Electronic Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer - Miss Q

I´m a Danish vocalist and composer based in Barcelona with more than 10 years of experience as a performer, songwriter and producer.

Music Producer - Marvin Inu

I am a music producer from Germany.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Barrett Marshall

Production, Mixing & Mastering available online. I'm willing to work with any genre of music. I have worked with electronic/EDM, pop, rap, metal, etc.

Audio Producer - Silv3rfox

Engineer & Music Producer for a decade now. Some names I worked with are "Banks"," Welshly Arms" and "Gramatik" I like raising the bar no matter who you are and get you the most out of your sound! I am passionate about working with new talented artists. So let me hear what you got!

cinematic music - Rolf Maier Bode

6x top 20 germany with techno, worked for Mercedes Benz, BMW, Maserati... music producer AND composer

Mixing, Mastering, Audio Post - Phoenix Mixing - Mastering

I am a creative technologist that works in all facets of audio post production. My mixing and mastering uses a combination of analog and digital tools (In the box and outboard gear). I work with the artist to make sure their hard work is taken to the next level. Sound is emotion, a feeling, and should sound timeless; that is my goal.

Singer-songwriter, Producer - Marcus 'Marc Deon' Huffman

I can provide vocals, topline or production for your project. I'm recently featured on Claps Records (Italy), Buddhist Army (U.S.), Bar25 (Germany) & Thoughtless Music (Berlin/Canada) as well as various Electronic tracks from France, UK, Australia, Asia & North America. I can also provide production services such as programming, mixing & editing.

Original Music Composer  - Shaul Hadar

Shaul Hadar is an epic music composer, producer and classical piano player for more than 30 years now. Shaul composes and produces original and epic music for computer and mobile games, and movies. Shaul can write music in any genre that is needed.

Everything, really. - Alexandre Rignault

I'm a magicien. What you wants it's what you get.

Electronic/Pop Producers - Mustek

Our production spreads itself across the EDM spectrum. What set's us apart is our diversity in taste, and our ability to turn over high-quality projects in a short amount of time. Our experience in music production is just around 1 year.

I'll make you sound good! - Syntonic Sound

Original Sound Design, Background & Ambiences, Composition, Editing. Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and Mastering rescuse - TUXA

TUXA / Mixing engineer / Producer TAMK - Music production/ Audio Instituted of America

Music Producer/Beat-Maker. - Achelous Ace

"if a track i produced didn't went viral , its a marketing issue .. because every beat i produce is complete hit"

Remote mixing & mastering - Joshua Mitchell

Current engineer in training at Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. Access to top of the line equipment and analog outboard gear for mixing purposes (SSL 4000 G series, API Legacy Plus) and a wealth of additional knowledge at my disposal. Let me turn your track into something even better!

bar, events, party  - Hire it Event Furniture

Hire It is a renowned event furniture hire company that has been able to simplify any kind of event planning by providing the apt furniture for the occasion.

Audio for Film and Games - Duncan Soo

All in one audio post production for film and games. Low budget projects welcomed.

composer modular synth guru - Dudadius

I've been a scoring composer for branded content for...a long time. Music in the Super Bowl and numerous awards. Ran a 25-person tri-coastal shop for 16 years. Now focusing on long-form scoring and recording/performing electronic music (modular synth oriented) as Dudadius. Played Synthplex and Moogfest festivals this year.

Music Producer, Remote Mixing - Sophie Rimheden

I produce music for films, remixes, albums, in any music style. I can also put vocal or synthesizer tracks on your music if you would like. Just let me know!

Coproducer / mix-mastering - Luuk Lifecycle

I will make your track sound like the best version of itself. Mixing mastering and creative details. Specialised in dance production (urban / bass music / edm / techno)

Producing, Mixing, Mastering - Curlyz music

You're searching for a professional Sound Engineer for Mix and Master, a Songwriting-partner or a Remix for one of your Tracks? Then you've found what you search for. My Production Music is running at commercial TV, in Radio Stations and my own Music is available at any Streaming Services you know.

Producing catchy music! - Brad Fireborn

With over 10 years of production, ghost production and engineering + mastering experience, I aspire to differentiate pieces of music and sound from the ordinary to bring out the real character and personality of the artist and make it extra-ordinary!

