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Production, Mixing Engineer - PaulOfCreation Studios

Are you craving the most fun place to create your song? I can offer you lots of home comforts in a creative environment.

N/A - Sean


Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Mohil Amin

Certified Mixing & Mastering Engineer, I will Master your song very precisely that everything sounds crisp and defined, as loud as possible for different streaming services.

Production Sound Design Mixing - Daniele Mana

I can make your productions sound in the third dimension. I'm a composer and electronic music producer who spend half of his life making any kind of beats and experimenting in a melting pot of every music genre. I make your songs the most original and unexpected tune.

Mix, Produce, Engineer - Dubland Studios

With over 10,000 hours of experience, I have moved from being just a technical mixer to a 'vibe' mixer. Bringing fullness, life, punch, power and space to sound is my trade. I use a combination of analog and digital tools to create a 'holographic' stereo image. Dub Mixing. The result of a life of gear collection and passionate skill development.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Ben Jacob

I am proud to say I have worked in studio sessions with such artists as Lydia Lunch, MC Tunes, Myke Wilson and also don live sound for an intimate gig with KT Tunstall.

Beat-Maker of recitable music. - D4-N3

I can make beats that bang...check the drums.

Sound Design, Mix & Mastering - Burç Tuncer

I'm an experienced sound designer and musician with multiple games and records released (digital & hardcopy). I'm also an indie games developer. I'm not genre-bound and I can deliver polished results super quick for all kinds of music, games and videos. I also do audio editing/restoration, sound design, remote mix & mastering.

Mixing and Mastering Services - Robert Bliss

Mixing and Mastering Will assist in release of your track(s) Track will be showcased on Yardgang.com Will support you on all social media platforms Will include my mixing cheat sheet called "Quantifying Music Production"

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Thomas Haahr

Producer // studio mixer // musician // a care to detail // good ears // years of experience with live music // passionate about mix & sound // and a special love for vintage synths and effects

Music Producer - Jack Red

Jack Red is both producer and sound engineer, so he does his own mixing by the time he is creating his own arrangements. His variety of styles of beatmaking and musical arrangements go from rock music to some genres as new wave, metal, ambient, experimental, jazz, blues, ect. His main domain concerning musical production is in-the-box production.

Session Monkey/Producer - Olly Farrell

Composer-producer-songwriter and session musician. Solo project called "The Apes of Genius".

Pro Mixing & Mastering - Signal Void

I'm the mind behind the cyberpunk synthwave project 'Signal Void'. I've been producing electronic music and working as a freelance audio engineer for the last decade. I'm confident I have the tools & the skills needed to make your next project come to life!

Founder of S9, UK. - Lewis Norton

Proven track record as Producer of electronic music duo - S9.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Julian

Mixing & Mastering engineer with years of experience.

Producer | Mixing | Mastering  - The OmegA Man

Art is long, life is short - create art.

composer modular synth guru - Dudadius

I've been a scoring composer for branded content for...a long time. Music in the Super Bowl and numerous awards. Ran a 25-person tri-coastal shop for 16 years. Now focusing on long-form scoring and recording/performing electronic music (modular synth oriented) as Dudadius. Played Synthplex and Moogfest festivals this year.

'Music Producer & Design " - Sandro Vac

Music For Every Human

Producer and Song Writer - The Natural Curve

Nile Rodgers thought my song was "awesome"

Producing catchy music! - Brad Fireborn

With over 10 years of production, ghost production and engineering + mastering experience, I aspire to differentiate pieces of music and sound from the ordinary to bring out the real character and personality of the artist and make it extra-ordinary!

Composer, Producer and Writer - Serlöf

Inspired by 90’s videogames soundtracks, science fiction movies and Internet culture among other things, the Mexican-born composer Iván Flores clashes every musical idea stuck in his head and creates colorful, genre-bending electronic music that also brings some orchestral colors to the table.

producer, mixing, mastering - noraj cue • sendmestems.com

Do you love to play with ocean waves full of piercing synths and caves filled with bass layers, shattered by thriving toms & godforsaken melodic madness, freighting thunderclaps and razor-sharp hits & hats, big, bold, badass percussions crushing down into rhythmic patterns and what not?...... well, at some point you need balance right? call me :)

Music Producer, Guitarist - Andy K

Producer/Mix Engineer/Guitarist Production styles include (but not limited to): EDM Dubstep NeuroBass FutureBass GlitchHop Trap Rock

I am an electronic producer - Slow Magic

I am a masked anonymous electronic musician with over 100 million streams to my name. I tour the world sharing my music and my live show! I love to explore different genres and types of music production, electronic and beyond. I also play drums live and love to experiment with organic instruments and elements in my productions.

Producer / Remixer - Yann Attia

I'm a producer/multi-instrumentalist mainly for my solo project Haring but also for TV & Internet documentaries and commercials. I also had the chance to produce music for the GANGUE project with La Fine Equipe and Fulgeance and made lots of remixes for artists from all over the world.

DJ - Heřman

Volnočasově se věnuji DJování, FlStuidiu atd., Jsem podnikatel a zároveň pracuju jako technik pro společnost Nestlé Česko. Jsem hrdým tatínkem syna Vojtěcha

Recording Studio - Northern Haus Studios

Northern Haus Studios is a recording studio and production suite located in the heart of Gastown, Vancouver. We offer an industry leading, self-service studio experience. We also provide professional mixing, mastering and recording services.

