can for less than going to the big guys!

Live and Session Drummer - Zak Ryan


I have a degree in Jazz Performance from Bowling Green State University. I am versatile in many styles. Throughout my 19 years of playing, I've performed and recorded with several groups varying from rock to hip hop to jazz. I currently work at Disneyland and sub for Saved By The 90s.

Recording and Mixing  - Luigi Pasquini

Music Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Music Producer - Hardloff Studio

Hi, my name is Anton,and I'm really happy that you are reading that. First of all I'd like to say that have 16+years of experience as professional guitar player in various styles.The only thing that you are interested is what I can do for you and for what price.I promise low prices and highest quality in the start cause I need portfolio! I swear!

Mastering for all formats - Dog Gate Mastering

I believe in persevering the mix engineers work and bands vision. I want to enhance your recording, not destroy it. I think good mastering really translates to all mediums and can sound great on any speaker system. It isn't just making things loud. It is my job to put those final touches on your recording and make sure to bring your album to life.

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