Composer and mix engineer - Cédric The Dreamcatcher

I'm a dreamer and music helps me to be the one I want. I'll do all I can for you to feel the same with your music ! Composing, arranging, mixing, all at real affordable prices.

Music Production & Songwriting - John Samuel


Every session has the potential to be where a #1 record is made. That's my mentality. From years of audio engineering work to now in publishing, my drive is to create something that hasn't been created yet; the New. I specialize in melodies, lyrics, instruments, and production. Give me a try.

Remote Mixing, Composition - Thomas Benson

Clients include - Wheatus, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mike Doughty, Space, The Hushtones.

Music Producer, Sound Designer - rebeloffspring

I am a Music Producer / Sound Designer / Record Artist living in Egypt. I can Produce Electronic music or design sounds for your music

Mixing/Mastering/Producing  - Resurrector

Known as “Heavyweight Dub Champion”, I specialize in stylized and unique sonic presentation from inception to release to live performance. I’ve produced and engineered award winning albums over a 25 year career. I’m into changing the way people create and perceive musical expression. Check my Wikipedia pages for more info.

Mixing, Mastering, Engineering - Octave Records

I'm a remote mixing engineer, producer, and mastering engineer. I went to school for music and recording, but much of my experience has been self-taught and hands-on. I graduated music recording school with the vision of helping others make it in the music industry, I have the tools to take your demo and turn it into a polished work of art!

Producer, Song Writer, Drummer - Dj No one

I am an Electronic, pop and rock producer with a characteristically sound. I am multi-instrumentalist musician with very solid rules. I produce artist from the independent scene of Bogotá.

Music Producer, Mastering - Angus Gow

Music Producer of mainly house music but also done music for adverts and TV. Biggest deal was the music for the Oryx Energies "With You Everyday" advert used during the African Nations Championship in 2014, deal included music for the advert, mobile phone ringtones and IVR music. Also wrote the theme for the first series of Poker Million on Sky.

Producer, Mixing/Mastering - MilkSwigs

I'm here to help! Whether you compose your own music, record your own vocals or simply have an idea you need up off the ground, I'll make it my lifes work to assist you on your journey.

I am versatile and fun - Néstor M. Iencenella

More than 30 years of experience, I like to experiment and make different music, to leave something original in this world.

Music Producer, Arrangement - ICHIRO KAMIYAMA

I’m a music producer based in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve worked with major labels such as Sony, and Universal, and many indies labels. I’d love to connect with creators from all over the world using SoundBetter! Feel free to hit me up with your ideas (pricing is all discussable)

Producer,dj,guitar play - Joaozera jonhz

Music eletronic and Gospel. Ableton live, logic and studio one!!!

Music Producer, Mix and Master - Gabriel Rosario

I've been a music producer for 6 years now, and have a degree on Sound engineer. If you need a track or you need to mix and master your track, I'm willing to give a hand even if you have a limited budget.

. - Alberto González


Mixing and Mastering - kalafoniamusic

Make sound not noise!

Composer, Sound Designer - Tomas Chatila Music

It all starts by a story. Expressing it immediately in the most natural way is the way I function as a composer.

Real Audio Works - Mike Coughlan

My mission is to work with other creators internationally, providing them with above industry-standard audio production, sound design, original music composition, and eventually mix and mastering culminating in a perfect project.

Drummer - Marcel Chalhoub

I have performed with Legendary Lebanese composer Ziad Rahbany. I’ve done two drum clinics, one for DW drums, one for Roland.

Mixing Enginner - Julian Collet

Mixing Engineer working in all formats from Stereo to Dolby Atmos. Credits include Leony, Cloudy June, Lions Head, Yamil, Color The Night, FC Bayern Munich and more

Electronic music producer - Abrasko

Passionate music producer, who believe in creativity and focusing in electronic music to bring some new ideas in music world, music production, sound element experiments in the first place.

Music Producer  - DREAMLAND

Im a self-made music producer. I’ll actually work for free on whatever project you’re working on i’m looking for experience. I’m more into experimental and electronic but im open to stuff, just not too basic.

