Electronic Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

UK Based Recording Studio  - Paul Wilkinson

Music Producer, Songwriter, Mixing & Mastering Engineer. Genres: Drum & Bass, House Music, Dubstep, Hip Hop & Trap/Drill.

producer/engineer/mixer - Aaron C Schroeder

seattle producer/engineer.

Sound Design, Production, Mix - Avalon Studios

Previously Music Director for Pete Tong, production for Sasha, Unkle, Fink & Luna Disco. Our team has a combined 30+ years in the global music industry. We offer professional sound design, production and mixing services. Our team is published through Universal Music with direct A&R relationships with all the majors.

Specialized in all EDM genres - EDS Team

We produce for top rated artists in EDM : Diego Miranda (rated Top58 in Top100 Dj Mag 2016), Laurent Wolf (Spinnin'records) , Pagadixx (Top 1 on radios and clubs in France), Chester Page (Top10 Itunes, radios and clubs in Russia), Geronimo (Top 10 radio in France) and many more. All EDM genres under control from Deep House to Big room.

Remote Mixing & Production - Dan Villalobos

London-based producer, remixer, composer and mix engineer.

Producer & Audio Engineer - False Panic

Producer and Audio Engineer based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Recording & Mixing Studio - ENTT Studios

A high quality recording and production facility, that offers a comfortable and affordable work environment for every artist & client, whether you’re starting out or experienced in the industry. Our engineers have 12 years of production, recording, mixing and mastering between them, working with independent and major label artists.

Sound Designer, Composer - Heath Anton

Music is my life. I am an avid hip hop instrumental composer/producer, however, my passion comes from the film industry. I am a keen composer and creator of film sound, be it music or sound design, I have an ear for aural aesthetics.

Electronic & Hip Hop Producer - Bluesanova Studios

Bluesanova is one of the top producers behind the fresh sound of indie hip hop in India. Blending powerful drums, addictive melodies with lush synths and sharp hooks, Bluesanova is one of the most unique voices to come out of Mumbai. He has crafted hits for artists like Dopeadelicz, MC Altaf, 7Bantaiz and Emiway.

Music Produce Composer - domoben

I've had over seven years of experience writing and designing film scores for web series, short films and commercial media.

Music Producer - Joy Bhardwaj

I can produce, mix and master tracks for you at the highest industry standard and most reasonable prices. Specializing in genres like Electronic, Hyperpop, Trap, Future Bass, Pop, Pop-Rock and more. Working with D.A.W.s since early 2012 and also have hands on experience co-producing music that's been played at music festivals around the globe.

Producer, Mix & Mastering - Studio 58

I'm a music producer, sound engineering with a bachelor of arts graduation. I have a professional studio in Italy. I can make beat or ghost production, mix and master a track!

Produce,Engineer,Label Mgmt - Aron Ward

Experienced producer songwriter looking to record, collab, produce, remix.

Electronic/Pop Producers - Mustek

Our production spreads itself across the EDM spectrum. What set's us apart is our diversity in taste, and our ability to turn over high-quality projects in a short amount of time. Our experience in music production is just around 1 year.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - TimelessMultimediaProductions

Achieve a dynamic mix and a professional sound by utilizing our high definition audio mixing and mastering services.

Pop & Dance Music Producer  - Matt Newman

Over 50 million streams on Spotify. Major Label cuts (Atlantic) Music supported by the BBC (BBC Radio1 & Radio2) on TV (channel 4/ Love Island) Music that has been viral on TikTok, I have produced music for L.O.L Dollz (Netflix).

Make neat (?) electronic music - Nicolas Ladouceur

I compose, arrange and produce electronic music. That is, interesting electronic music with interesting sounds. I get to travel half of the world making and performing music but am always looking for fun projects so send me a message!

Producer, Mixing, Mastering - Andrew Stets

I can make a big and huge sound with soul!

Producer/Engineer/Composer/SW - Half Moon Productions

Any great project out there needs a solid team that makes it "Great". We're here to make your project sound Industry Standard Ready. Our background consists of 10 years of experience working on production, songwriting and engineering in a vast variety of genres, and working with amazing artists from Mexico, Los Angeles and Toronto.