Music Producer, Mix Engineer - Aaryan

A seasoned DJ and producer, I'm offering mixing and mastering services for any genre. I've mixed all of my own tracks (of course) which have helped me land releases on labels like URSL, Disco Halal, and Sincopat, and if you'd like to hear some of my music, it's available on your favourite platforms via this link - https://linktr.ee/aaryanmusic

Music producer, sound design - Superpose Studio

I'm music producer, sound designer. I make music for artists, brands and films

Music producer - DiMO (BG)

Music producer, mixing, mastering, editing or post producing needed? Here I am!

Music producer, DJ,  - Mental Blue (Roland Budin)

Music producer & DJ. Pop, Deep House, House, Tropical House, Melodic Techno, Melodic House,... but also new age and Hybrid movie soundtrack producer.

Producer, Audio Engineer - Dam Nicolosi

Producer and Audio Engineer based in Argentina.

Music Producer, Mixing - Black Men Records

We accompany you from production to the launch of your song

 Composer, mixing, mastering - ScaryFox

My name is Denis (1990), I’ve been doing sound production for 10 years.

Voice Talent, Music Producer - Stephane Lambert

Now available for Voice Talent jobs (english and french), Music Video production and video editing projects.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Lektrique Studios

Is your music not reaching its full potential? Let me fix the issues in your mix, master and composition to help you convey the story you are trying to tell. Aside from taking your music to the next level, I also offer one-on-one (online) sessions to teach you the concepts and techniques needed to reach the professional industry standard.

Music Producer, Writer, Studio - Sooski

Hey fellow creatives! My name is Sooski, I'm a music producer, writer and singer! Here to help create some amazing music made with love and passion! I have a home studio as well as access to a fully equipped private studio, should we need to use it.

. - Alberto González


Music producer & Awful Cook - Clem Beatz

French producer, guitarist I'm doing electronic music (impressive right ?), hiphop AND pop music too. I love ethnics vibes

Recording, sound desing.  - GreyLabs Creative workshop.

Recording, mixing, sound design, Mastering, stem Mastering, Live band recording, Stem Mixing SSL console.

Beat Oriented Music - Junior Arruda

Chill. IDM. Indietronica. Lo-Fi. Let my beats do the talking :) I am a Brazilian/Canadian music producer specialized in beat oriented music and soundtracks. Over 20 years of experience, including owning a commercial recording studio in Brazil. Recent credits include composing and sound design for Red Bull.

Everything - Tript Apart

Nothing I haven't done. From editing, mixing, mastering, creating, recording, marketing, promotion, lyrics and performance, if I can't do it we have a dedicated and talented team to make it happen.

Singer, Writer, Vocal Producer - Lauren L'aimant

A distinctive, sultry voice, perfect for ALL genres. Able to write, sing AND produce vocals.

Mastering Engineer & Producer - Leonardo Ortegon

Hello Guys! I am an electronic music producer (MIICHII), multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer, mixing engineer, and mastering engineer. I have been working with sound since I was 17, and ever since then, pursuing it as a full time career. I also had the privilege of studying Sound Engineering at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.

Mixing, arrangements - Boogie Vice

I produce music for myself and got to work with great artists along the way for mixdowns, arrangements and masters.

Ingeniero de Sonido - Danny Mendez

Ingeniero de sonido Empezando un proyecto llamado DAMN en la cual hago la Edición y la mezcla. Stage Manager de MNKYBSNSS, banda de Barranquilla (Colombia), en la cual participe en este cargo en sus dos presentaciones en el Festival Estéreo Picnic en los años 2016 y 2018, festivales como TIMELESS, HERMOSO RUIDO y CORONA SUNSETS

Mixing Engineer - Mixed by Redshape

Specialized in electronic (club) music mixing. 15 years of experience.

Creative Programmer, Composer  - AlecG__

I'll build your synth to make weird as hell sounds

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist - Luks

🇧🇷 1st Place in Mini Parada Kids 2016 - SBT Television (Brazil) 🇩🇪 Finalist in Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar (German Idol) 2018 - RTL (Germany)

Music Producer - Maaskant

Atmospheric production with vintage analog keyboards, drum machines, and samplers.

Musician / Producer - Davide Ferrario

Professional multi-instrumentalist musician, dj and producer. I play synthesizers, guitar, piano, bass and what i need to make nice music.

Visual artist + VJ - Jordi8lasco

Visual expression and mix media artist. There is nothing as powerful through the union of music and video. Animation 2D collage + Videoart + VJ

Music Producer/Musician - Andy Kay

Having Worked in the music industry for more than a decade, and having ventured in Metal, Hardcore, and Electronic music, and sharing the stage with international acts, I can provide you with a lot of compositions, sound design and a lot more to write your own music and share it to the world.

Music Producer Mixing & Master - Juan Fe

If you are looking for an experimental twist to give an original touch to your production stops searching and let's work right away, I'll help you to have a structure that breaks the loop and express what you were looking for in studio quality.

Music Producer, Song Writer - Ordiman


Arte con el sonido del sexo - Dj MeGusta

Soy un artista inovador que crea experiencias auditivas mediante los sonidos del sexo, el porno y el amor. Una vez escuches de lo que soy capaz es muy probable que quedes atrapado y no puedas dejar de escuchar a DjMeGusta y la musica que crea a partir de videos porno y clips sexuales totalmente gratuitos!

Audio editing. Sound design - Veronica Isabel Pereira

Multistrumentalist, improviser audio editing. sound design

Music Producer - Crystal Metropolis

Producing Melodic House, Progressive House and Synthwave

Mixing, Model  - Alim Morais

Alim Morais is a Brazilian Model and Instagrammer.

Music Producer / Remixing - Cahelo

Cahelo is a French musician who creates his own unique organic rhythms and aerial melodies inspired by his home setting in the Caribbean Islands.

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