Mixing, mastering, producer - Forknspoon Studio One

With 20 years experience, I offer recording, mixing, and mastering services for a reasonable price. I have mixed and mastered everything from classical to jazz, as well as pop/rock bands, soundtracks and electronic music. I pride myself in my ability to mix musically, and specialize in the use of effects as well as dub mixing for almost any genre

Music Producer, Sound designer - Jamel

Producer, Guitarist and Sound Designer.

music production, sound design - Augusto Serta

Contact me for remixes and music production. I work on several different projects, related to music for fashion, producing singers, creating the mood for a video and producer/finish your record!

Mixing&Mastering, Sound Desgin - Diogo Magalhães

Creative and idiosyncratic ideas, is what Diogo is all about. Likes to experiment in the process of getting somewhere with the work done. Loves to help people bring their projects to live. Has released his own music in several labels around the world, had his music feature in various compilations and has been a dj for over 10 years.

Producer - Elc_

Dj, Produtor Musica Eletrônica Deep House, Tech House

electronic music producer - auvic

I am an electronic music producer, composer, and songwriter under the artist name Auvic. With 58,000 Spotify listeners, 9400 followers on Spotify and Soundcloud, several million plays on Youtube, I have worked on indie video game soundtracks (Speed Demons, others are currently in development) and have participated in a project that won a Grammy.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering. - HalfSpeedMastering

All software is legal here, beware of others..., people that have too much software, when you hire HSM, you are supporting legal software developers. also have real Analog...some plugins can be replaced with Real HW, for an extra fee. 1-example: Aphex Aural Exiter with BigBottom.

Mixing & Mastering - Unavailable

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE: I'm currently unavailable. I will update this if I ever become available again, but until then I won't be checking messages. Thanks.

Music producer and composer - StMikey

After a harsh life of violence and tragedy, there has been a build up of unexpressed emotions. Taking them to the screen as an actor and to music as a composer was an ideal solution. I hope you guys enjoy my work, it's all that matters to me.

Music Producer, Mixing, Master - Gregor McMurray

I am a music producer based in Sydney, Australia. My work mainly focuses on electronic and experimental music but I have been involved in garage rock and acoustic work aswell. I have been producing for 6 years now and have developed my skills in production, mixing and mastering.

Mixing, Mastering - Andrei Aldea

A finger on the pulse of various music scenes. Offering a unique blend of electronic and organic elements to the mix. Constantly on the edge of learning new technologies and production techniques. Specializing in electronic, yet grounded and versatile with classical training, blending the synthetic and organic into a harmonized symbiosis.

Mixing, Model  - Alim Morais

Alim Morais is a Brazilian Model and Instagrammer.

Producer, Mixing Engineer,  - Tim Smith

Whether Pop, Electronic Music or Hip Hop – There is always a need for creative and good sounding Beats for your Song. Adding real Instruments like the Piano & Electric Guitar will make your songs more organic. I'm specialized in Electronic/Pop/Dance Productions, Graduated from the Zürich School of Arts (Master of Arts in Audio Engineer).

Music maker, Sound designer - Oper-8

I'll help you bring your musical ideas to life - be it pop-rock, downtempo, epic, soundtrack, contemporary classical, incidental, corporate, techno, dubstep, trap, musique concrète, or sound design. Let's talk about your project !

Music Producer - Michael J Duren

I produce unique electronic music. Anything from Dance, EDM, IDM, to Hip Hop. I also do Mixing and Mastering.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Logan Olson

Hello! I'm a professional mixing and mastering engineer who has passed the mixing and mastering course at Berklee College of Music with full marks. I've been in and out of the industry for 7 years now, and have a large amount of experience with bringing other people's tracks to a high standard of production. I'd love to talk with you about a job!

Music Producer - hítos

My name is Nic - an amateur music producer , been doing that for 4 years. I don't have a single style but doing a lot of random stuff. Have around 250k plays on all platforms. Released a track with Lowly. and have uploads on YT channels as House Nation (3.73M subs) and Bass Nation (2.92M subs).

Beats Makers - DJ Puerto Rico


Music Producer, engineer  - Liam Tucker

I'm an experienced music producer and audio engineer with a background in post production mixing for film/TV, as well as original music compositon and sound design.

Mix & Mastering Engineer - Tom Fall

Electronic Music Producer, Dj and Mixing & Mastering Engineer from Lohja, Finland. Armada Music artist since 2010.

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