Editing, Mixing, Mastering - Dmitry Zhurik

My name is Dmitry, I'm a sound engineer from Russia. I can mix, master, tune, and edit your songs.

home studio musician  - gunurrainn

You want something different and progressive ... I make my own collaborate and enhance .... I have a fairly decent pair of ears on me and an imagination you cannot imagine ... Try me for free initially and if you like we can so be ..... Visit sites that feature my work at :- https://soundcloud.com/lalisamagdaleno https://soundcloud.com/david-gunn

Mixing & Mastering - Fabrizio Savio

Fabrizio Savio is an electronic music producer, composer and sound designer. Born in the province of Como in 1991, from an early age he became passionate about music playing piano and saxophone. In 2016 he graduated in "Electronic Music and New Sound Technologies" at the "G.Verdi" Conservatory of Como.

Sound Artist - Ekin Bozkurt

I can turn any object to a sound source. I do electro - acoustic compositions by using guitar, keyboard and recording the sound of any objects which i can sample. I'm good at creating sweet - natural sounds such as clicks of mussel shells. I compose and produce samples.

Music Producer - eFox

Need an atmospheric audioscape for something science fiction related? Or an uptempo track for a video game? Electronic synthesized melodies for use in a range of media!

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Luiz Bidart

I'm specialised in Electronic Music but can adapt a different genres as well. Focus on understanding clients sounds preferences and solving any challenge in the mixing process.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - bntm music

Song mastering is about finding the perfect place to fill the spaces of sound for the perfect balance of rhythm, harmony and sound presence.

Producer/ Artist/ DJ/ Engineer - Jef Stott/ Embarka Records

Jef Stott is a highly skilled and acclaimed producer and mixing engineer working in a wide variety of genres and styles ranging from bass heavy electronica, hip hop, all dance music genres, rock, global, ambient and sound design, voice over/ dialog and podcast projects.

Music Producer, Mixing  - Niclas Kings

Record Producer from Sweden with a string of hit Records. Songs out with JLO, Wisin & Yandel, Big Sean, Robin Thicke, Havana Brown, NERVO etc. Been #1 on Billboard latin songs, had 5 #1 US Billboard Dance placements. I’m a creative and innovative Producer. I always stay on top on whats fresh & upcoming soundwise. I Produce a wide range of styles.

Electronic music mix & master - Alejandro Mosso

I have 18 years of experience in electronic music production, mixing, mastering and sound design. Currently available for any type of music mixing and/or mastering at affordable prices.

Composer - Just Offshore

Composer, creator, keyboardist.

producer, mixing, mastering - noraj cue • sendmestems.com

Do you love to play with ocean waves full of piercing synths and caves filled with bass layers, shattered by thriving toms & godforsaken melodic madness, freighting thunderclaps and razor-sharp hits & hats, big, bold, badass percussions crushing down into rhythmic patterns and what not?...... well, at some point you need balance right? call me :)

Music Producer - danniell

making electronic music for to live an enjoy life

Music Producer, Guitarist - Andy K

Producer/Mix Engineer/Guitarist Production styles include (but not limited to): EDM Dubstep NeuroBass FutureBass GlitchHop Trap Rock

Music Producer - El Ta

Japanese musician based in Tokyo.

Producer , dj, musician - Haldo

I'm a producer with many tracks released on Spotify, and producer of a project named Deep Formentera # 1,2,3 and working on the new one.

Music producer - Mathieu Moaan Exis

industrial cinematic instrumental.

Producer, composer - Grant Stinnett

Ghost producer for Youtube stars like Andrew Huang

Production, Mix & Mastering - WAVE LIFE

Music Production Studios specialized in electronic and dance music.

Music Producer, Idea Factory - Griffter

Alongside my own production, I love taking someone's sketch and help them to fully flesh it out, I get no greater feeling than making something come to life!

Music Producer/Mix Engineer - Sayantan Guha

Elevate your music to new heights with a premium Music Producer and Mix Engineer. With years of experience and a world-class facility, I deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations. Whether you're a solo artist or a producer, I offer a personalized approach and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your music stands out. Let's collaborate a

Producer/Songwriter/Singer - Taleudo

I am a Producer/Songwriter/Singer and have garnered up to 80,000 streams on Spotify till date. I have been featured on editorial playlist such as "Electro Mix" for 7 consecutive weeks. I am keen in exploring all kinds of alternative EDM & Synth Pop genre.I have participated in songwriting/production camps in Zendyll Records and Wire Music Week.

 Composer, mixing, mastering - ScaryFox

My name is Denis (1990), I’ve been doing sound production for 10 years.

Music Producer | Cellist  - Bea Andrés

Professional Cellist & Music Producer. I offer my services as a professional cellist, music producer & sound designer.

Singer and Music Producer - Ariel Comas

One of the best singers from Miami. People just fall in love with my voice every time they hear it. https://www.instagram.com/arielcomasmusic to hear some covers I have done.

Music Producer - MLS

Hi there, my name is Stephen ward, better known as MLS, i am a Music producer specialising in drum n bass and house music, if you need a beat made for you please do get in touch i would be over the moon to help

Sound Designer, Music Producer - Nikolas Babic

I am music producer, sound designer and classically trained musician currently scoring short films and creating sound installations.

Everything - Tript Apart

Nothing I haven't done. From editing, mixing, mastering, creating, recording, marketing, promotion, lyrics and performance, if I can't do it we have a dedicated and talented team to make it happen.

Producer & Sound Engineer - LODIS

Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineers.

Mixing, Mastering, Producing - Ethan Reue Berdofe

Electronic artist, credited video game score composer, mixing and mastering engineer - my goal is to get your song/idea/project to it's maximum potential!

Dolby Atmos Sound Mixing - Toolshed Audio Post

DOLBY CERTIFIED FOR ATMOS MUSIC Our studio is located in the private, serene Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. Let the stress and noise of Hollywood fade away and spend the day mixing in our Valley oasis. Once inside, you’ll find a cutting-edge room tuned for both film and music mixes and certified by Dolby for Atmos.

Mixing, mastering, producer - Forknspoon Studio One

With 20 years experience, I offer recording, mixing, and mastering services for a reasonable price. I have mixed and mastered everything from classical to jazz, as well as pop/rock bands, soundtracks and electronic music. I pride myself in my ability to mix musically, and specialize in the use of effects as well as dub mixing for almost any genre

Mixing and Sample Playbacks - John Clark

Mixing, production and mastering services. Sample replays for Mylo’s Destroy Rock & Roll album including “In My Arms”. Remix credits w/ Linus Loves on Number 1 singles by Justin Timberlake - “SexyBack” and Scissor Sisters - “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin”. Recent mixing clients include Pearl City and Ben Hayes.

Electronic music producer - EVEROUS

Music producer from Sweden. Specialized in Future Garage, Hybrid/Future Trap and(or) wave.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Danbeat

I am a degree in music, I am a producer musician, I do mixing and mastering for independent artists and I manage an audiovisual production company.

EDM production mainly Progress - Andre de Jong

A good mixture of older synths and effects with modern samples and synths.

music making coach  - Andrew Brown

Creative code cracked - I will tell you a method where you will make 20 songs no matter what level you are. Guaranteed or your money back. I cannot wait to tell you and coach you!

Sound Engineer - Stefano B.

I’m a certified sound engineer and I can provide you professional and clean audio.

Producer - Elc_

Dj, Produtor Musica Eletrônica Deep House, Tech House

Music Production, Score, Foley - Rahul Deshpande

Harmonica, Ukulele, music production, background scoring, foley recording, etc.

creator - Adultseo

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Producing & Mixing - Marius

My focus while mixing doesn't just lie on setting the levels right, adding some fandy effects and getting the song ready for mastering. For me, it's about developing a sonic and artistic vision for the end result and helping you achieve that goal. At the end, a mix should satisfy you as an artist while also meeting professional standards.

Music producer and composer - StMikey

After a harsh life of violence and tragedy, there has been a build up of unexpressed emotions. Taking them to the screen as an actor and to music as a composer was an ideal solution. I hope you guys enjoy my work, it's all that matters to me.

Voice over artist - Paul Berry

If you need a voice over or narration for your music, audio or video project, I can help.

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